• Ricky Craven will be driving in three BGN races in 1998. Texas and both Dover races. You can read about it at: Geroge’s Auto Racing Page.(12-30-97)
  • The #96 BGN team that had the owners split has become two teams: One with the #96 Ford with Stevie Reeves driving and the other an unknown # with John Andretti driving the Big A Auto Parts Pontiac in 7 BGN races. Whether the Andretti BGN team will put another driver in the car for more races is unknown. Andretti’s first 1998 BGN race will be at Daytona. I hear Sierra may be a sponsor on the #96 BGN Ford(Don – John Andretti FanPage)(12-30-97)


  • NASCAR Great Ned Jarrett, had surgery on the C6-7 vertebrae in his neck to fuse them together. He will have to wear a brace(seen on TNN’s Inside NASCAR) until the end of January.(NASCAR Fans Newsletter) Get well and best wishes Mr Jarrett!!(12-29-97)
  • From a NASCAR Fans newsletter reader John: “I spotted team trailers from Hendricks Racing/Terry Labonte #5 and Childress/Dale Earnhardt #3 on site at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. The trailers were located in the vicinity of the Aerodynamics laboratories, probably doing wind tunnel testing. The trailers were visible from the public road.”(12-29-97)
  • “Driver/Owner Norm Benning announced plans to field a Winston Cup ride in the February 12, 1998 Gatorade Twin-Qualifying races at Daytona Speedway. Benning, who finished eighth in the 1997 ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde series point standings, expects to make qualifying attempts at several selected NASCAR Winston Cup events in 1998. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native will drive a Chevrolet Monte-Carlo. The team is actively pursuing marketing partnerships, and sponsorship opportunities are available.”(Speedworld)(12-29-97)


    Talladega speeds from RPM2Nite(12-28-97):

    1. Jimmy Spencer 190.723
    2. Dale Jarrett 190.374
    3. Michael Waltrip 190.222
    4. Kenny Wallace 189.563
    5. Ricky Rudd 189.492
    6. Dick Trickle 189.462
    7. Rusty Wallace 189.365
    8. Elton Sawyer(not Elliott Sadler) 189.328 (BGN)
    9. Rick Mast 188.567
    10. Jerry Nadeau 188.404
    11. Brett Bodine 188.045
    12. Brett Bodine 188.045(Thunderbird-yes same speed)
    13. Ted Musgrave 188.030
    14. Bill Elliott 187.328
    15. Mark Martin 186.627
    16. Jeremy Mayfield 186.587
    17. Rusty Wallace 183.659 (thunderbird)

    I understand the 14:1 compression engines were used for comparison sake

  • I hear that during a QVC show on Saturday(12-27), QVC was having a sports clearance show, Dan Hughes was the host. He had a 1/24th QVC car on sale and mentioned that QVC would no longer be sponsoring Geoff, but that he really like him as a race driver and an individual. Then Hughes said “wait till you see the sponsorship Geoff has for next year, there are going to be great things ahead for him.” but Hughes didn’t give any hint to the identity of the sponsor.(12-28-97)
  • During the morning edition of TNN’s Raceday, #2 Ford Truck crew chief, Barry Dodson said the team with driver Mike Bliss, would not attempt any WC races in 1998 like they did in 1997(when the were second round fastest at the 2nd Richmond race), not sure if this mean Bliss will not attempt the Bud Shootout Pre-Race at Daytona(12-28-97)
  • News on the web about the Atlanta Motor Speedway situation from the Charlotte Observer: “Atlanta hits roadblock, Code violations close speedway: Atlanta Motor Speedway was, at least technically, shut down early last week by the state of Georgia.
    John Oxendine, Georgia’s Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner, ordered the track to
    suspend racing events until it corrects violations of the state’s fire code and obtains its license. He also fined the speedway $2,000 for violating the code. Oxendine said his inspectors found the speedway operated races on four days in 1997
    without having a license. That fact was acknowledged by Atlanta Motor Speedway President Ed Clark, but he questioned Oxendine’s motives. The track was cited for having deficient fire doors, failing to obtain a certificate of occupancy for new VIP suites before they were used for a November race, failing to secure handrails and guardrails in those suites, and for the absence of portable fire extinguishers in several locations. Clark said track officials thought a temporary 30-day certificate of occupancy had been granted before the Nov. 16 NAPA 500. He said the track would work to be in compliance in time for its Primestar 500 weekend on March 6-8.”(see the rest of the story at Charlotte Observer)(12-28-97)
  • The BGN #57 owned by Progressive Motorsports to be driven by Jason Keller has not secured a sponsor yet. The team is implementing a program allowing race fans to design the logo for PROGRESSIVE MOTORSPORTS. The selected logo will be used in their letterhead, business cards, fan club, etc. The individual who’s design is selected will be recognized in their fan club, as well as in a press release.(12-28-97)
  • UPDATE: Here’s an odd twist to the Shoemaker/Duralube stories we have heard lately: I heard tonight that DuraLube is back with Shoemaker / Trickle & Schneider trucking is gone???(12-25-97). This is FALSE and should be cleared up later this week(12-28-97)

  • I hear All Sport may follow Tom Kendall to the #27 David Blair Motorsports Ford(12-28-97)

  • I hear TropArtic(Phillips 66 Product) may sponsor the #29 Diamond Ridge WC Chevy driven by Jeff Green(12-28-97)

  • I hear Hardee’s Restaurant is looking to again sponsor a WC car in 1998, not sure if it’s a primary or assoc(12-28-97)

  • I have heard a rumor that Morgan Shepherd will return to the Richard Jackson owned Pontiac, now #14, with Copenhagen as the sponsor?(12-28-97)


  • I hear Bace Motorsports is building a pair of convertibles(like the one LaJoie tested at Charlotte in Oct) for an NASCAR exhibition race to be held in 1998.(Unsure where or when)(12-27-97)


  • Good story on the end of the Thunderbird at iRACE, see: End of an Era for Thunderbird. iRACE also has a complete list of all the Thunderbird wins at 190 T-Bird Cup Wins: A List.(thanks Jud-iRACE)(12-26-97)

  • Goody’s Pharmaceuticals, a division of Block Drug Company Inc. of Jersey City, NJ, will continue its 15-year-old sponsorship of Martinsville Speedway’s spring NASCAR Winston Cup race into the next century with its Goody’s Headache Powder and Tablets brand with a new three-year deal. The announcement of the April 19 Goody’s Headache Powder 500 was made by David D. Porter, executive product manager for Goody’s Headache Powder and Tablets, and Clay Campbell, president of Martinsville Speedway.(NASCAR Online)(12-26-97)

