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Robby Gordon News and Rumors
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    Robby Gordon banned from racing in Australia over Darwin donut session AMERICAN motorsport star Robby Gordon may not compete in Australia again after motorsport officials flagged banning him for hooning in Darwin's CBD on the weekend. Super truck driver Gordon, who's also had a successful NASCAR career in the United States, was caught doing burnouts on the city's main Mitchell Street on Saturday night. Gordon was in Darwin competing in Stadium Super Trucks, which he formed. He came second in Sunday's race at Hidden Valley Raceway, which also hosted the weekend's V8 Supercars championship race.(Daily Telegraph)[Read More Here](6-22-2017)
  • Robby Gordon once again in Dakar Rally: Former NASCAR driver Robby Gordon is once again competing in the Dakar Rally. Gordon is part of a three-vehicle Team Speed operation sponsored by Toyo Tires. The other two drivers on the team are veteran Guerlain Chicherit and 2015 Stadium SUPER Truck champion, Sheldon Creed, who at 18 years old, is the youngest driver in Rally history. The 13-day, 5,739 mile off-road race, which winds through Argentina and includes two segments in Bolivia, was slated to kick off Sunday Buenos Aires. However, the first stage from Rosario to Villa Carlos Paz was cancelled due to heavy rain and "security reasons," race organizers tweeted, because helicopters that fly overhead monitoring the race were unable to fly due to the inclement conditions. The cancellation came shortly after a crash in a preliminary race Saturday in which, according to reports, Chinese driver Guo Meiling lost control of her vehicle and plowed into a crowd, injuring 10 spectators. Gordon competed 19 years on the Sprint Cup circuit, amassing 396 starts, 3 wins, 16 top-fives and 39 top-10s. His last race was in 2012, at the same time he founded the Charlotte-based Stadium SUPER Truck Series.(NBC Sports)(1-4-2016)

  • Tommy Baldwin Racing changes car number: Tommy Baldwin Racing is paying homage to its heritage with the announcement that Dave Blaney will drive the #7 Chevrolet SS in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series starting at the season-opening Daytona 500. The number is a tribute to team owner Tommy Baldwin,Jr.'s late father, Tom Baldwin, Sr., who was a beloved NASCAR Modified driver, and sported the number 7NY throughout his career. Working on his father's cars is how Baldwin got his start in racing, and ultimately led him into NASCAR's elite series. "It is a very special moment today to announce the number 7 on our Chevrolet SS. The number has been in the Baldwin family for a long time and it is going to be pretty special to carry on that legacy in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series." Based in Mooresville, N.C., TBR will compete in the NSCS in 2013 with NASCAR veteran Dave Blaney driving the #7 Chevy SS.(140 Buzz / TBR PR)(1-17-2013)

  • To follow Robby Gordon in the Dakar Rally: and the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires team throughout the legendary Dakar Rally, log onto www.speedenergy.com and www.toyotires.com for race team updates. Fans can also participate in the Dakar Rally experience by connecting on http://www.planetrobby.com and follow along with the team on Facebook and Twitter at: www.facebook.com/thespeedenergydrink, and www.facebook.com/toyotires, twitter.com/SPEED_ENERGY, twitter.com/ToyoTires and PlanetRobby.com

