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  • Racer Magazine Story: First Short-Track No Bull 5 Event Slated by Eric Mauk(11-22-1999)

  • No Bull Five Change: Richmond International Raceway's Paul Sawyer has confirmed that his track will replace Darlington next year in Winston's No Bull Five program. Under the latest realignment, the program will consist of the Daytona 500, Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte, Las Vegas 400, Exide 400(fall race) at Richmond and Winston 500 at Talladega. Richmond's selection is based on a desire by Winston to have a short track in the five-race series, which offers $1 million payoffs to designated drivers and fans. The reason Richmond was selected over Bristol was apparently NASCAR's unwillingness to have Speedway Motorsports represented with three races in the program. Richmond is outside the control of either SMI or International Speedway Corporation, which owns Daytona and Talladega(SpeedNet)(11-13-1999)

  • No Bull Five returns: Cliff Pennell, president of R.J. Reynolds' Sports Marketing Enterprises(SME) announced during Sunday's driver/crew chief meeting that SME would continue its No Bull 5 driver bonus program next season. The program allows five eligible drivers - each matched with a fan - to win a $1 million bonus should they win at five different tracks during the season. This season, those races were the Daytona 500, Las Vegas 400, Coca-Cola 600, Southern 500 and Sunday's Winston 500. There will likely be at least one change to the five races used in the program next season, sources said. Those likely to stay are the races at Daytona, Las Vegas, Charlotte and Talladega. The race at Darlington is the most likely to be swapped out. If it is, look for a track a mile in length or less to be added in its place. An official announcement of the new program is expected at the season finale at Atlanta(That's Racin') Whatever the new program will be, the top five finishers in Sunday's race will be eligible for it. The five drivers are: Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jarrett, Ricky Rudd, Ward Burton and Kenny Wallace(10-18-1999)

  • No Bull 5 driver finishes: #6-Martin started 9th/finished 15th; #22-Burton 13th/4th; #12-Mayfield 15th/16th; #99-Burton 16th/8th; and #16-Lepage 18th/18th(10-17-1999)

  • No Bull 5 drivers: for the Winston 500 in Talladega are #99-Jeff Burton, #22-Ward Burton, #12-Jeremy Mayfield, #6-Mark Martin and #16-Kevin Lepage(9-5-1999)

  • No Bull Five UPDATE2: The Pepsi Southern 500 is the fourth of five Winston No Bull 5 events during the 1999 season. The top-5 finishers from the Coca-Cola 600 will compete for the million-dollar bonus at Darlington. Jeff Burton, Bobby Labonte, Mark Martin, Tony Stewart and Dale Jarrett are the eligible drivers. The drivers and fans will be paired at NASCAR Speedpark in Myrtle Beach, SC on Sept. 2. The drivers will compete in a go-kart race to determine which driver will be paired with which fan. The five fans are Johnny Bowser from Charlotte, NC, Phyllis Farmer from Hillsboro, MO., Glen Keck from Knoxville, TN., Gerard Walsh from Coral Springs, FL., and Amy Bourdonnay from Knoxville, TN. If their driver wins they win a million dollars(NOL)(8-29-1999) -- UPDATE: The Winston No Bull 5 fan/driver pairing at NASCAR Speedpark in Myrtle Beach Thursday is open to the public. The NASCAR Winston Cup drivers will compete in a 30 lap go-kart race. Doors open at 1pm. The actual race begins at 7pm(8-30-1999) -- UPDATE 2: Tony Stewart won the race and will be paired up with Amy. The other pairings: Jeff Burton with Phyllis, Mark Martin with Johnny, Bobby Labonte with Gerard and Dale Jarrett with Glen(RPM2Nite)(9-2-1999)

  • No Bull Five Drivers at Darlington: where did they qualify? #18-Bobby Labonte starts 7th, #99(not #24)-Jeff Burton 15th, #6-Mark Martin 16th, #20-Tony Stewart 19th and #88-Dale Jarrett still to qualify(9-4-1999)

  • No Bull 5 drivers: for the Southern 500 in Darlington are #99-Jeff Burton, #18-Bobby Labonte, #6-Mark Martin, #20-Tony Stewart and #88-Dale Jarrett(5-31-1999)

  • No Bull 5 UPDATE 1: The five fans selected for the Winston No Bull 5 contest for the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte will be paired with their drivers Thursday in Ontario, Calif. The drivers are: Jeff Burton, Ward Burton, Jeff Gordon, Mike Skinner and Bobby Labonte will compete in a 20-lap Daytona USA video game race. The finishing order will determine which driver is paired with which fan. If one of those drivers wins at Charlotte, the driver and the fan each win $1 million(That's Racin')(4-28-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Dan Schwarm of Claremore, OK is paired Jeff Gordon, Rhonda Traylor of Highlands, TX is with Bobby Labonte, Charles Delzotti of Las Vegas with Mike Skinner, Herbert Copes of Wynne, AK with Ward Burton and Wade Smith of Metropolis, IL with Jeff Burton. The five Winston No Bull 5 drivers competed in a 20-lap Daytona USA video game at Dave & Busters of Ontario. The drivers' finishing order determined the fan with which they would be paired. Prior to the video-game race, the fans had been randomly placed on a scoreboard with their names hidden. After the Daytona USA competition, the finishing order was placed next to the concealed names. Each driver then revealed the name of his fan. See full story and info at RaceWire(4-30-1999)

    The five races comprising the Winston No Bull 5 in 1999 are, in chronological order: the Daytona 500 (Feb. 14); the Las Vegas 400 (March 7); the Coca-Cola 600 (May 30) at Charlotte; the Pepsi Southern 500 (Sept. 5) at Darlington, S.C.; and the Winston 500 (Oct. 17) at Talladega, Ala. The Brickyard 400 has been dropped from the plan and the Las Vegas 400 has been added. A new and exciting fan element is currently in the planning stages and will be unveiled at the Winston Cup banquet in December. See the complete story from GoRacing at: RJR Ponies Up the Bull -- No Bull 5 That Is.(10-16-1998)

    Instead of "one man, one race, one shot, one million", the Winston Million in 1998 will become the Winston No Bull 5 and continues in 1999. The Winston No Bull 5 offers a total of $5 million to drivers, paid in possible $1 million pay-outs in 5 different events in 1999.

    The 5 races in the 1999 Winston No Bull 5 are:
    Daytona 500
    Las Vegas 400
    Coca-Cola 600
    Southern 500
    Winston 500

    To qualify for the Winston No Bull 5, the winner in any of these 5 events must finish in the top 5 of the previous event. The first 5 drivers have already qualified by finishing in the top 5 of the Winston 500(Oct 1998). If any of these drivers wins the Daytona 500 in 1999, they win $1 million bucks!

    Race Track Date 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th No Bull Winner
    Number in parens is how many No Bull 5's driver has qualified for since its inception
    1998 Winston 500 Talladega 10/11/1998 Dale Jarrett Jeff Gordon Terry Labonte Jimmy Spencer Jeremy Mayfield Dale Jarrett(1)
    Daytona 500 Daytona 2/14/1999 Jeff Gordon Dale Earnhardt Kenny Irwin Mike Skinner Michael Waltrip Jeff Gordon(3)
    Las Vegas 400 Las Vegas 3/7/1999 Jeff Burton(2) Ward Burton(1) Jeff Gordon(6) Mike Skinner(3) Bobby Labonte(5) none
    Coca Cola 600 Charlotte-Lowes 5/30/1999 Jeff Burton(3) Bobby Labonte(6) Mark Martin(3) Tony Stewart(1) Dale Jarrett(4) Jeff Burton(1)
    Southern 500 Darlington 9/5/1999 Jeff Burton(4) Ward Burton(2) Jeremy Mayfield(4) Mark Martin(4) Kevin Lepage(1) Jeff Burton(2)
    Winston 500 Talladega 10/17/1999 Dale Earnhardt(5) Dale Jarrett(5) Ricky Rudd(1) Ward Burton(3) Kenny Wallace(1) none


    1. Drivers become eligible to win the $1 million Winston No Bull 5 bonus by finishing in the top-five at the previous Winston No Bull 5 event. The five races comprising the Winston No Bull 5 in 1999 are, in chronological order: the Daytona 500; the Las Vegas 400 (March 7); the Coca-Cola 600 (May 30) at Charlotte; the Pepsi Southern 500 (Sept. 5) at Darlington, S.C.; and the Winston 500 (Oct. 17) at Talladega, Ala.

