Alex Labbe Throwback
Alex Labbe will run Kenny Wallace's 1994-1996 Red Dog paint scheme at Darlington. (Image from DGM Racing)

Alex Labbe Running Kenny Wallace Inspired Paint Scheme for Throwback Weekend

This year DGM Racing honors racing legends Rusty Crews, Kenny Wallace, and Ken Schrader for the Darlington Raceway NASCAR Throwback Weekend. We took this opportunity to celebrate people that have a passion for racing similar to ours. Each of our throwbacks commemorate legends in their own right that have lived out their
dream of reaching the upper echelons of racing, whether as a team member or driver, and still return to their short track racing roots.

Josh Williams honors the late Rusty Crews by adorning his Alloy Employer Services, Starbrite, SleepWell, No. 92 with Crews’ 1983 short track paint scheme. Crews raced in all forms and fashions. In addition to being a long-time crew member for DGM, he has performed most every job function at the racetrack from racing cars, to being the technical inspector, flagging the race, serving as a track official, and most everything else in between. During his glory days as a driver, Crews was most well-known for his fearlessness as he approached the figure-8 “X” and refused to lift or apply the brakes. He lived life the same way he approached the “X”, fearless.

“We’re extremely proud to have brought back a scheme that the fans love, but this throwback celebrating Rusty means so much more,” said Mario Gosselin, owner of DGM Racing. “We love this not only for its uniqueness, but for what it means to our team. It’s tough to even put it into words.”

The Larue Snow Blowers No. 36, with Alex Labbé behind the wheel, takes on the “Lady in Black” representing Kenny Wallace, a former No. 36 driver and the current record holder for the most Xfinity Series starts in NASCAR history. In addition to his 547 starts, Wallace is a three-time winner of the “Most Popular Driver” Award (1991, 1994, 2006) and the self-proclaimed Mayor of the Xfinity Series. Even after his time in NASCAR, Wallace can still be found at a racetrack on any given weekend, and has the same drive to race that many of our DGM team members possess.

“It’s an honor to represent someone with such a history and presence in the Xfinity Series,” said Labbe, driver of the Kenny Wallace No. 36. “Many dream to have as many starts as the Hermanator does, but very few even come close. I can only hope that I will have the same opportunity.”

— DGM Racing —