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Some Cool Jayski Images

  • UPDATE: Pretty Cool: Ron Barnstead, a local NJ modified driver won a race at Bridgeport Speedway with WWW.JAYSKI.COM on the side of his winning #55 car. Thanks Ron(9-14-98) -- Got an image of the car from Todd of South Jersey Dirt Racing Website, see the image Ron Barnstead Car.(9-21-98)

  • Check this out - In the latest edition of the magazine Inside NASCAR there is a Winston Ad with Dale Earnhardt shaking many crew members on pit road after winning the Daytona 500. On the pit wall you can clearly see the www.jayski.com banner, got many email messages about this. Check out the image here at daytonapit.jpg. Thanks to Bob of the NASCAR Winston Cup Gallery.(8-19-98)

  • The "Signguys": Louie & John from Economy Signs in Danbury, CT were at Watkins Glen. They do decals for some of the race teams. They had a cool 'Jayski' Golfcart at the Glen. Check out the image they sent me: The Jayski Golfcart.(8-21-98)

    The Jayski car image that spins(92k)(fixed)
    Check out the spinning #13 Jayski Silly Season car that Mike made for me

Some Interesting 1998 Schemes

#3 GM Goodwrench Chevy NEW Monte Carlo - front(55k)
#3 GM Goodwrench Chevy NEW Monte Carlo - side(75k)
#3 GM Goodwrench Chevy NEW Monte Carlo - rear(19k)
Thanks to Mark for taking these pictures and sending the images in. This is the NEW Monte Carlo that will probably debut in the Brickyard 400 at Indy in August(2-13-1999)

#44 Dodge(front)(29k)
#44 Dodge(side)(22k)
Thanks to the Kentucky Hot Wheels Assoc for the images. These are concept drawings, Chrylser/Dodge may come back in 2001 or so.(6-25-98)

NASCAR 50th and the Winston Show cars(53k)
Pics of the NASCAR and Winston Show Cars from the WC Preview by Cindy Holder(1-25-98)

Some 1998 BGN Images

#8 Bobby Hillin Mac Attack Chevy Top(66k)
#8 Bobby Hillin Mac Attack Chevy Side(44k)
The car Bobby Hillin will drive at Gateway near St. Loius honoring Home Run King Mark McGwire. The car will have 70 instead of the 62 shown in these images.(10-13-98)

#14 BGN Rhodes Furniture Ford(52k)
The Michael Waltrip owned Ford to be driven by Patty Moise in the BGN series(2-10-98)

#17 Lyco's Chevy(63k)
The Lyco's Chevy driven by Matt Kenseth. Dave Drews.(6-21-98)

#82 Carolina Shoe Chevy(39k)
Carolina Shoe Racing team with driver Mark McFarland that will run a limted BGN schedule at New Hampshire, Nazareth, Richmond(June), Milwaulkee, and IRP.(3-1-98)

#82 Carolina Chevy(35k)
A side shot of the Carolina Shoe Racing Chevy(3-1-98)

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