2024 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Texas Race Page

Friday, April 12, 2024
Texas Motor Speedway
Time: 8:30pm/et
Radio: MRN, Sirius XM NASCAR
Stages: 35/70/134


#7-Kyle Busch dominated the SpeedyCash.com 250 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series race at Texas Speedway, leading 112 of the 167 laps on Friday night. The win was his second of the season, sixth at Texas, and the 66th Truck Series win of his career.
The victory also gave Busch his 11th top-10 finish in 15 races at Texas, and tied him with Todd Bodine for the most wins (six) in a truck at Texas.
#11-Corey Heim finished second, followed by pole-sitter, #2-Nick Sanchez, #19-Christian Eckes, #91-Zane Smith, #43-Daniel Dye, #17-Taylor Gray, #15-Tanner Gray, #75-Stefan Parsons, and #98-Ty Majeski in the top-10.
There were seven lead changes among four drivers and seven cautions for 40 yellow flag laps.
The average speed of the race was: 118.471mph.
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Race Fast Facts – Texas
Kyle Busch(i) won the SpeedyCash.com 250, his 66th victory in 174 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series races – a winning percentage of 37.9%.
This is his second victory and third top-10 finish in 2024.
This is his sixth victory and 11th top-10 finish in 15 races at Texas Motor Speedway. Busch ties Todd Bodine for the Truck Series most wins at Texas with six each.
Corey Heim (second) posted his third top-10 finish in three races at Texas Motor Speedway. It is his seventh top-10 finish in 2024.
Nick Sanchez (third) posted his first top-10 finish in two races at Texas Motor Speedway.
Conner Jones (18th) was the highest finishing rookie.
Christian Eckes leads the point standings by 2 points over Corey Heim.

Truck Series Driver Point Standings after Texas:
Race 7 of 16 in the regular season
1) #19-Christian Eckes, 2 wins
2) #11-Corey Heim, 1 win
3) #2-Nick Sanchez, 1 win
4) #71-Rajah Caruth, 1 win
5) #98-Ty Majeski, 285, +113
6) #17-Taylor Gray, 249, +87
7) #18-Tyler Ankrum, 244, +82
8) #88-Matt Crafton, 195, +33
9) #15-Tanner Gray, 171, +9
10) #9-Grant Enfinger, 167, +5
Outside of the playoffs:
11) #43-Daniel Dye, 162, -5
12) #99-Ben Rhodes, 161, -6
13) #52-Stewart Friesen, 150, -17
14) #41-Bayley Currey, 143, -24
15) #13-Jake Garcia, 143, -24
See the Driver Point Standings, Owner Point Standings

Paint Schemes

Race Updates:
Lap 167: Checkered flag is out for Kyle Busch. Heim, Sanchez, Eckes, ZSmith, Dye, TayGray, TanGray, Parsons, Majeski the top-10.
Lap 160: Busch to the lead. Eckes slipped a bit and drops to 4th. Heim and Sanchez now trying to chase down Busch with 7 to go.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS - APRIL 12: Kyle Busch, driver of the #7 Realtree Chevrolet, crosses the finish line ahead of Corey Heim, driver of the #11 Safelite Toyota, to win the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series SpeedyCash.com 250 at Texas Motor Speedway on April 12, 2024 in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) | Getty Images

