and 2003 POLES

Updated 2-8-2004

THE RACE, February 2004

NOTE: if qualifying is rained out or cancelled for any reason and set by points, the driver who starts first
(because they are leading the points) is not awarded the Bud Pole Award
and is not considered a pole winner and will NOT be included in the Budweiser Shootout because of starting first.


# Track Pole Winner
1 Daytona 1. #30-Jeff Green
2 Rockingham 2. #77-Dave Blaney
3 Las Vegas 3. #18-Bobby Labonte
4 Atlanta 4. #12-Ryan Newman
5 Darlington 5. #38-Elliott Sadler
6 Bristol #12-Ryan Newman (2nd pole)
7 Texas #18-Bobby Labonte (2nd pole)
8 Talladega 6. #19-Jeremy Mayfield
9 Martinsville 7. #24-Jeff Gordon
10 California 8. #1-Steve Park
11 Richmond 9. #5-Terry Labonte
12 Lowe's #12-Ryan Newman (3rd pole)
13 Dover #12-Ryan Newman (4th pole)
14 Pocono 10. #48-Jimmie Johnson
15 Michigan #18-Bobby Labonte (3rd Pole)
16 Sonoma 11. #01-Boris Said
17 Daytona #30-Steve Park (2nd Pole)
18 Chicago 12. #20-Tony Stewart
19 NHIS none - rained out - set by points
#17-Matt Kenseth started 1st
20 Pocono #12-Ryan Newman (5th pole)
21 Indianapolis 13. #29-Kevin Harvick
22 Watkins Glen #24-Jeff Gordon (2nd pole)
23 Michigan #18-Bobby Labonte (4th Pole)
24 Bristol #24-Jeff Gordon (3rd pole)
25 Darlington #12-Ryan Newman (6th pole)
26 Richmond 14. #01-Mike Skinner
27 NHIS #12-Ryan Newman (7th pole)
28 Dover none - cancelled - hurricane - set by points
#17-Matt Kenseth started 1st
29 Talladega #38-Elliott Sadler (2nd pole)
30 Kansas #48-Jimmie Johnson (2nd pole)
31 Charlotte #12-Ryan Newman (8th pole)
32 Martinsville #24-Jeff Gordon (4th pole)
33 Atlanta #12-Ryan Newman (9th pole)
34 Phoenix #12-Ryan Newman (10th pole)
35 Rockingham #12-Ryan Newman (11th pole)
36 Homestead 15. #42-Jamie McMurray

No number in front of driver means they have already qualified for the Bud Shootout by winning a pole.

Fastest Speeds at Each Track

  • These are the fastest speeds recently (last race at that track - barring rain out of qualifying) at the other tour tracks
    [track record in bracket]:

    Atlanta, 194.252 [Track Record: 197.478mph Nov 1997]
    Texas, 193.514mph [194.224 Mar 2002]
    Michigan, 190.240 [191.149 Aug 2000]
    Talladega, 189.943 [212.809 April 1987 before restrictor plates]
    California, 186.838 [187.432 April 2002]
    Lowes, 186.657 [186.657 Oct 2003]
    Chicago, 184.786 [184.786 July 2003]
    Daytona, 184.752 [210.364 Feb 1987 before restrictor plates]
    Indianapolis, 184.343 [same]
    The New Homestead, 181.111 [same] - old layout: 154.365 [156.440 Nov 2000]
    Kansas, 180.373 [same]
    Las Vegas, 173.016 [same last week]
    Pocono, 170.358 [172.391 July 2000]
    Darlington, 169.048 [173.797 Mar 1996]
    Dover, 158.716 [159.964 Sept 1999]
    Rockingham, 155.577 [158.035 Feb 2000]
    Phoenix, 133.675 [134.178 Nov 2000]
    Loudon, NH, 133.357 [133.357 Sept 2003]
    Richmond, 125.792 [127.398 May 2002]
    Bristol, 127.597 [128.709 Mar 2003]
    Watkins Glen, 124.580 [124.580 Aug 2003]
    Martinsville, 93.650 [95.371 Sept 2000]
    Infineon Raceway, 93.620 [same]
    (Winston Salem Journal / UMI 2003 Press Guide)(11-14-2003)