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 13: After dominating the stage and then battling near the last way-point Robby Gordon and navigator Kellon Walch captured the Stage 13 win. This is the second stage win and ninth podium of 2013 for the American duo. "We had another great Special today. We are really happy to be on top and need to talk about how great our Toyo Tires have been. A few days ago, we had a loose line that made the tire soft which was not the tire's fault, so that makes 13 stages without any issues or flats. Toyo Tires makes a great tire and that helped us capture the win today," commented Robby Gordon after winning his second stage of the 2013 Dakar Rally. Tomorrow is the conclusion of the Dakar Rally sending the competitors south to Santiago. The Special is relatively short with only 128KM total to close out the 2013 edition. Robby Gordon looks to capture another stage victory for the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER as he will be the first car on the road to start the final stage.(Speed Energy)(1-19-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 12: Today's stage went extremely well for the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER until the last checkpoint where Robby Gordon and navigator Kellon Walch would find themselves stuck, losing precious minutes from their lead. Gordon led the charge to start Stage 12 heading back into the country of Chile. The Rally started at 6 AM local time to cross over the Andes making it an exceptionally long liaison to the start of the 319KM Special. The competitors would race into the dunes of the Atacama desert, a place that Gordon has won multiple stages in the past.
    "What can I say it was another good special for us. We had them beat easily by 10 minutes coming into the final checkpoint. Unfortunately, the checkpoint was on top of a dune. When they stamped our card, I waited too long and got stuck. We aired down and managed to get out but lost 8 minutes along with the stage win because of it. It's just how our Rally has gone; we left a lot on the table this year," commented Gordon after finishing second in the stage, 4 minutes behind the stage winner.
    This makes Gordon's 8th podium so far with only two stages remaining. Tomorrow's Stage 13 heads to La Serena with a 441KM Special, certainly a long one for the books.(Speed Energy)(1-18-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 11: The organization has again decided to cancel the remaining kilometers of Stage 11 due to flash flooding in the area. As a result, Robby Gordon was declared the winner since he was the leader at Checkpoint 1, where the organization decided to red flag the race. "We won the stage, so today was a good special for us. It could have been a great special for us. I am sure we could have beat most of the cars by 30 minutes or more. It is a shame they had to cancel it because of weather since we would have climbed the standings today. The flooding was not too bad when we got to it; it was only about a foot or two high. Not a big deal, I mean I thought this was the Dakar, the toughest race in the world...it seems like they have lost sight of that this year," commented a slightly disappointed Gordon even though he won the stage because he knew there was still more time to be gained on his competition.
    Even though, the race was stopped shortly after KM75, Gordon and Walch kept on racing till the 125 mark where a helicopter stopped them in the middle of the stage, declaring that the rest of the Special had been canceled. Tomorrow's Stage 12 takes the Rally back into Chile, crossing over the Andes Mountains and beginning a 319KM Special that ends in Copiapó.
    Through 11 Stages of the 2013 Dakar Rally, Robby Gordon and the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER sits in the top twenty overall in the standings capturing eight top-ten finishes, six different podiums, and one stage win. With only three stages remaining, Gordon will be pushing the SPEED Energy HUMMER hard looking to gain as many positions in the standings as possible while gunning for all three Stage wins. (Speed Energy)(1-17-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 10: Stage 10 in this year's Dakar Rally was a much shorter stage than yesterday but featured much of the same narrow WRC-style course. Given this, Robby Gordon and navigator Kellon Walch knew that it would not be suitable for the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER. Starting fourth today allowed Gordon to keep pace with the 4wd cars in order to stay within reach. Gordon put on a spectacular show with his vehicle, pushing corners through river crossings and jumping cattle crossings, ultimately giving the locals a reason to cheer. Gordon finished fifth, 6 minutes and 51 seconds behind the stage winner.
    "Going into today's stage, we knew that we were going to lose time. Our goal was to be within a few minutes of Peterhansel by this time, but, unfortunately, now we are just trying to maintain and get the best finish that we can. Tomorrow will be better for us as we head back to the dunes. I think we are ready to find ourselves close to the top once again for the stage so we will see," commented Gordon after his run in Stage 10.
    As the Rally comes down to the last 4 days, more and more competitors seem to be dropping out. Gordon and Team SPEED look to make a jump in the overall standings every day hoping to reach the top 10. Tomorrow's Stage 11 will head to Fiambalá with a 256KM liaison leading into a 219KM Special featuring the famous white sands of Argentina. The key is to not find yourself stuck or find yourself lost as it will be a costly mistake to any competitor. Being that it is so far into the Rally, it will be impossible to make up in the following days.(Speed Energy)(1-16-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 9: Following a much needed rest day for teams, today's stage from Tucumán to Córdoba was one of the toughest and longest of this year's Dakar Rally. Drivers faced a course similar to what would be seen during a WRC race, an advantage that the 4WD race cars had over the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER. When the reviewed results came in for Stage 8, Gordon was scored third. Thus, he started third in today's stage, which was helpful to keep pace with the leaders during the 593KM Special. Gordon lost a few minutes by KM100 and was down nearly 8 minutes to the leader near by the second half of the stage. Not letting the leaders stray too far, Gordon stayed in the top-5 for much of the Special bringing the HUMMER home with a solid fourth place finish, 8 minutes and 37 seconds behind.
    "It was a good special for us. We most likely made a mistake not changing the tires after the first part of the stage, and most likely lost some time by not doing so. All in all, it was pretty good. Nani (Roma) was buzzing me to pass. He is most likely upset with me, but I was not going to pull over because I was buzzing Peterhansel. The SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER is still here and rolling. I am sure we will jump up in the standings since we had a good run and beat a lot of cars today."
    A few hours into the bivouac and only seven cars have finished the stage. Overall standings will not be posted until more cars cross the finish line. With many teams having issues today, Team SPEED hopes to take a jump in the overall standings. Still many hours behind leader Peterhansel, everyone knows that anything can happen in the Dakar Rally, the toughest off-road race in the world.
