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Changes coming to Cup qualifying

NASCAR plans to make changes to qualifying within the next two weeks after all 12 Cup drivers failed to complete a lap before time expired in the final round, making what one series executive said was “a mockery out of the qualifying.” Scott Miller, senior vice president of competition, expressed his disappointment with what happened Friday at Auto Club Speedway. “I saw obviously what our fans don’t want, obviously, having the last 12 cars wait until they couldn’t get a time posted on the board and kind of making a mockery out of the qualifying is not what we expect for our fans,” Miller said. “It’s a little bit on us that we hoped things would go better than that. It’s an exciting show when they’re out there on the race track but obviously we have a little work to do on our part to get a little bit better format so things like that can’t happen.”

Asked if this would mean the end of group qualifying – particularly at tracks where drafting is key – Miller said: “I think we will definitely make some tweaks to it, not quite sure what. … We really don’t want to go back to single-car qualifying. There may not be another way. We want to exhaust every possibility before we do that because that’s not as fun, not as intriguing of a show as the group situation.”(NBC Sports)(3-15-2019)