# Track Pole Winner 2nd Round Fastest
1 Daytona 1. #24-Jeff Gordon 1. #71-Dave Marcis
2 Rockingham 2. #10-Ricky Rudd no 2nd round
3 Las Vegas 3. #18-Bobby Labonte 2. #75-Ted Musgrave
4 Atlanta #18-Bobby Labonte(2nd Pole) #41-David Green(won pole later)
5 Darlington #24-Jeff Gordon(2nd Pole) 3. #30-Derrike Cope
6 Texas 4. #28-Kenny Irwin 4. #60-Geoffrey Bodine
7 Bristol 5. #2-Rusty Wallace #42-Joe Nemechck(A)(won pole later)
8 Martinsville 6. #20-Tony Stewart 5. #91-Dick Trickle
9 Talladega 7. #33-Kenny Schrader 6. #00-Buckshot Jones
11 Richmond #24-Jeff Gordon(3rd) none, only one round
12 Lowes #18-Bobby Labonte(3rd) 7. #66-Darrell Waltrip
13 Dover #18-Bobby Labonte(4th) #91-Dick Trickle(2nd time)
14 Michigan #24-Jeff Gordon(4th) #41-David Green
15 Pocono 8. #40-Sterling Marlin 8. #5-Terry Labonte
16 Sears Point #24-Jeff Gordon(5th) #22-Ward Burton
17 Daytona(2) 9. #42-Joe Nemechek 9. #50-Ricky Craven
18 Loudon #24-Jeff Gordon(6th) 10. #23-Jimmy Spencer
19 Pocono(2) 10. #31-Mike Skinner 11. #90-Stanton Barrett
20 Indianapolis #24-Jeff Gordon(7th) #75-Ted Musgrave(2nd)
21 Watkins Glen #2-Rusty Wallace(2nd) none rained out
22 Michigan(2) 11. #22-Ward Burton 12. #99-Jeff Burton
23 Bristol(2) #20-Tony Stewart(2nd) 13. #45-Rich Bickle
24 Darlington(2) #28-Kenny Irwin(2nd) 14. #88-Dale Jarrett
25 Richmond(2) #31-Mike Skinner(2nd) 15. #45-Jack Sprague
26 Loudon(2) #2-Rusty Wallace(3rd) Only one round,
1st round rained out
27 Dover(2) #2-Rusty Wallace(4th) #88-Dale Jarrett(2nd)
28 Martinsville(2) #42-Joe Nemechek(2nd) 16. #58-Hut Stricklin
29 Charlotte(2) #18-Bobby Labonte(5th) #42-Joe Nemechek
30 Talladega(2) #42-Joe Nemechek(3rd) #31-Mike Skinner
31 Rockingham(2) 12. #6-Mark Martin 17. #55-Kenny Wallace
32 Phoenix #24-Jeff Gordon(B) 18. #32-Mike Wallace
33 Homestead 13. #45-David Green #50-Ricky Craven(2nd)
34 Atlanta(2) 14. #16-Kevin Lepage 19. #98-Rick Mast
No number in front of driver means they have already qualified for the Bud Shootout or the Qualifying Race.

There will be up to 15 drivers in the Bud Shootout(including the Qualifier Winner)

There will be up to 19 drivers in the pre-Bud Shootout qualifying race

at Daytona in February 2000..(why up to? some drivers eligible may not have a ride, retired or left the series, such as Robbie Gordon in 1997-1998)

The 2000 Bud Shootout Lineup

Qualifying Race

1)  #71-Dave Marcis
2)  #15-Derrike Cope
3)  #60-Geoffrey Bodine
4)  #66-Darrell Waltrip
5)  #5-Terry Labonte
6)  #50-Ricky Craven
7)  #26-Jimmy Spencer
8)  #99-Jeff Burton
9)  #88-Dale Jarrett
10) #55-Kenny Wallace
11) #41-Rick Mast
12) #48-Stanton Barrett

eligible but unknown if they will run the qualifier

13) Ted Musgrave
14) Dick Trickle
15) Jack Sprague
16) Hut Stricklin
17) Mike Wallace
18) Rich Bickle

eligible but will NOT run the qualifier

19) Buckshot Jones

Bud Shootout
1) #24-Jeff Gordon
2) #18-Bobby Labonte
3) #2-Rusty Wallace
4) #33-Joe Nemechek
5) #20-Tony Stewart
6) #42-Kenny Irwin
7) #31-Mike Skinner
8) #28-Ricky Rudd
9) #36-Ken Schrader
10) #40-Sterling Marlin
11) #22-Ward Burton
12) #6-Mark Martin
13) #34-David Green
14) #16-Kevin Lepage
15) Winner of the Qualifying Race

