Pit Road Speed Limits

A. Vehicles must not exceed the pit road speed limit determined by NASCAR for each Event. The pit road speed limit will be communicated to all Competitors in the driver/crew chief meeting.

B. Vehicle(s) entering pit road must be single file under caution and maintain the pit road speed the entire length of pit road.

C. Pit road speed starts at the yellow speed line at the beginning of pit road and ends at the yellow speed line at pit exit.

D. If forced onto pit road while avoiding an accident on the racetrack, the vehicle(s) must reduce its speed the entire length of pit road. In the occurrence of a caution period, the vehicle(s) respective track position will be determined per the freeze the field at the time of the caution, provided the vehicle does not stop in its pit box.

E. Vehicle(s) are not permitted to speed to prevent the loss of a lap on pit road at the start/finish line and/or at pit road exit.

F. If the vehicle exceeds the pit road speed limit while performing a pass-through penalty, an additional pass-through penalty will be assessed.

G. Track specific pit road speeds are listed in the following document:

Click here to download the PDF.