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Denny Hamlin Bristol post-race frontstretch interview

A fight to the end.  You have picked up your fourth win of the season here at Bristol.

DENNY HAMLIN:  I’m so sorry to Matt DiBenedetto, Mike Wheeler.  I hate it.  I mean, I know a win would mean a lot to that team.  I have to give it 110% for FedEx and my whole team.  Just sorry.

Proud of this whole FedEx team for giving me a great car, pit crew, crew chief, everybody doing an amazing job.  Jordan, all the girls at home.  Just the whole team is just doing an amazing job right now.  They’re just kicking ass.

A tough night, a lot of bumping and banging.  You never gave up, put on a show for these fans.  How did you chase Matt down at the end?

DENNY HAMLIN:  Between my spotter and the crew chief, just stayed on me to not get anxious, just kind of take my time.  I had plenty of time.  I just worked him over, worked him over.  I knew I didn’t want to show him the bottom until I knew I could make the pass.  I ran the top, ran the top, ran the top, got the position on the bottom and finished it.

We had a great car that could move around.  Came back from a couple laps down and here we are.

What do you want to say to the fans tonight?

DENNY HAMLIN:  You guys rock.  Thank you.


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