    The 2004 Budweiser Shootout Lineup

    2003 Bud Pole Winners:
    1)  #30-Jeff Green (pole at Daytona 500)
    2)  #77-Dave Blaney (pole at Rockingham)
    3)  #18-Bobby Labonte (poles at Las Vegas, Texas, Michigan-both)
    4)  #12-Ryan Newman (poles at:
    Atlanta(both), Bristol, Lowe's(both), Dover, Pocono(2), Darlington(2), NHIS(2), Phoenix, Rockingham(2)
    5)  #38-Eliiott Sadler (poles at Darlington, Talladega)
    6)  #19-Jeremy Mayfield (pole at Talladega)
    7)  #24-Jeff Gordon (poles at Martinsville (both), Watkins Glen, Bristol(2); won in 1994,1997)
    8)  #1/#30-Steve Park (pole at California[#1], Daytona[#30])
    9)  #5-Terry Labonte (pole at Richmond; won in 1985)
    10) #48-Jimmie Johnson (pole at Pocono, Kansas)
    11) #01-Boris Said (pole at Sonoma)
    12) #20-Tony Stewart (pole at Chicago; won in 2001, 2002)
    13) #29-Kevin Harvick (pole at Indy)
    14) #01-Mike Skinner (pole at Richmond(2)
    15) #42-Jamie McMurray (pole at Homestead)

    Past Budweiser Shootout Winners(if they do not win a pole in 2003) are automatically eligible:
    16) #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.(won in 2003)
    17) #88-Dale Jarrett (won in 2000)
    18) #6-Mark Martin (won in 1999)
    19) #2-Rusty Wallace (won in 1998)
    20) #?-Geoffrey Bodine (won in 1992)
    21) #49-Ken Schrader (won in 1989,1990)
    22) #9-Bill Elliott (won in 1987)

    So the Lineup for the 2004 Budweiser Shootout looks like this:
    should be 19 of the 22 eligible will run the race

    #23-Dave Blaney
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    #9-Bill Elliott
    #24-Jeff Gordon
    #29-Kevin Harvick
    #88-Dale Jarrett
    #48-Jimmie Johnson
    #18-Bobby Labonte
    #5-Terry Labonte
    #6-Mark Martin
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield
    #42-Jamie McMurray
    #12-Ryan Newman
    #38-Eliiott Sadler
    #01-Boris Said [will run a MB2 car in the event, won in the #01]
    #49-Ken Schrader
    #20-Tony Stewart
    #10-Mike Skinner [will run in the #10 Chevy and run the Truck series in 2004]
    #2-Rusty Wallace

    #X-Geoffrey Bodine [will not run the race]
    #43-Jeff Green [will NOT run the race in the #43]
    #?-Steve Park [will not run the race]

    Results, Practice Speeds, Starting Order and Race Info

    Fin.(start) car#-driver, manu, laps completed, money won
    1. (15) #88-Dale Jarrett, Ford, 70, $213,000.
    2. (19) #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, 70, $113,000.
    3. (5) #29-Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 70, $63,000.
    4. (7) #6-Mark Martin, Ford, 70, $53,000.
    5. (2) #24-Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 70, $51,000.
    6. (11) #2-Rusty Wallace, Dodge, 70, $49,000.
    7. (18) #20-Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 70, $47,000.
    8. (6) #5-Terry Labonte, Chevrolet, 70, $46,000.
    9. (17) #48-Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 70, $45,000.
    10. (8) #01-Boris Said, Chevrolet, 70, $44,000.
    11. (12) #18-Bobby Labonte, Chevrolet, 70, $42,000.
    12. (9) #38-Elliott Sadler, Ford, 70, $41,000.
    13. (14) #49-Ken Schrader, Dodge, 70, $40,000.
    14. (10) #91-Bill Elliott, Dodge, 70, $39,000.
    15. (13) #10-Mike Skinner, Chevrolet, 70, $38,000.
    16. (16) #12-Ryan Newman, Dodge, 69, accident, $37,000.
    17. (3) #42-Jamie McMurray, Dodge, 69, accident, $36,000.
    18. (1) #19-Jeremy Mayfield, Dodge, 59, accident, $35,000.
    19. (4) #23-Dave Blaney, Dodge, 59, accident, $34,000.