  • Check out the Profile story at TNN’s on Matt Kenseth: Matt Kenseth Moves Up.(12-26-97)

  • This was posted by Bob Hanner on the Speedworld Message Forum, Bob runs the NASCAR WC Gallery:

    “In the Omaha paper this morning they had an ad for a local car dealership that had the #88 show car in the showroom today. So i went down there and found out that it was not just any ordinary show car, but the 1996 Daytona 500 Winning Quality Care ford thunderbird. The car was never washed or had anything done to it since they got it back from Daytona USA this past February. It still had the remains of a Champane bath on it from the victory lane celebration. It also had a roof cam (Now outlawed) and a bumper cam on it. Most noticeable was the dent on the front air dam covered by 200mph race tape. The representative from RYR said that it was “Seagull” Damage. Since Daytona uses restrictor plates the cars all travel around the track in one giant pack. after the cars all go by the seagulls land on the track looking for food stirred up by the wind from the cars. DJ was leading the race at the time and one of the birds didn’t get back up into the air fast enough *THUMP* Probably wasn’t much left of that bird after getting hit by a 200mph stock car.

    I took some pictures of the car and will have them up on my website as soon as they are developed. The RYR rep also made comment that you will most likely see a lot of Thunderbirds at the restrictor plate races for the next 2 years while the Thunderbird is still eligible if they can’t get the Taurus up to speed. He said they we’re testing at Talladega this week (Which we already knew) and if they can’t get the Taurus up to speed they will call the show car that was here today back to the RYR shop to have a new Thunderbird body put on it and that’s the car DJ will race in the coming Daytona 500. He also confirmed something that a lot of us already figured would happen anyway. That the smaller teams couldn’t afford to use valuable sponsor money trying to perfect the Taurus and would use Thunderbirds until the high dollar teams got the bugs worked out of the Taurus. He stated that at all the tracks this year you will see 4 models of cars on the track: Thunderbird, Taurus, Monte Carlo, and Grand Prix.”(posted 12-19 on Speedworld)(12-26-97)


  • “The highly-rumored Kranefuss-Penske merger of Winston Cup teams is apparently finalized, and has learned more of the specifics. Roger Penske is buying out Carl Haas’s stake in Kranefuss-Haas Racing. Penske will now own half of the #37 team, which fields Fords for Jeremy Mayfield. This acquisition complements his controlling interest in Rusty Wallace’s #2 Miller Lite team.”, to see an interview of Rusty Wallace on the subject and read more on the story, see: Rusty Wallace & Jeremy Mayfield Pair Up(TNN)(12-25-97)

  • Heard a rumor that Casey Atwood(Late Model driver from Nashville) is going to
    drive in the BGN series for Dennis Adcock in the #28 Chevy, so far no news on a sponsor(12-25-97)

  • Remember the Ozzie Smith(former baseball great) and Harry Ranier story that was announced a few months back about them fielding a WC team? Well, I now hear that
    Smith and Loren Ranier(Harry’s son) have started a truck team and Toby Porter will be Driver with Cooper Industries sponsoring their Chevy truck and will be run out of Terminal Trucking Motorsports(Radar)(12-25-97)

  • I have heard from many sources that Canadian Tire Corporation is going to sponsor Peter Gibbons for a fulltime BGN ride in 1998 and possibly some Truck Series races(12-25-97)

  • Check out the story on the TNN Motor Racing Site Ford Taurus Behind The Curve, Or Is It?(12-25-97)

  • “Champion has extended its sponsorship agreement with Joe Gibbs Racing as the team’s exclusive spark plug supplier. The deal covers Gibbs’ Winston Cup, Busch Grand National and NHRA teams.”(SpeedNet)(12-25-97)

  • I hear Robby Reiser has two current Roush sponsors for his BGN #17 Chevy(Ford?) with Matt Kenseth as the driver and may run five WC races also(12-25-97)

  • I hear the #95 Sadler Bros WC team may run the full ARCA series instead of attempting the WC series(12-25-97)

  • The #22 BGN Supersports Team with Scott Legasse has closed shop as the sponsor(??) dropped out(12-25-97)

  • All-Pro driver Hank Parker will attempt to run the full BGN series with the Mark III Motorsports, no sponsor yet(12-25-97)


