In an interview with SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, Jeff Gordon confirmed he tested positive for COVID-19 over the off week.

Gordon said the process went “smooth” and he had “minimal symptoms.” Gordon stated he will be able to broadcast Saturday’s Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 500 at Martinsville Speedway.


Jeff Gordon: “Can‘t say my off week was great, unfortunately, because I tested positive for COVID last week. So, I‘ve been in quarantine, but the good news is it was smooth and I had minimal symptoms and good to go for Martinsville this weekend.”

Danielle Trotta: “I’m glad to hear you’re doing okay. In the midst of quarantine, does it make the pandemic Jeff more real? Once you find out that you have it? What are some of the things that go through your mind and will it impact your job at all? Do you think you’ll be ready to go and call the race again at Martinsville this weekend?”

Jeff Gordon: “It’s certainly been a big learning curve about, you know, all the discussions that I’ve had with doctors and trying to understand it. And the more you try to understand it, the more confusing it seems to get, because, you know, like I said, I’ve been very fortunate where my symptoms were very minimal. You know, I took all the precautions. I was very fortunate that, you know, my family, my wife and my kids did not get it, you know? So it’s just one of those things where, you know, I’ve just been trying to educate myself and understand it. And I also got my first round of vaccine about seven days before I tested. So I don’t know if that played a role. I’m looking forward to getting the final dose of the vaccine. I’m a big proponent of mask and vaccination and protecting ourselves. So it’s unfortunate that this happened, but, you know, I am fortunate at the same time that I’ve been able to get through it as smoothly as I can and be ready to go for this weekend.”