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  • How the fields for the Gatorade Duels are set: The front row for the Daytona 500 and the starting lineups for the Gatorade Duel qualifying races were set by today's qualifying. Burton will start on the pole for the first Gatorade Duel and Gordon will start on the pole for the second. Starting positions in the Gatorade Duel races are determined by qualifying speeds. The participating eligible highest ranked 35 in 2005 car owner points are assigned to Gatorade Duel races based on their standing in the 2005 final car owner points: odd-numbered ranked car owners compete in the first Gatorade Duel; even-numbered owners in the second. Owners who failed to finish in the top-35 of the 2005 car owner points will be assigned to a Gatorade Duel based on qualifying times: the highest qualifying owner to the first Duel; the next to the second and alternating through the remaining entries.(NASCAR Statistical Services)(2-12-2006)

  • Finishing positions in the Gatorade Duel races will determine starting positions in the Daytona 500. First the front-row qualifiers will be removed from the equation. The remaining eligible highest ranked 35 in car owner points, plus the two highest finishing non-top 35 teams from each Duel and the fastest drivers not among those 35 (by time from Daytona 500 qualifying) or a past champion will make up the field for the 2005 Daytona 500.

  • Format for making the 2006 Daytona 500 field:
    • The top 35 teams in owner's points from 2005 are guaranteed a spot somewhere in the field. #96-Terry Labonte is assured a spot as a past champion.
    • Twenty-two other drivers are competing for the remaining seven spots in the 43-car field.
    Pole Day Qualifying:
    • The drivers posting the top two speeds: #31-Jeff Burton and #24-Jeff Gordon, are locked in on the front row unless they have to go to a backup car or change an engine.
    • The three fastest cars among those not in the top 35 in 2005 owners points:
    #36-Bill Elliott, #32-Travis Kvapil and #00-Hermie Sadler, also earned a starting spot.
    Four other drivers [BLUE in the charts below] can make the Daytona 500 via speed, the rest out of the top-35 in owners points must race their way in.
    Gatorade duel qualifying races
    • Burton starts first in the first of Thursday's two 150-mile races; Gordon starts first in the second. The remaining cars are assigned based on qualifying times, but the top 35 from last year are split 18-17 in the two duels.
    Setting the Daytona 500 field
    • The inside spots for rows 2 to 20 are set in the first duel. It includes 17 of the top 35 from last year and the top two duel finishers outside the top 35. The same thing applies for outside spots in the second duel – 16 of the top 35 and top two outside the top 35.
    • Positions 40, 41 and 42 go to the three cars not in last year's top 35 that had the fastest Pole Day speed, if not accounted for in the 150s.
    • The final position goes to a past Cup champion. If no past champ needs it, the 43rd spot goes to the next fastest non-top 35 car.

  • Daytona Qualifying Notes: #31-Jeff Burton won the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Bud Pole for the Daytona 500, lapping Daytona International Speedway in 48.063 seconds at 189.151 mph. Bill Elliott holds the track-qualifying record of 42.783 seconds, 210.364 mph, set Feb. 9, 1987, prior to the advent of restrictor-plate racing. Ken Schrader holds the track restrictor-plate qualifying record with a lap of 46.434 seconds, 198.823 mph - set Feb. 7, 1988. This is Burton's third career Bud Pole in 404 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup races. His most recent Bud Pole came at Richmond in September 2000, 190 races ago. This is Burton's first Bud Pole at Daytona. His best previous Daytona 500 qualifying time was 11th in 1999. His best previous start at Daytona was second in October 1998. The Daytona 500 has been won from the Bud Pole nine times in the 47 previo us Daytona 500s, most recently by Dale Jarrett in 2000. This is the fourth Daytona 500 Bud Pole for Richard Childress, all with different drivers: Jeff Burton (2006), Jeff Green (2003), Mike Skinner (1997) and Dale Earnhardt (1996). Jeff Gordon had the second-fastest time with a qualifying lap of 47.650 seconds at 188.877 mph and will join Burton on the front row. It is his fourth top-10 start in his seven races at Daytona; all in the Daytona 500. This is Gordon's second front-row start in 14 Daytona 500s. He won the Bud Pole for the 1999 Daytona 500 [an won the race]. He started 15th in this race one year ago [and won the race].(NASCAR Statistical Services)(2-12-2006)

Gatorade Duel's - Thursday, February 16, 2006
Daytona International Speedway - Daytona Beach, Fla. - 2.5 Mile High Banked
Total Race Length [each] - 60 Laps - 150 Miles

TV - TNT, 2:00pm/et; MRN/XM Satelitte Radio coverage

#96-Labonte moved from 1st Duel to 2nd Duel, each has 29 cars.

