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Rules for The Winston 2001?
Eligibility rules for The Winston:
1st criteria: Drivers and car owners who have won races in the current and preceding years. If a driver leaves a team with which he has won a race, he remains eligible and the car owner's new driver also is eligible(through the last race before The Winston)
2nd criteria: Drivers who are past Winston Cup champions
3rd criteria: Drivers who have won The Winston in the last 5 years(1996-2000)
4th criteria: Drivers who have won in previous years, not eligible by the above(not owners, just drivers)
5th criteria: The winning driver of the Winston Open
6th criteria: The winning driver of the Winston Open "No Bull Sprint", run after the Winston Open
(rules below table)

The Current 2001 Field
Race winners(owners) in 2000 and 2001
1 Dale Jarrett 2000 Daytona 500
2 Bobby Labonte 2000 Rockingham
3 Jeff Burton 2000 Las Vegas 400
4 Ward Burton 2000 400, Darlington
5 Rusty Wallace 2000 Food City 500, Bristol
6 Dale Earnhardt Jr 2000 DirecTV 500, Texas
7 Mark Martin 2000 Goody Body Pain 500, Martinsville
8 Jeff Gordon 2000 Diehard 500 Talladega
9 Jeremy Mayfield 2000 NAPA Auto Parts 500, California
10 Matt Kenseth 2000 Coca Cola 600, Charlotte
11 Tony Stewart 2000 MBNA Platinum 400, Dover
12 Steve Park 2000 Global Crossing @ The Glen, Watkins Glen
13 Jerry Nadeau 2000 NAPA 500, Atlanta
14 Michael Waltrip 2001 Daytona 500
15 Kevin Harvick 2001 Cracker Barrel 500, Atlanta
16 Elliott Sadler 2001 Food City 500, Bristol
17 Bobby Hamilton 2001 Talladega 500, Talladega

Previous NASCAR Winston Cup champions
(not a 2000/2001 winner)
18 Terry Labonte 1996
19 Bill Elliott 1988

Previous Winners of The Winston(1996-2000)
(not a 2000/2001 winner)


Winning drivers from previous seasons not otherwise eligible

none eligible

20 2001 Winston Open Winner  
21 2001 Winston Open "No Bull Sprint" Winner  

Some Results/Previews/Columns/Pages and News

  • Winston Open and the Pits: from the PPI Motorpsorts site, an explanation of what happened - Ricky Craven and the Tide team posted a strong run during the first segment of the two-leg Winston Open competition at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Starting fourth, Craven jockeyed between fourth and fifth for most of the caution-filled 30-lap run and stood in third when the race's third caution flag flew on Lap 28. With only three laps to go, it was clear the first segment would end under yellow - sending then-leader Johnny Benson to The Winston. This also put Craven in second position behind Ricky Rudd for the start of the 16-lap No Bull Sprint, the last race for a wildcard Winston starting position. As the field passed the entrance to pit lane on Lap 29, both Rudd and Craven understood pit lane to be closed and stayed on track. However, a late green flag was displayed at the entrance to pit lane - after Rudd and Craven had already passed it - that allowed the rest of the field to pit on Lap 29. To confuse matters even more, rules for the Winston Open (distributed earlier that evening at the drivers' meeting) explicitly stated that pit lane would be closed on Lap 29 - causing even more frustration for the Tide team and Rudd's crew. In spite of valiant efforts by both teams, NASCAR officials would not rectify the situation -- forcing both Craven and Rudd to pit out of sequence and forfeit their race-leading positions and any reasonable shot at winning the No Bull Sprint. Craven returned to the field in 22nd position and within 12 laps worked up to a strong 11th (six laps were run under caution), but nothing could quite make up for "what could have been" for the Tide team. Tide team owner Cal Wells on the situation: "It's just unbelievable. There were two infractions here by NASCAR - one was not opening pit lane for everyone, and the second was breaking their own rules by opening the pits on Lap 29. It's just incredibly frustrating. The lack of communication was astounding. We had a great Tide car today with a real shot at winning the second race, and it just went away like that. We've talked to the officials, and so has Yates, but there's nothing we can do about it."(PPI Motorsports Site)(5-22-2001)

