Updated 9-3-2001

2001 vs 2000

will update this page every few weeks or so
What does this page do?

Basically compares
Drivers Points Position
2001 Drivers Points vs 2000 Drivers Points
Wins, Top 5's and Tops 10's between each season.
NEW - Average Finish for each season
AFTER 25 Races in EACH Season

NOTE: only compared drivers who made the majority of the races run so far in 2001
and who ran approx the same amount of races up to this point in 2000
(except for Craven and Mast)
so you won't see 2001 Rookie of the Year Candiates
or drivers who ran only a few races in 2001 or 2000

2001 vs 2000
2001 Winston Cup Drivers Points
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