  • I hear BGN driver Phil Parsons will be getting Dura-Lube as his sponsor on the #10 Chevy in 1998(12-23-97)(have heard no more on this)
  • I hear Service Merchandise will be an associate on Bill Elliott’s #94 McDonald’s Ford in 1998(12-23-97)
  • Many readers have reported seeing this on CNN and ABC affiliate WSB 2 out of Atlanta: Atlanta Motor Speedway(AMS) has been shut down due to various fire safety
    violations (including exits and extinguishers) and have been fined $2000 by the State Inspections Dept. AMS officials said the track just upgraded and may have some issues they need to look into, but assure everyone that the speedway will be ship-shape by the March race there.(12-23-97)
  • I hear the Washington-Erving WC(7-Up??) and BGN(#50 Dr Pepper) teams are being run out of Barry Owens shop as the Bobby Allison Shop deal fell through, still no news on sponsor or car#(12-23-97)
  • The LW Miller starting a BGN team with Dura-Lube rumor is false(12-23-97)
  • I hear the #64 FansTeam/Arby’s Team has chosen a driver and it is not Morgan Shepherd but comes from another series and will be a rookie to the WC series(12-23-97)
  • “Video crews from ESPN will be at the LJ Racing shop today(12-23) to film a feature on the trials and tribulations of a rookie Winston Cup team. The crew will interview owner Joe Falk about his team’s rookie year and what it’s like to look for sponsors, fight to make races, and how hard it is when you’re out of the top ten. The crew is also expected to interview crew chief Doug Richert for his comments on the teams first year. Driver Kevin Lepage will try to make an appearance at the ESPN studios in New England (where he has settled for the holidays) to have his comments included. The show is expected to air on ESPN2’s RPM 2Night on December 28th. It will be announced that LePage will enter the Rookie of the Year race for the 1998 WC season. For more news on the team and other news see the LJ Racing Page and Victory Lane.(12-23-97)
  • UPDATE: Some odd goings on with Shoemaker Racing: “Shoemaker Racing out of business? A repo company showed up at the doors of Shoemaker Racing this afternoon (yesterday/12-18) ready to take the team’s trailer and all the cars. Of course they didn’t get any of it as they didn’t have “the proper papers or authority” to do it. Evidently Dura-Lube just sent them down to “get the stuff.” Dura-Lube is shopping around for another team. Looking at 2-3 different teams. The bet is that they will be going with a former team employee who wanted to try driving. LW Miller III.” (H E Johnmeyer, II, JCS Group, Inc.)(12-19-97) and “The lawyers have started. . . A judge has ordered that the Shoemaker cars be held until the Dura-Lube matter is resolved. They are in the process of picking the cars, hauler etc. up today.”(12-19-97). Dennis Shoemaker still believes that it will all be cleared up by Monday and he should have the cars back.(H E Johnmeyer, II, JCS Group, Inc.Dick Trickle Page)(12-23-97)
  • UPDATE – FALSE: Anyone hear about this rumor: Canadian Tire Conglomerate is going to sponsor a NASCAR team(not sure if BGN, truck or WC) in 1998 and Randy MacDonald is going to be the driver(MacDonald drove the #79 Trix Racing Ford in a few races in 1997)(12-18-97). I have heard that this is not true at all and that MacDonald has no WC/BGN rides lined up for 1998 at present time(12-23-97)
  • UPDATE: “According to local sources in Maine, Ricky Craven was out snowmobiling on Thursday night, and while he was out there going 50 or 60 mph, a moose stepped out in front of him. He was not injured, and the snowmobile is ok too. According to my source, WGAN radio interviewed Craven about this on the air Friday morning.”(Victory Lane)(12-20-97). Let me reinterate that Craven, the Moose nor the snowmobile were hurt in any way and Craven, fellow snowmobilers and moose all continued on their way(12-23-97)
  • John Andretti will be on Dave “The King” Wilson’s show on WIBC for a full hour tonight(12-23) from 6pm to 7pm. If you’re not in central Indiana, you can pick it up from the WIBC homepage at WIBC Homepage. You’ll need Real Audio to listen.(John Andretti Fan Page.)(12-23-97)


  • As rumored here: “Team owner and driver Darrell Waltrip has announced that Dave McCarty has been named crew chief for the No. 17 Chevrolet NASCAR Winston Cup Series team fielded by Darrell Waltrip Motorsports.”(NASCAR Online)(12-22-97)
  • I hear that on Inside Nascar on TNN, Morgan Shepherd said he had a Winston Cup Pontiac build for his own team, and he will race it if he gets some backing. He
    has his own engine shop too. Supposedly he said he would try Daytona no matter what.(TNN)(12-22-97)
  • Nashville, TN television station WSMV said (Friday night) that Fox Television Network will sponsor DW in his Cup efforts in 1998. They said they they couldn’t reach DW for comment, as he was on the road back from North Carolina.(NASCAR Fans)(12-22-97)


  • I hear Lake Speed is very estatic about the new Taurus and that he was the fastest at Talladega’s 3 day test, sorry no times reported. I hear the big Ford teams were not quite as happy. Supposedly Speed feels the Taurus handled and felt so much better than the Thunderbird and in comparison, the Taurus feels like you are driving a luxary car.(12-21-97)


  • “Members of the media are invited to a photo press conference and motorsports car unveiling. NASCAR star Rusty Wallace, NHRA star John Force and Action Performance Chief Executive Officer Fred Wagenhals will unveil the hot new Elvis-themed racecars. The newly designed cars are part of a business alliance involving a collectible and merchandising program and cooperative project between Action and Elvis Presley Enterprises. The cars, designed by Action, are part of a yearlong motorsports Elvis promotion and celebration of NASCAR’s 50th anniversary first quarter salute to “Legends.” Phoenix-based Action is the leader in the design, marketing and distribution of licensed motorsports merchandise. WHEN: Thursday, Jan. 8, 1998 at 3 pm(Yahoo, thanks Phatman and Jimmy)(12-20-97)
  • Looks like the Darrell Waltrip and FOX America’s Most Wanted sponsorship deal has fallen through. Have not heard of any other potential sponsors at this point(12-20-97)
  • Found out some very preliminary speeds at Ford’s private test of the Taurus at Charlotte today: Dale Jarrett(88)-176.750mph; Jeff Burton(99)-176.298; Greg Sacks(98)-176.183; Brett Bodine(11)-176.068; Ricky Rudd(10)-176.010; Jimmy Spencer(23)-174-701; Michael Waltrip(21)-174.362; Dick Trickle(90)-174.250; Kenny Irwin, Jr(28)-172.084. Other teams there but no times: Ted Musgrave(16); Mark Martin(6); Rusty Wallace(2); Jeremy Mayfield(37); Lake Speed(9); Rick Mast(75); Jerry Nadeau(13). Kenny Irwin hit the wall around 4pm and wrecked the car pretty good, but was not hurt. For a measure:
    Geoff Bodines pole speed in October was 184.256mph. Remember these are not official, just preliminary and the temperature today was only in the 60’s, plus I hear they were running race setups(12-20-97)
  • Ricky Rudd, owner/driver of the #10 Tide Ford and Dick Trickle, driver of the #90 Helig-Meyers Ford and owner Junie Donlavey have decided to help each other out in sharing information from testing runs, wind-tunnel gigs and other data compiled both on and off the track. They will not be true teammates but will help each other out. See the story by Skip Wood of the Times-Dispatch at Rudd, Trickle establish information network .(12-20-97)
  • Speedworld: Taurus Testing Not Going as Well as Hoped. For the past few days Talladega Superspeedway is a site that that is as heavily guarded and top secret as many government operations. Specifics are not easy to come by, but things are not going as well as Ford and the teams had hoped for. All Ford teams are on site, and sharing information back and forth, trying and trying to get the Taurus up to speed. NASCAR is also on hand supervising the testing process that is on going at this time.

    The teams that have tested include Brett Bodine, Dale Jarrett, Rusty Wallace, Ricky Rudd, Jerry Nadeau, Jimmy Spencer, Ted Musgrave, Michael Waltrip, Jeremy Mayfield, Rick Mast and Dick Trickle.

    The remainder of the Ford teams have sent team members from their teams to gather information and help. One team member who spoke out about the testing said things didn’t go very well and another source said the Taurus is about 5 miles per hour slower than the Thunderbird. Many crew chiefs noted that they will be bringing a Thunderbird to Speedweeks just in case the Taurus isn’t up to speed.

