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TV interview transcript with Justin Haley and Todd Braun

As you just said a moment ago, "I’m just a dirt racer from Indiana." You are a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series winner. Can you believe it?

JUSTIN HALEY: It’s absolutely a blessing. It’s pretty incredible that I have so many great people around me that have given me this opportunity to come to this level and the stage that we’re performing on. Obviously Todd and my family have done a great job but the Fraternal Order of Eagles, everyone at FOE, who has given me this opportunity with Spire Motorsports, it’s truly a blessing.

I never even saw myself running a Cup race until I got a call a few months ago to do Talladega, and it’s just unreal. I don’t know how to feel.

Rick was talking about your cousin’s Quarter Midget a moment ago that you jumped into, then you bought what you said was the worst Quarter Midget in the world. You painted that Quarter Midget all by your yourself. Did you ever dream you would race on this level, as you just mentioned, much less be a winner?

JUSTIN HALEY: No, absolutely not. The stars aligned, and I didn’t ever think I was going to get redemption back from a few years back in Daytona, last year at Daytona when I got the Xfinity win taken away from me. To come back and get redemption in the Cup Series is pretty cool, and it makes that second?place finish with Kaulig last Friday a lot better.

How nerve?racking was it sitting here talking to reporters as you were waiting for word?

JUSTIN HALEY: Well, you just don’t know. They keep asking you, how are you feeling. I’m like, well, I can’t do anything about it. If we go racing, we go racing. If it rains out, we rain out. I can’t do anything about it. At the end of the day, I was just waiting.

Todd, as an owner in the Xfinity Series, did you ever win a rain race?

TODD BRAUN: No, never won a rain race. I think we might have lost a couple, but only ?? I remember James Finch won a Cup race with Mike Bliss one time at Charlotte, and I said, man, how lucky was he. Yeah, never won one this way.

I feel like we lost them a lot of ways. Probably a lot of ways, but we never won one this way.

For the family, how special is this moment?

TODD BRAUN: It can’t be more special. My sister Melissa, who’s Justin’s mom, and then my brother Drew, we’re all so supportive of this, and the whole family is super supportive, and to race on this level ?? like he said, FOE has been with me for ?? I was thinking about it today, I think 2005 was the first deal I did with the FOE, and they’ve been with me ever since.

Every year I go to the convention, and we will be there on Tuesday night actually with all the people from the FOE, and every year I’ve been to the convention. They’ve been super supportive. They’re a great supporter of ours, and there’s nothing more I could have wanted today than to put that Spire Motorsports 77, which I might have a little bit to do with here, I guess, here and there, but that Spire Motorsports 77 into Victory Lane with J.J. driving it, it’s not quite a pinnacle of my life, but it’s pretty close.

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