Daytona 500 Qualifying Results Page

Daytona 500 Race Info Page

Gatorade Duel #1

Car# Driver Manu Qual
1 1 31 Jeff Burton Chevy 189.151 18
2 3 88 Dale Jarrett Ford 188.849 15
3 4 38 Elliott Sadler Ford 188.810 13
4 6 07 Clint Bowyer # Chevy 187.786 27
5 8 36 Bill Elliott Chevy 187.715 43-CH-IN
6 10 2 Kurt Busch Dodge 187.539 9
7 11 11 Denny Hamlin # Chevy 187.488 33
8 14 14 Sterling Marlin Chevy 187.274 35
9 15 25 Brian Vickers Chevy 187.239 17
10 17 20 Tony Stewart Chevy 187.196 1
11 19 00 Hermie Sadler Ford 187.025 57-IN
12 20 66 Jeff Green Chevy 186.990 29
13 23 9 Kasey Kahne Dodge 186.691 23
14 25 99 Carl Edwards Ford 186.614 3
15 29 61 Kevin Lepage Ford 186.097 40-5
16 30 21 Ken Schrader Ford 186.043 21
17 33 15 Paul Menard Chevy 185.334 48-7
18 35 1 Martin Truex Jr. # Chevy 185.242 25
19 36 50 Larry Foyt Dodge 185.128 47
20 37 8 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevy 185.124 19
21 42 64 Randy LaJoie Chevy 184.540 44
22 45 74 Derrike Cope Dodge 183.333 45
23 47 23 Mike Skinner Dodge 182.771 52
24 48 49 Brent Sherman # Dodge 182.142 31
25 50 92 Chad Chaffin # Chevy 181.763 41
26 52 52 Larry Gunselman Dodge 181.214 67
27 54 59 Andy Belmont Chevy 179.960 n/a
28 tire 17 Matt Kenseth Ford 0.000 7
29 disq 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevy 0.000 5

Gatorade Duel #2

Car# Driver Manu Qual
1 2 24 Jeff Gordon Chevy 188.877 11
2 5 43 Bobby Labonte Dodge 187.935 30
3 7 26 Jamie McMurray Ford 187.743 8
4 9 5 Kyle Busch Chevy 187.570 20
5 12 29 Kevin Harvick Chevy 187.406 14
6 13 01 Joe Nemechek Chevy 187.402 16
7 16 18 J.J. Yeley # Chevy 187.207 24
8 18 32 Travis Kvapil Chevy 187.106 37-IN
9 21 19 Jeremy Mayfield Dodge 186.908 10
10 22 7 Robby Gordon Chevy 186.850 38-4
11 24 16 Greg Biffle Ford 186.672 2
12 26 6 Mark Martin Ford 186.436 4
13 27 41 Reed Sorenson # Dodge 186.289 22
14 28 42 Casey Mears Dodge 186.127 12
15 31 12 Ryan Newman Dodge 185.774 6
16 32 27 Kirk Shelmerdine Chevy 185.361 55-6
17 34 95 Stanton Barrett Chevy 185.322 59
18 38 4 Scott Wimmer Chevy 184.854 36
19 39 45 Kyle Petty Dodge 184.794 28
20 40 22 Dave Blaney Dodge 184.566 32
21 41 40 David Stremme # Dodge 184.543 26
22 43 89 Morgan Shepherd Dodge 183.576 50
23 44 55 Michael Waltrip Dodge 183.411 34
24 46 09 Mike Wallace Dodge 182.953 42
25 49 37 Chad Blount Dodge 181.906 39
26 51 78 Kenny Wallace Chevy 181.594 64
27 53 10 Scott Riggs Dodge 180.890 46
28 55 80 Carl Long Ford 176.935 72
29 disq 96 Terry Labonte Chevy 0.000 n/a-CH-IN

  • How did the non Top-35 teams do in qualifying?
    the first 4 are in, 3 by speed, Labonte by past champ provisional
    #36-Bill Elliott [CH], 187.715 - IN
    #32-Travis Kvapil, 187.106 - IN
    #00-Hermie Sadler, 187.025 - IN
    #96-Terry Labonte [CH], speed disallowed - IN
    the following need to get in via the Duel 150 finish [top two] or could make the race by speed if any of the 4 above race in
    #7-Robby Gordon, 186.850
    #61-Kevin Lepage, 186.037
    #27-Kirk Shelmerdine, 185.361
    #15-Paul Menard, 185.334
    all below have to race in, their speed is not fast enough to make it
    #95-Stanton Barrett, 185.322
    #50-Larry Foyt, 185.158
    #4-Scott Wimmer, 184.854
    #64-Randy LaJoie, 184.540
    #89-Morgan Shepherd, 183.576
    #74-Derrike Cope, 183.333
    #09-Mike Wallace, 182.953
    #23-Mike Skinner, 182.771
    #37-Chad Blount, 181.906
    #92-Chad Chaffin, 181.763
    #78-Kenny Wallace, 181.594
    #52-Larry Gunselman, 181.214
    #10-Scott Riggs, 180.890
    #59-Andy Belmont, 179.960
    #80-Carl Long, 176.935.(2-12-2006)

  • A More Detailed Explation:
    Qualifying Procedure for the Gatorade Duel/Daytona 500:

    NASCAR instituted a new procedure that started in 2005 for setting the starting lineups for the Gatorade Duel at Daytona International Speedway.

    The two qualifying races that establish the starting line-up for the Feb. 19 Daytona 500 will feature changes to the procedure of assigning cars to the respective qualifiers, which were extended from 125 to 150 miles in 2005.

    The following cars will be assigned to the first of the two qualifying races:

    The odd-number positions (1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.) of the highest-ranked 35 finishers in the final previous NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series car owner points standings.

    The pole winner from Bud Pole Qualifying scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 12. Should the pole winner be among the highest-ranked 35 in the the previous season owner points, the pole winner will start in the first race regardless of his odd or even position in those standings. The following cars will be assigned to the second of the two qualifying races:

    The even-number positions (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.) of the highest-ranked 35 finishers in the final previous season NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series car owner points standings.

    The second-fastest qualifier from Bud Pole Qualifying. Should this car be among the highest-ranked 35 in the previous season owner points, it will start in the second race regardless of its odd or even position in those standings. Additional cars that were not among the highest-ranked 35 in the final previous season car owner points will be alternated between the first and second 150-mile qualifying events using an odd-even format. The odd-number positions will be assigned to the first qualifier while the even-number positions will be assigned to the second qualifier.

    The odd-even positions are not determined by where the car qualified in the overall field, but their specific qualifying order among those cars not part of the highest-ranked 35 group. For example, a car qualifies eighth overall in Bud Pole qualifying, but ranks third-fastest among those cars not part of the highest-ranked 35. That car would be an odd-number position and start in the first race as a result of its qualifying standing of those cars not in the highest-ranked 35.

    The lineup for each qualifying race will be set based upon the qualifying speeds in the time trials for all cars, including those who are among the highest-ranked 35 in the finalprevious season car owner point standings. The highest-ranked 35 designation does not determine the car’s starting position, only the assignment of its 150-mile qualifying event.

    A maximum of 66 cars will be permitted to compete between the two qualifying races, and all cars must compete in one of these events to be eligible for the Daytona 500.

    Starting positions for the Daytona 500 will be designated for the highest-ranked 35 positions from the final previous season car owner point standings from each qualifier, the two-highest finishing cars in each qualifier not among that highest-ranked 35 group and the two front-row qualifiers.

    The balance of the 43-car field will be filled by the fastest remaining qualifiers who have not earned a starting position, with the exception of the 43rd position which will be assigned to an eligible former or current NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series champion. Should there not be an eligible champion, the position will be assigned to the next fastest qualifier not in the field.

  • The simple version: how the Daytona 500 lineup is set:
    Pos 1 and 2: Pole sitter and outside pole sitter from Bud Pole qualifying
    [no need to be top 35 in prevoius season car Owners Points]

    Pos 3 thru 39: top 35 in prevoius season car owners points and two highest finishing teams in each Gatorade Duel races race NOT in the top 35 set by their finishing postion in the Gatorade Duel races.

    Pos 40-42: fastest qualifiers not in by above

    Pos 43: past champion provisional - at this point only [for 2006, #96-Terry Labonte would get first shot as he last won the championship in 1996 and then #36-Bill Elliott would be next in line, winning last in 1988. Otherwise the spot goes to the next fastest qualifier.

  • The Gatorade Duel races: The Daytona 500 pole-sitter will start on the pole of the first Gatorade Duel at Daytona. The outside pole winner will start on the pole of the second qualifying race.

    Cars that finished in odd positions (first, third, fifth, etc.) in owner's points last season will fill the first qualifying race, and those with even-number finishes will compete in the second race. The lineup for each qualifying race will be set based on the qualifying speeds. Owner's points do not determine the car's starting position, only which of the two Duel races in which it will race.

    Cars that were not among the highest-ranked 35 in the previous season will be alternately entered into the two 150-mile qualifying events based on qualifying speeds. The non-top 35 car with the fastest qualifying time is entered into the first (odd) Duel race, the next-fastest in the second (even) race and so on.

  • IMPOUND RULES on my Impound Rules page.

  • Results: for results, links, owners/drivers points (after each race back thru the season)
    see my:
    2005 Nextel Cup Race Results
    2004 Nextel Cup Race Results

  • Weather -- IF qualifying is rained out, the field would be set as follows (per the rulebook):

    #1) - First 35 by current Owner Points
    #2) - Previous Years Cup Champ or the Event Champion if already NOT in the field by step 1
    #3) - Car Owners whose team has won in the previous and current season not already in the field
    #4) - Drivers who have won in the previous and current season not already in the field
    #5) - Past Nextel Cup Champions not in by 1 thru 4
    #6) - Qualifying Attempts with Owners points as the tie breaker
    #7) - Qualifying Order Position
    (all above apply as long as the team was entered by the entry deadline - usually 13 days before the race)

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