• NASCAR Officials are expected to take several cars to the Marietta, GA, wind tunnel after next week’s Atlanta race to check out the aerodynamic downforce numbers for the Taurus, compared to the Monte Carlo and Grand Prix. Depending on the test, NASCAR might change rear-spoiler rules for the Darlington, SC, race on March 22.(JournalNow)(2-28-98)

  • Rumors around the Charlotte area indicate Felix Sabates is looking to expand his Winston Cup effort by at least one team and maybe more. Some say it’s because Roush has more than him but closer sources say the move is because of the availability of at least one major sponsor currently in NASCAR that may be looking to change teams(Thinkin’ Racin’)(2-28-98)

  • Every once in a while rumors will flare up that NASCAR is determining it’s own destiny by “assisting” the outcome of races, always without credible evidence. I have been around NASCAR events for some time and have looked at the inspection process from the inside during one event and “unofficially” at others. After seeing how NASCAR works, it seems impossible for anyone in the sanctioning body to intentionally benefit
    a specific competitor. See the rest of the story at Thinkin’ Racin’.(2-28-98)

  • Chad Little wrecked his #97 John Deere Ford Taurus during the morning practice on Saturday and Michael Waltrip wrecked his #21 Citgo Ford during Happy Hour practice. Both will have to start the Las Vegas 400 in a back-up cars from the back of the field, Little 42nd and Waltrip 43rd(RPM2Nite)(2-28-98)

  • Jon Leibensperger, shop manager for Mike Skinner’s #31 Lowes team, is out of intensive care and recovering in a private room at Baptist Hospital, after Sunday’s crash on the way to Rockingham.(JournalNow)(2-28-98)

  • UPDATE: Kevin LePage will attempt to make the Las Vegas BGN event driving the #40 ChannelLock Chevy owned by Doug Taylor. Taylor will also field the #04 ChannelLock Chevy for his regular driver Rick Fuller(2-27-98) – Fuller failed to make the BGN race and it was announced that LePage will replace Fuller as the driver of the #40 for the rest of the year(except for conflicts with the #91 LJ Racing Chevy in Cup)(NASCAR Online)(2-28-98)


  • Quite a story about Chris Trickle at Vegas Deluxe Racing Page. Trickle made his first public appearance since being shot between the eyes just off Interstate 15 at the Blue Diamond exit on Feb. 9, 1997. The once-promising race car driver was wheeled by his family to a fund-raiser in his honor Thursday night at the Santa Fe hotel-casino as an emotional gathering looked on.(2-27-98)

  • Interesting Note: So far the winners of the Daytona 500 and Rockingham started from the 4th spot, Bill Elliott starts 4th for the Las Vegas 400 in his #94 McDonald’s Ford Taurus on Sunday(2-27-98) – Didn’t happen at Vegas(3-1-98)

  • I hear #91 LJ Racing owner, Joe Falk will meet with some potential sponsors while in Las Vegas. Although it is unknown who he will meet with, there are supposedly a couple of different companies that are interested, and he will meet with them this weekend.(Victory Lane)(2-27-98)

  • Charlie Rabb, a part-time media relations assistant at Charlotte Motor Speedway, is recovering from a mild stroke suffered Saturday night(2-21). He plans to be back in duty in time for May’s Coca-Cola 600 activities at CMS.(SpeedNet)(2-27-98)

  • Is NASCAR scripted? Check out the stories at That’s Racin’.(2-26-98)

  • UPDATE: I hear some changes will be occuring at SABCO(#’s 40,42 and 46), no idea what(2-19-98) maybe it was Buddy Barnes leaving his crew chief job of the #40(2-26-98)

  • Hearing rumors that if Todd Bodine misses the Las Vegas 400, Tabasco may rethink their sponsorship of the #35 Pontiac team. Bodine qualified 47th out of 50 drivers at Vegas during 1st round qualifying.(2-27-98)

  • A small accident while heading to Las Vegas sidelined the #91 LJ Racing race hauler about 130 miles from the track. Another rig backed into it at a truck stop, and pushed the radiator into the motor. They were unable to fix it at the scene. They found someone to tow it the rest of the way to the track.(Victory Lane)(2-27-98)

  • Good story about WC Rookie Jerry Nadeau at: Nadeau will try to do some fast learning in Las Vegas.(Mike Mulhern-JournalNow)(2-27-98)

