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Western Wishes and Tuff Hedeman Tour sponsoring Jeremy Clements at Texas

Jeremy Clements Racing will again saddle up with Western Wishes and Tuff Hedeman Tour to give another experience of a lifetime at Texas Motor Speedway Saturday night.

Spartanburg SC – Jeremy and JCR are excited to announce that they will again serve host to a Western Wishes kid – 17 year-old Cameron Elliott this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway with the help of Professional Bull Rider Tyler Taylor representing the Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding Tour.

Cameron suffered an injury to his brain during a difficult labor and delivery when he was born.  The birthing injury caused him to have seizures as a baby which further damaged his brain.  At one point he was having between 15-20 seizures a day.  As a result of the trauma to his brain, he suffers from Development Delay, Microcephaly, and a form of Cerebral Palsy that causes him to have a hard time to build muscle tone.  This all being said, Cameron’s mother Jennifer said he has the best heart and has been a huge blessing to their family.  He is working hard to overcome his disabilities and is now focusing on progressing his life skills such as cooking and folding laundry.  He goes to mainstream school for half the day and then he has one on one help the rest of the day.  He is in physical therapy, occupational therapy , and speech therapy.   He is interested in driving and he hopes to have a job sometime soon.  He often helps his dad who works as a mechanic.  Cameron absolutely loves cowboys and always wants to wear his boots and hat.  He also loves the outdoors, baseball and electronics.

“I’m really pumped to have Cameron and his family join us this weekend with the help of Western Wishes and my good friends from the Tuff Hedeman Tour.”  Clements stated. “We had a really great time in the Spring with Kaleb and are definitely looking forward to meeting Cameron and sharing some awesome memories with our RepairableVehicles.com crew as we head to the front Saturday night in the O’Reilly 300.”  Clements went on to say.

— Jeremy Clements Racing —