    Average speed of race winner: 150.826 mph.

    Time of race: 1 hour, 9 minutes, 37 seconds.

    Margin of victory: 0.157 Seconds.

    Caution flags: 1 for 3 laps.

    Lead changes: 15 among 9 drivers.

    Lap leaders: J. Mayfield 0; J. Gordon 1; J. Mayfield 2; J. Gordon 3-17; J. McMurray 18-23; K. Harvick 24-28; D. Blaney 29-31; T. Labonte 32; E. Sadler 33; T. Labonte 34-48; J. McMurray 49-50; J. Mayfield 51-59; R. Newman 60-63; T. Labonte 64; K. Harvick 65-69; D. Jarrett 70.(ThatsRacin.com)(2-7-2004)

  • The Bud Shootout is OVER The winner is after 70 of 70 laps is #88-Dale Jarrett!:
    NASCAR reviewed the finish and declared that #10-Skinner went below the yellow line and advanced his position and was placed at the end of the lead lap, finishing 15th instead of 5th.

    ALSO of note, Speed Channel reported during its Victory Lane show, that #6-Mark Martin's Ford was found to be too low during post-tech inspection, no word on any penalties yet.
    UPDATE: Was reported later that the #6 checked out ok.(2-8-2004)

    #88-Dale Jarrett (1 lap led - the most important lap)
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    #29-Kevin Harvick (10 laps led)
    #6-Mark Martin
    #24-Jeff Gordon (16 laps led)

    #2-Rusty Wallace
    #20-Tony Stewart
    #5-Terry Labonte (17 laps led)
    #48-Jimmie Johnson
    #01-Boris Said

    #18-Bobby Labonte
    #38-Eliiott Sadler (1 lap led)
    #49-Ken Schrader
    #91-Bill Elliott
    #10-Mike Skinner

    #12-Ryan Newman (4 laps led) accident 79 laps run
    #42-Jamie McMurray (8 laps led) accident 79 laps run
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield (10 laps led) accident 60 laps run
    #23-Dave Blaney (3 laps led) accident 60 laps run
    See Results at ThatsRacin.com or NASCAR.com
    ThatsRacin.com Articles:
    Jarrett wins duel of the Dales
    Mike Skinner penalized for pass Shuffle, race end with Harvick in 3rd Blaney and Mayfield battle, but wreck (2-7-2004)

    RED FLAG as of lap 63 - Teams were told by NASCAR they were allowed to work on the cars during the red flag.

    Caution on lap 61-64: #19-Mayfield got loose, hit #23-Blaney and both smacked the wall and are out of the race.

  • The Bud Shootout is on being televised on TNT live. The running order after 60 of 70 laps:
    Pit Stops occurred on laps 49-50-51
    Lap 49: #49 had a tire going down
    Lap 50 and 51 the rest
    Three took just 2 tires: #19, #10 and #23

    #12-Ryan Newman (1 lap led)
    #29-Kevin Harvick (5 laps led)
    #10-Mike Skinner
    #5-Terry Labonte (16 laps led)
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    #6-Mark Martin
    #18-Bobby Labonte
    #01-Boris Said
    #2-Rusty Wallace
    #24-Jeff Gordon (16 laps led)
    #91-Bill Elliott
    #38-Eliiott Sadler (1 lap led)
    #49-Ken Schrader
    #42-Jamie McMurray (8 laps led)
    #88-Dale Jarrett
    #20-Tony Stewart
    #48-Jimmie Johnson
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield (10 laps led)
    #23-Dave Blaney (3 laps led)