  • Kyle Petty’s 2,780-mile ride to Las Vegas on his motorcycle included at least one scary moment. Near Golden, Colo., Petty lost control doing about 25 mph while enduring some dicey weather. Petty said he had been through patches of sun, rain,
    wind and snow just before his mishap. Petty put the cycle over on its side and was not injured.(That’s Racin)(2-27-98)

  • Sunday’s Las Vegas 400 will be the second NASCAR Winston Cup event held in Las Vegas. Normal Nelson won the only other NASCAR Winston Cup event held in the city when he won a 111-lap event at the old Las Vegas Park Speedway on October 16, 1955(Speedworld)(2-27-98)

  • Rockingham BGN winner, Matt Kenseth will once again be sponsored by Lyco’s at Las Vegas(RPM2Nite)(2-27-98)

  • Looks like 50 cars will attempt to make the Las Vegas 400. Not sure if Winston West provisonals will apply for this race, especially since they just had a Winston West race at the track on Wednesday.(2-27-98)

  • UPDATE: Winston West driver Butch Gilliland will attempt to make the Las Vegas 400 WC race this weekend(2-27-98), Gilliland decided his car was not competitive and withdrew from the race, but Larry Gunselman made an attempt on Friday, but was the slowest car in the #37 Lucas Thunderbird. Not sure if he will make a 2nd round try(2-27-98)

  • Practice ended at 5pm(pt) on Thursday and Bill Elliott McDonald’s Ford was fastest at 166.384.(2-27-98)

  • Applications are being accepted for the 1998 Alan Kulwicki Memorial Scholarship, a $1,500 annual grant to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. For information, contact: Office of Admissions, UNC Charlotte, 9201 University City Boulevard, Charlotte, NC, 28223; or call 704-547-2213. Deadline for applications is April 1st.(SpeedNet)(2-27-98)


  • Andy Petree might be able to get a second team going for maybe 10 races in 1998 to get things set up for next year. He gave no indication as to who the second driver might be, but some drivers are already on the hot seat with their current car owners even though the season is only a few weeks old.(JournalNow), the team also announced
    that Mark IV Automotive, manufacturer of Dayco belts and hoses and Purolator oil and air filters, announced it will be an associate sponsor and that Dayco will appear on the deck lid.(NASCAR Online)(2-26-98)

  • UPDATE: Crew Chief Silly Season already: I hear Buddy Barnes is no longer Sterling Marlin’s crew chief and that Tony Glover will take over starting at Vegas and until someone is found. I have no more info on the news at this time(2-25-98) – Confirmed on RPM2Nite(2-26-98)

  • Check out the story at the Las Vegas Review Journal: Irvan hopes for magic moment, it explains the M&M’s deal and show a picture of Irvan in his M&M’s drivers suit and part of the #36 M&M’s Pontiac(LVRJ-thanks Cindy), the same image is shown on Jayski’s Ernie Irvan Page.(2-26-98)

  • Craftsman Truck Series driver Tony Raines will attempt to make his WC debut in the #19 Kurt Roehrig Ford Thunderbird at Las Vegas this weekend if he can make the field. Yellow Freight System, Inc., will be the sponsor. Raines will attempt 5 WC races in 1998(NASCAR Online)(2-26-98)

  • Chris Trickle is still not fully recovered from being shot in the head in February of 1997, but when handed a steering wheel Tuesday, he instinctively did what any driver would do. He squeezed it with both hands and produced a little smile. See the rest of the story at: Trickle will appear in public at benefit.(2-26-98)


  • Good story about Red Farmer at In 50th year, still no rust on Farmer.(Alabama Live)(2-25-98)

  • Looks Are Everything, about What makes a new NASCAR car model “new”? (CNNSI)(2-25-98)


  • Jeff Hammond is the new crew chief for the #97 John Deere Roush Ford Taurus and driver Chad Little. It is effective immediately. He will be in Las Vegas with the team. Skip Eyler will become Team Manager and Chassis Specialist for the team(2-24-98)

  • How about Lyco’s sponsoring Matt Kenseth and then he goes out and win’s the BGN race at The Rock. Lyco’s is one of the Web’s premier Web Search Engines, feel free to email Lyco’s at [email protected] and tell them ‘thanks’ for sponsoring NASCAR. Also lets not forget that Yahoo Search And Category Site is sponsoring the #8 Bobby Hillin Chevy in the BGN series, let them know we appreciate it also(200News)(2-23-98), According to Eli Gold on TNN, Lycos only sponsored Matt Kensenth for the Daytona race. The team displayed the decals on the side panels at Rockingham just to say thank you.(2-24-98)

