Matt Jaskol 2021 Throwback
Matt Jaskol will run a Mike Skinner 1991 paint scheme at Darlington. (Image from Matt Jaskol)

MBM Motorsports Honoring Early NASCAR Diversity at Darlington

The 4LessGroup, Inc (OTCQB:FLES), through its wholly owned subsidiary,, will co-sponsor the Mansion Motorsports Throwback, hosted by MBM Motorsports, during the weekend of May 7 at Darlington Racetrack in Darlington, South Carolina.

This event will honor the early diversity in NASCAR by paying tribute to the late Thee Dixon, the sports’ second African-American NASCAR owner; Tinsley Hughes, Mr. Dixon’s nephew and owner of Mansion-Hughes Enterprises and Hughes Motorsports, and several drivers who raced under the ownership, including Mike Skinner and Carl Long.

Chris Davenport, CEO of the 4LessGroup and its wholly owned subsidiaries Auto Parts 4Less, Inc. and Lift Kits 4Less, Inc. announced, “I am honored and thrilled to be able to have our companies associated with this momentous occasion. Too often we forget the origins of NASCAR and the diversity of its early days. The challenges that Thee, Tinsley and others overcame to achieve success are inspirational and need to be remembered by other NASCAR owners and fans alike.”

Dixon didn’t just achieve success. He passed it along to those who associated with him. He electrified and inspired other drivers like driver Carl Long.

“I don’t know where I would be today without Mansion Motorsports,” Carl says. “I drove for them for five seasons. I’ve never seen so much passion for the sport as Thee and Tinsley. They showed me if you put in the effort, you can get ahead. There were many roads that were shut to them because of their color. I found a lot of roads shut to me too. But I learned that if there was a reason to quit, I would find two other reasons to keep going.”

Carl Long and other drivers will be on hand at Darlington, and Tinsley Hughes himself, hopefully will take part. The MBM Motorsports event is sponsored currently by, minority-owned Supreme Transportation, and Whataburger, featuring Hispanic American driver David Starr.

The following drivers spent time at Mansion Motorsports in various NASCAR Series: In the NASCAR Cup Series- Mike Skinner, Ken Bouchard, Jim Sauter, Bob Schacht, Darrell Waltrip, and Carl Long. In the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Frank Davis, Gary Lloyd, John Blewitt III, Randy MacDonald, and Carl Long. In the ARCA Menards Series- Mike Skinner, Mike Potter, James Boulton, Mark Cash, and Carl Long.

— MBM Motorsports