At-track inspection penalty protocol

Last updated: 3-13-2024

See also: Penalty Violation Examples (L1, L2, L3, Race Disqualifications)


Pre-Race violations are subject to penalties being assessed during the course of the Event. The severity of the infraction(s), the timing of when the infraction was detected, and the reoccurrence of the infraction(s) will determine the penalty to be assessed. The penalty for an infraction(s) found Pre-Race and/or In-Race that does not rise to a higher penalty level will be enforced during the current Event or a future Event(s). If, after further review, NASCAR determines the penalty rises to a higher level, it may also be subject to an additional penalty.

B Penalty options are listed in the Minimum At-Track Penalty Options table and will be issued and enforced at the Series Managing Director’s sole discretion.

Table Minimum At-Track Penalty Options


Loss of hard card Tail of the Field
Loss of Practice time (current or future Event) Lap(s) or time**
Loss of pit selection position Pass-Through**
Crew Member ejection Stop and Go**
Not permitted to make Qualifying attempt

Penalties are not appealable.

** The penalty must be served after the affected vehicle receives the green flag on-track and pits on the first opportunity. If the Race begins under green/yellow flag conditions, serving the penalty will not be permitted at this time.

C. One or more penalty options may be issued and enforced at the Series Managing Director’s sole discretion as circumstances warrant.
D. If a Member is ejected from an Event, that position(s) on the Team Event Roster cannot be filled. If the crew chief is ejected from an Event, the team must designate a new crew chief from the existing Team Event Roster and communicate the change to the Series Managing Director.
E. Penalty options for a vehicle that does not meet the applicable specifications during Pre-Qualifying and/or Pre-Race inspection are outlined in the following document: