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Steve Phelps says NASCAR’s COVID protocols are working

NASCAR President Steve Phelps said in an interview with NBC that he feels the sanctioning body’s COVID-19 protocols are working well, citing the limited number of positive tests in the sport.

NBC’s Mike Tirico asked Phelps before Saturday’s Xfinity race about NASCAR’s protocols.

“I think the protocols have actually worked really, really well for us,” Phelps said.

“Obviously, it’s unfortunate that Jimmie is going to be out of the car this weekend. Hopefully two negative tests next week and then get back in the car at Kentucky.

“I think the protocols have worked really well. It’s not perfect, but I think if you look at the procedures that we have in place and the policies that we have in place really to protect the drivers, the crews, our own officials and everyone that is working at the racetrack, the number of positive tests that we have had have been so few and far between. We’re really encouraged. We think the protocols are working as we had expected they would. Hopefully, Jimmie will be back soon and we won’t have any other drivers testing positive.”

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