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Some News:

  • No Bull 5 Contest allowed in VA: Next season, state residents will be allowed to enter the Winston-brand "No Bull 5" million-dollar bonus contest. R.J. Reynolds had banned Virginians, believing state law prohibited them from entering the contest. After holding one of the bonus races at Richmond last season, company officials learned state residents were legally eligible. "The Virginia residents are eligible as long as they follow all applicable state laws, which, as we understand it, means that they will not be able to pick up an entry blank in stores in Virginia to enter," R.J. Reynolds spokesman Rick Sanders said. "They can pick those up in other states, and we also will have direct marketing programs they'll be allowed to enter at the track." No purchase is required. Fans can enter the contest and wait on a drawing that determines the five contestants. These winners are flown to one of the five selected races and paired with the five qualified drivers. If the driver wins, the contestant earns the million-dollar prize(Times-Dispatch) more info on the Racing Contest page(10-17-2000)

  • New No Bull Race in 2001 UPDATE 3: Officials with RJ Reynolds Tobacco. Co. have decided to keep the same five venues for its Winston Cup series $1 million driver bonus program next season, but will use the July night race at Daytona rather than the season-opening Daytona 500 as one of its five races. The move will make the first "No Bull 5" event of next season the Las Vegas race in March; followed by the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte in May; the July Daytona race; the September race at Richmond; and the October race at Talladega(That's Racin')(10-9-2000)
    UPDATE: it's official - Next year’s No Bull Five will include races at Las Vegas, Charlotte, Daytona, Richmond and Talladega, but it will not include the Daytona 500. Instead, NASCAR’s biggest event is being replaced by the summertime night races, the Pepsi 400 at Dyatona(Gaston Gazette)(10-15-2000)
    No Bull 2001: so the next No Bull Five event is at Las Vegas in March of 2001. The drivers will be: Dale Earnhardt, Kenny Wallace, Joe Nemechek, Jeff Gordon and Terry Labonte. So what happens to Wallace, who is moving to the #27 Eel River Racing Pontiac in 2001? Since the No Bull Five is a drivers promotion, no a team, Wallace will be running for the million bucks, the #55 team will not be. Same as the Bud Shootout, the driver is eligible, not the team(10-16-2000)

  • No Bull Five UPDATE and the fans: the Winston 500 at Talladega is a No Bull Five event. The five drivers eligible for the $1 million bonus are: #24-Jeff Gordon; #3-Dale Earnhardt; #6-Mark Martin; #1-Steve Park; and #99-Jeff Burton(9-10/10-8-2000)
    UPDATE: The fans who will be paired with drivers for the Winston 500 are: Lisa J. Grupe-Bailey of Westville, IL; Kimberly A. Reynolds of Lebanon, OH; Johnny W. Moore of Mansfield, GA; Richard Sturtz of Mt. Savage, MD; and Gloria Lingle of Dongola, IL.(Talladega Superspeedway PR), not sure how the drivers and the fans will be paired(10-10-2000)
    UPDATE 2: hearing the pairing will take place Thursday, Oct 12th at 7:00pm/ct with some sort of skeet shooting event at Sellwood Farms, a skeet/sporting clays/hunting preserve near Talladega in Alpine, AL(10-11-2000)
    UPDATE 3: the pairings:
    Lisa Bailey with #99-Jeff Burton(starting 37th)
    Kim Reynolds with #6-Mark Martin(starting 27th)
    Johnny Moore with #1-Steve Park(starting 10th)
    Gloria Lingle with #24-Jeff Gordon(starting 8th)
    Richard Sturtz with #3-Dale Earnhardt(starting 20th)(10-13/14-2000)

  • The No Bull fan? been asked by many what her plans were with Gordon's penalty being announced: Shari Robertson of Savannah was paired with Dale Earnhardt in the No Bull five at Richmond on Saturday, and she would have won $1 million if the driver had won the race. Earnhardt finished second, but winner Jeff Gordon was penalized for using an "unapproved part." However, NASCAR allowed Gordon to keep the victory, which kept a seven-figure check out of Robertson's hands. Robertson said she has been contacted by lawyers wanting to represent her but has "no intention of seeking legal action." A representative from Jeff Gordon's team has promised to send some autographed souvenirs to Robertson's 6-year-old son(Atlanta Journal Constitution)(9-15-2000)