  • Gary Dehart remains in the spotlight with all kinds of rumors. The Wood Brothers have been thrown into the pot now. This action would not be complete if a possible second team for Rudd Performance Motorsports was not thrown into the mix. Dehart will obviously be an asset to any team, but which one…nothing final yet. Rudd is expected to field another team before yearend, but no details yet.(Speedworld), but TNN’s Raceday reports that Dehart has left the #35 BGN Amick team and plans to start his own chassis business(Raceday)(2-22-98), see the story on NASCAR Online(2-24-98)

  • Check out: Las Vegas – Racing Through the Years from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.(2-24-98)

  • Ernie Irvan will drive a M&M’s paint scheme on his #36 Pontiac at Las Vegas this weekend. M&M Mars who makes Skittles also makes M&M’s(2-24-98)


  • UPDATE: “Jon Liebenberger, a crew member of the #31 Lowe’s team, was en route to North Carolina Speedway on Sunday morning when he was involved in a traffic accident. He is currently in critical condition at Bowman-Gray Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC.”(NASCAR Online), get well and best wishes to John(2-22-98) — Jon Leibensperger, a crew member for Mike Skinner’s team, is in stable condition with a fractured hip, bruised lung and a concussion after he was involved in a one-car crash when he hit a tree near Winston-Salem, NC. He was taken to Bowman-Gray Hospital following the crash.(iRACE)(2-23-98)

  • Nice story about this site at: Tom Hintz – Thinkin’ Racin’.(2-23-98)

  • Overheard at the Rockingham WC race from one of the owners, said that his team won
    just over $25,000 yesterday and his Goodyear rubber bill was a whopping $21,000…Thank you sponsorships!(2-23-98)

  • ESPN plans to add a post-race weekly wrap-up show to its already extensive television coverage of Winston Cup racing.(JournalNow)(2-23-98)

  • UPDATE: I hear that six cars inspected after the Daytona 500 were found with violations. No idea who or what but look for some fines to be announced.(2-18-98) – only thing I have heard so far is that it dealt with the rear deck lid(2-23-98)


  • Tim Flock was inducted into the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame’s in a special ceremony at Flock’s home on Saturday, February 21st. Flock joins Richard Petty and Bobby Allision in the Hall of Fame. The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame is located in Mooresville, N.C., in Lakeside (Business) Park just off I-77. In addition to the museum, it contains an art gallery and gift shop, which are open Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm(RPM2Day)(2-22-98)

  • Morgan Shepherd attempted to make the GM Goodwrench Service Plus 400 in his own #05 Pontiac which is white with orange lettering. Shepherd wants to run more races but needs a primary sponsor. He has Good Stuff America on the side of the car for Rockingham, he qualified 48th of 49th, still has 2nd round to try and make the field(2-20-98), but he missed the field and was 47 out of 49 drivers(2-22-98)

  • Rusty Wallace who finished 2nd and Bill Elliott who finished 6th at the Rock
    are the only drivers who have finished in the top 10 at Daytona and Rockingham, the first two races(2-22-98)

  • No Ford Thunderbirds made the WC race at the Rock for the first time since Ford returned to NASCAR in the late 1970’s(2-22-98)



  • Speedworld hears that the #33 Skoal Chevy team and the #96 Cat Chevy team may join up to share information such as the #90/#10 and #23/#21 teams(2-20-98)

  • Results of Daytona’s chassis dyno tests: Bobby Labonte’s car-engine combination pulled the strongest number (377 horsepower at the rear wheels), followed by Rusty Wallace’s Ford (374 horsepower) and Kenny Schrader’s Chevy pulled only 352 horsepower, leading some to think it might have been damaged on the dyno.(JournalNow)(2-20-98)

  • Still Plugging Away, story about Dave Marcis by Skip Wood of the Times-Dispatch(2-20-98)

  • Dale Jarrett who was fastest in practice at Rockingham(North Carolina Speedway), blew an engine on his qualifying lap and was 49 of 49 drivers. He is guaranteed to make the race since his car was second in owners points in 1997(2-20-98)

  • Speeds were down at this weeks Atlanta Cup testing. Jimmy Spencer-191.8mph in the #23;; Steve Park-190.8mph in the #1; in contrast Geoff Bodine qualified at more than 197mph at Atlanta in November 1997. Looks like the 5 and 5 rules has slowed down the cars(JournalNow)(2-20-98)