  • The Bud Shootout is on being televised on TNT live. The running order after 50 of 70 laps:
    #42-Jamie McMurray (8 laps led)
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    #23-Dave Blaney (3 laps led)
    #01-Boris Said
    #2-Rusty Wallace
    #20-Tony Stewart
    #38-Eliiott Sadler 1 lap led)
    #10-Mike Skinner
    #88-Dale Jarrett
    #6-Mark Martin
    #18-Bobby Labonte
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield (1 lap led)
    #12-Ryan Newman
    #5-Terry Labonte (16 laps led)
    #29-Kevin Harvick (5 laps led)
    #91-Bill Elliott
    #48-Jimmie Johnson
    #24-Jeff Gordon (16 laps led)
    #49-Ken Schrader

  • The Bud Shootout is on being televised on TNT live. The running order after 40 of 70 laps:
    #5-Terry Labonte (8 laps led)
    #24-Jeff Gordon (16 laps led)
    #29-Kevin Harvick (5 laps led)
    #18-Bobby Labonte
    #48-Jimmie Johnson
    #42-Jamie McMurray (6 laps led)
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    #6-Mark Martin
    #23-Dave Blaney (3 laps led)
    #10-Mike Skinner
    #01-Boris Said
    #49-Ken Schrader
    #12-Ryan Newman
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield (1 lap led)
    #2-Rusty Wallace
    #88-Dale Jarrett
    #38-Eliiott Sadler 1 lap led)
    #91-Bill Elliott
    #20-Tony Stewart

  • The Bud Shootout is on being televised on TNT live. The running order after 30 of 70 laps:
    #23-Dave Blaney (2 laps led)
    #29-Kevin Harvick (5 laps led)
    #24-Jeff Gordon (16 laps led)
    #38-Eliiott Sadler
    #18-Bobby Labonte
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    #48-Jimmie Johnson
    #42-Jamie McMurray (6 laps led)
    #2-Rusty Wallace
    #6-Mark Martin
    #5-Terry Labonte
    #49-Ken Schrader
    #10-Mike Skinner
    #88-Dale Jarrett
    #12-Ryan Newman
    #01-Boris Said
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield (1 lap led)
    #91-Bill Elliott
    #20-Tony Stewart

  • The Bud Shootout is on being televised on TNT live. The running order after 20 of 20 [segment 1, 70 total] laps:
    #42-Jamie McMurray (3 laps led)
    #24-Jeff Gordon (9 laps led)
    #29-Kevin Harvick
    #48-Jimmie Johnson
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    #38-Eliiott Sadler
    #23-Dave Blaney
    #18-Bobby Labonte
    #2-Rusty Wallace
    #12-Ryan Newman
    #5-Terry Labonte
    #6-Mark Martin
    #10-Mike Skinner
    #49-Ken Schrader
    #01-Boris Said
    #20-Tony Stewart
    #88-Dale Jarrett
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield (1 lap led)
    #91-Bill Elliott

  • The Bud Shootout after 10 or 20 [segment 1, 70 total] laps:
    #24-Jeff Gordon (9 laps led)
    #42-Jamie McMurray
    #29-Kevin Harvick
    #6-Mark Martin
    #2-Rusty Wallace
    #18-Bobby Labonte
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    #10-Mike Skinner
    #38-Eliiott Sadler
    #48-Jimmie Johnson
    #12-Ryan Newman
    #23-Dave Blaney
    #5-Terry Labonte
    #88-Dale Jarrett
    #01-Boris Said
    #49-Ken Schrader
    #20-Tony Stewart
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield (1 lap led)
    #91-Bill Elliott

  • Budweiser Shootout Format:
    Segment 1 - 20 Laps
    10 minute break
    Segment 2 - 50 Laps [have to make a pit stop]
    Green Flag Laps Count Only in Segment 1, Yellow count in Segment 2.(2-7-2004)

