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2006 Nextel Cup Schemes – #29 Team

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Taken at California in Sept by Richard Quinton of RichQuin.com.(12-15-2006)

Taken at Daytona in July by Greg Romine of Ultimate Images Photography.(9-22-2006)

To run at Richmond, part of the Chevy Rock & Roll program. Image from the GM Media site.(9-5-2006)

To run at Richmond, part of the Chevy Rock & Roll program. Thanks to Murare for the image, taken at the RCR shop.(9-5-2006)

At Daytona in July, designed by three kids. Thanks to Jeff Wackerlin of RacingOne.(6-29-2006)

Scheduled to run in the Pepsi 400 at Daytona. Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(5-18-2006)

Taken at Talladega by Jeff Wackerlin of RacingOne.com.(4-28-2006)

Taken at California Speedway by Steve Lynch.(3-2-2006)

Taken a California Speedway Feb 24, 2006 by Greg Kammerman, Riverside, Ca.(3-2-2006)

Will run at California in Feb. Image from RCR site.(2-23-2006)

Will run at California in Feb. Taken at the shop, before decals were added, by Craig.(2-23-2006)

The Bud Shootout car, taken at Daytona by Joel Bray.(2-12-2006)

Will run in the Bud Shootout at Daytona. Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(2-9-2006)

Taken at Motorsports 2006, in Fort Washington, PA by Bobby Bailey.(1-15-2006)

Will be the primary for 24 races.
Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(11-15-2005)

Will run as the primary sponsor in 12 races in 2006.
From Kevin Havicks PR rep Stacie Cooper via Greg of Cup Scene Daily.(11-1-2005)

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