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Denny Hamlin says NASCAR updated drivers on Ryan Newman’s wreck

Denny Hamlin met with the media Friday morning at Phoenix Raceway. He said NASCAR has updated drivers on what they have found out so far about Ryan Newman’s Daytona 500 wreck:

What are your thoughts on Ryan Newman being back at the race track?

"It’s a great sight for sure. I haven’t gotten to physically see the car yet, but I know it looks really bad and we know that from all the video and pictures we’ve seen, it’s a blessing to be in this position and be talking about when he will get back in the car, especially at this time. I’m really looking forward to it, NASCAR gave us all a good update about where they’re thinking and what they’re looking at moving forward. Really optimistic about where our sport is going on the safety side of things."

When did NASCAR give you an update on Ryan Newman?

"Just kind of the car and things like that. They have great dialogue with us talking about – I think the question got asked if there would be any rules changes, things like that. Chassis changes – they’re continuing to investigate it and work on it. They gave us all that update and told us what they saw. I think everyone was pleased with that."

Are drivers demanding changes for plate racing?

"I think in his (Ryan Newman) situation, that’s really hard to say that’s a car problem or anything. I think unless you slowed us up 20 or 30 mph, you’re going to have that in that situation. I’m no aerodynamicist, let’s put that on the record, but I just feel like some wrecks, especially at these superspeedways when we talk about a car turning over, is when a car gets turned around and then someone hits the nose. Unless you slow way, way, way down, that is going to happen. I feel like that was one of the worst-case-scenarios that we had and luckily, we had a good result. All things considered, we had a very good result. The engineering staff at NASCAR and the teams that have been building these cars and figuring out where to put bars and all that have done a phenomenal job of keeping our sport safe for many, many years now even though the wrecks have looked horrific."

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