  • US Tobacco/Skoal extended it’s contract with the #33 Andy Petree-Schrader team for the 1999 season(JournalNow)(2-20-98)

  • NASCAR has fined Loy Allen, Jr., driver of the #14 Richard Jackson owned Pontiac, $2,000 for punching Kenny Wallace at Daytona after an altercation in the Twin 125’s(JournalNow)(2-20-98)

  • UPDATE: 17-year-old Casey Atwood will be the youngest driver to debut in the BGN series should he qualify his Larry Lockamy-owned Chevrolet for the Goodwrench
    Service Plus 200 at North Carolina Speedway in Rockingham this weekend. Two years ago, the Antioch, TE native drove in Nashville in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series in the #48 STP Star Chevrolet. Atwood, a protege of NASCAR Winston Cup driver Bobby Hamilton and has been running NASCAR Late Model Stocks the past few years and before that go-karts where he excelled.(Arni Sribhen-In The Fastlane)(2-19-98), not bad, he qualified 15th(2-20-98)

  • Regarding pit-stalls, there are 31 of them on the front stretch at North Carolina Speedway(Rockingham). Quite often we see spots 26-30 Stand on their time in 2nd round(NASCAR Fans)(2-20-98)


  • Action Performance Companies Inc. and Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) announced that they will host a spectacular public ceremony featuring special guest Priscilla Presley on Saturday, 2/28 at 7pm(pt) at Caesars Palace main entrance in Las Vegas. The event will celebrate the debut of NASCAR Champion Rusty Wallace’s Elvis-themed Miller Lite Ford Taurus in the inaugural NASCAR Las Vegas 400 Winston Cup Race on March 1. Also featured at the ceremony with Wallace will be NHRA Champion John Force, whose Elvis-themed Castrol Mustang Funny Car debuts in the 29th Annual Mac Tools Gatornationals in Gainesville, Fla. on March 8. Both of the cars will be exhibited for public viewing at Caesars Palace. The cars feature a larger-than-life image of Elvis on the hood with a gold guitar adorning the car side panels. Musical notes sweep above the words, “Viva Las Vegas” and “Hunka Hunka Burnin’.” The image used is that of Elvis clad in black leather from his 1968 TV special, and kicks off a yearlong celebration of the 30th anniversary of that famous show.(Business Wire)(2-19-98)

  • UPDATE: Great News: Doctors have told NASCAR WC owner Rick Hendrick(#’s 5, 24 and 50) that he is within 1% of Remission in his fight with Leukemia and expect to announce in a few weeks that he is 100% in remission.(Dr. Jerry Punch/RPM2Nite)(2-17-98) – also see the stories at That’s Racin’ and That’s Racin’ – another story.(2-19-98)

  • Former #8 Stavola Bros crew chief, Bill Ingle has returned to Ricky Rudd’s team as the General/Team Manager. Jim Long will remain as the crew chief of the #10 Tide Ford. Ingle resigned from the #8 on January 25th and stayed with them thru the Daytona 500, which the team failed to qualify for. Ingle worked for Rudd from 1994-1995(RPM2Nite), I hear it is the beginnings of at least a two car team as early as late this year for RPM-Rudd Performance Motorsports(2-19-98)

  • CBS’ broadcast of Sunday’s Daytona 500 drew an overnight rating of 7.7, up 12 percent from last year’s 6.9 rating, according to Nielsen Media Research. The overnight ratings cover the results from 36 major markets. The rating figure means 7.7 percent of homes with television sets watched the 1998 kickoff to NASCAR’s Winston Cup Series.(SpeedNet)(2-19-98)

  • Rusty Wallace and Jeremy Mayfield tested at Homestead on Monday(2-17) and Mayfiled said the test went well. This test does not count agaianst the seven allowed by NASCAR since it is a non Winston Cup track(RPM2Nite)(2-19-98)

  • Dale Earnhardt make a cameo in a movie being filmed by David Zucker, who made the Airplane! movies. I hear this one is called BASEketball. It’s a farce on the big money involved in sports nowadays. Starring Matt Parker and Trey Stone of “South Park” fame and Dian Bachar as “pioneers of a new sport mutation that takes over America.” (from the 2/19/98 issue of Rolling Stone). Jenny McCarthy is also a featured player. Also many big name sports stars do spots in it. Dale does a cameo as a taxi driver.(2-19-98)

  • The motor problem Kevin Lepage had at the Daytona 500 was a broken valve spring, and that grew into a disintegrated valve(Victory Lane.(2-19-98)