FOOTNOTE: (A) John Andretti was fastest in second round at the spring Bristol race as the team does not carry the Bud decal and is not eligible, Joe Nemechek, 2nd fastest will get that honor but he has since won a pole at Daytona in July

FOOTNOTE: (B) John Andretti won the pole at Phoenix but the team does not carry the Bud decal and is not eligible for the Bud Shootout, Jeff Gordon, 2nd fastest got that honor but he has won seven poles and is in the Bud Shootout already

Table Note: The number in front of the driver means how many drivers are in the Bud Shootout/Qualifying race. That means there are 4 drivers eligible for the Bud Shootout at that stage of the season. if there is no number, it means that driver either won a pole or was already 2nd round fastest.

Bud Shootout Pole: On the Thursday before the Race, the drivers choose their starting positions in a draw


The rules: The 'Bud Shootout', there is going to be a last chance race for all the fastest second round qualifiers instead of the wild card drawing, it will be for 25 laps, and the winner will get to run in the "Bud Shootout". Only laps run under green for both races will count. The overall winner will take home over $100,000! The Busch driver with the most poles won in the season does not run in the Bud Shootout anymore. Starting in 1997 the driver got a bonus instead.

Second Round Qualifier: The driver with the second round fastest time at each race will run in the Bud Shootout Qualifying Race(they do NOT have to make the race). The winner of the race tranfers to the Bud Shootout at the end of the field

The old Rules: The driver with the second round fastest time at each race gets his name entered into a wild card drawing to be held during banquet week in New York. The driver chosen will then be a wildcard entry(Rusty Wallace was in 1997, Dave Marcis in 1996, Jimmy Means in 1995).

NOTE: This is a DRIVERs race, so if Driver A leaves Team A and goes to Team B, then it'll be Driver A in the Team B car and the Team A car is not eligible unless they get a new driver who is eligible


  1. ) Jeff Gordon, 7
  2. ) Bobby Labonte, 5
  3. ) Rusty Wallace, 4
  4. ) Joe Nemechek, 3
  5. ) Tony Stewart, 2
  6. ) Kenny Irwin, 2
  7. ) Mike Skinner, 2
  8. ) Ricky Rudd, 1
  9. ) Ken Schrader, 1
  10. ) Sterling Marlin, 1
  11. ) Ward Burton, 1
  12. ) Mark Martin, 1
  13. ) John Andretti, 1(see note)
  14. ) David Green, 1
  15. ) Kevin Lepage, 1

Note: as noted above, #43 team owner Richard Petty refuses to display the prerequisite Budweiser decal on the fenders of the #43 car as a promise to his Mother, so John Andretti will not be in the Bud Shootout.


YEAR  SHOOTOUT WINNER          Qualifier Winner

1999  Mark Martin              Mike Skinner
1998  Rusty Wallace            Jimmy Spencer

was known as the Busch Clash prior and had no
qualifying race

1997  Jeff Gordon(2)
1996  Dale Jarrett
1995  Dale Earnhardt(6)
1994  Jeff Gordon
1993  Dale Earnhardt
1992  Geoff Bodine
1991  Dale Earnhardt
1990  Ken Schrader(2)
1989  Ken Schrader
1988  Dale Earnhardt
1987  Bill Elliott
1986  Dale Earnhardt
1985  Terry Labonte
1984  Neil Bonnett(2)
1983  Neil Bonnett
1982  Bobby Allison
1981  Darrell Waltrip
1980  Dale Earnhardt
1979  Buddy Baker

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