  • Shootout: #19-Jeremy Mayfield will start on the Bud Pole for Saturday night's Budweiser Shootout after drawing the No. 1 spot during the Budweiser Shootout Qualifying Draw Party Friday at the Daytona Club. The Budweiser Shootout, a 70-lap, season-opening all-star race that features Bud Pole winners from last season as well as former Shootout champions, is slated for an 8:00pm/et start and will be televised live on TNT [NOTE: Re-air, Monday Feb 9th at 10:00pm/et on Speed Channel].
    It will be only the second Budweiser Shootout to be run under the lights in the race's 26-year history, and it will mark Nextel's official debut as title sponsor for NASCAR's premier series.
    Starting on the outside of row one will be two-time Shootout winner Jeff Gordon. Defending race winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. drew the last position for the second year in a row, he'll start 19th.(2-6-2004)

  • 2004 Budweiser Shootout Nuggets: 2004 Speedweeks marks the 26th running of the Budweiser Shootout. The "Budweiser Shootout," held since 1979 (formerly named the "Busch Clash" and "Bud Shootout"), is a non-points event that has been the Cup season-opening race at the "World Center of Racing" one week before the Daytona 500 since its inception in 1979. The former 25-lap sprint among the winning drivers of the "Bud Pole Award" from the most recent season was reformatted to 70 laps in 2001 and now includes past champions from prior "Busch Clash" and "Bud Shootout" events.
    Back of the Pack: Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 2003 Bud Shootout win from the 19th starting position is the worst start of a Shootout winner.
    Manufacturers Dominance: Dale Earnhardt's Jr.'s 2003 Shootout win marked the 13th Chevrolet victory in the 25th Speedweeks opener.
    By the Numbers:
    Most Shootout starts - Bill Elliott - 18
    Most current consecutive Shootout starts - Mark Martin - 15
    Most Shootout starters - 22 (2002)
    Least Shootout Starters - seven (1981)
    Three-Time Shootout Winner?
    Fifteen drivers have won at least one Shootout. Dale Earnhardt's six wins are the most of all drivers. No other driver has won more than twice.
    Starting Up Front:
    The Bud Shootout has been won from the pole three times, Darrell Waltrip (1981), Bill Elliott (1987) and Ken Schrader (1989).
    Daytona 500 Momentum - The winner of the Bud Shootout has won the Daytona 500 in the same year five times, including three in the last eight seasons.
    Dale Jarrett (1996 and 2000)
    Jeff Gordon (1997)
    Bill Elliot (1987)
    Bobby Allison (1982)
    One to Go: The Bud Shootout has been won on a last-lap pass five times; most recently by Dale Jarrett (2000).
    (NASCAR Statistical Services/NASCAR PR)(2-7-2004)

  • Bud Shootout Practice Staritng Lineup Order:
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield will start on the Bud Pole for Saturday night's Budweiser Shootout after drawing the No. 1 spot during the Budweiser Shootout Qualifying Draw Party Friday at the Daytona Club. The Budweiser Shootout, a 70-lap, season-opening all-star race that features Bud Pole winners from last season as well as former Shootout champions, is slated for an 8:00pm/et start and will be televised live on TNT. It will be only the second Budweiser Shootout to be run under the lights in the race's 26-year history, and it will mark Nextel's official debut as title sponsor for NASCAR's premier series.
    Starting on the outside of row one will be two-time Shootout winner Jeff Gordon. Defending race winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. drew the last position for the second year in a row, he'll start 19th.
    The complete starting grid for the 2004 Budweiser Shootout at Daytona is as follows:
    2004 Budweiser Shootout Starting Line-up
    1. Jeremy Mayfield (No. 19 Dodge)
    2. Jeff Gordon (No. 24 Chevrolet)
    3. Jamie McMurray (No. 42 Dodge)
    4. Dave Blaney (No. 23 Dodge)
    5. Kevin Harvick (No. 29 Chevrolet)
    6. Terry Labonte (No. 5 Chevrolet)
    7. Mark Martin (No. 6 Ford)
    8. Boris Said (No. 01 Chevrolet)
    9. Elliott Sadler (No. 38 Ford)
    10. Bill Elliott (No. 91 Dodge)
    11. Rusty Wallace (No. 2 Dodge)
    12. Bobby Labonte (No. 18 Chevrolet)
    13. Mike Skinner (No. 10 Chevrolet)
    14. Ken Schrader (No. 49 Dodge)
    15. Dale Jarrett (No. 88 Ford)
    16. Ryan Newman (No. 12 Dodge)
    17. Jimmie Johnson (No. 48 Chevrolet)
    18. Tony Stewart (No. 20 Chevrolet)
    19. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (No. 8 Chevrolet)
    The 26th running of the Budweiser Shootout is scheduled for Sat., Feb. 7. It can be seen live on TNT at 8:00pm/et. For race tickets, call 1-800-PITSHOP or log on to www.1-800-Pitshop.com.(fingerprint, inc./Budweiser Racing PR)(2-6-2004)

