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Number of Provisonals used by each team(not driver) in parenthesis, 2nd number is charged provisionals used
* = a charged provional for that race
X next to track name means 43 cars or less entered and none of the provisionals are charged
first four(4) races, provisionals are awards based on previoius season OWNERs points
Race# Track 37th 38th 39th 40th 41st 42nd 43rd
1 Daytona 2-Wallace(1/0) 10-Benson(1/0) 6-Martin(1/0) 17-Kenseth(1/0) 21-Sadler(1/0) 77-Blaney(1/0) 32-Craven(1/0)
2 Rockingham 26-Nemechek(1/0) 21-Sadler(2/0) 23-Stricklin(1/1)* 5-Labonte(1/1)* 66-Bodine(1/1)* 14-Compton(1/1)* 90-Mast(1/1)*
3 Las Vegas 88-Jarrett(1/0) 2-Wallace(2/0) 99-Burton(1/0) 55-Hamilton(1/0) 5-Labonte(2/2)* 7-Atwood(1/1)* 90-Mast(2/2)*
4 Atlanta 28-Rudd(1/0) 2-Wallace(3/0) 6-Martin(2/0) 19-Mayfield(1/1)* 7-Atwood(2/2)* 11-Bodine(1/1)* 71-Trickle(1/1)*
after the fourth race, provisionals are awards based on current season OWNERs points
5 Darlington-X
none charged
5-Labonte(3/2) 44-Jones(1/0) 23-Stricklin(2/1) 7-Atwood(3/2) 90-Mast(3/2) 49-Robinson(1/0) 71-Hillenburg(2/1)
6 Bristol-X
none charged
6-Martin(3/0) 5-Labonte(4/2) 26-Nemechek(2/0) 23-Stricklin(3/1) 90-Mast(4/2) 71-Trickle(3/2) 02-Sadler(1/0)
7 Texas 99-Burton(2/1) 25-Nadeau(1/0) 77-Blaney(2/0) 55-Hamilton(2/1)* 4-Skinner(1/1)* 44-Jones(2/1)* 11-Bodine(2/2)*
8 Martinsville 21-Salder(3/0) 30-Green(1/1)* 10-Benson(2/1)* 36-Schrader(1/1)* 26-Kimmel(3/1)* 90-Mast(5/3)* 71-Hillenburg(4/2)*
9 Talladega 17-Kenseth(2/0) 28-Rudd(2/0) 9-Elliott(1/0) 21-Sadler(4/0) 88-Jarrett(2/0) 4-Skinner(2/2)* 55-Hamilton(3/2)*
10 California 28-Rudd(3/0) 99-Burton(3/0) 9-Elliott(2/0) 31-Gordon(1/1)* 44-Grissom(3/2)* 90-Mast(6/4)* 49-Robinson(2/1)*
11 Richmond 97-Busch(1/0) 9-Elliott(3/0) 88-Jarrett(3) 41-Spencer(1/0) 43-Andrett(1/1)* 26-Kimmel(4/2)* 59-Renfro(1/1)*
12 Charlotte 22-Burton(1/0) 88-Jarrett(4/0) 30-Green(2/1) 44-Grissom(4/3)* 11-B Bodine(3/3)* 90-H Sadler(7/5)* 49-Hornaday(3/2)*
13 Dover 5-Labonte(5/1) 12-Newman(1/0) 77-Blaney(3/0) 23-Stricklin(4/2)* 44-Grissom(5/4)* 43-Andretti(2/2)* 26-T Bodine(5/3)*
14 Pocono Qualifying Cancelled, Water Seepage at Track
15 Michigan-X
none charged
40-Marlin(1/0) 5-Labonte(6/1) 7-Atwood(4/2) 44-Grissom(6/4) 59-Small(2/1) 37-Cope(1/0) 90-Bradberry(8/5)
16 Sonoma 88-Jarrett(5/0) 32-Craven(2/1) 5-Labonte(7/1) 21-Sadler(5/0) 23-Stricklin(5/3)* 1-Park(1/1)* 7-Atwood(5/3)*
17 Daytona 2-Wallace(4/0) 17-Kenseth(3/0) 12-Newman(2/0) 30-Green(3/1) 22-Burton(2/1)* 19-Mayfield(2/2)* 25-Nemechek(2/1)*
18 Chicago 48-Johnson(1/0) 28-Rudd(4/0) 41-Spencer(2/0) 55-Hamilton(4/3)* 7-Atwood(6/4)* 44-Grissom(7/5)* 14-Compton(2/2)*
none charged
