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Commercial breakdown: 2021 Busch Clash at Daytona

To the great relief of NASCAR fans, the 2021 racing season has begun. The Busch Clash at Daytona race was a wild one, whetting everyone’s appetite for more. Along with the unexpected during Tuesday night’s race (for instance, that bus stop that befuddled more than one driver), came the expected: commercials. If you wish to know how many there were, and other stats, please read on.

Race and Commercial Breakdown of the 2021 Busch Clash at Daytona

Start time to record race/commercial periods: 7:00 PM
End time to record race/commercial periods: 8:45 PM
Total minutes of complete race broadcast: 105
Minutes of race broadcast: 79
Minutes of traditional commercials: 26

Total number of commercials: 71
Total number of companies or entities advertised: 42

Companies seen the most in commercials during this broadcast: Xfinity (6 times); McDonald’s (3 times); Busch Beer (3 times); Toyota (3 times); Progressive (3 times)

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