Kaz Grala Darlington Throwback
Kaz Grala will run a vintage firetruck scheme at Darlington. Image from Sam Hunt Racing.

Kaz Grala running vintage firetruck scheme at Darlington

Fire Dept. Coffee has unveiled a special vintage design for Kaz Grala’s No. 26 Fire Dept. Coffee GR Supra in the upcoming NASCAR Xfinity Series race in Darlington, South Carolina on May 13th.

As part of a special Throwback Weekend celebration, several NASCAR teams will showcase paint schemes inspired by the cars, drivers and sponsors throughout NASCAR’s history. Throwback Weekend is designed to honor the legacy and heritage of NASCAR, and Fire Dept. Coffee, Sam Hunt Racing and Kaz Grala will honor the fire and safety workers of the sport and first responders overall.

Fire Dept. Coffee’s throwback design is inspired by vintage fire trucks. It features a red, gold and white color palette with fonts inspired by the lettering on classic fire trucks. It’s a bold, iconic design that celebrates NASCAR’s Safety and Response teams while also reflecting the heritage of the fire service and paying tribute to first responders past and present.

“I’m honored to be driving the Fire Department Coffee throwback car at Darlington this year,” said Kaz Grala. “It’s a perfect opportunity to pay homage to past generations of firefighters and first responders with this vintage, old-school fire truck paint scheme. Several employees of the veteran-owned company are either a current or former firefighter, so it’s been really special to get to represent them this season. Not only will our Darlington car showcase their background and what differentiates their brand, but it will highlight the incredible coffee products that they produce, which we of course hope everyone will fall in love with.”

NASCAR is adding additional excitement to Throwback Weekend by inviting fans to cast their votes for their favorite throwback and vintage designs. Voting opens on May 5, and fans can vote for Fire Department Coffee by visiting www.darlingtonraceway.com/paintschemevote.

Brad Flaherty, Fire Department Coffee’s Chief Creative Officer, said, “Fire Department Coffee is proud to unveil a throwback paint scheme in honor of first responders everywhere, just in time for International Firefighters’ Day. The iconic design pays tribute to the bravery and commitment of those who protect and serve our communities every day. We hope that this race will not only showcase Kaz’s competitive spirit, but also serve as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by first responders. It was an honor to create this design and watch it come to life.”

The timing works out perfectly because May 4 is International Firefighters’ Day, and it’s an opportunity to express gratitude and respect for the firefighters who put their lives on the line to protect their communities. Fire Department Coffee’s throwback paint scheme serves as a tribute to their bravery and service.

— Sam Hunt Racing —