  • Next No Bull Five: the next No Bull Five race is the Winston 500 at Talladega. The five drivers eligible for the $1 million bonus are: #24-Jeff Gordon; #3-Dale Earnhardt; #6-Mark Martin; #1-Steve Park; and #99-Jeff Burton(9-10-2000)

  • No Bull Five Finishers at the Chevy Monte Carlo 400 at Richmond: #3-Dale Earnhardt was 2nd; #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr was 13th; #18-Bobby Labonte was 15th; #88-Dale Jarrett was 31st; and #17-Matt Kenseth finished 32nd(9-10-2000)

  • No Bull Five News UPDATE 3: The five drivers competing for a $1 million bonus in the Sept. 9 Winston Cup race in Richmond are coming to the Langley Air Force Base Sept. 7. to take part in the "No Bull 5" fan pairing for that weekend's Chevrolet 400 at Richmond International Raceway. The drivers: #17-Matt Kenseth, #18-Bobby Labonte, #3-Dale Earnhardt, #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr. and #88-Dale Jarrett. The R.J. Reynolds-sponsored program offers $2 million to drivers and fans at each of five selected Winston Cup races. If one of the drivers wins the No Bull 5 race, he and "his" fan get $1 million checks. The top-five finishers from the most recent No Bull 5 race are the eligible drivers for the next No Bull 5 race. Many details surrounding the Sept. 7 visit are sketchy. It's not known how the driver/fan pairing will be done or whether it'll be open to the public. "There's a meeting next week with the R.J. Reynolds people to brainstorm ideas and nail things down," said Sgt. Tom Holloway, on the staff of Gen. John Jumper, commander of the Air Combat Command. "This is not an open base, so there's a possibility it won't be a public event. We'll know more next week." R.J. Reynolds spokesman Rob Goodman said the visit is almost a done deal. "I'd say 99 percent, but there's always a slim chance that something might blow up at next week's meeting," he added. "We're going to do everything we can to make it happen. Even so, I seriously doubt it'll be an open event."(Daily Press)(7-26-2000)
    Next No Bull Five is the Chevrolet Monte Carlo 400 at Richmond. The five drivers eligible for the $1 million bonus are: #17-Matt Kenseth; #18-Bobby Labonte; #3-Dale Earnhardt; #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr; and #88-Dale Jarrett(9-3-2000)
    UPDATE: the No Bull 5 drivers will be al Langley AFB, VA today(9/7) at 8:50am/et. They will be on the Flight Line behind the Fire Station. Hearing those with access to military facilities and bases are welcome UPDATE 2: Bobby Labonte won with a time of 3:21 Dale E Sr was second only 7 seconds behind and the rest were way back.(9-7-2000)
    UPDATE 3: The race was loading missiles from a truck to a forklift, where the driver then drove the forklift to a plane and the crew loaded the missile. The order of the race set the pairings for the No Bull Five drivers and fans. #18-Bobby Labonte will be paired with Robert Turney from Antigo, WS; #3-Dale Earnhardt finished second, and will be paired with Sharon Robertson from Savannah, GA; #88-Jarrett was third and will be paired with Scott Hall, Milwaukee; #17-Matt Kenseth, was fourth and will be paired with Kathy Keating, Plymouth, PA; and #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr. was and will be paired with Paul Chime, Johnstown, OH(see full story at NOL)(9-8-2000)