  • Ray Hill will be retiring as the BGN Director at the end of 1998. His replacement will be John Darby(WC Scene)(2-19-98)

  • I hear Hover Motersports has released driver Mike Ciochetti from the #80 WC car that attempted to make the Daytona 500(2-19-98)

  • Team Scandia IRL driver will make his ARCA debut at Atlanta on March 8th in a Team Scandia Ford as well as his Winston Cup debut in Atlanta in November 1998. Brett Bodine drives the current full-time Team Scandia #11 Paychex Ford in Winston Cup(RPM2Nite)(2-19-98)


  • Check out the Adam Petty article by Mike Mulhern of the JournalNow at Fourth-generation Petty begins stock-car racing career.(2-18-98)

  • Dale Earnhardt’s total winnings of $1,059,105 marked the first time a Winston
    Cup driver topped the $1 million mark in a race. The previous high was the $613,000 Jeff Gordon won in the inaugural Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis. (NASCAR Fans/Bill Fleischman-Philadelphia Daily News/my favorite newspaper)(2-18-98)


  • I hear that Harold Steele has sold back his interest in Bud Moore Racing back to Bud Moore, no idea what this means for the future of the team and if Steele will still drive the #15 Ford(2-17-98)

  • UPDATE from 2-16: Crew Chief Bill Ingle has left the #8 Circuit City Chevy Stavola Bros team. Donnie(not Bobby) Allison is now a consultant to the team. Ross Friesinger will step into the interm crew chief position(RPM2Nite), also a story at That’s Racin’.(2-17-98)

  • On NASCAR Today, Bill France, Jr said that NASCAR will not split into two divisions in the near future and they plan on taking it year-to-year(2-17-98)

  • Clarification: BGN series points will be scored the same as WC in 1998, including Daytona. BGN did not use bonus points for leading a lpa or the most laps and will now award 5 bonus points like Cup does.(NASCAR Today-Radio Show)(2-17-98)

  • WorldCom and MCI are now assoc sponsors on the #7 Philips Mattei Motorsports Ford driven by Geoff Bodine(2-17-98)

  • From the David Letterman show: “Reasons It Took Me 20 Years To Win The Daytona 500”, as presented on February 16, 1998, by 1998 Daytona 500 Winner, Dale Earnhardt:

    10. It took me 19 years to realize I had the emergency brake on.

    9. Finally rotated and balanced my mustache.

    8. Quit training with the Canadian snowboarding team.

    7. Stopped letting my 300-pound cousin Ricky ride shotgun.

    6. New strategy: pretend I’m Dave driving home on the Merritt Parkway.

    5. Who cares that it took me 20 years — at least my name isn’t Dick Trickle.

    4. Just figured out that if you mash the gas pedal all the way down,
    the car takes off like a son-of-a-bitch.

    3. My new pit crew — The Spice Girls.

    2. This year whenever I passed somebody I gave them the finger.

    1. My secret to success: one can of motor oil in my engine, one can of motor oil in my pants!(thanks Kevin)(2-17-98)

  • Brett Bodine(#11), Steve Park(#1) and Robert Pressley(#77) tested Tuesday afternoon at Atlanta, they had to wait for the rain to stop(NASCAR Today)(2-17-98)

  • Using the new Bo-Dyn bobsled, the USA team posted the two fastest runs in final trials for this weekend’s competition. Geoff Bodine financed the construction of the first US made sleds in 30 years after seeing our team do dismally in outdated second-hand equipment in ’92. And, he got Bob Vaillancourt and Bob Cuneo at Chassis Dynamics in Oxford, CT to design them. In the mid ’80’s they worked with Geoff on the Bo-Dyn NASCAR Modified cars…the most successful of their day. Later, Brett and then Todd Bodine worked at Chassis as race car fabricators. The Bodines can’t be in Japan… they’ll be in Rockingham, but Geoff has a lot to be proud of as our guys and a NASCAR designed and built sled go for the gold at Nagano.(2-17-98), oh well they were able to get a 4th overall, watch for the Gold in 2002!