    Stage 10 starts with a short 37KM liaison to the start of a 353KM Special and finishing with a 242KM liaison headed towards the city of La Rioja. The competitors will face another 2 days of racing in the Argentina countryside before stepping back into the country of Chile. Gordon looks to take on even more WRC style tracks tomorrow.(Speed Energy)(1-15-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 8: Stage 8 in the 2013 Dakar Rally continued in Argentina, taking competitors from Salta to Tucumán. Initially, it was suppose to be one of the longest specials in this year's race comprising of a 152KM liaison to a 471KM Special then another 228KM to the bivouac. Due to today's weather conditions, the Special was shortened by more than half, resulting in only 188KM of competition.
    Robby Gordon, driver of the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER jumped into the lead early and maintained a fast pace bouncing between first and third place. During the last 40KM, Gordon suffered a puncture in his tire and lost five minutes. Dropping from second to third, he crossed the shortened finish line 5 minutes and 17 seconds behind today's winner. Gordon entered the bivouac with a third place finish, his fourth consecutive third place finish. This finish could possibly change overnight while the organization is actively looking into today's situation to determine a course of action.
    Due to inclement weather across the area, many competitors could not cross the rivers due to flooding. As of now, it appears that the organization will be using checkpoint 2 area as the cutoff for the stage completion. Should they do this, Gordon would finish second, only 13 seconds behind today's winner. The bivouac is certainly buzzing tonight as many top drivers have yet to come in for service after the stage. Gordon continues to chip away at the overall standings, moving up a little more each day. Tomorrow is Rest Day where competitors are given a day to work on their cars and not race. Team SPEED will be prepping the HUMMER for the final six days of this year's Dakar Rally still hoping to capture their first stage win in 2013.(Speed Energy)(1-13-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 7: The Dakar Rally entered Argentina today, the third different country in this year's race. Robby Gordon and navigator Kellon Walch captured their third consecutive third place finish. Gordon is staying consistent with the leaders of the Rally despite being hours behind due to the rollover during Stage 4. Knowing that he could be sitting in the top-3 of the overall standings provides Gordon with the drive he needs, to make up as much time as possible each remaining day of the Dakar Rally.
    "Today was another good special for us. The SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER was fast, and I am kicking myself because we could be sitting third overall in the Rally right now if I had not messed up. Every time we finish well, it is like twisting the sword we had already stabbed ourselves with. We are not third, so we'll accept it and chip away in the standings and search for that first stage win. There are other guys that could make a mistake and have a bad day too. We just hope that we are there to capitalize when they do," Gordon commented shortly after completing the stage just one minute and eight seconds behind Peterhansel, the winner.
    Tomorrow's Stage 8 will continue in the countryside of Argentina, heading towards Tucumán being one of the Rally's longest Specials. Competitors will face a 152KM liaison to start a 471KM Special finishing with a 228KM liaison to the bivouac in Tucumán. What lies ahead are some tricky tracks with dusty trials along the beautiful landscape of Argentina. Drivers must be prepared for weather conditions as rain and wind are likely to play a factor in who ends up on top of the podium..(Speed Energy)
    AND French motorcyclist Thomas Bourgin has been killed in the Dakar Rally when he collided with a Chilean police car. Race officials say the incident occurred as Bourgin was travelling from Calama on the Chilean side of the Andes to the start of the seventh stage in Argentina on Friday. They say the police car was going in the opposite direction. He was 25. Bourgin was in 68th place in his first Dakar Rally.(AP/ESPN)(1-12-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 6: After one of the longest stages of the Rally, Robby Gordon brings home a solid third place finish, making it back-to-back podiums for the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER. The competitors started on a 291KM liaison which led into a 455KM Special. In between the Special was a road section for cars to be serviced on before finishing the final kilometers of the Special. Gordon would met his team, and unfortunately find himself waiting there for too long. Sitting in a comfortable 3rd place, the team discovered that the hatch had taken some burn damage from the exhaust. The team spent more time making sure that this would cause a fire heading into the final legs of the stage. In essence, Gordon would lose 5 minutes in the transfer zone. Luckily it did not take away his 3rd place finish but certainly did not help him gain anything either.
    "It was another good Special for us, another podium result for us as a team. Unfortunately, we gave up 5 minutes in the transfer section, and missed a couple of roads near the beginning. Getting beat 13 minutes does not really concern me because it really does not matter, we are just in a mode to get the best results we can and finish the Rally. We have the ability to break into the top 15, top 10 with a lot of cars are dropping out daily. We picked up a ton of spots in just one day, so the HUMMER's been good. We have had no mechanical failures...just driver and navigational errors that could have been prevented. If we would have just set our pace, we could be sitting here third overall; it's just a bummer because now we face another 8 long days of pain and wear and tear on the vehicle," commented Gordon after seeing the overall results following the stage. Tomorrow we be another shot for Gordon to get his first Stage win of 2013 as he will start in the lead pack again and head to the bivouac of Salta. The Stage will feature high altitudes that cross into Argentina with a 218KM Special.(Speed Energy)
    AND Two people died and three Race2Recovery teammates were severely injured in a three-car accident during the Dakar Rally Wednesday. A Race2Recovery support vehicle and two other cars were involved in a head-on collision in Tacna, Peru, a town on the border of Chile, a Race2Recovery spokesperson said. The two fatalities have not been identified. They were not members of the Race2Recovery team. The Race2Recovery support vehicle, which holds spare parts for the rally cars, was carrying Justin Birchall, a team driver who was earlier eliminated from the race, Lee Townsend, a team mechanic, and retired Army Major John Winskill, a team logistics expert. The men, as well as two others who were injured, were taken to a hospital in Lima with "non-life-threatening" injuries. They are all "stable and conscious."(New York Daily News)(1-11-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 5: Stage 4 was a tough one for Robby Gordon and his SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI team, but he excels at taking his misfortunes and turning them into positives. Gordon started Stage 5 far down the list, making his objective for the Stage to pass as many cars as he could. Picking cars off one-by-one, Gordon quickly found himself quickly in the top-5 after the first checkpoint and reeled in the next two competitors in line by the last checkpoint, finishing on the podium only 1 minute and 41 seconds being stage winner, Nani Roma.