    2. Eligible drivers at a particular Winston No Bull 5 event can win the Winston No Bull 5 million-dollar bonus by finishing first in said event.

    3. If all five qualified drivers fail to capture the $1 million Winston No Bull 5 bonus at a particular Winston No Bull 5 event, the bonus will not roll over to the next event. Each Winston No Bull 5 event is worth $1 million to the qualified drivers.

    4. If a qualified driver wins a Winston No Bull 5 event, one fan will also win a $1 million bonus check as part of Winston's "They Win, You Win" sweepstakes. Five fans will be eligible at each Winston No Bull 5 event. They will be selected at random through a nationwide sweepstakes program, then each will be paired, at random, with one of the eligible Winston No Bull 5 drivers. If an eligible driver wins the Winston No Bull 5 bonus, then the fan paired with that driver will also win a $1 million check from Winston.(from SpeedNet)

    Winston No Bull 5 history:

    Previous winners:
    none, 1998 Winston 500, 10/1999
    Jeff Burton, 1999 Pepsi Southern 500, 9/1999 Jeff Burton, 1999 Coca Cola 600, 5/1999 none, 1999 Las Vegas 400, 3/1999
    Jeff Gordon, 1999 Daytona 500, 2/1999

    Dale Jarrett, 1998 Winston 500, 10/1998
    Jeff Gordon, 1998 Pepsi Southern 500, 9/1998
    Jeff Gordon, 1998 Brickyard 400, 8/1998
    none Coca Cola 600, 5/1998
    none, 1998 Daytona 500, 2/1998

    Qualified drivers: (Number of times)
    Jeff Gordon (6)
    Bobby Labonte (6)
    Dale Earnhardt (5)
    Dale Jarrett (5)
    Jeff Burton (4)
    Mark Martin (4)
    Jeremy Mayfield (4)
    Mike Skinner (3)
    Ward Burton(3)
    Terry Labonte (2)
    Ken Schrader (2)
    Rusty Wallace (2)
    John Andretti (1)
    Ernie Irvan (1)
    Kenny Irwin (1)
    Kevin Lepage(1)
    Ricky Rudd(1)
    Jimmy Spencer (1)
    Tony Stewart(1)
    Kenny Wallace(1)
    Michael Waltrip (1)

    Drivers qualified: 21

    Manufacturer's comparison: (Number of No Bull Wins)
    Chevy - 22 attempts(3 wins)
    Ford - 21 attempts(3 win)
    Pontiac - 12 attempts(0 wins)
    (includes the next no-bull race)

    The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. announced an addition to the No Bull 5 promotion. As many as 5 fans could collect a $1 million bonus. Fans will be asked to mail in an entry blank to qualify. If an eligible driver wins the bonus, 5 names will be selected and sent to the next No Bull 5 event. There, a drawing will be held to determine the winner. To see details on how to enter the sweepstakes see Jayski's Racing Contest Page.

    The following fans are qualified for the Winston No Bull 5 "They Win, You Win" fan sweepstakes at Las Vegas. The fans will be paired with the Winston No Bull 5 drivers during a press conference at 4pm/pt, Thursday, March 4 in Las Vegas. The press conference will be at the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas: Jim Sandella, Monroeville, PA; Faith Chrzanowski, Lake Worth, FL; Roy Quinton, Grand Junction, CO; Joseph Markiewicz, Michigan City, IN; Frank Kaser, Lake Elsinore, CA.

    Winston No-Bull 5 Las Vegas 400 Race Fact Sheet (RaceWire)(2-23-1999)

    1998 No Bull 5

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