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  • Rookie Page: do not plan on keeping with or trying to figure out the Rookie of the Year standings. Even following the rules has become fruitless and my numbers never match up all the time, so instead of showing folks the incorrect standings, will just post the standings and who was the highest finishing rookie for each race and NASCAR RoTY standings.(2006)

    How the Rookie of the Year Supposedly Works:

    JAYSKI NOTE: These Rules are good as far as I know from NASCAR Statstical Services
    Can't seem to get any updates or answers on the rules
    many times the points awarded don't match up to calculations using the rules given
    and too many arbitrary factors [Based on or subject to individual judgment or preference] go into play and seems to be no creditibilty to the system.
    but I wil try my best to get it this is just a GUIDE...not official at all.

    The point systems that are used to determine the Raybestos Rookie of the Year in NASCAR's top three divisions is very different from the NASCAR point system that is used.

    Raybestos , the official brake of NASCAR, presents a $50,000 Award to the eligible driver finishing first in the fianls NASCAR Nextel Cup Raybestos Rookie-of-the-Year points standings. It is a complicated and arbitrary process...but here are the rules:

    To remain eligible for the Rookie of the Year award, the driver must qualify for 8 of the 20 first races of the season.

    Drivers can cannot particiapte in more than 7 Cup races in one season to maintain their rookie status for the following season.

    The rookie point system is determined by the following:

    1. Only the driver's best 17 races are counted in head-to-head competition in the Nextel Cup Series, 16 for the Busch Series and 14 in the Craftsman Truck Series.

    2. One point is awarded for each race in which a rookie of the year candidate qualifies and is eligible for championship points [not a post entry for example].

    3. A 10-1 point system is in place for the rookies according to where they finish in the race in relation to the other rookies. The highest finishing rookie in each race earns 10 points; the second highest finishing rookie earns nine points, and so on.

    4. Each rookie contender will receive bonus points for a finish in the top 10. If a rookie finishes 10th, he will be awarded one point. If a rookie finishes in fifth place, he will receive six points and for a win the rookie will receive 10 bonus points.
    The Grid:
    A 10th place finish is worth 1 bonus rookie point
    9th is 2 bonus rookie points
    8th is 3 bonus rookie points
    7th is 4 bonus rookie points
    6th is 5 bonus rookie points
    5th is 6 bonus rookie points
    4th is 7 bonus rookie points
    3rd is 8 bonus rookie points
    2nd is 9 bonus rookie points
    1st/WIN is 10 bonus rookie point

    5. In order to be eligible for the Rookie of the Year award, a driver must attempt to qualify in at least eight events out of the first 20 events.

    6. Unless otherwise authorized by the series director, a rookie candidate must qualify and start the car the rookie has qualified to earn rookie points.

    7. Following the final race of the season, the highest ranking rookie in the series drivers points standings receives an extra 10 bonus points, the second highest rookie receives nine points, and so on.

    8. There is also a Rookie of the Year panel for the series. The panel has the right to penalize any rookie for conduct or acts that might discredit or reflect unfavorably upon NASCAR.

    9. During the final weekend of the season in each series, the panel meets to discuss the Rookie of the Year candidates and each competitor is evaluated on three criteria:

    A. Conduct with the officials in the garage and pit areas,
    B. Conduct and awareness on the track, and
    C. Personal appearance and relationship with the media.

    The voting in the three areas will consist of a 10-1 point system. Voting may be distributed by a panel member in any way that he/she chooses. Total points will be averaged from each panel member's ballot. The points derived from the panel will be added to the entry, competition, and bonus points after the final race of the season to determine the overall Rookie of the Year winner in each division.
    NOTE: these points are not usually announced, just a final total.

    Rookie Stripes: rookies will be noted on the car they drive by a yellow stripe on the rear bumper of the car.
    sometimes a driver not up for the award may have yellow stripes on tracks they have not competed on before.