    An interesting comment that came from one top team is that they will possibly run the Thunderbird at Daytona and Talladega in 1998, the two tracks that the Taurus does not perform particularly well at, and a Taurus at all other tracks.(Speedworld)(12-20-97)
  • The Carolina Shoe Racing team with driver Mark McFarland has decided to run 5 BGN races in 1998 at Nashville, Nazareth, Richmond (June race), Milwaukee, and IRP. The team has acquired 2 BGN cars, one formerly a Dale Earnhardt/Steve Park A/C Delco Chevy and the other is formerly a David Green Caterpillar BGN car. For more info on the team see The Unofficial Carolina Shoe Racing Team Website(12-20-97)
  • “Santerre finds ride for Busch circuit: Cherryfield’s Andy Santerre has a ride for his first season on the Busch Grand National South circuit next year. After a lucrative deal with a team owned by a NASCAR Winston Cup driver fell through due to lack of sponsorship, Santerre signed a one year deal with a first time owner. The 29-year old Santerre said he could not divulge the name of the owner at this time, but he is pleased with the arrangement. Monro Muffler-Brake Service of Rochester, N.Y., will sponsor Santerre for approximately $1.5 million, but Santerre said they are still looking for associate sponsors.”(Larry Mahoney, Bangor Daily News-Thanks Phil)(12-20-97)


  • BGN Notes: Ridling Team to have only one team/car next year; Dennis Setzer is searching for a ride and a sponsor; No sponsor yet for Phil Parsons; Matt Kenseth is real close on a sponsor for the #17 team(12-19-97)


  • I hear open wheel/sprint driver Jack Hewitt will drive a Bill Elliott Craftsman Truck in 1998. No idea of a sponsor or if it is a full time deal(12-16-97), another source says Dexter Canipe, WRS national champ, has gone to work for Bill Elliott in his new shop and may be a candidate for the seat in the truck(12-18-97)
  • From the Ricky Craven site: “New Holland North America, Inc. announced today an agreement with Ricky Craven Motorsports for the 1998 NASCAR/BUSCH GRAND NATIONAL Series. The agreement includes the popular Ron Barfield at the wheel of New Holland’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo, which will be designed to carry the number “2”. New Holland has signed on for 12 BUSCH GRAND NATIONAL races and 3 ARCA series races for the 1998 season.”, the rest of the story can be seen at the site(Ricky Craven Page rumored here on the 10th)(12-18-97)
  • I hear a rumor that Dave McCarty, formerly the crew chief for Darrell Waltrip’s Craftsman Truck series will become the crew chief on DW’s Winston Cup team and that DW will sign with a sponsor on Friday, but will announce it until January during the Motorsports Media Tour(12-18-97)
  • 1997 ASA Champ Kevin Cywinski left ASA team, moved south, and is searching for a BGN or Truck ride for 1998. I hear his crew chief, Mike Chaffee, formerly of Jay Sauter’s ASA team, moved with south with him also and plans to work with Cywinski(12-18-97)
  • UPDATE: The Ford teams get a rare chance to test in December as NASCAR has allowed them a chance to test the new Taurus at Talladega on Dec 16-18th, this test will not count toward the 7 tests WC teams are allowed to do during the season(WC Today)(12-3-97), sorry I have no times or news about the test yet(12-16-97)- MRN Today reports that Mark Martin, Jeff Burton, Rusty Wallace, Dale Jarrett, Lake Speed and Michael Waltrip are testing at Talladega. They are trying out a lower front end and the angle of the windshield. No times will be released until after the test which ends Thursday. I hear that Lake Speed in the #9 Wacky Ford Taurus has been consistently been the best with aero and test speeds(at Talladega and Daytona).(12-17-97). Testing ended today with no speed reported, 17 Ford WC drivers tested the Taurus(NASCAR Online)(12-18-97)
  • I hear BGN driver Jeff Fuller has not signed with Terry Labonte but he is getting closer with a couple deals but still no definate plans.(12-18-97)
  • Kenny Schrader will run a limited BGN schedule for his WC owner, Andy Petree in 1998. If sponsorship is found they expect to run 10-12 events starting with Daytona in February(NASCAR Online)(12-18-97)
  • I hear that the #3 and the #31 were testing at Greenville-Pickens Speedway on 12/17/97.(12-18-97)
  • UPDATE #2: I hear Jason Keller may drive for a BGN team co-owned by Jack Roush and Greg Pollex in 1998(12-3-97); and I hear Jason Keller will make an announcement on his BGN plans for 1998 soon(12-16-97) and another source tells me this is a solid rumor(12-17-97);

    Press Release: Keller to Drive for Progressive Motorsports BGN Team –
    A group of investors including Joe Keller)Jason’s Father) and Steve de Souza have joined forces with veteran NASCAR Busch competitor, Jason Keller to form Progressive Motorsports LLC, and will field a NASCAR Busch Grand National team in 1998. The team also announced that another NASCAR Busch series veteran, Jamie Jones, has been named as crew chief for the new operation, which will be located in the Charlotte area. We are extremely excited about this program and the quality of individuals involved,ö said de Souza, a former F-1 powerboat racing champion. Our company represents many years of successful experience in NASCAR racing. Our goal is excellence, and we fully expect to enter into 1998 as a competitive race team, with the potential to win events. Our stable of cars is being prepared, we are securing personnel, a new
    facility, and are in the process of seeking sponsorship. We feel ready to meet
    the challenge and are fully committed.”, the car will be the #57 Chevy and retain last years owner points(12-18-97)