  • Bud Shootout Practice 2 Speeds: the top 5 speeds
    #8-Earnhardt Jr. 191.038
    #18-Labonte 190.981
    #29-Harvick 190.026
    #42-McMurray 189.921
    #48-Johnson 189.526
    slowest was #6-Martin at 188.312
    #42-McMurray ean the most laps at 40 and #38-Sadler had the least at 17.
    See all the speeds at ThatsRacin.com or NASCAR.com.(2-6-2004)

  • Bud Shootout Practice 1 Speeds: the top 5 speeds
    #29-Harvick 188.458
    #2-Wallace 188.159
    #01-Said 188.064
    #91-Elliott 188.017
    #6-Martin 187.950
    slowest was #38-Sadler at 185.835
    19 drivers are listed, no Jeff Green or Steve Park.
    #01-Said ran the most laps at 37, #48-Johnson and #88-Jarrett had the least at 16.
    See all the speeds at NASCAR.com.(2-6-2004)

  • What: A 70-lap two segment race for eligible drivers who won Bud Poles Awards during the 2003 Cup season
    or former Budweiser Shootout [Busch Clash] winners not already in.

  • Race: Saturday, February 7, 2004 in Daytona, FL

  • Draw for Starting Spot: Friday, February 6th, 2004 at 8:30pm/et

  • TV: TNT 8:00pm/et

  • ReAir: Monday Feb 9th at 10:00pm/et on Speed Channel

  • Pre Race show: TNT 7:30pm/et

  • Purse: $1,066,000 with $210,000 to the winner

  • 2003 Budweiser Shootout Race Winner: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 70 laps, 175 miles

  • Practice: Friday, Feb 6th, 3:45 - 5:00pm/et and 6:30 - 7:30pm/et; TV: both on SPEED Channel

    The 2004 Budweiser Shootout Past News

  • Geoffrey Bodine won't run the Shootout: Geoffrey Bodine, who signed a six-race contract with EJP Racing to drive in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series this year [#03], hasn't been able to find a team interested in running him in the Feb. 7 Budweiser Shootout. Bodine is a guaranteed starter in the all-star race for Nextel Cup pole-winners from the previous year because he's a past race winner. "Nothing has come together, and I'm surprised about that," Bodine said Wednesday from his North Carolina home. "I don't understand it because it's a high visibility race for teams and sponsors. I've talked to a lot of team owners and no one has taken me up on the deal." Bodine will compete in the truck series opener at Daytona on Feb. 13.(Elmira Star Gazette)(1-30-2004)

  • Jeff Green to sit OUT of the Bud Shootout: When young Richard Petty began his racing career some five decades ago, his mother fretted about her son getting involved in a wild and reckless sport that was just a hiccup removed from moonshine running. Petty tried to ease his mother's concern by promising her that his race team never would have anything to do with alcohol. That 50-year-old promise will keep #43-Jeff Green out of the Feb. 7 Budweiser Shootout at Daytona. Green won last year's Daytona 500 pole, making him eligible for the Shootout. The race matches the previous season's pole-winners, plus past Shootout champions. But there's a catch. In order to qualify for the Shootout, a driver's car must carry a small Budweiser decal during the season. Petty refuses to permit any beer advertising on his cars. That means his driver is not eligible for the lucrative Bud Shootout. While Petty is adamant about no beer decals on his cars, over the years he has competed in beer-sponsored races like the Budweiser 400 and Miller 400. Petty's response: he has no control over who sponsors a race, but he does have control over who sponsors his cars. With Green sitting out, the Bud Shootout will consist of 21 drivers.(Tennessean), note: Green could still run the race if he runs another car and if, of course, the Petty's ok that.(1-29-2004)

