Embrace Home Loans will sponsor both #23-Bubba Wallace and #45-Kurt Busch in select races. Image Embrace Home Loans

Embrace Home Loans Partners with 23XI Racing

23XI Racing today announced the addition of Embrace Home Loans to the team’s 2022 partner lineup. The national mortgage lender joins 23XI Racing as a primary partner for select races where the Embrace branding will be featured on both the No. 45 Toyota Camry TRD, driven by Kurt Busch, and the No. 23 Toyota Camry TRD, driven by Bubba Wallace. Embrace will also serve as an associate partner for both teams throughout the season with Embrace branding on the driver and crew suits at each race.

The Middletown, R.I.-based national mortgage company ventures into NASCAR with its first major professional sports partnership as Embrace seeks to continually expand their brand nationally.

“We welcome Embrace Home Loans to their new home at 23XI Racing,” said Steve Lauletta, president of 23XI Racing. “As our team brand continues to grow, we welcome the opportunity to help Embrace grow their brand along with us. We share many of the same values – community, empowerment and achievement, and we look forward to a successful inaugural season together.”

“The partnership with 23XI Racing is a perfect fit for our company,” said Dennis Hardiman, president and CEO of Embrace. “We are particularly proud to work with 23XI team drivers Bubba Wallace and Kurt Busch, as Embrace shares Bubba’s devotion to racial justice and Kurt’s commitment to our military veterans. We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to support the 23XI team and share the work we do supporting the American dream of homeownership with the NASCAR community.”

“It’s great to add another partner to our team and I look forward to showing everyone at Embrace the excitement of NASCAR,” said Bubba Wallace. “Off the track, I know this will be an important partnership as well, with the opportunity to work together on projects that will help make a real difference in the lives of those impacted by social injustice and racial prejudice.”

Embrace recently launched an affordable housing non-profit, Wider Path Home Foundation, whose mission is grounded in overcoming the U.S. housing industry’s history of restricting access to safe, high quality and affordable housing for lower and middle-income families – especially in the African American, Native American, Latinx and Asian communities.

“The addition of Embrace to this team shows the continued interest and excitement in what we’re doing at 23XI,” said Kurt Busch. “Much like our team, Embrace is looking to grow and win, and I’m excited to do that together with them this year. From representing Embrace on-track to helping amplify their VA Loan program, including through a soon-to-be announced sweepstakes for veterans and active-duty military families, I know it will be an impactful year.”

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