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Tyler Reddick Homestead frontstretch interview

What a scene down here.  Amazing, Tyler Reddick.  You’re the Xfinity Series champion again, Tyler.  You put a stamp on it this year.  Did you come in here the favorite tonight and prove something about yourself and this race team?

TYLER REDDICK:  It’s about this race team, man, and I was just honored to pilot this Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet.  This Tame the Best Chevrolet was just so, so fast, it was as fast as Xfinity internet tonight.  Hats off to team Chevy, all those guys for working on this new Chevrolet and all the guys at ECR for giving us great power.  I’m losing my breath, I’m that excited.  This one means so much more.  It was just a lot better year, and it was really cool to go back‑to‑back.

How about the check‑up and crossover move, though, to get the win and pass Cole Custer?  Did you have that planned out?

TYLER REDDICK:  I wouldn’t say I had it planned out but I made a lot of mistakes around Cole tonight and he wasn’t happy about it, so I knew he was going to race me hard tonight.

You put yourself in an elite category, but you put yourself in a category that only you own, doing it with two different teams.  How significant is that?

TYLER REDDICK:  It’s awesome.  I mean, this team, man, I was a driver, they would over‑drive, make mistakes and couldn’t compete on but new tracks, tracks like these, so it made me a more well‑rounded driver and we were able to close out with a regular season championship and then roll into the playoffs with momentum, and once we got here we were in good shape.

How about winning it for Richard Childress?  This is a guy who took a chance on you and said, Hey, I’m going to make you a Cup driver in 2020.

TYLER REDDICK:  It’s all about Richard, man.  He’s the one that believed I could be a champion before I won the first one, and I was just really glad to keep him true to his promise.

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