      Standings from Raybestos/NASCAR

      Car#-Driver, Races Attempted, Races Run, Points
      #11-Denny Hamlin, 36, 36, 330 [2 wins]
      #07-Clint Bowyer, 36, 36, 271
      #1-Martin Truex Jr., 36, 36, 243
      #41-Reed Sorenson, 36, 36, 222
      #18-J.J. Yeley, 36, 36, 213
      #40-David Stremme, 34, 34, 192
      #04/49-Brent Sherman, 10, 6, 41
      (final thru 11-19-2006 - from results)

      Highest Finishing Raybestos Rookie by Race

      Event, Highest Finishing Rookie, Finish
      Daytona 500, #07-Clint Bowyer, 6th
      California [1], #18-Yeley, 8th
      Las Vegas, #11-Hamlin, 10th
      Atlanta [1], #41-Sorenson, 10th
      Bristol [1], #11-Hamlin, 14th (2 times)
      Martinsville [1], #41-Sorenson, 12th (2)
      Texas [1], #11-Hamlin, 4th (3)
      Phoenix [1], #07-Bowyer, 5th (2)
      Talladega [1], #18-Yeley, 11th (2)
      Richmond [1], #11-Hamlin, 2nd (4)
      Darlington, #11-Hamlin, 10th (5)
      Charlotte [1], #11-Hamlin, 9th (6)
      Dover [1], #11-Hamlin, 11th (7)
      Pocono [1], #11-Hamlin, 1st-WON (8)
      Michigan [1], #41-Sorenson, 5th (3)
      Sonoma, #11-Hamlin, 12th (9)
      Daytona [2], #07-Bowyer, 10th (3)
      Chicago, #41-Sorenson, 7th (4)
      NHIS [1], #11-Hamlin, 6th (10)
      Pocono [2] #11-Hamlin, 1st-WON (11)
      Indy. #07-Bowyer, 4th (4)
      Watkins Glen, #11-Hamlin, 10th (12)
      Michigan [2], #41-Sorenson, 8th (5)
      Bristol [2], #11-Hamlin, 6th (13)
      California [2], #07-Bowyer, 3rd (5)
      Richmond [2], #07-Bowyer, 12th (6)
      NHIS [2], #11-Hamlin, 4th (14)
      Dover [2], #1-Truex Jr., 6th (1)
      Kansas, #07-Bowyer, 9th (7)
      Talladega [2], #1-Truex Jr., 5th (2)
      Charlotte [2], #40-Stremme, 15th (1)
      Martinsville [2], #11-Hamlin, 2nd (15)
      Atlanta [2], #11-Hamlin, 8th (16)
      Texas [2], #07-Bowyer, 5th (8)
      Phoenix [2], #11-Hamlin, 3rd (17)
      Homestead, #1-Truex Jr., 2nd

      #11-Hamlin, 17
      #07-Bowyer, 8
      #41-Sorenson, 5
      #1-Truex Jr., 3
      #18-Yeley, 2
      #40-Stremme, 1

      Pre/Post Race Reports/ News

    • NO Official Announcement PR was received. One PR came out with Quotes that headlined that Hamlin was named the Official Raybestos Rookie of the Year.(11-19-2006)

