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Joe Gibbs comments on Erik Jones’s contract renewal

Joe Gibbs met with the media following Denny Hamlin’s win at Pocono Raceway on Sunday and was asked:

“Joe, is there any part of you that feels kind of bad for Erik after today?  Do you have any timeline yet on a decision on him for next year?”

JOE GIBBS:  Yeah, no, I want to say to everybody, it’s so hard putting everything together.  I know people get frustrated because you haven’t made a decision yet on some things.  But I just say this:  there’s sponsors involved, so many relationships involved, you’re trying to get through all that and work it all out.

Yeah, I think honestly that’s part of Erik’s world.  It doesn’t go easy sometimes.  He knows.  I keep him updated, we do.  He knows we’re working as hard as we can.  Hopefully it will be one of those things will get put in place here pretty quick.