  • No Bull Five: the Coca Cola 600 is one of five 2000 No Bull Five events. The No Bull 5 drivers and fans were paired before approximately 3,000 race fans at a fan-hospitality party prior to the 16th running of The Winston, NASCAR's all-star event. The drivers competed in a racing video game and were then paired with the Winston No Bull 5 fans based on their respective finishing position. The pairings: Wendell Culver, New Haven, KY is paired with #99-Jeff Burton; John Warner, Milwaukee, is paired with #6-Mark Martin; Doug Robinson of Hattiesburg, MS, is paired with #18-Bobby Labonte; Edward Rzonca, Bellmore, NY, is paired with #94-Bill Elliott; and Jim Tolan, Lake Ariel, PA, is paired with #20-Tony Stewart. The five eligible drivers are the top-5 finishers from the Las Vegas race. Should one of the drivers with the Coca-Cola 600, the driver and his fan will each take home the $1 million bonus(NOL)(5-23-2000)

  • No Bull Five for the Coca-Cola 600 at Lowes: #99-Jeff Burton, #20-Tony Stewart, #6-Mark Martin, #94-Bill Elliott, and #18-Bobby Labonte(3-5-2000)

  • No Bull Five Finishers at Las Vegas: #6-Mark Martin(started 5th, finished 3rd), #88-Dale Jarrett(6th,7th); #99-Jeff Burton(11th, 1st-won), #2-Rusty Wallace(19th, 15th) and #94-Bill Elliott(39th, 4th)(3-5-2000)

  • No Bull Five Drivers and where they qualified UPDATE Starting spots, the pairings: #88-Dale Jarrett 6th, #99-Jeff Burton 11th, #94-Bill Elliott 41st, #2-Rusty Wallace 19th, and #6-Mark Martin 5th. All but Elliott are locked in to their spots(3-3-2000) -- Elliott will use a provisional and start 39th(3-4-2000) -- UPDATE 2: Paired with the drivers through random draw are Jarrett and Rosmarie Lechleider, Moorestown, NJ; Martin and Richard Cartwright, Wetumpka, AL; Burton and Joyce Williams,Port Isabel, TX; Wallace and Johnnie Bowser, Charlotte(Bowser's 2nd try at the No Bull 5); and Elliott and Harry Hamner, Rumford, ME(3-5-2000)

  • No Bull 5 Contestants at Las Vegas are: Johnnie Bowser, Charlotte; Richard Cartwright, Wetumpka, AL; Rosemarie Lechleidner, Moorestown, NJ; Harry Hamner, Rumford, ME; and Joyce Williams, Port Isabel, TX(That's Racin')(2-25-2000)

  • What are the Odds? Johnnie Bowser is one of the No Bull 5 Contestants for next weeks race at Las Vegas. Guess what? This is his second shot at the No Bull 5 contest prize. He was a No Bull 5 contestant at last years Southern 500 at Darlington. He was then paired with Mark Martin. Jeff Burton and another contestant won the million. This is the third year for the No Bull 5 contest, and the Las Vegas race will be the 12th event in which the $1 million prize was offered to a fan. Bowser is the first fan to have his name selected twice(That's Racin')(2-25-2000)

  • No Bull Five for Las Vegas: #88-Dale Jarrett, #99-Jeff Burton, #94-Bill Elliott, #2-Rusty Wallace, and #6-Mark Martin(2-20-2000)

  • No Bull Five Finishers at Daytona were: #88-Dale Jarrett(started 1st, finished 1st), #28-Ricky Rudd(2nd, 15th), #22-Ward Burton(6th, 8th), #3-Dale Earnhardt(21st, 21st), and #55-Kenny Wallace(39th,29th)(2-18/20-2000)

  • No Bull: The pairing of fans with the No Bull 5 drivers for the Daytona 500 will be: Melissa Brown, Pittsburgh: Dale Jarrett; John Williams, Las Vegas: Ricky Rudd; Lorraine Scheurle, Cliffside Park, NJ: Ward Burton; Marcus Pohlmann, West Jefferson, OH: Dale Earnhardt; and Betty Blackmon, Dillon, SC: Kenny Wallace(many sources)(2-13-2000)