    "Stage 5 was obviously a lot better than Stage 4 as I put ourselves into a horrible position the day before. If we just would have maintained yesterday we would be sitting here fifth overall in the Rally. Instead we're sitting here in 35th place, 5 hours and 50 minutes behind the leaders. The car showed today that its capable of performing by finishing third. It is just a bummer we started 27th today and passed 13 cars in route. Now we get to start back with the lead pack again like we did on Stage 4. There's really nothing to gain except to have strong runs, learn as much as we can about the car and at least we will have more experience. This was our year to win the rally, and I truly feel that we gave our opportunity away," said Robby Gordon, driver of the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER.
    Entering a new country in the Dakar Rally means a new set of changes. The competitors will set their watches forward by two hours and are in for an early morning during Stage 6. Changes are also bound to happen during the overall rankings. Tomorrow's Stage 6 will come early with the time change as drivers head to Calama. This is the return to the Atacama Desert were Gordon has several stage wins over his career. A driver's mental state and toughness due to lack of sleep will be key for the stage win.(Speed Energy)(1-10-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 4: After finishing yesterday's stage in second, Gordon and the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI team were optimistic about today's stage and prepared to take advantage of a good starting position. Unfortunately, it was a day of dismay for the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER as it rolled into the bivouac bruised and beaten after stage 4. The race drastically would change for Gordon and Team SPEED near KM35 when the HUMMER crashed into a dune, ultimately landing on its roof. With a broken windshield, front clip and two busted radiators, it took Gordon and Walch valuable hours to get the HUMMER back on four wheels and headed to the finish.
    When learning about the crash, the team coordinated with the assistance T4 BOUCOU team to get Gordon the parts he needed. Unfortunately, the T4 would not reach Gordon for a few more hours following the crash, resulting in taking Gordon out for the overall win. Once the BOUCOU assistance team was able to reach the HUMMER, Gordon and Walch went to work to get the HUMMER into a good enough state to finish the stage.
    Gordon was disappointed in his luck afterwards, "I'm fine.... I mean it was nothing. Not a big crash at all. We crashed at KM35 into a 288KM Special. We went over a dune that was about 8-feet high, and on the other side it went straight down, damaging the radiators and laying the HUMMER on its back. The HUMMER is fine; the suspension did not take a hit. I did not want to take a chance hurting the motor any, so we had to wait for two different assistance trucks which took hours. It is unfortunate and disappointing to not be racing for the overall now, but the good thing is we are still here and willing to fight for stage wins." The team will now work late into the night; diagnosing and working on the bodywork of the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER preparing it for tomorrow's stage heading into Chile.(Speed Energy)(1-9-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 3: After facing a few obstacles during the first couple of stages in this year's Dakar Rally, Robby Gordon and the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI team bounced back with a podium finish in Stage 3.
    Stage 3 took competitors from Pisco to Nazca for a 243KM Special through some of the Rally's toughest dunes. Dunes that would be suitable for Robby Gordon and his HUMMER. Starting in 13th position today, Gordon quickly picked off his fellow competitors one by one. By KM29, he was already in the top-5 moving his way to the top. At KM60, he quickly gained two spots, moving to third place and only one minute and 46 seconds behind the stage leader. At KM100, Gordon would gain another position and his last for the day. He went on to finish second, only one minute and 18 seconds behind the stage winner. What Gordon seeks is still an overall win even if he is down 46 minutes to the leader, Stephane Peterhansel. He knows that Peterhansel stands in his way, making it imperative for Gordon to perfect every day with few mistakes.
    "It was a good special for us. We had zero issues, and we even played parts guy to Johnny Campbell, which probably caused us to lose about 2 minutes doing that. The minute we got beat we gave away, but the reality of it is that we got beat whatever way you look at it. The only car that I'm concerned with is Peterhansel; we need to be putting as much time as we can on him every day. We'll be focused and ready to make another spot up and get a stage win. We are starting up front now, so it should be a good day tomorrow," commented Gordon shortly after hearing the results of the day.
    Gordon in his SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER now sits in 13th place overall, hoping to chip away in the rankings day by day. The competitors now head to the town of Arequipa and face mountains dunes that reach in elevation an incredible height of 2,200 meters.(Speed Energy)(1-8-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 2: The site of Stage 2 begins in the spot that Stage 1 ended, the town of Pisco. The first competitor in the Car category left the bivouac at 7:51AM. With Robby Gordon starting in 35th, he would leave on an 85KM liaison at 8:40AM and drive to the start of the 242KM Special. With nothing shorter than a stage victory on his mind, Gordon found himself trying to navigate around slower competitors, including fellow racers in the Truck class. Gordon was held up a few times trying to work his way around the dust. By the time he got the 100KM checkpoint, he was only 3 minutes and 33 seconds behind the leader. Misfortune would strike again not only for the SPEED Energy /Toyo Tires / MAPEI HUMMER but others as well. Like fellow racers, Robby Gordon and navigator Kellon Walch had a difficult time finding a certain way point. Missing such point would result in hefty time penalties, so the duo lost nearly 17 minutes trying to find the waypoint.
    "It was really tricky to find the waypoint today. There was a bunch of cars even some bikes still circling around the dunes trying to find it too. It was a bit frustrating just because you know you're losing time and there's nothing you can do at that point. There were cars going in every direction which became confusing. Once we did find it we were on our way and pushed pretty hard. It is frustrating to not find our way and difficult to pass in all the dust. The guys out front had a good advantage. Fortunately, we will get to start near the top ten which will help as we face some of the toughest dunes tomorrow. Robby did a great job trying to make up the lost ground today," commented navigator Kellon Walch after finishing 13th in Stage 2.
    Being down 49 minutes will make tomorrow's Stage 3 from Pisco to Nazca an even tougher task as it will require a large amount of skill and patience from the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI team as they navigate some of the toughest dunes of the rally. If Gordon and Walch can make it over the dunes without getting stuck, the team will be able to proudly breathe a large sigh of relief..(Speed Energy)(1-7-2012)