  • Lance Hooper will drive in the BGN series in Richard Jackson’s Pontiac full time in 1998. They have a sponsor but not ready to announce it yet. No news on the Winston Cup deal(NASCAR Online)(12-17-97)
  • As reported on iRace last week: Bud Moore and Tim Steele will team up in 1998. Steele will run for Rookie of the Year(ROTY) in Winston Cup driving Moore’s #15 Fords in 1998. The team is still hunting sponsorship (rare Jayski opinion: these companies do not know what they are missing out on by NOT sponsoring NASCAR teams) and plans to run both Thunderbirds and Tauruses early on in the 1998 season.(12-17-97)(NASCAR Online)
  • UPDATE: I hear Darrell Waltrip released crew chief Jeff Hammond on 12-15. DW is making the change to try and revamp his team and become more competitive. I hear he may end up with a Roush team(12-15-97)- Officially announced on NASCAR Online, no new news on a replacement yet(12-17-97)
  • Good Story about Joey Knuckles at NASCAR Online via the Winston Cup Illustrated: Joey Knuckles: a racer through and through(12-17-97)
  • John Andretti laughed as he gained his “revenge on an obvious Jeff Gordon fan,” but Riley’s Childrens’ Hospital was the big winner Monday. By lapping radio producer Matt Hibbeln 13 times at a go-kart track in Indianapolis, Andretti was able to raise nearly $4,000 for the well-known central Indiana children’s hospital. The hospital is best known for admitting children regardless of their family’s economic status. The race at Stefan Johannson’s Karting Center – owned by the former Indy car star –
    brought in a crowd of nearly 400 people on a Monday afternoon. Andretti and Chris
    Gardocki, punter for the Indianapolis Colts and fresh from his team’s 41-0 victory over the Miami Dolphins the day before, signed autographs throughout the three-hour event. Hibbeln, a producer at WIBC-AM in Indianapolis, had been ribbing Andretti for nearly a year during Andretti’s regular weekly call-in feature. The good-natured joking escalated to a go- kart challenge, and Andretti responded by lapping Hibbeln 13 times on a track that takes an average driver 28-30 seconds to complete. Andretti turned laps around 20 seconds consistently. Local businesses had pledged donations for every time Andretti lapped Hibbeln. Hibbeln still needled Andretti until just before race time, after which Andretti smiled and waved at him every time he passed. The crowd roared on every pass, pulling for Andretti.(Williams Company Press Release)(12-17-97)
  • Super 8 Motels, Inc. has renewed its associate sponsorship with Bill Elliott Racing on the #94 McDonald’s Ford Taurus. Super 8 logos will appear on the lower front quarter panels on the #94; as well as on the transporter; the merchandise
    trailers; and on Elliott’s and the crew’s uniforms. Super 8 has been Elliott’s associate sponsor since 1996.(NASCAR Online)(12-17-97)


  • I hear Old Navy Clothing will be Brett Bodine’s sponsor for 1998(12-16-97)-FALSE
  • UPDATE: I hear from a few readers that on ESPN`s “Craftsman Truck Series Rear View Mirror” show Tony Raines’ crew chief announced that their Pennzoil Dodge will be a Pennzoil Ford in 1998. He also made it official that Pennzoil liked Tony`s progression and they are going to sponsor (as an associate) him in 5 cup races next season with one of Pennzoil`s smaller companies like Jiffy Lube, they did not announce which cup races they will run because they have to see which WC races don`t conflict truck races.(ESPN)(12-7-97); Raines will be sponsored by Yellow Freight System’s and attempt to make WC races at Las Vegas, California, Michigan(spring), Indy and Charlotte(fall)(NASCAR Online)(12-16-97)
  • From RacingPR and Lynne “Snoop’s” Huntting, the same folks who bring us the WRL Vote: “Lee Morse, already the President of Irvan-Simo Racing, has a new hat to wear now also. He is running Signature Engines, the new in-house engine program for the Irvan-Simo NASCAR Craftsman Truck team. The Ford truck team owned by Ernie Irvan and Mark Simo fields Boris Said in the Truck series, and have gone in on the new engine program with Dale Phelon’s Truck team which has Bryan Reffner returning as driver. Both teams experienced frustrations with their respective engines this past season and are taking this step in hopes of remedying the situation. Signature will be housed in Mooresville, in the same complex as the Irvan-Simo team. Another change for the Irvan-Simo team will be the addition of Doug Louth as in-house chassis engineer. Louth had been with Ford SVO before leaving to work with Roush Racing.”(RacingPR)(12-16-97)
  • Terry Elledge from GMs Racing research and development committee, has joined Bill Davis Racing, the #22 MBNA Pontiac WC team with driver Ward Burton. Elledge joins Davis’ team as director of engine development, working with engine builder Frank Leisson.(NASCAR Online)(12-16-97)
  • Mike Wallace and Purolator will both return to Kenny Schrader’s #52 Chevy in the Craftsman Truck Series for the 1998 season(NASCAR Online)(12-16-97)
  • Rumor has it that the 1998 Spring race at Darlington may be the last(spring race at Darlington).(NASCAR Humor and More Newsletter)(12-16-97)
  • The 8th annual Stocks for Tots, to benefit neglected and abused children, will be held on Thursday, Dec 18, 1997 from 6pm to 10 pm at Lakeside Industrial Park in Mooresville, the site of several NASCAR race shops. Fans gain entrance to the industrial park by bringing a new toy or a cash donation. Once inside, teams open their shops for fans to visit and seek autographs from their favorite drivers. Proceeds go to Stop Child Abuse Now centers across the Carolinas.

    Drivers expected to take part include Rusty Wallace, Jeff Burton, Rick Mast, Brett Bodine, Derrike Cope, Ernie Irvan, David Green, Morgan Shepherd, Randy LaJoie, Ron Hornaday, Mike Bliss, Jack Sprague, Elliott Sadler, Jeff Green, Steve Park, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jason Keller, Jeff Fuller, Tim Fedewa, Mike McLaughlin, Rodney Combs, Glenn Allen, Tracy Leslie, Stevie Reeves, Kevin Schwantz, Dennis Setzer, Shane Hall, Jimmy Foster, Mike Dillon, Matt Kenseth and Steven Christian.

    Benny Parson and Mark Garrow will emcee a memorabilia auction, featuring driver’s suits from Wallace and Dale Earnhardt plus sheet metal from race cars and other autographed items. The event, coordinated by Don Miller of Penske Racing South, has raised more than $250,000 and collected truckloads of toys since its inception.

