Michigan short track racing legend Randy Sweet passed away Friday morning at the age of 72.

Sweet was born on December 24th, 1946 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The driver affectionately known as the ‘Kalamazoo Kamikazee‘ started his career in 1963 at Berlin Raceway and would become one of the most recognizable drivers in the country, taking the famed “Rocket Car” — a wedge-bodied Late Model with plexiglass side boards — to different racetracks around the country and setting track records nearly everywhere he went. His track record at Kalamazoo Speedway lasted for twenty-five years, spawning the popular Call of the Wild event held every September.

Sweet started Sweet Manufacturing in 1978 to supply parts and knowledge to fellow racers around the country.  He was also a car builder in the dirt Late Model racing world, working with Hall of Fame racer Scott Bloomquist  and eventually helping create Sweet/Bloomquist Racecars.

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