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NFL considering longer season; Super Bowl in late February

For the next round of [Collective Bargaining Agrement] negotiations, the NFL is making its biggest push for a 17th game and CBS Sports‘ Jason La Canfora detailed how the NFL would possibly present this idea to the Player’s Association this upcoming January.

First, the season would start at the same time, the weekend after Labor Day. What would change is the end of the season where the Super Bowl would take place on the last Sunday in February, three weeks after its current placement on the first Sunday in February.

How those three weeks would be filled obviously includes the 17th game, but also a second bye week for each team.

These changes will have secondary effects on other non-NFL related entities. Within the sports world, NASCAR typically has its biggest race of the year, the Daytona 500, during President’s Day weekend. On top of that being tradition, having the race on a holiday weekend gives NASCAR the assurance that if the race were to be rained out, many people could tune in or stay at the track because they are off of work. It’s possible that the race could be held the week before the Super Bowl but I’m not sure NASCAR will want to risk having their big event overshadowed by pre-Super Bowl hype or the Pro Bowl.

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