    For information, call the 24-hour Stocks for Tots information line at (704) 522-5733. Donations can also be sent to P.O. Box 565, Mooresville, N.C. 28115.(Charlotte Observer)(12-16-97)
  • I hear if John Andretti finishes in the top 5 at Daytona, he will run in the Indy 500 in one of AJ Foyt’s cars and while it has nothing to do with WC, I also hear that Al Unser Jr. will run the Indy 500 this year(12-16-97)


  • Former NASCAR Winston Cup champion Bobby Allison will be honored in January as the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame’s second inductee, it was announced by Don Miller, the organization’s chairman. Allison’s induction will be January 17, 1998 in the Charlotte (N.C.) Convention Center’s ballroom. The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame is located in Mooresville, N.C., in Lakeside (Business) Park just off I-77. In addition to the museum, it contains an art gallery and gift shop, which are open Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Its 1997 inaugural inductee was seven-time Winston Cup champion Richard Petty.(RaceCity News Press Release)(12-15-97)
  • Good story on SpeedNet about Bill France, Jr and the possible future of NASCAR at: France illness scary for sport, fans.(12-15-97)
  • Bob Gulbranson has been named crew chief on Hermie Sadler’s #29 BGN series chevy(NASCAR Fans/Charlotte Observer)(12-15-97)


  • Diamond Ridge (owner of the #29 WC Chevy driven by Jeff Green) has hired former WC #6 Car Chief, Butch Hylton to be the crew chief for BGN driver Elliott Sadler in 5 Cup races in 1998. I assume it will be in the #66 Phillips 66 Chevy(RPN2Nite)(12-14-97)


  • #62 Team Paradigm has the latest info on the #64 Arby’s Fans Team. In part: “Team Paradigm has been contacted by the RTM Restaurant Group (the owners of Arby’s) about their involvement with FansTeam (see the story dated 12/4/97 on the Team Paradigm page). As we suspected, RTM was unaware of our “fan sponsored” effort and after learning of Team Paradigm, is less enthusiastic about their involvement. It may be that Arby’s will now distance themselves from FansTeam.” Check out both pages and decide for yourself(12-13-97)
  • I hear the Chevrolet SB-2 had two casting runs of the new 12 degree SB-2 Heads that had flaws and have just completed the third run.(12-13-97)
  • I hear that Morgan Shepherd is a candidate for the new Arby’s/Fans #64 team.(12-13-97)
  • Dave Marcis has been selected as the fourth-quarter nominee for the National Motorsports Press Association Spirit Award. The NMPA Spirit Award is designed to recognize sportsmanship, determination, extraordinary performance in the face of adversity, consideration of others and the promotion of motor sports. Rick Hendrick, Joe Nemechek and Rich Bickle are the other 1997 nominees(NASCAR Online)(12-13-97)
  • As rumored here in the past: Former CART driver Dominic Dobson will run for Rookie of the Year in the Truck Series in the PacWest Touring Car Group in the #78 MCI Dodge Ram. The Group is owned by Dobson and Bruce R. McCaw.(NASCAR Online)(and MCI is supposed to sponsor WC and BGN teams too)(12-13-97)
  • Also: Butch Miller will return to the #18 Dana Dodge and a second team by L&R Motorsports in 1998. L&R Motorsports other team is the #90 NHL Dodge driven by Lance Norick(NASCAR Online)(12-13-97)
  • National Speed Sport News reports that the proposed merger of USAC and NASCAR is close to happening slowly but surely(NSSN)(12-13-97)


  • Per NASCAR Chat with Jack Sprague, driver of the #24 Hendrick Truck: The team still does not have a primary sponsor for 1998 but they are working on it. Quaker State will be back as an associate sponsor, along with GMAC.(NASCAR Online)(12-12-97)
  • Action Performance bought Rusty Wallace’s merchandising company for $8 million and may also use the Penske Racing logo on Wallace merchandise.(SpeedNet)(12-12-97)
  • Winston Cup driver John Andretti has challenged WIBC-AM’s producer, Matt Hibbeln of WIBC-AM to a match race Monday at the popular Stefan Johannsons Karting Center in Indianapolis. Hibbeln has been ribbing Andretti. Dave “The King” Wilson and Indy Racing League driver Scott Goodyear will call the race on WIBC, 1070 on the AM dial. Whether or not its all in good fun, Riley Hospital for Children will benefit from the race. Businesses may commit to donations based on how many times Andretti laps Hibbeln. Fans can also make donations at the event and receive autographs from Andretti and Goodyear. Harbaugh Hill, the foundation established by Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh, has donated 100 free T-shirts, which will go to the first 100 fans making donations at the event.(SpeedNet), for more news on this and how to donate, see the John Andretti Website.(12-12-97)


  • WC Testing Schedule at Daytona: Jan 3-5 General Motors; Jan 6-8 Ford; Jan 12-14 GM; Jan 17-18 Dash; Jan 19-21 Ford(WC Scene)(12-11-97)

  • I hear that the new heads for GM will not be ready by Daytona. Seems the first run of legal heads had casting problems & they are just getting heads that they can use, but they still have to machine & test(NASCAR Fans Newsletter)(12-11-97)
  • I hear ASA driver Brad Loney has a deal to run the first 5 races with Mike Laughlin #45 BGN Chevy, possibly more it depends on more sponsorship(12-11-97)
  • The top 5 in the Most Popular Driver vote: Bill Elliott, Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Dick Trickle and Rusty Wallace(WC Scene)(12-11-97)


  • From Jimmy Foster’s chat on NASCAR Online: “The cars will be burgundy on the front of it, going to black toward the back, with a yellow and orange stripe that breaks into two colors. And it will have yellow numbers, with of course, the Dr. Pepper logos on it. We’ll have the No. 50. They chose 50, it was a number that was open, and they chose it for the 50th Anniversary of NASCAR”, this is for the #50 BGN Washington-Erving Motorsports Dr Pepper Ford(12-10-97)
  • iRace reports: Veteran NASCAR team owner Bud Moore, virtually inactive in 1997, has high hopes for a resurgent 1998 season with ARCA champion Tim Steele taking over driving duties for the Spartanburg, S.C.-based Bud Moore Engineering team. Moore said the details of the transaction merging his team with Steele’s ARCA outfit are being completed. Tom Sokoloski, Steele’s long-time crew chief, quit the ARCA team in mid-June, citing burnout, but came back Oct. 8. He is expected to take the crew chief role in the Winston Cup operation next year. Steele has five Winston Cup starts. No announcement has been made regarding sponsorship, but Moore is convinced the resources are available to make his team competitive in 1998, or else he’d still be on the sidelines. See the story at iRACE.(12-10-97)
  • It’s official, Cale Yarborough announced his 1998 sponsor for the #98 team on Dec 10th, surprise! It’s Thorn Apple Valley(Thorn Apple Valley markets processed meat, poultry, and fresh pork products internationally), signed to a three year deal.(NASCAR Online)(12-10-97)
  • Joe Ruttman re-signed with Roush Racing to drive the #80 Ford in the Craftsman Truck Series(NASCAR Online)(12-10-97)
  • I hear the Kranefuss-Penske ‘merger’ will happen soon and I have heard that the #37 will change to #66.(I have heard this came from Racer magazine but I have not seen it). I hear it is because of the Route 66 clothing line at Kmart, but another source says the number is not changing(12-10-97)
  • The NASCAR Online Chat with Sterling Marlin mentioned that he would run 10 BGN races in 1998 in the #1 car. They have a good idea who the sponsor is but haven’t signed anything yet.(12-10-97)
  • The Winston Cup Today radio show reports that the #21 Citgo team and the #23 Winston team will share shock absorber development(12-10-97)
  • I hear Ron Barfield may drive some races for Ricky Craven’s BGN team in 1998, with New Holland as a sponsor??(12-10-97)