  • Robby Gordon - Dakar Rally Stage 1: Saturday, January 5th, marked the start of the 2013 Dakar Rally and the first time that it has started in Peru since it moved to South America. The stage went from Lima to Pisco and was complied of a 250-km liaison leading to a very short Special where spectators were able to view the competitors quest to take a spot among the rankings of the elite. Even though the stage is short, the competitors must not forget that this is the start to the toughest off-road race in the world, and the battle has certainly begun. Despite being very prepared for this year's Rally, the race did not begin as well as the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI team had hoped. Robby Gordon would be taken by surprise on the first day as the stage was not as easy for him as most expected. Gordon got stuck in the sand and broke his transmission, losing valuable time to his competitors. Having no reverse gear made getting unstuck remarkably difficult. After nearly being stuck for 9 minutes, his rivals put him down even more time. Gordon trails leader, Carlos Saniz by 32 minutes overall, which is not the way that the team wanted to start the Rally.
    Heading into Stage 2 tomorrow, the Rally competitors will head only 85-km outside the town of Pisco and head for the dunes, as there will be nothing but sand for a 242km Special. The stage will end back in the same bivouac from Stage 1 making Pisco a home to the competitors one more night before heading to Stage 3.(Speed Energy)(1-6-2012)

  • 2013 silly season notes for #7-Robby Gordon / Robby Gordon Motorsports: indications are that Gordon will not run many, if any, Sprint Cup races in 2013 after making the Daytona 500 in 2012 he ran two more races, at Phoenix in Feb and Sonoma in June. Gordon failed to qualify for the races at Las Vegas and Fontana in March. He could run the Daytona 500 or the road course races at Sonoma or Watkins Glen. Spokesperson Alison McCabe said she doesn't think Gordon will participate in NASCAR due to his involvement in his new racing project, Robby Gordon's Stadium Super Trucks series but that they would never rule out the possibility of running selected NASCAR events. Gordon is also set to run Dakar Rally, which starts on January 5th. If Gordon does attempt any Cup races, no word what manufacturer he will use. Gordon has run Dodge the last couple of seasons. See more about other teams on my 2013 Team / Driver Silly Season Chart.(12-31-2012)