45-Petty(1/0) 21-Sadler(6/0) 23-Stricklin(6/3) 14-Compton(3/2) 66-Setzer(2/1) 27-Shelmerdine(1/0) 89-Shepherd(1/0)
20 Pocono 18-Labonte(1/0) 45-Petty(2/0) 4-Skinner(3/3)* 11-Bodine(4/4)* 37-Cope(2/1)* 27-Shelmerdine(2/1)* 89-Shepherd(2/1)*
21 Indianapolis 48-Johnson(2/0) 97-Busch(2/0) 21-Sadler(7/0) 18-Labonte(2/0) 23-Stricklin(7/4)* 11-Bodine(5/5)* 14-M Wallace(4/3)*
22 Watkins Glen 32-Craven(3/1) 5-Labonte(8/1) 10-Benson(3/2)* 23-Hubert(8/5)* 36-Schrader(2/2)* 98-Wallace(1/1)* 74-Varde(1/1)*
23 Michigan 2-Wallace(5/0) 45-Petty(3/0) 55-Hamilton(5/4)* 23-Stricklin(9/6)* 7-Atwood(7/5)* 14-Wallace(5/4)* 74-Raines(2/2)*
24 Bristol 77-Blaney(4/0) 21-Sadler(8/0) 43-Andretti(3/3)* 36-Schrader(3/3)* 23-Stricklin(10/7)* 1-Park(2/2)* 90-Hooper(9/6)*
25 Darlington Qualifying Cancelled, Rain
26 Richmond 55-Biffle(6/5)* 1-Park(3/3)* 14-Wallace(6/5)* 11-Bodine(6/6)* 09-Bodine(1/1)* 71-Sauter(5/3)* 02-Sadler(2/1)*
27 NHIS 8-Earnhardt Jr(1/0) 21-Sadler(9/1)* 1-Park(4/4)* 14-Wallace(7/6)* 11-Bodine(7/7)* 02-Sadler(3/2)* 89-Shepherd(3/2)*
28 Dover 15-Waltrip(1/0) 5-Labonte(9/1) 22-Burton(3/1) 49-Lepage(4/3)* 71-T Sauter(6/4)* 74-Raines(3/3)* 66-Fukuyama(3/2)*
29 Kansas 41-Spencer(3/0) 21-Sadler(10/2)* 36-Schrader(4/4)* 7-Atwood(8/6)* 44-Nadeau(8/6)* 49-Kirby(5/4)* 89-Shepherd(4/3)*
30 Talladega Qualifying Cancelled, Rain
31 Lowe's Qualifying Cancelled, Rain
32 Martinsville 15-Waltrip(2/0) 45-Petty(4/0) 21-Sadler(11/3)* 43-Andretti(4/4)* 23-G Bodine(11/8)* 44-Grissom(9/7)* 66-Fukuyama(4/3)*
33 Atlanta Qualifying Cancelled, Rain
34 Rockingham 88-Jarrett(6/0) 5-Labonte(10/1) 55-Hamilton(7/6)* 1-Park(5/5)* 14-Wallace(8/7)* 7-Atwood(9/7)* 11-Bodine(8/8)*
35 Phoenix 48-Johnson(3/0) 15-Waltrip(3/0) 30-Green(4/1) 55-Hamilton(8/7)* 14-Wallace(9/8)* 49-Cope(6/5)* 74-Raines(4/4)*
36 Homestead 24-Gordon(1/0) 30-Green(5/1) 31-Gordon(2/1) 10-Benson(4/2) 4-Skinner(4/4)* 26-Bodine(6/4)* 49-Cope(7/6)*
Number of Provisonals used by each team in parenthesis, 2nd number is charged provisionals used
* = a charged provional
X next to track name means 43 cars or less entered and none of the provisionals are charged

Car # Driver Race Made/of Used
23 Hut Stricklin(9)
Tom Hubert(1)
Kenny Wallace(0)
Scott Wimmer(0)
Geoffrey Bodine(1)
35/36 11
21 Elliott Sadler 36/36 11
5 Terry Labonte 36/36 10
44 Buckshot Jones(2/7)
Steve Grissom(6/10)
Jerry Nadeau(1/13)
Ted Musgrave(0/1)
34/36 9
90 Rick Mast(6/9)
Hermie Sadler(1/2)
Gary Bradberry(1/1)
Lance Hooper(1/1)
Jason Hedlesky(0)
14/18 9
7 Casey Atwood(9/34)
Jason Leffler(0/2)
36/36 9
14 Stacy Compton(3/21)
Mike Wallace(6/17)
P.J. Jone(0/1)
35/36 9
11 Brett Bodine 32/36 8

Used Provisionals in 2001
Used Provisionals in 2000
Used Provisionals in 1999

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