  • I hear Jeff Fuller is close to signing to drive Terry Labonte’s #5 BGN Chevy’s full time in 1998(12-8-97)
  • The Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA) has announced that it will sanction a racing series for compact pickup trucks beginning in 1999, with one exhibition event already scheduled to be run in 1998. See the story at iRace ARCA Announces Truck Series for ’99.(12-8-97)
  • Another story I found deals with which drivers were involved in the most incidents in 1997, see the story at: Crash Course: Martin Safest Driver from Bob Zeller of the News & Record Online(12-8-97)


  • I hear the #37 Kmart Ford driven by Jeremy Mayfield will run the black paint scheme in 1998, same as they did in Phoenix. Kmart will be the primary sponsor with RC taking a lesser role as an assoc(12-6-97)
  • I hear Butch Miller is going to L&R Racing as a teammate to Lance Norick, driving second truck, DANA / Dodge, Walker Evans is supposedly closing his Craftsman Truck shop(12-6-97)
  • Dale Jarrett mentioned that Ford Quality Care would be know as Ford Quality Care at Your Service in 1998 and the change would be seen on the car, he also mentioned Coca-Cola had signed as a sponsor as rumored here in the past.(ESPN-Banquet)(12-6-97)
  • Phil Hammer formally of Hendrick Motorsports has been officially named as the crew chief for the Washington-Erving WC team(NASCAR Online), sources continue to tell me that 7-up (soft drink) will be the sponsor of the team(12-6-97)
  • The 1998 Winston Cup point fund will be $5 million, up by $1 million over the amount put up by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. this year. Since RJR, through its Winston
    cigarettes brand, started sponsoring the Winston Cup Series in 1971, it has paid out over $65 million.(Charlotte Observer)(12-6-97)
  • One of NASCAR’s pioneers with more than 40 years as a car owner and race track operator, Paul Sawyer has been named the recipient of the 1997 Buddy Shuman Award. Presentation of the award was made Thursday afternoon at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in mid-town Manhattan. The Buddy Shuman Award is presented annually since 1957 to the person or persons who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to
    NASCAR Winston Cup Series racing. The recipient is selected by a panel of manufacturers’ representatives and the award is sponsored by Champion Spark Plug.
    Past recipients of the award include Bill France Jr., Les Richter, Dick Beaty, Leo Mehl, Bobby Allison, and Smokey Yunick and in 1996, Jim Foster. Sawyer, 81, is responsible for developing one of the finest racing facilities in the United States, along with building one of the biggest family operations in all of motorsports, at Richmond International Raceway. His vision to improve the facility throughout his ownership tenure is noteworthy.(NASCAR Online via NASCAR fans newsletter)(12-6-97)
  • DieHard will sponsor races in NASCAR’S top three series in 1998. This includes the DieHard 500 Winston Cup race at Talladega April 26 and the DieHard 200 and 250 Craftman Truck and Busch Grand National races July 4 and 5 in Milwaukee.(SpeedNet)(12-6-97)
  • For the sixth straight year, ESPN’s Winston Cup ratings rose, averaging a 4.3 for 14 races according to Nielsen Media Research, or 3.05 million households on average. The increase was locked in with a 5.2 rating for the season-ending NAPA 500 on Nov. 16 — which tied the cable network’s auto racing record with an average of 3.75 million homes tuning in. Since 1991, ESPN’s Winston Cup rating has risen 54 percent, from 2.8 to 4.3 rating and viewership has climbed from 1.64 to 3.05 million households — an increase of 86 percent.(Speedworld)(12-6-97)


  • Steve Park will drive the #1 Pennzoil Chevy owned by Teresa Earnhardt and fellow WC team owner Richard Jackson will switch to the #14 for 1998. Earnhardt likes the idea of running Park in the #1 car with it being his first full year in WC(NASCAR Online and iRace)(12-4-97)
  • Roush Racing announced the promotion of Frank Stoddard to crew chief position for the WC #99 Exide Batteries Ford and driver Jeff Burton on the. Former crew chief Buddy Parrott will assume responsibilities of GM for both the Exide team and the #6 Valvoline Ford driven by Mark Martin, which share a shop in Mooresville, NC(NASCAR Online)(12-4-97)
  • Ford and NASCAR signed a three-year agreement where Ford will be the official truck for all 12 NASCAR racing divisions. As part of the sponsorship, Ford will produce a limited number of 1998-model NASCAR special edition Ford F-150s.(NASCAR Online)(12-4-97)
  • Bill Elliott was selected as NASCAR’s most popular Winston Cup driver beating Dale Earnhardt 33,600 to 19,600 out of approx 80,000 votes cast(NASCAR Online)(12-4-97)
  • The 1997 Winston West Series Champion and Winston Cup driver Butch Gilliland is currently seeking marketing partners. Butch, after, 3 very successful years with Stroppe Motorsports, has announced they will be parting ways in 1998. Gilliland has made his plans public that he is going to run his own team, although he has not ruled out accepting a ride with a Truck or Busch team that is capable of running up
    front should that opportunity present itself. For full story go to Butch Gilliland Championship Racing and click racing.(Winston West Page)(12-4-97)
  • “Keystone Motorsports”, a new BGN team has been formed with rookie driver Blaise
    Alexander. Al Cretsinger will be owner/crew chief. Al is the former owner of
    Jimmy Spencer’s #20 as well as crew chief. Jimmy Spencer will be a small
    part owner as well as Blaise Alexander’s father. Sponsor’s are Rescue Engine Formula and Lisa Express – all of which are from PA, hence, “Keystone Motorsports” the Keystone State, no car number yet, I hear they will run Chevy’s(12-4-97)
  • More Money: As part of a comprehensive marketing plan in conjunction with NASCAR’s 50th Anniversary, RJR’s Sports Marketing Enterprises unveiled the remainder of the No Bull 5 promotion originally introduced earlier this year at Talladega.
    Thursday’s announcement detailed a provision by which as many as five fans could collect a $1 million bonus. Fans will be asked to mail an entry blank to qualify. If an eligible driver wins the bonus, five names will be selected from and sent to the next No Bull 5 event. There, a drawing will be held to determine the winner.(NASCAR Online)(12-4-97)
  • Fleetwood RV announced a three-year sponsorship agreement with Dale Jarrett and Robert Yates Racing. As a result of its new overall marketing strategy, Fleetwood RV
    has ended its successful three-year relationship with Rusty Wallace and Penske Racing South. The announcement took place at the RV industry’s largest show of the year in Louisville, during which Fleetwood and Jarrett revealed Jarrett’s new car sporting the Fleetwood RV logo.(iRace & Phatman), there is also a story on Yahoo.(12-3-97)


