North Wilkesboro Speedway Not Expected to see Cup Races

Asked about when [North Wilkesboro Speedway] could be race ready, [Marcus Smith, president and chief executive officer at Speedway Motorsports] said: “It will be sooner than you think. We’re working on some details, so stay tuned.”

As for what type of racing could be there, Smith was clear.

“I don’t see Cup racing happening in that market,” he said, “but I think if we have local, regional racing, if we have short track racers return to Wilkesboro, this will be hallowed ground for anybody who races short tracks in the entire country. That alone is a big deal.

“If, somehow, someway, we could have a larger national tour series, like you mentioned the Truck Series, it would be beyond the expectation, I think, of everybody involved.”

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