Lap 159: Busch to the inside of Eckes and Heim on their bumpers as they battle for the lead.
Lap 157: Eckes leads for the restart. Good jump and holds the lead.
Lap 152: CAUTION multi-truck wreck. Thompson spins into Enfinger. Crafton gets collected.
Lap 150: Restart as Busch leads them. Heim, Eckes go three-wide for the lead. Eckes edges Busch as the yellow waves.
Lap 147: Under yellow, 20 to go. Busch leads Eckes, TayGray, Him, ZSmith, Sanchez, Alan, TanGray, Enfinger, Dye the top-10
Lap 146: CAUTION Kris Wright spins under the Massey truck and into Friesen.
Lap 141: Restart as Busch leads.
Lap 136: ZSmith pits, giving Busch the lead back.
Lap 131: CAUTION Riggs spins bringing out the yellow as the field cycled pitstops. Leader Zane Smith was on pitroad at time of yellow, but continued on past his pit as the yellow came out. All behind him have pit. Busch, Heim, TayGray, Eckes, Sanchez
Lap 128: Busch pits from the lead. One lap later, Eckes pits.
Lap 122: of 167 – Heim, Sanchez on pitroad as stops begin the cycle. Busch continues to lead and stay on track.
50 to go: The field should be beginning green flag stops shortly as the stage has stayed green so far.
Lap 87: Stage 3 goes green. Busch maintains the lead but Gray can’t hold onto second from Heim.
Lap 83: Busch maintains the lead after pitstops. Taylor Gray 2nd off pitroad.
Lap 80: Busch wins stage 2. Stayed calm and incident free. Top 5 shook up with Sanchez settling ito 2nd over Eckes and Heim. TayGray closed out the top-5.
Lap 47: Stage 2 goes green. Busch leads at the restart. Heim now second. Sanchez, Eckes, TayGray the top-5.
Lap 43: Busch, Eckes, Sanchez maintain the lead after pitstops.
Lap 40: End of stage 1. Busch wins the stage. Eckes, Sanchez, ZSmith, Dye, Friesen, Riggs, Enfinger, Heim and TayGray the top-10.
Lap 38: Busch takes the lead from Eckes.
Lap 33: 7 to go in stage 1. Busch drives by Sanchez for 2nd. Eckes still leads. ZSmith, Dye, Friesen, Riggs, Enfinger, Heim and TayGray.
Lap 17: Back to green and Eckes gets the lead. Sanchez now battling Busch for 2nd.
Lap 12: CAUTION Caruth in a solo spin
Lap 9: Back to green as Sanchez leads Eckes, Friesen, Busch, Enfinger. Stage 1 is 40 laps.
Lap 3: CAUTION Moffitt has issues, comes down track and collects Villarreal, Ankrum
Lap 1: Pole-sitter Sanchez and Eckes lead lap 1.

Distance: 167 laps / 250.5 miles
Stages: 40 / 80 / 167
Average time of race: 2:35:45 (1 yr)
Pit road speed: 45 mph
Caution car speed: 55 mph
Fuel Window: 50 laps
Invocation: 8:24:20 p.m.
National Anthem: 8:25:00 p.m.
Command: 8:32:00 p.m.
Green Flag: 8:43pm/et

To the rear: #15-Gray, #18-Ankrum(backup trucks), #20-Villarreal, #32-Holmes, #71-Caruth(unapproved adjustments).

Pitstall Selections

#2-Nick Sanchez won the pole for the SpeedyCash.com 250 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway with a speed of 184.811mph for his first pole of the season, second at Texas, and the sixth pole of his career.
#19-Christian Eckes will start second, followed by #52-Stewart Friesen, #7-Kyle Busch, #9-Grant Enfinger, #43-Daniel Dye, #38-Layne Riggs, #41-Bayley Currey, #17-Taylor Gray, and #71-Rajah Caruth in the top-10.
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Qualifying Fast Facts – Texas:
Nick Sanchez won the Pole Award for the SpeedyCash.com 250 with a lap of 29.219 seconds, 184.811 mph.
This is his sixth pole in 30 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series races.
This is his first pole and sixth top-10 start in 2024.
This is his second pole in two races at Texas Motor Speedway.
Christian Eckes (second) posted his sixth top-10 start of 2024 and his fifth in five races at Texas Motor Speedway.
Stewart Friesen (third) posted his seventh top-10 start at Texas Motor Speedway. It is his second in seven races this season.
Layne Riggs (seventh) was the fastest qualifying rookie

Crew Rosters

Qualifying Order

Practice for SpeedyCash.com 250 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway is over; the top-five, slowest and notes:
#71-Caruth 180.826
#18-Ankrum 180.802
#42-Mills 180.566
#7-Busch 180.439
#17-Gray 180.397
Slowest: #20-Villarreal 169.982
Most laps run: 24, #98-Majeski
Notes: #15-Gray and #18-Ankrum both had trouble during practice, in separate incidents. Both slid high and into the outside wall causing extensive right side and rear end damage to their trucks.
See complete results on the Practice speeds page.(4-12-2024)

The entry list for the SpeedyCash.com 250 NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway has been released. There are 34 drivers/teams for 36 spots. Since 34 teams are entered, none will miss the race. Some notes; #1-Wright,#7-Busch, #45-Sauter, #66-Jones, #75-Parsons, #91-Smith. See the complete SpeedyCash.com 250 entry list page.

Goodyear Tire Notes

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