  • The Winston - some notes: Gordon won The Winston in 1995 and 1997 and went on to win the Winston Cup championship both times. He also won the title in 1998 and would have won The Winston that year, too, had he not run out of gas on the final lap.…Dale Earnhardt also won championships in the three years he won the event ('87. '90 and '93), as did Rusty Wallace in 1989 and Darrell Waltrip in 1985.…Chevrolet now has won The Winston 10 times in 17 tries. Gordon has now won $1,385,610 in eight starts in the all-star race. He moved past Dale Earnhardt, the event's only other three-time winner, who won $1,295,410 in 16 starts(see more at That's Racin')(5-21-2001)

  • Segment Results have only seen them at

  • Jeff Gordon wins The Winston in a backup car. Gordon's third The Winston victory, tying him with the late Dale Earnhardt with three The Winston wins. Gordon did it in a backup car after the crash at the beginning of the race when rain stopped the race when four cars crashed right after the green. So Gordon wins $515,000 for his Segment 3 win and Segment 2 second place. See That's Racin' for The Winston Results(5-20-2001)

  • Segment 2 for The Winston is over: #20-Tony Stewart wins segment 2 and the $50,000 that goes with it, 2nd was #24-Jeff Gordon ($15,000) and 3rd was the Winston Open winner #10-Johnny Benson ($7,500). #2-Rusty Wallace and #12-Jeremy Mayfield were black flagged and had to start at the back of the field(5-20-2001)

  • Segment 1 for The Winston is over: #12-Jeremy Mayfield wins segment 1 and the $50,000 that goes with it, 2nd was #22-Ward Burton ($15,000) and 3rd was the No Bull 5 Sprint winner #66-Todd Bodine ($7,500). The fans chose to invert 12 cars/drivers, so #21-Elliott Sadler will start on the pole for Segment 2 with #5-Terry Labonte on the outside pole. Segment 1 winner, #12-Mayfield will fall back to 12th(5-20-2001)

  • Rain Delays The Winston but it is NOW on: rain fell on the first lap and has caused a delay in the running of The Winston. At least four drivers/cars crashed on the first turn, first lap accident and will be allowed to go to backup cars - #15-Michael Waltrip, #24-Jeff Gordon, #29-Kevin Harvick, and #99-Jeff Burton. No idea if any other's will have to go to a backup. The #20 Home Depot team may change engines in Tony Stewart's car. The current NASCAR plan is to reset the lineup, BUT the four backup cars had to go to the back of the field when the race started as did #20-Tony Stewart who made a pit stop(for a missing antenna) after the pace laps started(- Stewart came to pit road because the radio antenna had been taken off to put the car cover on his Pontiac and had not been reattached. Over the team's protests, that was ruled to be a pit stop and Stewart had to start at the rear of the field). The race started at 11:40pm/et. Nice job by FX keeping us entertained and informed during the rain delay(5-19-2001)

  • Well Deserved: nice touch at The Winston, introducing the pit crews of each team before the driver intro

  • Todd Bodine wins the No Bull 5 Sprint: and transfers to The Winston, joining Johnny Benson who won the Winston Open. See results at That's Racin': No Bull 5 Sprint Results(5-19-2001)

  • Johnny Benson wins the Winston Open: #10-Johnny Benson wins the Winston Open after #02-Ryab Newman, who had a commanding lead, blew an engine with 2 laps to go. Benson moves on to The Winston. #7-Mike Wallace will be on the pole for the No Bull Sprint. Three cars dropped out of the Winston Open and will not race in The Winston. #02-Newman, #37-Derrike Cope(no idea what happened), and #92-Stacy Compton(accident). All cars made a pit stops during the Newman caution flag but #28-Rudd and #32-Craven who came in during the yellow between races and had to start at the back of the field. See results at That's Racin': Winston Open Results(5-19-2001)

  • Happy Hour Canceled for The Winston: due to darkness as a traffic accident took out a utility pole near Lowes Motor Speedway, leaving the track with emergency power only. The last 4-5 cars qualified for The Winston in near total darkness. There will be NO practice before the Winston Open Saturday night. TV Coverage starts at 5:30pm/et on FX.(5-18-2001)

  • Wallace wins the pole for The Winston: #2-Rusty Wallace won the pole for The Winston with a total time of 115.337 seconds, on the outside pole is #18-Bobby Labonte with a time of 115.397 seconds. #15-Michael Waltrip had one of the best pit stop times but spun out on pit road and will start 19th (but ahead of the Winston Open and No Bull Sprint winners). See the lineup at That's Racin': The Winston qualifying results(5-18-2001)

  • Benson wins the pole for the Winston Open: #10-Johnny Benson won the pole for the Winston Open with a speed of 181.257mph, on the outside pole is #02-Ryan Newman with a speed of 180.977. Slowest was #71-Dave Marcis with a speed of 172.002mph. #97-Kurt Busch hit the wall on his first lap and damaged the rear of the #97 Ford. Busch will start last in a back-up car. See speeds at That's Racin': Winston Open qualifying results.(5-18-2001)

  • 1st Practice for the Winston Open and The Winston are over: Fastest for the Winston Open was #93-Dave Blaney at 176.263mph followed by #7-Mike Wallace at 176.039. Slowest of the 29 cars were #85-Carl Long at 169.290. See the speeds at Practice 1 Results - The Winston Open For The Winston, fastest was #22-Ward Burton at 177.049mph followed by #29-Kevin Harvick at 175.501. Slowest of the 18 drivers (#88-Dale Jarrett didn't practice) was #21-Elliott Sadler at 170.428mph. See the speeds at Practice 1 Results - The Winston(5-18-2001)

  • Gordon the Favorite: Two-time winner Jeff Gordon is this year's Las Vegas favorite to take home The Winston trophy, but Dale Jarrett and Tony Stewart are close behind. Micah Roberts, the sports book manager for Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, uses his knowledge of NASCAR Winston Cup racing to establish betting odds for the outcome of every event on the schedule - even The Winston, a 70-lap free-for-all.(That's Racin')(5-17-2001)

  • Frontstretch: Raceday Today the Winston

  • Qualifying Orders are posted see next story for the links. For the Open scheduled out first is #71-Dave Marcis and last scheduled out is #27-Kenny Wallace of the 30 drivers, #45-Kyle Petty is listed on the list, not the That's Racin' one. For The Winston, scheduled out first is #5-Terry Labonte and last scheduled out is #99-Jeff Burton. Qualifying will be televised on FX starting at 7:00pm/et(5-18-2001)

  • Qualifying Orders: for the Winston Open and The Winston (That's Racin') and at Winston Open Bud Pole Qualifying Order(5-18-2001)

  • CBS Sports: Winston Preview(5-17-2001)

  • Fox Sports: Dash for cash

  • That's Racin': The Winston Page; and The Winston unplugged - History of the Winston(5-15-2001)

  • The Winston Fact Sheet

  • Sporting News: This week's schedule - The Winston (5-11-2001)

    If 20 drivers are not eligible, winners from previous seasons still active on the NASCAR Winston Cup Series become eligible for The Winston. All active drivers during that season become eligible, even if the field exceeds 20 competitors.

    Active former Winston Cup winners not eligible:
    Joe Nemechek, 9/99(Loudon); John Andretti, 4/99(Martinsville); Ricky Rudd, 9/98(Martinsville); Sterling Marlin, 7/96; Geoffrey Bodine, 8/96; Kyle Petty 6/95; Jimmy Spencer, Talladega 7/94; Morgan Shepherd, Atlanta 3/93; Ken Schrader, Dover 6/91; Brett Bodine, North Wilksboro 4/90; Derrike Cope, Dover 6/90; Dave Marcis, Richmond Spring/82.

    Eligible drivers for the 2001 Winston Open

    What makes a driver eligible for the Winston Open? Any driver that qualifies for a Winston Cup field following the 2000 Winston Open up to the race before the 2001 Winston Open(Richmond on May 5th) are eligible for the 2001 Winston Open.

