Cole Custer and Tyler Reddick were involved in a shoving match on pit road following the Kansas Lottery 300 at Kansas Speedway on Saturday.

Custer’s comments:

WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE RACE? “We went through one and two there and Reddick couldn‘t hold his car on the bottom and washed us up into the fence. I just wasn‘t very happy with it and was just going to tell him that and he went berserk on me. I guess that is part of it. I just wasn‘t very happy with it. He just said, ‘Don’t touch me,‘ then he started grabbing on me.”

YOU HAVEN‘T HAD ISSUES WITH HIM BEFORE HAVE YOU? “No, I haven‘t had any issuez with Tyler before but we haven‘t had to race each other like that I guess before.”

WILL YOU TRY TO TALK TO HIM AGAIN? “I don’t really know. You don’t really know right now.”

YOU FELT COMFORTABLE GOING UP TO HIM AND TALKING TO HIM OBVIOUSLY: “Yeah, I thought I could just go up and talk to him but he went berserk when I put a hand on him. I wasn‘t trying to rough him up. I just put a hand on him.”

DID HE GET ANY HITS ON YOU? “No, everybody just kind of grabbed onto each other as hard as they could.”

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Reddick’s comments: