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  • Earnhardt Tribute Tree: Chuck and Vallery Carver of Casstown, Ohio, decided to pay tribute to fallen NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt by transforming an old tree into the likeness of the late racing legend. Last June, the Carvers were going to have an artist carve a number three, Earnhardt's Winston Cup race car number, into a dead tree in their yard. They talked to local artist Johnny Bookwaller and he suggested they make a full size statue of Earnhardt. Chuck Carver said it cost a lot to turn their tree into a memorial but has been well worth it.(Independent Tribune)(10-12-2002)

    Thanks to Vallery Carver for the Image

    Taken at DEI by Joel Jackowski

    A tribute to Dale Earnahrdt on their truck, Larry & Toya Wilkinson of Bushnell, Florida

    Thanks to Dwayne Hicks for the image

    Taken at Michigan in June by Ed Wierzbinski

    Taken at Michigan in June by Ed Wierzbinski

    From the Sears Point Site, a monument to Dale at the track

    Taken by Christopher Record of That's Racin'

    Taken by John Simmons of That's Racin'

    This photo is 1 of 150 different horses that are on display in and around Rochester, NY.
    The horses were supplied by "The High Falls Brewery" to different business's around the city and county,
    which were all painted with different themes.
    The horses will be on display all summer long and will be later auctioned off with all proceeds going to charity.
    Thanks to Dave Widera for image

    With Loy Allen at the 1994 Daytona 500. Thanks to Wendy Nolt for the images

    At Rockingham, the week after the accident. Thanks to Wendy Nolt for the images

    DW and Dale at Dover. Thanks to Ron Saunders for the images, taken at Dover

    Dale and Gary Bradberry at Dover. Thanks to Ron Saunders for the images, taken at Dover

    Thanks to Ken of the Diecast Illustrated Online Magazine & Price Guide

    Great Dane Trailer at the Mid America Truck Show thanks to Jeff Wallace for the image

    The Great Dane Trailer on the road. Thanks David C. Clavier for the image

    Dale at Watkins Glen in 1998, taken by Mike Rivers

    at Bristol, the #29 driving by the #3 Tribute, thanks to Steve Moore and Kyle Barlow for the image

    Image made by: Rebecca Ciesielski

    From Dan Stromer: was going through some old Stock Car Racing magazines
    and found this Wrangler ad from 1980. A nice pic of Dale with Junior and Kelley

    Dale Creasy funny car in a NHRA race, from the NHRA, thanks to Tracey for the image

    appeared in the Hartford Courant, Feb. 20th thanks Andrew for the image

    from Chuck Barnett

    a pickup truck sent in by an annoymous reader

    thanks to Bill King for the image

    a ribbon image sent in to me, from the Shawna Robonson Site

    the poster that was supposed to be given out at Las Vegas

    from SpeedVision/Racer Magazine

    Wings, sent in by a reader

    from the ESPN site

    Image by Shawn Frazier

    Dale and Neil
    Dale Earnhardt and Neil Bonnett, thanks to Don Melford for the image

    from ESPN a while ago when Dale shaved his mustache to go snorkeling on vacation

    Photo credit: Tom Donoghue

    Ernie Irvan's first Cup ride, sponsored by Dale Earnahrdt Chevrolet

    from the Gaston Gazette

    from the 2-21-2001 Philadelphia Inqurier

    DIS Flag
    The Flag at DIS on Sunday night in honor of Dale

    By John Clark of the Gaston Gazette

    image by Lori Munro

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