  • Entry List Notes: 27 drivers listed including #02-Ryan Newman, #37-Derrike Cope and #85-Carl Long. No #71-Dave Marcis listed, also no #31-Mike Skinner or #90-Hut Stricklin listed but expect them to be there(5-11-2001)
    UPDATE: now 30 drivers at the #31, #71 and #90 have been added.(5-15-2001)

    See the Winston Entry List at The Winston - Entry List(5-15-2001)

    See the Open Entry List at Winston Open - Entry List(5-11-2001)

    1. ) John Andretti
    2. ) Casey Atwood
    3. ) Johnny Benson
    4. ) Ed Berrier(not entered)
    5. ) Joe Bessey(not entered)
    6. ) Rich Bickle(not entered)
    7. ) Dave Blaney
    8. ) Mike Bliss(not entered)
    9. ) Brett Bodine
    10. ) Geoffrey Bodine(not entered)
    11. ) Todd Bodine
    12. ) Gary Bradberry(not entered)
    13. ) Kurt Busch
    14. ) Stacy Compton
    15. ) Derrike Cope
    16. ) Ricky Craven
    17. ) Wally Dallenbach(not entered)
    18. ) Kerry Earnhardt(not entered)
    19. ) Ron Fellows(not entered)
    20. ) Robby Gordon(not entered)
    21. ) David Green(not entered)
    22. ) Jeff Green(not entered)
    23. ) Steve Grissom(not entered)
    24. ) Bobby Hamilton, Jr(will run the #33 for Nemechek)
    25. ) Bobby Hillin(not entered)
    26. ) Ron Hornaday
    27. ) Andy Houston
    28. ) Tom Hubert(not entered)
    29. ) Buckshot Jones
    30. ) PJ Jones(not entered)
    31. ) Jason Leffler
    32. ) Kevin Lepage
    33. ) Chad Little(not entered)
    34. ) Carl Long
    35. ) Dave Marcis
    36. ) Sterling Marlin
    37. ) Rick Mast
    38. ) Ted Musgrave(not entered)
    39. ) Joe Nemechek(injured will not race - Hamilton Jr to run the #33)
    40. ) Ryan Newman
    41. ) Kyle Petty
    42. ) Robert Pressley
    43. ) Scott Pruett(not entered)
    44. ) Jeff Purvis(not entered)
    45. ) Ricky Rudd
    46. ) Boris Said(not entered)
    47. ) Ken Schrader
    48. ) Brian Simo(not entered)
    49. ) Mike Skinner
    50. ) Jimmy Spencer
    51. ) Hut Stricklin
    52. ) Kenny Wallace
    53. ) Scott Wimmer(not entered)

      Rules for The Winston 2001


    • Humpy to make his pick UPDATE it's Jarrett: With an assist from magician Mark Robinson, Lowe's Motor Speedway presient H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler will gaze into his crystal ball Thursday and reveal his pick to win The Winston on May 19. During the past 13 years, Wheeler has been correct nine times in his annual selection, including his prediction that rookie Dale Earnhardt Jr. would top the veterans in last year's running of NASCAR's annual all-star event. Wheeler has spent hours touring the Winston Cup garage areas and talking to sources on the phone and is prepared, with a little magic and illusion, to reveal his selection at 2:30pm/et Thursday(May 10th) at The Speedway Club at Lowe's Motor Speedway(That's Racin')(5-10-2001)
      UPDATE: Every year about this time, Lowe's Motor Speedway president H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler dons the cloak of the prognosticator and picks the winner of The Winston, next weekend's NASCAR all-star race. At the speedway near Charlotte on Thursday, the race promoter and ringmaster gazed into the future again and said Dale Jarrett would be this year's winner of the prestigious race(That's Racin')(5-11-2001)

    • The Winston Fast Facts: Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 9:00pm/et at Lowe’s Motor Speedway, Concord, N.C. 1.5-mile quad-oval with 24-degree banking in the turns.

