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Wallace says #43 team needs more sponsorship to run better

It’s not quite rock bottom for Bubba Wallace and the Richard Petty Motorsports No. 43 team but there are weeks where it feels like it. Wallace is 28th in the championship standings and the iconic No. 43 is struggling to financially field a car one year after swapping to Chevrolet and moving its operations onto the Richard Childress Racing campus. “I think the biggest thing is dollar signs,” Wallace said on Friday during media availability at Bristol. “Over the years we have kind of tip-toed around that, but that’s enough of that. We’re behind on money. It’s all about being up front and being blunt. It’s coming down to a crucial time — we just have to start running better. I always sit there and talk to other people, and I’m like, why would new companies want to come in and sponsor the 43? You can play the race card all you want. You will get a lot of attention, sure. But, for me, I’m competitive and look at results, and new companies don’t understand that the more money you spend, the better you do. It is hard to get their heads wrapped around that.(Autoweek)(4-5-2019)