  • Robby Gordon unlikely to run NASCAR in 2013 UPDATE..but: Robby Gordon, who raced his way into the Daytona 500 last year as part of a light NASCAR schedule, is not scheduled to do any NASCAR racing in 2013. Spokesperson Alison McCabe said she doesn't think Gordon will participate in NASCAR due to his involvement in his new racing project, Robby Gordon's Stadium Super Trucks series. The 12-race off-road stadium series will debut April 6 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. The Stadium Super Trucks series will be televised by NBC and the NBC Sports Network. Sponsorship woes with his self-owned team led to him racing only three times in 2012: the season-opener at Daytona, race No. 2 at Phoenix and the road-course race at Sonoma. He failed to qualify for early-season races at Las Vegas and Fontana.(As the World Turns Left)(12-19-2012)
    UPDATE: "With Robby's attention towards the 2013 Dakar Rally and the inaugural season of Robby Gordon OFF-ROAD's Stadium SUPER Truck Series (SST), there has been a lot of speculation regarding his future NASCAR plans. We are all focused on providing an exciting kick-off to the 2013 SST season at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ on April 6th. At the same time, we would never rule out the possibility of running selected NASCAR events."(RGM/Spokesperson Alison McCabe)(12-21-2012)

  • Robby Gordon set to run Dakar Rally: SPEED Energy Hummer will once again attempt to conquer, the 35th Annual Dakar Rally, the world's most famous off-road event. The custom-built Dakar Hummer driven by Robby Gordon and navigator Kellon Walch will tackle more than 8000 Km / 4970 Mi from Peru through Argentina and ending in Santiago, Chile. Gordon said: "I am excited to go back to race the prestigious Dakar Rally and show the world that we are ready to give it our best shot once again at an overall victory. Obviously our cars are good enough to compete for the win. Last year we had the fastest cars at the rally and led the most check points with the fastest times, with five wins as a team, two wins with the second HUMMER (which was also approved and is available to compete) and three wins for myself. It is now time for us to go back and capitalize on what we developed and worked on over the last seven years to put ourselves in position to compete for the overall win."
    For the first time in its history, the Dakar Rally will begin in Lima, Peru, sending upwards of 460 vehicles from 53 countries on a two-week, 14-stage endurance race through 3 Western South American countries, ultimately finishing in the Chilean capital of Santiago. This year's Dakar will begin on January 5 and will travel on a new course featuring sections not seen to racing since the moving of the Dakar to South America in 2009, marking the most difficult course to date.
    Gordon will be joined in the cockpit by his navigator, Kellon Walch, who served as team navigator for B.J. Baldwin in 2010 and for Gordon in 2011. Walch looks to bring back the experience and chemistry gained as the team's navigator in previous rally races along with the focus and drive needed to guide the vehicle through the challenging navigation obstacles that Gordon will face.
    The various aspects of Peru's natural features will put a real test to the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / MAPEI Dakar HUMMER in the early stages of the rally as Gordon will face gigantic dunes and rugged terrain requiring precise focus and skill to gain an early advantage. Entering Chile will set the stage for a fast pace duel through the desert before crossing the Andes Mountains into Argentina where record altitude and temperature will become a crucial factor for driver and navigator.
    After a much needed day of rest on the eighth day, the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires team will set out for the longest and most technical stage of the Rally navigating through the narrow twists and turns of the forest. The rapid assistance vehicles will not have access to this stage, requiring precise driving to be a must. Entering Chile for the final stages of the Rally will once again bring dunes into the equation, testing the driver's fatigue and equipment to the finish in Santiago.
    Once reaching the Chilean capital, the small percent of the drivers who finish the 2013 Dakar Rally will partake in a short show course offering spectators and fans the chance to cheer on the new heroes who have successfully conquered the 2013 Dakar Rally. The following day the accomplishment of each of the drivers will be recognized with an elaborate ceremony planned on the Plaza de la Constitucin.
    To follow Gordon and the SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires team as they try to rise above the competition at the legendary Dakar Rally, log onto www.speedenergy.com and toyotires.com for race team updates. Fans can also participate in the Dakar Rally experience by connecting on planetrobby.com and follow along with the team on Facebook and Twitter at: facebook.com/thespeedenergydrink, and facebook.com/toyotires, twitter.com/SPEED_ENERGY, twitter.com/ToyoTires.
    Daily highlights from each stage can be viewed on the NBC Sports Network (DIRECTV Channel 220 / Dish Network Channel 159 / AT&T U-Verse Channel 1640 / Verizon FiOS Channel 590) January 5th - the 20th. Please check your local listings for times & schedules on the NBC Sports Network. (Speed Energy)(12-16-2012)

  • Latest news on Robby Gordon: Robby Gordon's Stadium SUPER Trucks and NBC Sports Group have reached an agreement to televise the 2013 Inaugural Stadium SUPER Trucks Season on NBC and NBC Sports Network. Starting in April of 2013, NBC and NBC Sports Network will televise 12 races (11 domestic and one international).(Stadium SUPER Trucks PR)(9-19-2012)

  • Sonoma may be Robby's last Cup race of 2012: Robby Gordon, now 42, and a NASCAR headliner since 1991, as well as one of the world's premier off-road racers, says Sunday's Save Mart 350 will be his last NASCAR race of the year. And he's leaving his stock car future in some doubt, as he focuses on his own brand new racing series. Gordon has been idled since failing to qualify at Bristol in March. This weekend's race will be only his third of the year. He finished 41st at Daytona and 41st at Phoenix. Robby Gordon, curiously says he's not planning on running Watkins Glen, the tour's other road race, and a tour event that he won in 2003. And for a man who wears confidence like a driver's suit, and who exudes positive vibes, no matter what the situation, Robby Gordon here seems a bit up in the air."This could very easily be our last Cup race this year, but if it is, we'll be back at Daytona for 2013," Robby Gordon says. "This is the big series, this is the big game. But at this point in my career, does it make sense to run all 36 events? No. We'll probably run a handful of races each season from here on out, unless something crazy happens and we land a big program. I'd love to do that, and we've got the capability and expertise to do that...but I just don't think that's going to happen." However without a Detroit manufacturer contract of some sort, to work with, it's virtually impossible to play the NASCAR game anymore. Robby Gordon is currently with Dodge....and Dodge executives have said nothing about any 2013 plans, and won't even confirm any commitment to NASCAR next season. Toyota, Chevrolet and Ford have not expressed any interest in adding teams.(MikeMulhern.net)(6-23-2012)