      Distance: 70 laps, 105 miles (run in three segments of 30 laps, 30 laps and 10 laps) Only green-flag laps count in all three segments. At the end of the first segment, there will be a 10-minute break. At the end of the second segment, pit road will be opened, but the pace car will remain on the track. Teams will have the option to pit for fuel, tires, chassis adjustments, etc.

      Purse: $2,000,000 (including the Winston Open, No Bull Sprint and qualifying):
      The Winston Winner’s share: Minimum $500,000
      First Segment Bonuses: 1st -- $50,000; 2nd -- $15,000; 3rd -- $7,500
      Second Segment Bonuses: 1st -- $50,000; 2nd -- $15,000; 3rd -- $7,500
      Television awards in the amount of $1.7 million will also be distributed as part of the NASCAR Winston Cup Series Car/Champion Owner Program.

      Radio/Television: Motor Racing Network (MRN) will broadcast the race live to its affiliate stations beginning at 7:15pm/et Cable station FX will televise The Winston live. Pre-race coverage begins at 7:00pm/et and coverage will also include the Winston Open and the No Bull Sprint.

      Last Year’s Pole Sitter: Bill Elliott (105.932 seconds, 152.928 mph) Total elapsed time of three laps, including a two-tire pit stop

      Qualifying: One round to be held Friday night, May 19, at 8:00pm/et. The driver’s official speed will be the total elapsed time of three laps, including a mandatory four-tire pit stop prior to the first lap.(LMS PR)(5-12-2001)

    • News rules for the Winston: Drivers this year will make a four-tire change instead of a two-tire change on their pit stop at the start of qualifying for The Winston all-star race at Lowe's Motor Speedway on May 19. Teams were allowed to pit anytime during a three-lap qualifying run until last year, when the stop was moved to the beginning of the run. This year, teams will make a four-tire change, then complete a three-lap run with total time being used to determine starting order for the event. The Winston will again be run in segments of 30, 30 and 10 laps, with only green-flag laps counting. After the first segment, as few as the top six and as many as the top 12 positions will be inverted using a process that will be announced later. Drivers not qualified for The Winston can earn a spot in the event by winning the 30-lap Winston Open or the 16-lap No Bull Sprint that precede the main event on May 19. There will be no 25-lap qualifying races for the Open or the Sprint this year - a two-lap qualifying run will be used instead.(That's Racin')(3-24-2001)

    • The Winston Stays the Same: No changes are planned for this season's running of The Winston all-star race, May 19 at Lowe's Motor Speedway. The race will continue to be run in three segments, of 30 laps, 30 laps and 10 laps. As was done last season, the winner of both The Winston Open and the No Bull Sprint will transfer into the field for The Winston. There are now 21 drivers eligible for The Winston. Winners from the 2001 season are Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Jeff Burton, Dale Earnhardt, Ward Burton, Rusty Wallace, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, Jeremy Mayfield, Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart, Steve Park and Jerry Nadeau. Bill Elliott and Terry Labonte are eligible as former Winston Cup champions; Michael Waltrip is eligible as a past winner of The Winston; and drivers John Andretti and Joe Nemechek are eligible as qualified drivers from the 1999 season. Should a nonqualified driver win a race before the event, that driver would be added and the 1999 winners, Andretti and Nemechek, would drop out.(That's Racin')(2-10-2001)

      The Winston 2001 Schedule

      Winston Open Qualifying Draw, Friday, May 18th at 1:00pm/et
      Winston Open Practice, Friday, May 18th from 2:00 - 2:55pm/et on FSN live (Fox Sports Net)
      The Winston Practice, Friday, May 18th from 3:00 - 3:55pm/et, continues on on FSN live (Fox Sports Net)
      Winston Open Practice, Friday, May 18th from 4:15 - 5:15pm/et
      The Winston Practice, Friday, May 18th from 5:20 - 6:20pm/et
      Qualifying for the Winston Open (2 laps/all positions), Friday, May 18th televised on FX at 7:00pm/et
      Qualifying for the The Winston Winston (3 laps w/pit stop w/4-tire change), Friday, May 18th at ~8:00pm/et televised on FX
      Winston Open Practice, Friday, May 18th, for 20 minutes The Winston Qualifying
      The Winston Practice, Friday, May 18th, for 20 minutes after Winston Open Practice

