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Sterling Marlin plans return to racing in Nashville UPDATE

UPDATE: Four months after undergoing a third brain surgery in his battle with Parkinson’s Disease, former NASCAR Cup star Sterling Marlin’s return to racing was postponed last weekend due to mechanical issues with his car.

According to The Tennessean newspaper, Marlin, 62, was slated to compete in a pro late model race at his home track, Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville. However, issues with his No. 14 race car’s clutch prompted Marlin to withdraw from the event.

The two-time Daytona 500 champion took to social media to tell his fans what happened, as well as promising to be back “soon”

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ORIGINAL POST 7-13-2019: Four months after undergoing surgery for Parkinson’s disease, two-time Daytona 500 champion Sterling Marlin plans to return to the race track Saturday night.

Marlin, 62, a Columbia resident, is entered in the pro late model feature at Fairgrounds Nashville Speedway.

“It was a good deal,” Marlin said about the deep brain stimulation he underwent that included four stages in March and April. “I’m still getting over it. I had it back in March and still hadn’t gotten over it yet. I have bad days and good days.”

In deep brain stimulation electrodes are implanted in different areas in the brain that produce electrical impulses to regulate abnormal impulses. A device similar to a pacemaker is placed under the skin in the upper chest area that controls the degree of stimulation.

Marlin also picked up his clearance papers Friday from his doctor that will allow him to race again.

“I was really excited when my doctor said I could race,” Marlin said. “I got a new car; I’m going to break it out. I’ve been sitting on it about a year and we’re about ready to finish it up and get it ready to go. I think I can win in it.”

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