  • DW News: iRace and the Orlando Sentinel(not online) report that the FOX network show “America’s Most Wanted” will sponsor Darrell Waltrip in 1998(11-21-97). MRN’s NASCAR Today reports that Darrell Waltrip is close to signing a sponsor and has 3 good possibilities and that DW plans to race in 1998 and 1999. DW recently underwent Rotator Cuff surgery is it is healing nicely.(NASCAR Today)(12-3-97)
  • Other sources tell me that the Washington-Erving team will be #60 and I have heard #45 too(12-3-97)
  • According to the LTN Radio show(from Wisconsin) on 11-30: One of the hosts of the show had a chat with Rich Bickle, who stated that since the team is moving into Bobby Allison’s old shop, they were going to try and get the #12 for their WC car. This will all depend on whether or not Larry Lockamy and Jeff Purvis can find full time sponsorship for the #12 Chevy. If not, the #12 will go to Bickle and the Washington-Erving team.(12-3-97)
  • News about Chrysler and Winston Cup from Circle Track: Lou Patane of Chrysler is interviewed, and says they will not be competing in Winston Cup. Here’s the question from Circle Track’s Will Handzel and Lou’s answer. WH: Now that the four-door Ford Taurus has been accepted in Winston Cup, is a Chrysler Winston Cup car in the future?
    LP: The Chrysler philosophy is to race what we sell. Except for a few situations in drag racing where we are promoting our Mopar Performance Parts, this is true. Ford decided to go Winston Cup racing with the front-drive Taurus for their own reasons, but we have a lot on our plate today and we don’t feel that taking on an all-new development program to get and remain competitive in Winston Cup would create the return on investment for the assets we want to put in motorsports right now. Right
    now this is not in our plans.(Circle Track from a reader)(12-3-97)
  • A Letter from Tosco about Bill Brodrick, the “Hat Man”: Tosco Marketing Company Statement re: The “Hat Man”. PHOENIX, AZ. (Nov. 25, 1997) — Tosco Marketing Company, which markets the “76” gasoline brand, today issued the following statement regarding Bill Brodrick, aka “The Hat Man” (reference the November 25 USA Today article “Winston Cup’s ‘Hat Man’ Loses Job”): We would like to clarify that Mr. Brodrick actually had two jobs related to his work as the “hat man” –the work he performed for us was only part of the winner’s circle activities. The winner’s circle ceremonies are controlled by the track or race organizers. Mr. Brodrick is still free to continue his work with tracks on the NASCAR Circuit to coordinate winner’s circle activities as he always has. A long-time employee of the Unocal Corporation, Mr. Brodrick retired effective July 31, 1996. Tosco Marketing Company purchased the assets of Unocal’s 76 Products Company in April 1997, and therefore he was never an employee of Tosco Marketing Company or the 76 Racing group. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors as the “hat man.” 76 racing gasoline is the official fuel of NASCAR. Tosco Marketing Company is the retail marketing division of the Stamford, Conn. based Tosco Corporation. With $15 billion in annualized revenues, Tosco Corporation is the largest independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products in the United States. Tosco Corporation is responsible for marketing a family of well-known convenience store and gasoline brands including Circle K and 76.(David Poole of the Charlotte Observer, reported this a week ago)(12-3-97)
  • I have heard that Home Depot will not be the sponsor of the #98 as rumored on WC Today, Thorn Apple Valley will be the primary(12-3-97)
  • I hear that the Larry Pearson/Bobby Jones Pontiac will be #50, celebrating NASCAR’s 50th Anniversary. The car will also carry the David Pearson/Wood Brothers paint scheme. NASCAR Online reports in a story about Pearson that they will have sponsorship help from Bio-Met, a Warsaw, Ind., medical equipment company. Pearson said the team is close to signing a primary sponsor, and the team is hoping to make that
    announcement as early as next week. To commemorate NASCAR’s 50th anniversary next season, Pearson’s cars will carry a red, white and gold paint scheme, similar to that used by his father, David, during his glory years with the Wood Brothers NASCAR Winston Cup team.(12-3-97)
  • In preparation for the 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season and beyond, Jasper Motorsports has announced the promotion of Bob Dell to GM effective immediately. In addition, Mark Vieau has joined Jasper Performance Products as the director of drive train development.(NASCAR Online)(12-3-97)


  • Per NASCAR Today radio: Morgan Shepherd is looking for a ride for 1998 as the #1 Richard Jackson owned Pontiac has no sponsors lined up for 1998 and R&L Carriers will not return. Shepherd may look for a BGN ride or start his own WC/BGN team if he can not get a WC ride.(12-2-97)
  • NASCAR President returned home on Monday at 7am in Daytona Beach, FL and returned to work on Tuesday.(NASCAR Today)(12-2-97)
  • Winston Cup Today (radio show) reports that their sources say Phil Hammer will become the crew chief of the yet to be numbered Washington-Irving Ford in 1998(rumored here two weeks ago)(12-2-97)


  • Kyle Petty will have a special paint scheme on the #44 Hot Wheels Pontiac for Daytona dealing with the Universal Studios Blues Brothers movie sequel
    due for release on February 6, 1998. Blues Brothers 2000 is directed by John Landis, it sees Dan Aykroyd return as Elwood Blues and John Goodman featured as Mighty Mack McTeer. This deal was rumored to be going to Rusty Wallace but Miller supposedly squashed it(12-1-97)
  • I now hear only 3-4 Hendrick employees left for the #14 Earnhardt team, not 14 as reported earlier(12-1-97)