      The Winston Open (30 laps/16 laps) at 7:30pm/et, Live on FX
      The Winston (30 laps/30 laps/10 laps) at 9:00pm/et, Live on FX

      The Winston/Open Paint Schemes

      #2-Rusty Wallace, Miller Lite/Harley-Davidson
      #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr, MLB All-Start Game
      #22-Ward Burton "Clear Hood"/Cat C16 truck engine
      #29-Kevin Harvick AOL/Goodwrench
      #36-Ken Schrader Pedigree
      #43-John Andretti Hamburger Helper
      #55-Bobby Hamilton The 'Lightning' Square-D(same as Richmond)

      The Winston to Move?

    • Winston Looks Like it's Charlotte: It appears unlikely The Winston all-star race will be moved from Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C., to Nashville Superspeedway, or anywhere else, anytime soon. The special event is sponsored by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, and RJR spokesman Denny Darnell yesterday said the company is happy at the Charlotte-area track which has hosted The Winston for 15 of its 16 runnings(Tennessean)(4-19-2001)

    • The Winston to Move? UPDATE 2: It is possible, but not likely, that The Winston will move to another track after this year's May 19 running of Winston Cup's all-star race at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Rick Sanders, president of Sports Marketing Enterprises, the marketing arm of series sponsor R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., said Saturday that discussions are under way about the future of the event. The Winston has been held at the Charlotte track 15 times in the 16-year history of the event. It was held at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 1986, the second year of its existence. Sanders said that Winston would prefer having The Winston continue to stand alone on its own racing weekend, rather than be included as part of activities during a regular points event. Another option that is being considered for The Winston, Sanders confirmed, is naming the trophy that goes to the winner of the event the Dale Earnhardt Trophy.(That's Racin')(3-31-2001)
      UPDATE: There is speculation out of North Carolina that The Winston all-star race could move after this year and that it might wind up at Texas Motor Speedway. A contract with Charlotte's Lowe's Motor Speedway runs out after this year. Sponsor R.J. Reynolds can keep the race in Charlotte, where it has been a major success, or make a change. Options include some kind of rotation system or taking it to another track(Dallas Morning News)(4-1-2001)
      UPDATE 2: heard from some readers that Eddie Gossage of Texas Motor Speedway said on local (Texas) radio NewsTalk 820 (WBAP) out of Dallas that the Winston would not be moving to Texas Motor Speedway despite the rumors and that Bruton Smith was not buying Darlington Raceway(4-3-2001)


    Year Driver
    2000 Dale Earnhardt Jr
    1999 Terry Labonte(2)
    1998 Mark Martin
    1997 Jeff Gordon(2)
    1996 Michael Waltrip
    1995 Jeff Gordon
    1994 Geoffrey Bodine
    1993 Dale Earnhardt(3)
    1992 Davey Allison(2)
    1991 Davey Allison
    1990 Dale Earnhardt(2)
    1989 Rusty Wallace
    1988 Terry Labonte
    1987 Dale Earnhardt
    1986 Bill Elliott
    1985 Darrell Waltrip
    All but 1986 have been held at Lowes Motor Speedway, in 1986 it was at Atlanta


    Year Driver
    2000 Steve Park
    Jerry Nadeau
    (No Bull Sprint)
    1999 Tony Stewart
    1998 Jeremy Mayfield
    1997 Ricky Craven
    1996 Jimmy Spencer
    1995 Todd Bodine
    1994 Jeff Gordon
    1993 Sterling Marlin(3)
    1992 Michael Waltrip(2)
    1991 Michael Waltrip
    1990 Dick Trickle
    1989 Sterling Marlin(2)
    1988 Sterling Marlin
    1987 Buddy Baker
    1986 Benny Parsons
    1985 none
    All but 1986 have been held at Lowes Motor Speedway, in 1986 it was at Atlanta. The Winston Open was known as the Atlanta Invitational in 1986

  • The 2004 NASCAR Nextel All-Star Challenge
    The Winston 2003
    The Winston 2002
    2000 Winston
    1999 Winston
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