    • News and Notes - Pre-Homestead, Post-Phoenix:
      #11-Denny Hamlin was the Raybestos Rookie of the Race in the November 12 Checker Auto Parts 500 at Phoenix International
      Raceway. Hamlin finished third, his seventh top-five and 19th top-10 finish of the 2006 season. He took Raybestos Rookie of the Race honors for the 17th time in 35 races.
      ∑ Hamlin is fourth in the Nextel Cup Series championship standings, 90 points behind leader Jimmie Johnson. He is 27 behind second-place Matt Kenseth and leads fifth-place Dale Earnhardt Jr. by 25.
      ∑ The Steak Stays Alive: A Raybestos Rookie has finished in the top 15 in all 35 races this season.
      ∑ Did You Know? Hamlin and Jeff Gordon are the only Chase drivers to score six top-10 finishes in the nine races in the Chase.
      ∑ Hamlin leads Clint Bowyer by 60 points (294-234) in the Raybestos Rookie standings entering the Nov. 19 Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.
      * Did You Know? Tony Stewart is the only Raybestos Rookie to win a Nextel Cup Series race at Homestead-Miami Speedway. He won the inaugural Ford 400 in 1999 by 5.289 seconds over Bobby Labonte. Stewart led the race four times for 44 laps.
      * Did You Know? The only other Raybestos Rookie to score a top-five finish in six previous races at Homestead is Casey Atwood, who finished third in 2001.
      * Did You Know? The most laps led by a Raybestos Rookie at Homestead is 52 by Atwood in 2001.
      * Did You Know? The only Raybestos Rookie to win a pole in six Nextel Cup races at Homestead is Jamie McMurray. McMurray won his first-career pole at the 2003 Ford 400 on his way to claiming Raybestos Rookie of the Year honors. McMurray finished ninth in the race, his 13th top-10 finish of the 2003 season.
      * The most Raybestos Rookies to finish inside the top-10 at Homestead are Three in 2001: Atwood, Kevin Harvick (seventh), and Jason Leffler (10th). Harvick led the race three times for 47 laps.
      * The only other race where TWO or more Raybestos Rookies finished inside the top-10 was the 2002 Ford 400. Ryan Newman finished sixth while Jimmie Johnson grabbed an eighth-place finish.
      * The 2002 race is also the most recent event where at least one Raybestos Rookie has led a lap. Newman led once for 28 laps while Johnson held the top spot one time for 27 laps.
      * Top-five finishes by Raybestos Rookies in the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway:
      1999: Tony Stewart, first
      2001: Casey Atwood, third
      * Top-10 finishes by Raybestos Rookies in the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway:
      1999: Tony Stewart, first
      2000: Dave Blaney, ninth
      2001: Casey Atwood, third
      2001: Kevin Harvick, seventh
      2001: Jason Leffler, 10th
      2002: Ryan Newman, sixth
      2002: Jimmie Johnson, eighth
      2003: Jamie McMurray, ninth
      2004: Brendan Gaughan, sixth
      ∑ Raybestos Rookies that have led at least one lap in the Ford 400:
      1999: Tony Stewart (four times for 44 laps) 2001: Casey Atwood (twice for 52 laps) 2001: Kevin Harvick (three times for 47 laps) 2002: Ryan Newman (once for 28 laps) 2002: Jimmie Johnnson (once for 27 laps)
      ∑ Did You Know? The most recent Raybestos Rookie to lead the Nextel Cup Series championship standings is Jimmie Johnson in 2002. He led after the Kansas event (race No. 28).
      ∑ Did You Know? Tony Stewart owns the best points finish by a Raybestos Rookie in the sportís modern era (post 1971), placing fourth in the championship standings in 1999. James Hylton holds the best points finish by a Raybestos Rookie in the sportís history, a second-place effort in 1966.
      ∑ Did You Know? The most recent race where multiple Raybestos Rookies finished in the top five occurred at Chicagoland Speedway on July 14, 2002. Jimmie Johnson finished fourth, just ahead of fifth-place Ryan Newman.
      Raybestos ROOKIE HISTORY
      The way to the NASCAR Nextel championship is to win Raybestos Rookie of the Year. Since 1979, SIX Raybestos Rookie of the Year drivers have gone on to win a NASCAR Nextel Cup title: Dale Earnhardt (1979), Rusty Wallace (1984), Alan Kulwicki (1986), Jeff Gordon (1993), Tony Stewart (1999, 2005) and Kenseth (2000).
      At least one Raybestos Rookie has won a Bud Pole in each of the last 11 years (1996-2006). There has been a first-time Bud Pole winner in each of the last 20 years (1987-2006).
      * Ryan Newman holds the all-time Raybestos Rookie record for most poles (6), most top-fives (14) and most top-10s (22).
      * Kasey Kahne holds the record for most earnings by a Raybestos Rookie ($5.4 million in 2004).
      * The record for most wins by a Raybestos Rookie is three, shared by Stewart (1999) and Jimmie Johnson (2002).
      * A Raybestos Rookie has posted multiple victories SEVEN times in NASCAR Cup history: Davey Allison (two wins in 1987), Stewart (three wins in 1999), Dale Earnhardt Jr. (two wins in 2000), Kevin Harvick (two wins in 2001), Johnson (three wins in 2002), Kyle Busch (two wins in 2005), and Denny Hamlin [two wins so far in 2006)
      * At least one Raybestos Rookie has won a Bud Pole in each of the last 11 years (1996-2006).
      * Johnson also holds the best ever points finish by a Raybestos Rookie, placing fifth in the championship standings in 2002.
      * More than one Raybestos Rookie has posted victories in their rookie season only three times: Morgan Shepherd and Ron Bouchard (one each in 1981), Earnhardt Jr. (two) and Kenseth (2000), Johnson (three) and Newman (2002).(Raybestos PR)(11-16-2006)