  • I hear there are no plans to run the Gatorade 125’s at night in 1999, despite the
    story by JournalNow. However, strong ratings for the Pepsi 400 July 4, MIGHT help influence a future change.(2-17-98)

  • More news on the Roush Racing Truck Teams: Sponsor of the #50 Joe Ruttman truck, LCI decided to re-evaluate its involvement with NASCAR. Roush decided to combine the #50 and #99 teams. Joe Ruttman will now take over the #99 Exide Ford F150 that Chuck Bown drove. Bown the is out of a ride temporarily and will remain as an R&D driver with Roush. The #80 Grainger Ford team with Greg Biffle will stay intact for now. LCI plans to stay in NASCAR at an unknown level(NASCAR Online)(2-17-98)

  • More news on Earnhardt’s transponder: When the NASCAR Official went under Earnhardt’s car during the spoiler inspection on Pit Road after the Daytona 500, it was to remove the transponder which scores laps for each car. Part of the procedure after a race is to check each cars transponder back into their possession to be sure the signal tracked for that car was right as a final check of scoring. Since the transponder is rather easily removed from it’s bracket they thought it prudent to get it before victory lane to avoid any problems with it becoming a souvenir.(2-17-98)


  • From Benny Parsons on RPM2Nite: A possible reason the NASCAR Official went under Earnhardt’s car during the spoiler inspection on Pit Road after the Daytona 500 was that the official was either turning off or removing the transponder on the car. John Kernan said he asked an official the same thing and the official had no idea(RPM2Nite)(2-16-98)

  • Dale Earnhardt’s #3 GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevy was be inducted into DaytonaUSA Monday. The ceremony was seen on ESPN2 before RPM2Nite at 7pm. I hear Earnhardt just wanted his lucky penny back but it was glued in and they left it. The penny was a gift from one of five seriously ill children from the Make A Wish Foundation who visited the NASCAR office the day before the Daytona 500.(2-16-98)

  • The cars of Jeremy Mayfield, Bobby Labonte, and Kenny Schrader got tested on NASCAR’s mobile chassis dyno.(

  • Jimmy Johnson who ran Hendrick Motorsports for 13 years until stepping down last month, may not be on the sidelines too long. Cary Agajanian yesterday offered Johnson a major position with the Indy Racing League. Johnson said he’s going to take a break from racing for a while and rest. Agajanian said that the offer will remain on the table for Johnson to consider.(JournalNow)(2-16-98)

  • David Rogers, a tire carrier for Daytona 500 champion Dale Earnhardt, arrived a little late for the race on Sunday, but he had a good excuse. Rogers’ wife, Beth, delivered an 8-pound, 5-ounce daughter named Cassidy LeeAnn at 9:17 a.m. in Forsyth County, N.C. Rogers was in North Carolina for the birth, two hours, 50 minutes before the green flag dropped on the Daytona 500, and still made it back in time for Earnhardt’s first pitstop on lap 58 of the 200-lap event.(ESPN) WOW! Congrats David! (2-16-98)

  • I hear that #91 owner Joe Falk turned down $100,000 to pull his car (Kevin LePage) out of the 500, then he gave the hood space to Felix Sabates for his First Union decals….for FREE. Seems that Felix had helped Joe out at one time and Joe
    was returning the favor.(that is why NASCAR is a great sport)(2-16-98)

  • Also, all the Roush Fords carried Cheerios decals in support of Johnny Benson, who was crashed out of Thursday’s race.(2-16-98)


  • LJ Racing has a one race deal, and will have “First Union” on the hood of the #91 car that Kevin LePage will drive in the Daytona 500. First Union will continue the remainder of the year with Wally Dallenbach and the #46 SABCO Chevy, who failed to qualify for the Daytona 500(Victory Lane Online)(2-15-98)

  • “Today’s the first stage of Winston’s “No Bull 5,” which replaced the “Winston Million,” and a win would mean an extra $1 million for Terry Labonte, Bobby Labonte, Schrader, John Andretti or Ernie Irvan. They were the top five finishers at Talladega last October. And today’s top five finishers will be eligible for $1 million if they win the next “No Bull” race in line, which is the Coca-Cola 600. The three other races in the series are the Brickyard 400, the Southern 500 and the Winston 500″(Times-Dispatch)(2-15-98)

  • I also hear the #95 Andy Hillenburg Chevy and/or the #47 Billy Standridge FCR Ford will pick up one race deals – rumors include Tabasco and the #47(MRN), didn’t happen(2-15-98)

  • Darrell Waltrip, Ken Schrader and Steve Park each say their backup cars are BETTER than the cars they crashed.(2-15-98)


