Updated 11-17-2002

Race# Track Provisonal Starting Spot
37th 38th 39th 40th 41st 42nd 43rd
1 Daytona #2-18th #10-10th #6-6th #17-33rd #21-2nd #77-25th #32-17th
2 Rockingham #26-33rd #21-31st #23-27th #5-16th #66-32nd #14-43rd #90-34th
3 Las Vegas #88-7th #2-11th #99-9th #55-43rd #5-38th #7-41st #90-40th
4 Atlanta #28-20th #2-6th #6-8th #19-23rd #7-32nd #11-38th #71-42nd
5 Darlington #5-23rd #44-19th #23-32nd #7-26th #90-24th #49-41st #71-43rd
6 Bristol 6-Martin,11th 5-Labonte, 16th 26-Nemechek, 43rd 23-Stricklin, 35th 90-Mast, 33rd 71-Hillenburg, 42nd 02-Sadler, 32nd
7 Texas 99-Burton-39th 25-Nadeau-32nd 77-Blaney-15th 55-Hamiton-31st 4-Skinner-12th 44-Jones-26th 11-Bodine-38th
8 Martinsville 21-Sadler-28th 30-Green-22nd 10-Benson-19th 36-Schrader-36th 26-Kimmel-40th 90-Mast-37th 71-Hillenburg-43rd
9 Talladega 17-Kenseth-30th 28-Rudd-14th 9-Elliott-19th 21-Sadler-40th 88-Jarrett-6th 4-Skinner-23rd 55-Hamilton-22nd
10 California 28-Rudd, 3rd 99-Burton, 19th 9-Elliott, 4th 31-Gordon, 12th 44-Grissom, 33rd 90-Mast, 32nd 49-Robinson, 42nd
11 Richmond 97-Busch,27th 9-Elliott, 14th 88-Jarrett, 38th 41-Spencer, 10th 43-Andretti, 20th 26-Kimmel, 42nd 59-Renfrow, 43rd
12 Charlotte 22-Burton,42nd 88-Jarrett,19th 30-Green, 20th 44-Grissom, 32nd 11-Bodine, 27th 90-H Sadler, 29th 49-Hornaday, 36th
13 Dover 5-Labonte, 15th 12-Newman, 4th 77-Blaney, 29th 23-Stricklin, 26th 44-Grissom, 25th 43-Andretti, 32nd 26-T Bodine, 18th
14 Pocono Qualifying Cancelled
Wet Track
15 Michigan 40-Marlin,21st 5-Labonte, 31st 7-Atwood, 39th 44-Grissom, 40th 59-Small, 41st 37-Cope, 38th 90-Bradberry, 43rd
16 Sonoma 88-Jarrett,15th 32-Craven, 19th 5-Labonte, 3rd 21-Sadler, 6th 23-Stricklin, 33rd 1-Park, 23rd 7-Atwood, 21st
17 Daytona 2-Wallace, 2nd 17-Kenseth, 30th 12-Newman, 27th 30-Green, 21st 22-Burton, 9th 19-Mayfield, 13th 25-Nemechek, 36th
18 Chicago 48-Johnson,4th 28-Rudd, 19th 41-Spencer, 32nd 55-Hamilton, 15th 7-Atwood, 28th 44-Grissom, 31st 14-Compton, 35th
19 NHIS 45-Petty, 37th 21-Sadler, 10th 23-Stricklin, 31st 14-Compton, 30th 66-G Bodine, 43rd 27-Shelmerdine, 42nd 89-Shepherd, 40th
20 Pocono 18-Labonte, 11th 45-Petty, 27th 4-Skinner, 29th 11-Bodine, 33rd 37-Cope, 35th 27-Shelmerdine, 41st/TD> 89-Shepherd, 42nd
21 Indianapolis 48-Johnson. 9th 97-Busch, 41st 21-Sadler, 35th 18-Labonte, 11th 23-Stricklin, 17th 11-Bodine, 42nd 14-M Wallace, 43rd
22 Watkins Glen 32-Craven,34th 5-Labonte,31st 10-Benson,25th 23-Hubert,24th 36-Schrader,28th 98-Wallace,36th 74-Varde,42nd
23 Michigan 2-Wallace,24th 45-Petty,25th 55-Hamilton,23rd 23-Stricklin,36th 7-Atwood,42nd 14-Wallace,40th 74-Raines,43rd
24 Bristol 77-Blaney,33rd 21-Sadler,42nd 43-Andretti,19th 36-Schrader,14th 23-Stricklin,38th 1-Park,26th 90-Hooper,31st
25 Darlington Qualifying Cancelled, Rain
26 Richmond 55-Biffle, 33rd 1-Park, 11th 14-Wallace, 12th 11-Bodine, 20th 09-Bodine, 38th 71-T Sauter, 37th 02-Sadler, 23rd
27 NHIS 8-Earnhardt Jr,11th 21-Sadler, 35th 1-Park, 29th 14-Wallace, 31st 11-Bodine, 36th 02-Sadler, 37th 89-Shepherd, 41st
28 Dover 15-Waltrip, 12th 5-Labonte, 38th 22-Burton, 43rd 49-Lepage, 36th 71-T Sauter, 34th 74-Raines, 31st 66-Fukuyama, 39th
29 Kansas 41-Spencer, 24th 21-Sadler, 18th 36-Schrader, 28th 7-Atwood, 42nd 44-Nadeau, 27th 49-Kirby, 37th 89-Shepherd, 40th
30 Talladega Qualifying Cancelled, Rain
31 Lowe's Qualifying Cancelled, Rain
32 Martinsville 15-Waltrip, 18th 45-Petty, 37th 21-Sadler, 34th 43-Andretti, 13th 23-G Bodine, 39th 44-Grissom, 40th 66-Fukuyama, 43rd
33 Atlanta Qualifying Cancelled, Rain
34 Rockingham #88-Jarrett, 12th #5-Labonte, 32nd #55-Hamilton, 38th #1-Park, 24th #14-Wallace, 43rd #7-Atwood, 29th #11-Bodine, 36th
35 Phoenix 48-Johnson,15th 15-Waltrip,20th 30-Green,35th 55-Hamilton,29th 14-Wallace,28th 49-Cope,38th 74-Raines,43rd
36 Homestead 24-Gordon,5th 30-Green,38th 31-Gordon,26th 10-Benson,13th 4-Skinner,36th 26-G Bodine,32nd 49-Cope,34th
Under each provisonal starting spot is the Car Number which started in that spot and then where they finished.
The best finish is in BOLD

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