  • No Bull Five Change: Richmond International Raceway's Paul Sawyer has confirmed that his track will replace Darlington next year in Winston's No Bull Five program. Under the latest realignment, the program will consist of the Daytona 500, Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte, Las Vegas 400, Exide 400(fall race) at Richmond and Winston 500 at Talladega. Richmond's selection is based on a desire by Winston to have a short track in the five-race series, which offers $1 million payoffs to designated drivers and fans. The reason Richmond was selected over Bristol was apparently NASCAR's unwillingness to have Speedway Motorsports represented with three races in the program. Richmond is outside the control of either SMI or International Speedway Corporation, which owns Daytona and Talladega(SpeedNet)(11-13-1999)

    How it works:

  • No Bull Five returns: Cliff Pennell, president of R.J. Reynolds' Sports Marketing Enterprises(SME) announced during Sunday's driver/crew chief meeting that SME would continue its No Bull 5 driver bonus program next season. The program allows five eligible drivers - each matched with a fan - to win a $1 million bonus should they win at five different tracks during the season. This season, those races were the Daytona 500, Las Vegas 400, Coca-Cola 600, Southern 500 and Sunday's Winston 500. There will likely be at least one change to the five races used in the program next season, sources said. Those likely to stay are the races at Daytona, Las Vegas, Charlotte and Talladega. The race at Darlington is the most likely to be swapped out. If it is, look for a track a mile in length or less to be added in its place. An official announcement of the new program is expected at the season finale at Atlanta(That's Racin') Whatever the new program will be, the top five finishers in Sunday's race will be eligible for it. The five drivers are: Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jarrett, Ricky Rudd, Ward Burton and Kenny Wallace(10-18-1999)

    Instead of "one man, one race, one shot, one million", the Winston Million in 1998 became the Winston No Bull 5 and continued in 1999 and will once more in 2000. The Winston No Bull 5 offers a total of $5 million to drivers, paid in possible $1 million pay-outs in 5 different events in 1999.

    The 5 races in the 2000 Winston No Bull 5 are:
    Daytona 500
    Las Vegas 400
    Coca-Cola 600
    Exide 400
    Winston 500

    To qualify for the Winston No Bull 5, the winner in any of these 5 events must finish in the top 5 of the previous event. The first 5 drivers have already qualified by finishing in the top 5 of the Winston 500(Oct 1998). If any of these drivers wins the Daytona 500 in 1999, they win $1 million bucks! This is a driver deal, if the driver switches team before the next No Bull 5 event, he goes for thew $1 million, not the team.

    Race Track Date 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th No Bull Winner
    Number in parens is how many No Bull 5's driver has qualified for since its inception
    1999 Winston 500 Talladega 10/17/1999 Dale Earnhardt(5)
    finished 21st at Daytona
    Dale Jarrett(5)
    finished 1st
    Ricky Rudd(1)
    finished 15th
    Ward Burton(3)
    finished 8th
    Kenny Wallace(1)
    finished 29th
    Daytona 500 Daytona 2/20/2000 Dale Jarrett(6)
    finished 7th at Las Vegas
    Jeff Burton(5)
    finished 1st
    Bill Elliott(1)
    finished 4th
    Rusty Wallace(3)
    finished 15th
    Mark Martin(5)
    finished 3rd
    Dale Jarrett
    Las Vegas 400 Las Vegas 3/5/2000 Jeff Burton(6) Tony Stewart(2) Mark Martin(6) Bill Elliott(2) Bobby Labonte(7) Jeff Burton
    Coca Cola 600 Charlotte-Lowes 5/28/2000 Matt Kenseth(1) Bobby Labonte(8) Dale Earnhardt(6) Dale Earnhardt Jr(1) Dale Jarrett(7) none
    Chevy Monte Carlo 400 Richmond 9/9/2000 Jeff Gordon(7) Dale Earnhardt(7) Mark Martin(7) Steve Park(1) Jeff Burton(7) none
    Winston 500 Talladega 10/15/2000 Dale Earnhardt(8) Kenny Wallace() Joe Nemechek() Jeff Gordon(8) Terry Labonte() Dale Earnhardt


    1. Drivers become eligible to win the $1 million Winston No Bull 5 bonus by finishing in the top-five at the previous Winston No Bull 5 event. The five races comprising the Winston No Bull 5 in 1999 are, in chronological order: the Daytona 500; the Las Vegas 400 (March 7); the Coca-Cola 600 (May 30) at Charlotte; the Pontiac 400 at Richmond (Sept. ?) at Darlington, S.C.; and the Winston 500 (Oct. 17) at Talladega, Ala.

