23XI Racing working on deal with Front Row Motorsports for charter? merger? UPDATES

UPDATE 2:  The future, one containing a new car and potentially a new schedule, could see a shift in the number of the organization’s charters and perhaps a new technical alliance moving forward. While rumors of different outcomes fly,  [Front Row Motorsports General manager Jerry] Freeze insists that Front Row will remain in the Cup Series with an eye towards improved results and more playoff appearances.

“We’ve had a lot of conversations going back to March, really, about Front Row and a different dynamic,” Freeze said. “But Front Row will be in the Cup Series. We’re not going out of business.

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UPDATE 9-1-2021: Rumors continue to swirl that 23XI and Front Row Motorsports will make a deal for a charter next season. Fox Sports’ Bob Pockrass tweed about the potential situation Wednesday.

Front Row’s Michael McDowell says he has an opportunity to run again, but did not specify that it was in the Cup Series.  There has been speculation that Front Row would run Xfinity and Truck next year.

ORIGINAL POST 8-14-2021: Fox Sports’ Bob Pockrass tweeted Saturday about a potential deal between 23XI Racing and Front Row Motorsports that would allow 23XI to expand to a two car team next season.

The team has been actively looking for another charter for 2022, but is willing to run the full season without one if sponsorship is secured.  Kurt Busch has been most widely speculated as the team’s newest driver.


Kurt Busch says a deal for where he will race next season is close but not ready to announce:

Q: There has been a terrific amount of talk swirling around where you’ll race come 2022…

KB: Oh, things look very promising. I know where things sit. It’s just so close to being done and getting that announcement out there. We still have to wait just a little bit. There are a few puzzle pieces that will have to click in the right way, but I’m smiling about it and so is everybody else around me.

Q: Can you tell us who you believe you’ll be racing for come Daytona 2022?

KB: Can’t say anything yet. Not just yet.