NASCAR Charter System Still In the Works

NASCAR and Sprint Cup Series team owners continue to work toward an agreement on a possible charter system. While no official word has been given on when the plan may be put into place that would afford owners equity in the series, several key players have spoken on the subject. “We don’t have it finished and it’s still moving around a little bit,” NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France said earlier this week. “The time line is sooner rather than later. This is a complicated plan and structure that will require some time to phase in. We’ll announce things as soon as we can, but I’m optimistic.” Prominent team owners echo France’s sentiment that the plan will be good for the sport when it’s finally completed.

“There’s been great progress,” said Roger Penske. “I’m not sitting in the meetings myself, but we’ve elected a group of people that understands where we’re trying to go. NASCAR and the car owners have been very open. This is a long-term business relationship we’re trying to develop. It has to be done carefully. We have to think about all the constituents and that’s what’s going on, so I feel good about it. Hopefully, we’ll have an outcome shortly.”
Joe Gibbs believes the idea is right but doesn’t want the sport to rush into an agreement. “When two sides want something to happen, generally you can find a way,” he said. “There’s a lot left to be done. Our best hope is that we get it done before Daytona.”(Motor Racing Network)(1-22-2016)