  • Phil Barkdoll, owner of the #73 X-1R Chevy with driver Mike Wallace, turned down a few offers to sell the Daytona 500 ride for the Daytona 500, but said he made a promise to Wallace if he qualified the car to let him run it, so he is keeping his promise. Remember last year, Barkdoll made the race himself and sold the ride to Felix Sabates for driver Joe Nemechek. Also the #73 will run the Square-D decals since Mike’s brother Kenny missed the 500.(AP)(2-14-98)

  • Owner of the #90 Heilig Meyers Ford, Junie Donlavey received the seventh annual STP Richard Petty Achievement Award on Saturday, which is given for contributions to the success of the Daytona 500 and Winston Cup racing(AP)(2-14-98)

  • Look what I hear: NASCAR may run the Twin 125s at night next February on CBS live. Now that would be cool(2-13-98) – Neither CBS nor ESPN carried Thursday’s Twin 125s live. Both races will be shown tape-delayed today on CBS. NASCAR insiders say they expect the 125s to be run at night next February as a prime-time CBS show, either Wednesday or Thursday night before the 500. Bill France, who owns the Daytona speedway, is installing lights around the 2.5-mile oval for the July 4th 400. (JournalNow)(2-14-98)

  • has learned that the fortunes of NASCAR BGN driver Matt Kenseth took a turn for the better Friday morning as Lycos, Inc., a computer Internet service(searching etc), announced sponsorship of the Wisconsin driver for Saturday’s NAPA Auto Parts 300 at Daytona International Speedway. Note that YAHOO! is emblazoned on Bobby Hillin’s #8 BGN car. Lycos wants their Internet search engine to get some lap time at Daytona, too.(TNN/, no idea if this will extend for the 1998 season or just for the race(2-14-98)

  • Derrike Cope is the only driver in the last 18 years to start outside the top 10 and win the Daytona 500. Cope started 12th in the 1990 race. Since then, every Daytona 500 winner has started seventh or better.(WRAL/AP)(2-14-98)


  • The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company will introduce rain tires to the NASCAR Winston Cup Series at Watkins Glen International this year. See the story at NASCAR Online.(2-13-98)

  • See images of Geoff Bodines new paint scheme for the #7 Philips Consumer Communications Ford at TNN –

  • Andy Petree had Morgan Shepherd run the No. 33 Chevrolet in Friday’s morning practice, but Kenny Schrader is planning to climb back in for the final practice session on Saturday.(ESPNSportsZone)(2-13-98)

  • Joe Falk, owner of the #91 LJ Racing Chevy has had some offers from teams missing the field to buy the ride for the Daytona 500, but has declined those offers and will run Kevin Lepage.(News & Record Online) Another team doing well that needs sponsorship!(2-13-98)

  • It seems none of the ‘smaller’ teams that made the 500 are willing to ‘sell’ their Daytona 500 ride. Johnny Benson will not be in the race. While the teams were willing to sell space on their car for the Cheerios stickers, none wished to put Benson in the seat. So Roush will put the Cheerios name on all the Roush cars in the race.(2-13-98)

  • Had the old provisional rules been in effect, both David Green & Darrell Waltrip would have made the Daytona 500 per speed (37th & 38th spots), and Steve Grissom & Brett Bodine would have been off the old 42 car grid. 18 of the 43 starters are career non-winners on the WC Tour. All 4 of the announced Rookie of the Year candidates made the race. There are 12 drivers in the field who are former winners at Daytona(points races only), with eight of them 500 Champs.(NASCAR Fans-Henry), see Jayski’s Provisional Page for Provisional Info, by the way LAST place money is $70,000(2-13-98)

  • I hear that Dennis Setzer is supposed to be Crew Chief for the #30 Mike Cope Slim Jim team for the BGN Daytona race(NASCAR Fans/Ski)(2-13-98)


  • Story from Alabama Live: Mattei Motorsports stayed busy over the winter, spending more than $4 million on nine new cars, a state-of-the-art hauler, and a second racing shop. The story says that Mattei is working on having a second team and hope to have a third team in 1999. Nothing is firm, but Mattei said he has had past
    conversations with NASCAR SuperTruck driver Rick Crawford, another Mobile(AL) native. Check the story out at: Mobilian in the fast lane.(Alabama Live/Mobile Register-Mike Griffith)(2-12-98)

  • Have had a few questions from readers about Delma Cowart who drove the #0 Masters Inn Ford in a Daytona 500 attempt in 1997, well check out this story on SpeedNet Cowart’s career amounted to nothing.(2-12-98)

