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NASCAR Next Gen Car

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Common questions:


When will the Next Gen car debut?
2022 (originally scheduled for 2021, the debut has been pushed back due to the coronavirus)

Will the cars all look the same?
NASCAR would like for the cars to have more of a street car look with unique manufacturer characteristics. Manufacturers are expected to debut their 2022 bodies in the last Spring of 2021.

Will a new engine debut at the same time?
No. New engines are not likely until 2023.

Why a new car?
NASCAR is trying to limit the cost of competing in the sport for teams, sponsors, and manufacturers.

Will the new car attract new manufacturers to the sport?
That is NASCAR’s plan However, a new manufacturer would not be expected to join the series until the new engine debuts. With the lead time required for approval nothing is likely to be know on new manufacturers until at least mid 2020. Possible new manufacturers would include: Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.

Will the car have 18″ wheels?

Will NASCAR use a single lug nut?
Yes, NASCAR has confirmed a single lug nut will be used, primarily for safety reasons. Read more about why at this article from Building Speed.

Will NASCAR use a spec chassis?
Yes.  The supplier has not been announced yet, but it expected to be Technique, Inc.

Will the car be a hybrid?
It is likely to have some hybrid component but details are not available. There is most likely going to be some sort of regenerative braking that will help increase horsepower.  The manufacturers would like features that are more applicable to today’s production vehicles.

Will the car have independent rear suspension?
All indications are that it will.  That will change the handling of the cars from the current version.

What will be the wheelbase of the car?
The car will retain the same 110 inch wheelbase as the current car.

What about pit crew changes?
There is expected to be a refueling hose, rather than gas cylinder.

What about the transmission?
The H-pattern manual transmission will be replaced by a sequential transmission, likely a six-speed.