2005 Sprint Cup Rookie of the Year Standings

    How the Rookie of the Year Supposedly Works:

    JAYSKI NOTE: These Rules are good as far as I know from NASCAR Statstical Services
    Can't seem to get any updates or answers on the rules
    many times the points awarded don't match up to calculations using the rules given
    and too many arbitrary factors [Based on or subject to individual judgment or preference] go into play and seems to be no creditibilty to the system.
    but I wil try my best to get it right....so this is just a GUIDE...not official at all.

    The point systems that are used to determine the Raybestos Rookie of the Year in NASCAR's top three divisions is very different from the NASCAR point system that is used.

    Raybestos , the official brake of NASCAR, presents a $50,000 Award to the eligible driver finishing first in the fianls NASCAR Nextel Cup Raybestos Rookie-of-the-Year points standings. It is a complicated and arbitrary process...but here are the rules:

    To remain eligible for the Rookie of the Year award, the driver must qualify for 8 of the 20 first races of the season.

    Drivers can cannot particiapte in more than 7 Cup races in one season to maintain their rookie status for the following season.

    The rookie point system is determined by the following:

    1. Only the driver's best 17 races are counted in head-to-head competition in the Nextel Cup Series, 16 for the Busch Series and 14 in the Craftsman Truck Series.

    2. One point is awarded for each race in which a rookie of the year candidate qualifies and is eligible for championship points [not a post entry for example].

    3. A 10-1 point system is in place for the rookies according to where they finish in the race in relation to the other rookies. The highest finishing rookie in each race earns 10 points; the second highest finishing rookie earns nine points, and so on.

    4. Each rookie contender will receive bonus points for a finish in the top 10. If a rookie finishes 10th, he will be awarded one point. If a rookie finishes in fifth place, he will receive six points and for a win the rookie will receive 10 bonus points.
    The Grid:
    A 10th place finish is worth 1 bonus rookie point
    9th is 2 bonus rookie points
    8th is 3 bonus rookie points
    7th is 4 bonus rookie points
    6th is 5 bonus rookie points
    5th is 6 bonus rookie points
    4th is 7 bonus rookie points
    3rd is 8 bonus rookie points
    2nd is 9 bonus rookie points
    1st/WIN is 10 bonus rookie point

    5. Bonus points are also awarded to each rookie after race numer 10, 20 and the final race [36]. The candidate with the most Nextel Cup championship points accumulated in each segment will receive 10 bonus points; the candidate earning the second highest number of points receives nine, and so on.

    6. Following the final race of the season, the highest ranking rookie in the series drivers points standings receives an extra 10 bonus points, the second highest rookie receives nine points, and so on.

    7. There is also a Rookie of the Year panel for the series. The panel has the right to penalize any rookie for conduct or acts that might discredit or reflect unfavorably upon NASCAR.

    8. During the final weekend of the season in each series, the panel meets to discuss the Rookie of the Year candidates and each competitor is evaluated on three criteria:

    A. Conduct with the officials in the garage and pit areas,
    B. Conduct and awareness on the track, and
    C. Personal appearance and relationship with the media.

    The voting in the three areas will consist of a 10-1 point system. Voting may be distributed by a panel member in any way that he/she chooses. Total points will be averaged from each panel member's ballot. The points derived from the panel will be added to the entry, competition, and bonus points after the final race of the season to determine the overall Rookie of the Year winner in each division.
    NOTE: these points are not usually announced, just a final total.

    Rookie Stripes: rookies will be noted on the car they drive by a yellow stripe on the rear bumper of the car.
    sometimes a driver not up for the award may have yellow stripes on tracks they have not competed on before.

      Some NEWS

    • Busch wins 2005 ROTY: Kyle Busch in the #5 Kelloggs Chevy clinched the 2005 Raybesto Rookie of Year at Homestead, beating out #77-Travis Kvapil, who was the only other full-time rookie driver. Busch racked up two wins, one pole, nine top-fives and 13 top 10 finishes this season. He claimed Raybestos Rookie of the Race 23 times in 36 races and was the only Raybestos Rookie to post a top-five finish this season. Busch joins Jeff Gordon (1993) as the only Hendrick Motorsports drivers to win Raybestos Rookie of the Year. He is the first Raybestos Rookie to post two or more wins since Jimmie Johnson won three races in 2002. Busch became the youngest pole winner in NASCAR's premier series (19 yrs., 9 mos. and 24 days) when he grabbed the No. 1 qualifying spot for the February 27 Auto Club 500 at California Speedway. He is also the most recent Raybestos Rookie to win a pole and is the only first-year driver to win a pole in 2005. Where the Raybestos Rookies finished at Homestead: T. Kvapil 32nd; K. Busch 41st.(Raybestos/Camp and Assoc PR), also, Busch became the youngest race winner in NASCAR's premier series when he won at California in Sept. beating out Donald Thomas who was 20 yrs, 4 months, 6 days old when he won at Lakeland in 1952, Busch was 20 yr, 4 months, 2 days old.(11-21-2005)

    • Rookie Page: I do not plan on keeping with or trying to figure out the Rookie of the Year standings, even following the rules I last got two years ago the points never seem to match up to what I calculate to the number, can't get a straight answer on if the rules have changed for this year and the hits are not worthy of the time spent to keep it updated and mull over why it doesn't match up. So I will have the Rookie of the Year page up for historical reference on who won since it started and some misc stats and records. The rookie of the year standings can be found on each week race results page.(7-12-2005)

    • New Rookie of the Year Candidate: Despite the NASCAR national touring season being nearly halfway complete, three drivers announced over the weekend their intention of competing for their respective series' Raybestos Rookie of the Year awards. Former American Speed Association and Hooters Pro Cup standout #66-Mike Garvey in Nextel Cup, Busch Series driver Jerry Robertson and Craftsman Truck Series driver Clay Rogers have been added to the list of eligible Rookie of the Year contenders. (NASCAR.com) Garvey, who is driving the #66 Jani-King Ford, began receiving rookie points at Michigan [in which he finished 36th, but is listed on the ROTY weekly press release of having only one point in the convoluted rookie of the year points system, he should have 9].(6-28-2005)

    • Rookie Rules will NOT change: NASCAR has concluded a review of its rookie of the year programs and will not change the eligibility requirements, vice president of corporate communications Jim Hunter said Sunday. There has been speculation in recent weeks NASCAR would find a way to get #99-Carl Edwards and #32-Bobby Hamilton Jr. eligible to run for Nextel Cup rookie honors next season, even though Hamilton has, and Edwards will likely, surpass the seven-race maximum to remain eligible for the program. Without them, there are currently no other candidates for rookie of the year for the 2005 season in Cup.(ThatsRacin.com)...unless Kyle Busch moves up to Cup in 2005; Kvapil in the #77?(9-20-2004)

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