      see past notes for each race on my 2006 ROTY News and Notes page


    • 1957 Ken Rush
    • 1958 Shorty Rollins (1)
    • 1959 Richard Petty
    • 1960 David Pearson
    • 1961 Woody Wilson
    • 1962 Tom Cox
    • 1963 Billy Wade
    • 1964 Doug Cooper
    • 1965 Sam McQuagg
    • 1966 James Hylton
    • 1967 Donnie Allison
    • 1968 Pete Hamilton
    • 1969 Dick Brooks
    • 1970 Bill Dennis
    • 1971 Walter Ballard
    • 1972 Larry Smith
    • 1973 Lennie Pond - Darrell Waltrip
    • 1974 Earl Ross (1)
    • 1975 Bruce Hill
    • 1976 Skip Manning
    • 1977 Ricky Rudd
    • 1978 Ronnie Thomas
    • 1979 Dale Earnhardt (1) - Joe Millikan, Terry Labonte, Harry Gant
    • 1980 Jody Ridley (1)
    • 1981 Ron Bouchard (1), Tim Richmond
    • 1982 Geoffrey Bodine
    • 1983 Sterling Marlin
    • 1984 Rusty Wallace - Phil Parsons
    • 1985 Ken Schrader - Eddie Bierschwale, Don Hume
    • 1986 Alan Kulwicki - Michael Waltrip, Chet Fillip, Pancho Carter, Kirk Bryant, Davey Allison [listed 4 races], Derrike Cope [2 races], Jerry Cramer [3 races], Rick Baldwin [2 races], Jonathan Edwards [2 races], Wayne Slark [1 race]
    • 1987 Davey Allison (2) - Dale Jarrett, Steve Christman, Rodney Combs, Derrike Cope
    • 1988 Ken Bouchard - Ernie Irvan, Brad Noffsinger, Jimmy Horton
    • 1989 Dick Trickle - Hut Stricklin, Larry Pearson, Jimmy Spencer, Rick Mast, Ben Hess, Chad Little
    • 1990 Rob Moroso - Jack Pennington, Jerry O'Neil, Jeff Purvis
    • 1991 Bobby Hamilton - Ted Musgrave, Stanley Smith, Wally Dallenbach Jr.
    • 1992 Jimmy Hensley - Dave Madar III, Andy Belmont
    • 1993 Jeff Gordon - Bobby Labonte, Kenny Wallace, P.J. Jones
    • 1994 Jeff Burton - Joe Nemechek, Steve Grissom, Loy Allen, John Andretti, Jeremy Mayfield, Mike Wallace, Ward Burton
    • 1995 Ricky Craven - Robert Pressley, Randy LaJoie, Steve Kinser, Davy Jones
    • 1996 Johnny Benson - Stacy Compton [listed as a candiate for 1 race], Randy MacDonald [3 races]
    • 1997 Mike Skinner - David Green, Jeff Green, Robby Gordon
    • 1998 Kenny Irwin - Kevin Lepage, Jerry Nadeau, Steve Park
    • 1999 Tony Stewart (3) - Elliott Sadler, Buckshot Jones
    • 2000 Matt Kenseth (1) - Dale Earnhardt Jr.(2), Dave Blaney, Scott Pruett, Stacy Compton, Mike Bliss
    • 2001 Kevin Harvick (2) - Kurt Busch, Casey Atwood, Jason Leffler, Ron Hornaday Jr, Andy Houston
    • 2002 Ryan Newman (1) - Jimmie Johnson(3), Carl Long, Shawna Robinson
    • 2003 Jamie McMurray - Greg Biffle(1), Tony Raines, Casey Mears, Jack Sprague, Larry Foyt
    • 2004 Kasey Kahne - Brendan Gaughan, Brian Vickers, Scott Wimmer, Scott Riggs, Johnny Sauter
    • 2005 Kyle Busch (2) - Travis Kvapil, Stanton Barrett, Mike Garvey, Eric McClure
    • 2006 ??? - Denny Hamlin (1), Clint Bowyer, Martin Trux Jr., David Stremme, Reed Sorenson, Brent Sherman