    NOTEs: this is a DRIVERS race, not team, if the driver switches teams, he goes, not the old team
    The #43-Jeff Green and #45-Kyle Petty are not eligible for the Bud Pole Award or the Budweiser Shootout
    [if won in the Petty car; Green will race since he won the pole in the #30 car at the 2003 Daytona 500]
    as their cars do NOT carry the Budweiser decal - a promise made by Richard Petty to his mother.

  • Parks Poles Rare: something I wondered about when #30-Steve Park got the pole late in qualifying at Daytona for the Pepsi 400. When was the last time a driver won a pole in the same season for two different teams? Park won the pole at California Speedway while driving the #1 Pennzoil Chevy and won the pole for the Pepsi 400 at Daytona in the #30 AOL Chevy this year. So did a little research and the nearest I found was in 1993 when Jayski Fave Ernie Irvan won four poles that season, two with the #4 Kodak team and two with the #28 Texaco team [took over after Davey Allison was killed].(7-4-2003)


    Most Poles in one season [modern era 1972-present]:
    Cale Yarborough, 1980, 14
    Bill Elliott, 1985, 11
    Darrell Waltrip, 1981, 11
    Ryan Newman, 2003, 11

    All Time Record for the most Poles in one season:
    Bobby Issac, 1969, 20
    Richard Petty, 1967, 19
    Tim Flock, 1955, 18
    Richard Petty, 1966, 16
    Cale Yarborough, 1980, 14
    David Pearson, 1969, 14
    Bobby Issac, 1970, 13

    WINSTON CUP POLES in 2003:

    1. ) Ryan Newman, 11 [clinches the most for the year]
    2. ) Bobby Labonte, 4
    3. ) Jeff Gordon, 4
    4. ) Jimmie Johnson, 2
    5. ) Steve Park, 2
    6. ) Elliott Sadler, 2
    7. ) Dave Blaney, 1
    8. ) Jeff Green, 1
    9. ) Terry Labonte, 1
    10. ) Jeremy Mayfield, 1
    11. ) Tony Stewart, 1
    12. ) Kevin Harvick, 1
    13. ) Boris Said, 1
    14. ) Mike Skinner, 1
    15. ) Jamie McMurray, 1


    Chevy - 17 (8 different drivers)
    Dodge - 13 (3 different drivers)
    Ford - 3 (2 different drivers)
    Pontiac - 2 (2 drivers)

    Total Races: 36......34 poles won - no rain outs or fields set by owners points
    rained at NHIS in July - no pole winner
    cancelled at Dover in Sept due to Hurricane

    some rules and news

  • Skinner in the #10 for the Shootout: Mike Skinner will race in the upcoming Budweiser Shootout at Daytona International Speedway, whether a Daytona 500 ride is in his future or not. MB2/MBV Motorsports general manager Jay Frye said Thursday that the team would field a #10 Valvoline Chevrolet for Skinner if some other prospects he is trying to secure don't come through. Mike Skinner qualified for the Shootout by winning the Bud Pole at Richmond in September. Skinner had what he thought was a sure deal to drive not only in the Feb. 7 Shootout, a special event for the 2003 Bud Pole winners, but also in the Daytona 500, along with a handful of other Nextel Cup races.(NASCAR.com)(1-9-2004)

  • Said and the Bud Shootout: Twenty drivers already have qualified for the Budweiser Shootout next February at Daytona International Speedway. Of those 20, only 18 have current rides -- Boris Said and Geoffrey Bodine aren't full-time Winston Cup drivers. Said hopes to get a Jasper Motorsports car for the race, and he plans on running the ARCA race at Talladega in October to gain experience.(Daytona Beach News Journal)(8-24-2003)