  • Robby Gordon starting off-road stadium series AND: [Wednesday] night media industry, fans and supporters witnessed the first exhibition of Robby Gordon's commitment to taking off-road racing to the next level in 2013 with the introduction of Robby Gordon's Stadium Super Trucks Series. Modeled after the former infamous Mickey Thompson Off-Road Race Series, Stadium Super Trucks (SST) will astonish fans with dynamic side-by- side racing excitement that promises to leave them wanting more. "Stadium racing helped Jimmie Johnson, Casey Mears and myself launch our careers," said Robby Gordon, President of SST. "Bringing off-road racing back to the stadium like Mickey Thompson did has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time, and I am proud to say that we have finally accomplished it. SST offers attractive racing venues, remarkable track designs, substantial purse, and opportunity for network TV a lot like NASCAR because you can visualize the whole track." SST will kick off the season in April 2013 with a minimum 10-race schedule throughout the country and potentially internationally. There will be two events in San Diego and Los Angeles, and the remainder of the calendar will be announced on July 15, 2012. SST will be a 2-day event. Friday's events consist of qualifying to ensure local media coverage for Saturday's events. Action-packed Saturday's will start off with a fan expo and tailgating, side-by-side ATV heats, Bigfoot heats and finals, SST heats and then on to the main event. Trucks will be modeled after automobile manufacturer replicas and the SST trucks will consist of 600 horsepower V-8 engines, with 20 inches of wheel travel while racing on DOT approved tires exactly like the ones you can purchase and drive on the street. Racers will have the opportunity to win a $60,000 purse each weekend and the overall series champion will be awarded a $500,000 dollar prize at the conclusion of the season.(PR)
    AND: Gordon, a former off-road champion, put his # 7 Sprint Cup team on hold in March because of a lack of funding. Hoping to fund his racing program through sales of his Speed Energy drink, Gordon has not attempted to qualify for a Cup race since Auto Club Speedway but does plan to compete on the road course at Sonoma in late June (Sporting News)(5-31-2012)

  • Robby Gordon scaling back: #7-Robby Gordon said he likely will not race at Martinsville Speedway next week after failing to qualify for the previous three Cup races. Gordon said he planned to race at Martinsville if he qualified Friday in California, but even if he had made the races at California and Martinsville, it was unlikely he would go to the next Cup race at Texas. Gordon said he will concentrate on marketing his Speed Energy drink as well as competing in off-road and monster truck events. He said the next Cup race for his team could be in June at the road course in Sonoma, CA. Gordon eventually hopes that sales of his energy drink can support a Cup racing program.(Sporting News/SceneDaily)(3-24-2012)

  • What happened to Robby Gordon Friday at Bristol: #7-Robby Gordon failed to make the 500 field after his engine failed to fire for practice. That would normally not be a major story here; however the situation surrounding Gordon's problems made it one. "Robby was out there on the line ready for practice, and then the car just wouldn't fire," crewman Randy Rodriguez said. "Four McLaren engineers came running over there to help, and they spent 1-1/2 hours with it, but couldn't figure it out. So we have to go home. No practice, you can't qualify." NASCAR officials, asked about the situation, referred reporters to McLaren engineers, who could not be found. Dodge execs, likewise, could not be found for comment. Gordon, one of only three NASCAR drivers this year running Dodges (along with Penske men #22-AJ Allmendinger and #2-Brad Keselowski), says he has called Dodge boss Ralph Gilles since Penske announced two weeks ago that he would be moving to Ford. But Gordon says Gilles has not yet returned his inquiries. Gordon had engine problems at Daytona and tried to get an engine from Penske, the only other team owner building Dodge engines. But Gordon said Penske's price (which he wouldn't specify) was too high. Dodge itself apparently doesn't build NASCAR engines or have any other engine building source.(MikeMulhern.net)(3-17-2012)

