WINSTON CUP 2000 Did Not Qualify (DNQ) LIST

Updated 11-18-2000

DRIVER DNQ(did not qualify) by Track 2000
Race # Track Driver Car # Driver DNQ Team DNQ
1 Daytona
14 DNQ's
Brett Bodine1111
Jeff Fuller2711
David Green3411
Stanton Barrett4811
Ricky Craven5011
Geoffrey Bodine6011
Dan Pardus6511
Dave Marcis7111
Jim Sauter7211
Norm Benning8411
Carl Long8511
Bobby Gerhart8911
Andy Hillenburg9111
Greg Sacks9611
2 Rockingham
4 DNQ's
Mike Bliss1411
Scott Pruett3211
Ricky Craven5022
Dave Blaney9311
3 Las Vegas
6 DNQ's
Brett Bodine1122
Mike Bliss1422
Rick Mast4111
Dave Marcis7122
Austin Cameron8911
Ed Berrier9011
4 Atlanta
5 DNQ's
Johnny Benson1011
Robby Gordon1311
Mike Bliss1433
Dave Marcis7133
Ed Berrier9022
5 Darlington
5 DNQ's
Derrike Cope1511
Scott Pruett3222
Ricky Craven5033
Wally Dallenbach7511
Ed Berrier9033
6 Bristol
4 DNQ's
Scott Pruett3233
Ricky Craven5044
Dave Marcis7144
Ed Berrier9044
7 Texas
5 DNQ's
Robby Gordon1322
Kyle Petty4411
Dave Marcis7155
Wally Dallenbach7522
Todd Bodine9112
8 Martinsville
4 DNQ's
Rick Mast1424
Dave Marcis7166
Wally Dallenbach7533
Ed Berrier9055
9 Talladega
5 DNQ's
Brett Bodine1133
Rick Mast1435
Kevin Lepage1611
Elliott Sadler2111
Gary Bradberry4112
10 California
3 DNQ's
Dave Marcis7177
Dwayne Leik7212
Ed Berrier9066
11 Richmond
4 DNQ's
Rick Mast1446
Dave Marcis7188
Darrell Waltrip6611
Ed Berrier9077
12 Charlotte
5 DNQ's
Ted Musgrave1512
Steve Grissom4412
Dave Marcis7199
Darrell Waltrip6622
Ed Berrier9088
13 Dover
2 DNQ's
Kyle Petty4423
Carl Long8522
14 Michigan
3 DNQ's
Ricky Craven5055
Darrell Waltrip6633
Dave Marcis711010
15 Pocono
3 DNQ's
Bill Baird5211
Darrell Waltrip6644
Dwayne Leik7222
16 Sears Point
3 DNQ's
Rick Mast1454
Geoffrey Bodine6022
RK Smith71111
17 Daytona
3 DNQ's
Brett Bodine1144
Robby Gordon1333
Dave Marcis711112
Dave Marcis711213
19 Pocono(2)
2 DNQ's
Geoffrey Bodine6033
Carl Long8533
20 Indy
6 DNQ's
Robby Gordon1344
Steve Grissom4424
Bill Baird5222
Rich Bickle6111
Dave Marcis711314
David Keith9511
21 Watkins Glen
5 DNQ's
Brett Bodine1155
Boris Said2311
Scott Pruett3244
RK Smith71215
Brian Simo9019
Qualifying was rained out at Watkins Glen
22 Michigan
6 DNQ's
Stacy Compton911
Kyle Petty4435
Geoffrey Bodine6044
Darrell Waltrip6655
Carl Long8544
David Keith9522
23 Bristol
4 DNQ's
Mike Bliss274(3 with #14)2
Ricky Craven5066
Carl Long8555
Hut Stricklin90110
24 Darlington
Stacy Compton922
25 Richmond
4 DNQ's
Robby Gordon1355
Mike Bliss275(3 with #14)3
Darrell Waltrip6666
Dave Marcis711416
26 New Hampshire(2)
2 DNQ's
Steve Grissom4436
Dave Marcis711517
27 Dover(2)
2 DNQ's
Joe Bessey6015
Hut Stricklin90211
28 Martinsville
5 DNQ's
Scott Pruett3255
Steve Grissom4447
Rich Bickle602(1 with #61)6
Dave Marcis711618
Carl Long8566
29 Lowes(Charlotte)
7 DNQ's
Stacy Compton933
Scott Pruett3266
Steve Grissom4458
Ricky Craven5077
Dave Marcis711719
Carl Long8577
Larry Gunselman9113
30 Talladega
3 DNQ's
Wally Dallenbach7544
Hut Stricklin90312
Blaise Alexander9114
31 Rockingham
5 DNQ's
Ted Musgrave012(1 with #15)1
Stacy Compton944
Steve Grissom4469
Rich Bickle603(1 with #61)7
Hut Stricklin90413
32 Phoenix
5 DNQ's
Stacy Compton955
Robby Gordon1366
Steve Grissom44710
Dave Marcis711820
Hut Stricklin90514
33 Homestead
8 DNQ's
Ted Musgrave0132
Steve Grissom44811
Kyle Petty4541
Ricky Craven5088
Hermie Sadler6018
Dave Marcis711921
Norm Benning8422
Hut Stricklin90615
34 Atlanta
13 DNQ's
Stacy Compton966
Kevin Lepage1622
Mike Bliss276(3 with #14)4
Larry Foyt4111
Steve Grissom44912
Hermie Sadler6029
Tim Sauter6112
Dick Trickle71122
Morgan Shepherd8011
Norm Benning8433
Carl Long8588
Hut Stricklin90716
Blaise Alexander9025
Race # Track Driver Car # Driver DNQ Team DNQ
Keys: WW = Winston West driver; teams/drivers sorted by car number
(a) has driven for other teams


#71-Dave Marcis,19
#90-Ed Berrier,8
#50-Ricky Craven,8
#44-Steve Grisomm,9
#85-Carl Long,8
#90-Hut Stricklin,7
#66-Darrell Waltrip,6
#32-Scott Pruett,6
#13-Robby Gordon,6
#27/14-Mike Bliss,6 (#27-3)
#9-Stacy Compton,6
#14/41-Rick Mast,5 (#14-4)
#11-Brett Bodine,5


#71-Marcis Racing,22
#90-Donlavey Racing,16
#44-Petty Enterprises,12
#60-Joe Bessey Motorsports,9
#50-Midwest Transit,8
#85-Mansion Motorsports,8
#14-AJ Foyt,7

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