  • New 2003 Shootout Format: There will be some slight modifications to the format to Saturday night's Budweiser Shootout at Daytona International Speedway the "unofficial" start to the 2003 Winston Cup season. NASCAR officials confirmed Tuesday the 70-lap all-star event which features pole winners from the 2002 season and past winners of the event will be split into two segments. The first segment will consist of 20 laps after which a 10-minute intermission will be held. Teams may make pit stops and do other work that transpires during a normal pit stop during this time. The second segment will be 50 laps and must end in a green-white-checkered finish. Caution laps will count toward the total in both segments so the second segment may extend beyond the scheduled 70-lap total. In the event of a red flag, crews will be permitted to work on the cars; however, all work must be performed on pit road or in the garage. When the race is resumed, all cars must immediately be ready to return to competition. All re-starts will be double-file re-starts. All lapped cars will re-start at the rear of the field. The Shootout format was changed from a 20-lap race to two 10-lap segments in 1991. The move to a 25-lap event in 1998 marked the third format change of this prestigious event. The format was again changed in 2001, this time to a 70-lap event.(2-4-2003)

  • Bud Shootout/Daytona 500 fact: Only five times in the 24 year-history of the Shootout has the winner of the race gone on to victory in the Daytona 500 the same season: Bobby Allison (1982), Bill Elliott (1987) Dale Jarrett (1996 and 2000) and Jeff Gordon (1997).(ThatsRacin.com)(2-6-2003)

  • Seventy-two drivers have participated in the Budweiser Shootouts. Thirty-two of those drivers have participated in two or less and 22 in only one.

  • Budwesier Shootout Pole: On the Thursday before the Race, the drivers choose their starting positions in a draw

  • The "Budweiser Shootout" held since 1979, the non-points event (formerly named the "Busch Clash" and "Bud Shootout") has jump-started the NASCAR Winston Cup Series as the season-opening race at the "World Center of Racing" one week before the Daytona 500. The 70 lap race among the winners of the "Bud Pole Award" from the most recent season and includes past champions from prior "Busch Clash" and "Bud Shootout" events. Previously, Bud Pole second-round-fastest qualifiers from all points races were eligible to race for one slot in the Budweiser Shootout; there is no longer a qualifying race(as there is no longer a 2nd round of qualifying).

  • Each driver must complete at least one pit stop under green, change at least two tires and the race must end under green-flag conditions, even if the length of the race has to be extended. Drivers may pit under yellow, but the pit stop will not count as their required stop, and caution laps will count toward the 70-lap total.(That's Racin')(12-8-2000)

  • This is a DRIVERs race, so if Driver A leaves Team A and goes to Team B, then it'll be Driver A in the Team B car and the Team A car is not eligible unless they get a new driver who is eligible


    2003  Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    2002  Tony Stewart(2)
    2001  Tony Stewart

    2000  Dale Jarrett(2)
    1999  Mark Martin
    1998  Rusty Wallace

    YEAR  Bud Shootout Qualifier Winner (held 1998-2000)
    2000  Dale Jarrett (won Bud Shootout)
    1999  Mike Skinner (4th in Bud Shootout)
    1998  Jimmy Spencer (4th in Bud Shootout)

    1997  Jeff Gordon(2)
    1996  Dale Jarrett
    1995  Dale Earnhardt(6)
    1994  Jeff Gordon
    1993  Dale Earnhardt(5)
    1992  Geoffrey Bodine
    1991  Dale Earnhardt(4)
    1990  Ken Schrader(2)
    1989  Ken Schrader
    1988  Dale Earnhardt(3)
    1987  Bill Elliott
    1986  Dale Earnhardt(2)
    1985  Terry Labonte
    1984  Neil Bonnett(2)
    1983  Neil Bonnett
    1982  Bobby Allison
    1981  Darrell Waltrip
    1980  Dale Earnhardt
    1979  Buddy Baker

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