Caesar Bacarella Lilly Finance
Lilly Finance will partner with Caesar Bacarella in select Xfinity Series races in 2022. Image from Alpha Prime Racing.

Lilly Finance Partners with Caesar Bacarella for Select Xfinity Races in 2022

Alpha Prime Racing announced today that Lilly Finance will be partnering with Caesar Bacarella for select races in the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season. Along with partnering with Bacarella in the Xfinity Series, Lilly Finance will also be supporting him throughout his championship pursuit in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series season.

Lilly Finance has two important visions, one vital to child medical and health care, the other to benefit and empower people everywhere to personally experience our ideals—HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

From the lab bench to billing, from diagnostics to data management, Lilly supports projects that break down the barriers to new knowledge by targeting areas of research and medical practice where real needs have been neglected.  Lilly Finance identifies needs, opportunities, and problems in health care by employing a next generation financing system aimed at accelerating positive and innovative change.

As the first youth inspired, medically focused cryptocurrency, Lilly Finance is making history by creating a stable and accessible financing vehicle that utilizes the ascent and durability of cryptocurrency platforms such as blockchain to democratize the market and create wealth where it did not previously exist. In fact just after 48 hrs. of launching they reached a market cap of over 100 Million, trending as the top crypto globally.

In short, Lilly is changing the future of health and wealth – believing that future belongs to everyone.

Lilly founder Brad Beatty believes that the future of health, wealth and happiness are one – and he is passionate about making it brighter. “Lilly Finance will not only help the world via real use cases in the medical technology field, but our funding and research will provide solutions to humanity for years to come,” explained Beatty. “In addition, we have designated a portion of the burn in the token to be allocated to Children’s Charity wallets. The knowledge that we are in the process of launching the potential for boundless change inspires me every minute of the day. It’s a really good feeling.”

Lilly Beatty, Brad’s 12-year-old daughter, who was at birth diagnosed with a rare disorder called “cystic hygroma”, is the spark behind Brad’s fire. She had this to say —

“I am very excited to be the special inspiration for Lilly Finance because I know what good this will do in the world. I am also excited to be called the ‘brand ambassador’ for our Lilly Finance. It’s so fun to have our name on Caesar Bacarella’s race car! It’s crazy! I can’t wait to watch the race and hear them say, ‘Gentlemen, start your engines!’. “

Bacarella’s first NASCAR Xfinity Series event of the season with Lilly Finance will be at Daytona International Speedway on February 19th.

“I’m super excited about Lilly being a part of our team. Lilly has an amazing story; both the token and Lilly herself,” said Caesar Bacarella, Co-owner of Alpha Prime Racing. “I can’t wait to help promote their plans to join with world renown medical partners, The American Veterans Center, and all of the other charity work they will be doing this year.”

The motorsports veteran will be joined by teammate and Co-owner Tommy Joe Martins in the Alpha Prime Racing debut at Daytona International Speedway this week.

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