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Eric McClure battling health issues

Former Xfinity Series driver Eric McClure revealed he’s suffering from multiple health problems in a Facebook post Sunday.

McClure, 40, said he’s staying indefinitely in a hospital where he is being treated for a lung infection and a muscle disorder called compartment syndrome, a condition caused by pressure buildup from internal bleeding or swelling of tissues. McClure said it has caused him to experience kidney failure.

McClure said the lung infection “isn’t healing,” and treatment has resumed after ruling out it wasn’t related to the muscle problems.

“My heart muscle was at risk and gave us a scare, so it was treated before & after being brought (to the hospital),” McClure wrote. “”I had compartment syndrome in both arms and legs. l had to have emergency surgery twice to open the muscles in each limb. Both were deemed successful, but the first one may have happened too late for full recovery.

“All of this led me to full kidney failure in both kidneys. I am on dialysis for the foreseeable future. It makes me sick/nauseous. I’ll be in here awhile I’m told.”

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