      (NOT a 2002 candidate but won - Jamie McMurray(1) and ran and won ROTY in 2003
      winner bold; wins if any in parens() - rest of rookie class listed if known

    • ROTY Finishes In Final Top 10
      Driver Pos. Yr.
      James Hylton, 2nd, 1966
      Shorty Rollins, 4th, 1958
      Tony Stewart, 4th, 1999
      Ryan Newman, 6th, 2002
      Dale Earnhardt, 7th, 1979
      Jody Ridley, 7th, 1980
      Earl Ross, 8th, 1974
      Kevin Harvick, 9th, 2001
      Walter Ballard, 10th, 1971


    • Newman breaks pole record: On Friday, #12-Ryan Newman put himself in the record book with his sixth pole of 2002. That breaks the rookie record of the late Davey Allison in 1987.(11-10-2002)

    • Rookies: #48-Jimmie Johnson tied Tony Stewart's rookie record for most wins by a Cup Rookie of the Year candidate with his win at Dover, his third win of 2002. With last weeks win at NHIS, #12-Ryan Newman broke the rookie record of top fives, with his 13th (now has 14), the old record was 12, also by Stewart in 1999. The top ten record [Modern Era 1972-present] is also held by Stewart at 21, Newman is now tied at 21, Johnson has 20. Some comparisions (all were Rookie of the Year except Earnhardt Jr):

      1958 Shorty Rollins
      29 (of 51) races, 1 win, 12 top 5's, 22 top 10's, 0 poles, final points postion was 4th

      1959 Richard Petty
      21 (of 44) races, 0 wins, 6 top 5's, 9 top 10's, 0 poles, points pos 15th

      1962 Tom Cox
      42 (of 53) races, 0 wins, 3 top 5's, 20 top 10's, 0 poles, points pos 19th

      1966 James Hylton
      41 (of 49) races, 0 wins, 20 top 5's, 32 top 10's, 1 pole, points pos 2nd

      Modern Era 1972-present:
      1979 Dale Earnhardt
      27 (of 31) races, 1 win, 11 top 5's, 17 top 10's, 4 poles, points pos 7th