  • Robby speaks out against past champ provisional; Labonte responds: #7-Robby Gordon, who had to drive his way into the Daytona 500, is not a fan of the past champion's exemption, and he singled out Terry Labonte. "I think that should be based if you were with that team when you win the championship, not just because you win a championship, because that takes a spot from teams that are working really hard to get in the Daytona 500," Gordon said. "Rules are rules and we made it fair and square by being fast enough. I'm proud of my team and I'm proud to be in the Daytona 500." Labonte, who ran only 12 laps in the first duel because of a vibration, does not have a backup car and did not want to jeopardize his chances of running Sunday, so he retired early. That's a luxury Gordon didn't have. "Obviously I've got a lot of respect for Terry," Gordon said. "This is not a Terry Labonte thing. There are only eight cars that make the Daytona 500. He takes one of those spots. Now seven guys make the Daytona 500. Four make it in qualifying races, three make it on speed. It's just not right. Why take a free ride when the rest of us have to bust our butts to get into the 500?"(Daytona Beach News Journal)
    AND Labonte's side of the story, though, was simple: he was simply taking advantage of the rules in place. With the #32 FAS Lane team he drove for without the money to buy a backup car, crashing in the Duels meant starting in Sunday's Daytona 500 would be impossible. "That's the only car we got," he explained. "That wreck was right in front of us, there, and we just couldn't take a chance on wrecking it. I think we practiced enough [Wednesday], in a pack, and what little we did today, the car's really good but we just couldn't risk it."(Frontstretch)(2-24-2012)

  • Robby Gordon looking for investors, NOT selling: In one breath, #7-Robby Gordon is bemoaning the fact he couldn't quit NASCAR even if he wanted to. He has money tied up in a race shop and airplanes, with crew members depending on him for their livelihood. Minutes later, though, Gordon is talking with boundless optimism about the potential of Speed Energy, a brand of energy drink that he's trying to market on his own. And does he have a deal for you.
    "Race team's for sale," Gordon said. "It's been up for sale. Really, what I'd like to do, I think the smartest thing for us to do as we're talking candidly here, would be to bring in investors that have more opportunity to [attract] big sponsor relations. Obviously, I can drive it, we can run it, but between doing that and operating Speed, we need people that have more relations than I have." Does he make money in NASCAR? "Right now? No," Gordon said. "We haven't made money in NASCAR in a long time." Would he consider getting out? "I've got a 100,000-square-foot building," Gordon said. "Unfortunately, I've got airplanes that I can't even afford to use today that are sitting there, I'm still paying insurance on them, I'm still paying payments. The race shop, it's not paid for, obviously I'm paying rent on it. So I'm stuck. Plain and simple." Gordon later reconsidered his use of the word "stuck," saying he would prefer to stay in NASCAR on a limited schedule and take on investors. "The reality is, I don't want to be all the way out," Gordon said. "I would like to run about 15 stock car races a year. That would be my goal." That would allow him to continue pursuing his diverse racing interests outside of NASCAR -- and continue to build Speed Energy, which he insists is on its way to becoming a marketing success that can grow to take on the likes of industry titans such as Red Bull.(NASCAR.com /AP)
    UPDATE: been told by the team, that Gordon on NOT looking to sell the team but is looking for investors and sponsors.(2-19-2012)

  • Mapei / Menards join up with Robby Gordon for Daytona 500: While some competitors use the NASCAR off season to recharge their batteries, Robby Gordon is racing in anything he can get behind the wheel of. Gordon, one of the best off-road racers in the world, participated in the 2012 edition of the Dakar Rally; in which he placed fifth overall. A week after his return from South America, he won the Best in the Desert Parker 425. Truly a racer to the core, Gordon rounded out his "off season" with the ultimate desert race, the King of the Hammers.
    Now his sights are set on the pinnacle of racing, the 54th annual Daytona 500. Having fallen out of the top 35 in owner's point, Gordon and crew will head to Daytona Beach with one thing on their mind - to qualify for the biggest race of the year. Gordon will be piloting the #7 Mapei / Menards Dodge Charger in his 24th attempt at the famed 2.5 mile tri-oval.
    "Daytona is the 17th race of the 2012 season for us," says Gordon who's hoping to carry the momentum from the off-road program to his stock car efforts. "Racing is still my passion and in order to brand our product, SPEED Energy, we need to race. We are fortunate to have Mapei and Menards on board for the 500 and I look forward to the challenge of putting our car into the show," he continues. The restrictor plate races have been good to Robby Gordon Motorsports, who feels they have something to prove. "We'll see how the new NASCAR rules break up the two car draft, but if not, we certainly have a fast car that can be pushed to the front," Gordon remarked.(SPEED Energy Racing)(2-17-2012)

  • Robby Gordon to attempt to make Daytona 500 UPDATE: #7-Robby Gordon will attempt to make the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway with sponsorship from MAPEI, see an image of the car on my #7 Team Schemes page. No word on Gordon's Sprint Cup Series plans for the 2012 season.(2-16-2012)
    UPDATE: So how much Sprint Cup racing will Robby Gordon do this year? He ran 25 of last year's 36 events, a 16th in Daytona and 18th at Sonoma his best finishes, and he DNFd 14 times. "How much racing? As much as I can do without going broke," Gordon says.(see a full post about Gordon at MikeMulhern.net)(2-17-2012)

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