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Teaching Career Skills and Collegiate Scholarships Highlight New Trackhouse Program with Pitbull’s SLAM! School

In 2020, Justin Marks wrote on a white board how he planned to define success once his soon-to-be Trackhouse Racing team became a reality. Of course, he wanted to win and establish the team among the top tier of NASCAR Cup Series organizations, but he wanted to redefine the word “winning” for his new organization.

“I want Trackhouse to stand for something beyond just racing,” said Marks, who founded Trackhouse less than two years ago.

“We are committed to effecting positive change in the community and help the underserved with career opportunities which may not have otherwise existed. Wins in communities with underrepresented youth are the ones that last a lifetime. Those of us fortunate enough to enjoy success have an obligation to give back to society.”

Today, Marks announced a program with Pitbull’s SLAM! Charter School in the Little Havana section of Miami that was designed to fulfill that promise. Trackhouse Racing will donate a primary paint scheme on its No. 99 Chevrolet Camaro with driver Daniel Suárez, along with marketing elements on Pitbull’s 2022 concert tour, to SLAM! All money raised from the donation will be dedicated to the students’ collegiate scholarship fund.

Trackhouse representatives have worked with SLAM! teachers and administrators on developing the fall curriculum where the students in the SLAM! Marketing Academy are learning about the sport and business of NASCAR, including career and life skills. Students will research and identify prospective corporations, build sales and marketing presentations, develop oral presentation skill and teamwork. Trackhouse executives and the students will make the final presentations with all of the sponsorship funds earmarked for collegiate scholarships.

Marks announced Pitbull as a partner of Trackhouse Racing in January and the two have collaborated on impactful youth education programs.

“It is truly a blessing to have Trackhouse get so involved with the SLAM! students,” said Armando Christian Perez, aka Pitbull.
“Justin is an amazing person and from the very start, we agreed there is only one race and that is the human race. All these kids need is an opportunity to grow and show what they can become. This partnership with Justin and Trackhouse has been incredible, and this is only the beginning.”

Trackhouse President Ty Norris presented to the students during the first two sessions and said he could see great potential in the room.

“My first question to students asked how many of them had ever seen a NASCAR race?” Norris recalled. “One hand went up. By the time we are done, an entire school will know about NASCAR, watch our events, understand how the business works and become fans of NASCAR.

“The best part is these students, if they work hard, may earn scholarships to pursue their collegiate dreams. Given the financial challenges many of these students face this scholarship may be the difference in pursuing a prosperous professional career and the streets. If we can impact one student, one life, we will all win.”

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