      1987 Davey Allison
      22 (of 29) races, 2 wins, 9 top 5's, 16 top 10's, 5 poles, points pos 21st

      1999 Tony Stewart
      34 races, 3 wins, 12 top 5's, 21 top 10's, 2 poles, 4th in points

      2000 Matt Kenseth
      34 races, 1 win, 4 top 5's, 11 top 10's, no poles, 14th in points

      2000 Dale Earnhardt Jr
      34 races, 2 wins, 3 top 5's, 5 top 10's, 2 poles, 16th in points

      2001 Kevin Harvick
      35 (of 36) races, 2 wins, 6 top 5's, 16 top 10's, no poles, 9th in points

      2002 Jimmie Johnson
      36 races, 3 wins, 6 top 5's, 21 top 10's, 4 poles, 5th in points

      2002 Ryan Newman
      36 races, 1 win, 14 top 5's, 22 top 10's, 6 poles, 6th in points(11-17-2002)

    • Some Rookie Stuff: Jamie McMurray is the 4th driver to pick up his 1st career Cup win at Lowe's Motor Speedway in the modern era (The others: 2000: Matt Kenseth; 1995: Bobby Labonte; 1994: Jeff Gordon). McMurray became the 3rd rookie to win this year, joining Jimmie Johnson & Ryan Newman. It marks the first time that 3 rookies have won a Cup race in the same season in the modern era [1972-present]. Of the 13 first-time winners since 2000, 7 of those have come on Bruton Smith (SMI Tracks). 2000: Dale Earnhardt Junior (Texas), Matt Kenseth (Charlotte), & Jerry Nadeau (Atlanta; 2001: Kevin Harvick (Atlanta), Elliott Sadler (Bristol); 2002: Kurt Busch (Bristol) & Jamie McMurray (Charlotte).(10-13-2002)

    • Quickest wins by a driver: Dale Earnhardt Jr. won in only his 12th Cup start. Ron Bouchard won a Cup race in his 11th start in 1981 at Talladega, Mark Donohue won in his 5th Cup start in 1973 at Riverside, the earliest in the 'modern era' of Cup, he would only make one more Cup start. Others: Morgan Shepherd won in his 15th start (Martinsville) in 1981, but wasn't named Rookie of the Year. Several other drivers won in their first year, but weren't considered ROTY candidates: Dan Gurney at Riverside in 1963 in his third race and Mario Andretti at Daytona Beach in 1967 in his fifth start.
      BUT in 2001, #29-Kevin Harvick won his first Cup race in his third ever start, the best ever in the modern era [1972-present]. McMurray won in his 2nd start at Lowe's today which is the new Modern Era record and ties the all time record, set by John Rostek, who won in his 2nd career start in April 1960 at Arizona State Fairgrounds.
      ALSO of Note, Johnny Rutherford won a Daytona Qualifying race in his first start back in 1963, back then the Qualifier races counted as wins and the championship and points. And of course Jim Roper won in his first start, the first race ever held by NASCAR in 1949 and Jack White won in his first start in 1949, the 5th race of the season.(10-13-2002)

    • First time back-to-back - Correction: #48-Jimmie Johnson's victory comes a week after #12-Ryan Newman won, marking the first time in series history rookies have won back-to-back races.(News and Record), Actually in 2000 Dale Earnhardt Jr and Matt Kenseth won back-to-back points races, with Earnhardt Jr winning at Richmond and Kenseth winning at Lowe's Motor Speedway in May of 2000, the Winston was run between the two races, also won by a rookie, Dale Earnhardt Jr.(9-23-2002)

    • Earnhardt Jr the fastest Correction and UPDATE: #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr has won his first two Winston Cup races faster then anyone in Winston Cup modern era. Earnhardt Jr won his 2nd race in his 16th start. Tony Stewart did it in his 32nd race, Dale Earnhardt in his 41st, Jeff Gordon 50th, Darrell Waltrip 65th and Bobby Labonte 77th. Not sure what the all time record is but Red Byron won his 2nd race in his 5th start during the first NASCAR Grand National(Before Winston Cup) season in 1949
      Correction: Davey Allison also won his 2nd race in his 16th start(5-7-2000)
      Harvick: #29-Kevin Harvick won his 2nd Cup race in his 17th start.
      UPDATE: add #48-Jimmie Johnson ties the record as he won his 2nd race in his 16th start.(6-2-2002)

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