    2. Eligible drivers at a particular Winston No Bull 5 event can win the Winston No Bull 5 million-dollar bonus by finishing first in said event.

    3. If all five qualified drivers fail to capture the $1 million Winston No Bull 5 bonus at a particular Winston No Bull 5 event, the bonus will not roll over to the next event. Each Winston No Bull 5 event is worth $1 million to the qualified drivers.

    4. If a qualified driver wins a Winston No Bull 5 event, one fan will also win a $1 million bonus check as part of Winston's "They Win, You Win" sweepstakes. Five fans will be eligible at each Winston No Bull 5 event. They will be selected at random through a nationwide sweepstakes program, then each will be paired, at random, with one of the eligible Winston No Bull 5 drivers. If an eligible driver wins the Winston No Bull 5 bonus, then the fan paired with that driver will also win a $1 million check from Winston.(from SpeedNet)

    Winston No Bull 5 history:

    Previous winners:
    Dale Earnhardt, 2000 Winston 500, 10/2000
    none, 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 400, 9/2000
    none, 2000 Coca Cola 600, 5/2000
    Jeff Burton, 2000 CarsDirect.com 400, 3/2000
    Dale Jarrett, 2000 Daytona 500, 2/2000

    none, 1999 Winston 500, 10/1999
    Jeff Burton, 1999 Pepsi Southern 500, 9/1999 Jeff Burton, 1999 Coca Cola 600, 5/1999 none, 1999 Las Vegas 400, 3/1999
    Jeff Gordon, 1999 Daytona 500, 2/1999

    Dale Jarrett, 1998 Winston 500, 10/1998
    Jeff Gordon, 1998 Pepsi Southern 500, 9/1998
    Jeff Gordon, 1998 Brickyard 400, 8/1998
    none Coca Cola 600, 5/1998
    none, 1998 Daytona 500, 2/1998

    Qualified drivers: (Number of times) including next No Bull 5 race
    Bobby Labonte(8)
    Dale Earnhardt(8)
    Jeff Gordon(8)
    Dale Jarrett(7)
    Jeff Burton(7)
    Mark Martin(7)
    Jeremy Mayfield(4)
    Ward Burton(3)
    Terry Labonte(3)
    Mike Skinner(3)
    Rusty Wallace(3)
    Bill Elliott(2)
    Ken Schrader(2)
    Tony Stewart(2)
    Kenny Wallace(2)
    John Andretti(1)
    Dale Earnhardt Jr(1)
    Ernie Irvan(1)
    Kenny Irwin(1)
    Matt Kenseth(1)
    Kevin Lepage(1)
    Joe Nemechek(1)
    Steve Park(1)
    Ricky Rudd(1)
    Jimmy Spencer (1)
    Michael Waltrip (1)

    Drivers who have qualified: 26(including next No Bull 5 race)

    Manufacturer's comparison: (Number of No Bull Wins)
    Chevy - 32 attempts(4 wins)
    Ford - 33 attempts(5 wins)
    Pontiac - 15 attempts(0 wins)
    (includes the next no-bull race)

    The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. announced an addition to the No Bull 5 promotion. As many as 5 fans could collect a $1 million bonus. Fans will be asked to mail in an entry blank to qualify. If an eligible driver wins the bonus, 5 names will be selected and sent to the next No Bull 5 event. There, a drawing will be held to determine the winner. To see details on how to enter the sweepstakes see Jayski's Racing Contest Page.

    The following fans are qualified for the Winston No Bull 5 "They Win, You Win" event at the 2000 Daytona 500. The fans and drivers will be paired during Bud Pole Qualifying for the Daytona 500. The fans' names will be placed on the scoreboard prior to qualifying. The drivers' order after the first round of qualifying will determine which fan they will be paired. The fans are:

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