  • Ken Schrader, who was involved in a crash with Johnny Benson on the last lap of the first Gatorade Twin 125 qualifying race, is planning to race the No. 33 Chevrolet in Sunday’s Daytona 500 despite a fractured sternum. Schrader was taken to Halifax Medical Center following the accident and was released early Thursday evening.(ESPNSportszone), also RPM2Nite reported tonight that Schrader will not drive in the BGN race(M Wallace will take his take his place) and he will have to use a backup car, the same one he ran in the Bud Shootout and have to start from the back of the pack(2-12-98)

  • “Several teams suffered the disappointment of missing the Daytona 500 having to load and head for home. Included in that group were Kenny Wallace, Gary Bradberry, Norm Benning, Loy Allen, Mark Gibson, Wally Dallenbach, David Green, Jeff Green, Hut Stricklin, Mike Chochetti, Todd Bodine, Johnny Benson, Jr., and Dan Pardus. The frustration and disappointment of missing the prime race of the season spilled over into a post-race altercation in the garage area. Loy Allen put Kenny Wallace in a head-lock as he exited his car after the race and managed to land one punch. No action has been taken by NASCAR at this posting. Wallace detailed, “My car just didn’t have the speed it needed to run and pass in the draft. I ran up on the #14 (Allen) hoping I could draft him. Instead, I got into him. I tried to apologize to him, but evidently that didn’t work. I can’t believe I missed the Daytona 500. It’s pretty tough to take.”(

  • How about Dave Marcis qualifying for his 31st consecutive Daytona 500! Congrats and good going(2-12-98)

  • Steve Park will also have to go to a backup car also and start from the back of the pack(RPM2Nite)(2-12-98)


  • Congratulations to Ernie Irvan and his wife Kim on the birth of their second child and first son, Jared Lawrence Irvan, 6lbs, 7oz, was born at 7:56pm(et) on 2/9/98(Skittles Site)(2-11-98)

  • “Billy Standridge’s sponsorship package on his No. 47 Thunderbird is Team Fans Can Race. And it’s not just paint and decals. Two fans will attend the Daytona 500 courtesey of a promotion with a Standridge associate sponsor, Piedmont Travel Network. Chris Lafferty, of Burlington, N.C. and Tony Swaim of Salisbury, N.C. will arrive on Friday. Lafferty is an honorary pit crew member. He will watch the race from the team’s pit box area. Swaim was named the team’s fan of the race. His name and photo will be displayed on the car’s trunk lid.”(NASCAR Online).(2-11-98)

  • Also the #47 Fans Can Race team picked up another associate sponsor, My Bad Sportswear and will promote My Bad’s line of “Break Through” sportswear on its Team Fans Can Race #47 Ford throughout the season.(TNN)(2-11-98)

  • Gordon wants weigh-ins structured from SpeedNet(2-11-98)

  • Kevin Lepage, driver of the #91 LJ Racing Chevy and ROTY candidate will have Randy LaJoie as his spotter for the Daytona 500(NASCAR Online)(2-11-98)

  • Norm Benning and the #79 Chevy was able to get his speed up in practice and will run in the 2nd Twin 125(2-11-98)

  • Mike Hartman, 61, a mechanic for the #21 Wood Brothers Citgo Ford was admitted to
    Halifax Hospital Tuesday morning. He was suffering severe fatigue and shortness of breath is scheduled to undergo several tests and is expected to spend the next few
    days in the hospital. Best wishes and get well(NASCAR Online)(2-11-98)

  • Randy Renfro, #85 has withdrawn from the Daytona 500 and Norm Benning who made no qualifying attempts must run 179mph or faster in practice to get into the Twin 125’s(RPM2Nite)(2-11-98)

  • Appearances by Richard Petty, Smokey Yunick and the Race Against Drugs Hot Boat are just a few of the festivities for the Circle Track Expo at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Fla. Feb. 11 -13 during Speedweek. Racing fans will have a chance to win a day at the races. Each day, a drawing will held for two tickets for the Gatorade 125’s, NAPA 300 and Daytona 500. The Expo opens at 10am Wednesday, 2-11-98. For other new regarding Benefits see Jayski’s Fund Raiser/Benefit Announcement Page.(2-11-98)


  • “Serengeti Eyewear Inc., will be the official marketing partner of NASCAR’s 50th anniversary celebration this year. Throughout the year, there will be a mobile demonstration center at selected events that allow fans to try the sunglasses during the race. During the year, Serengeti will unveil its Special Edition 212 sunglasses which honor Bill Elliott’s all-time speed record, 212.809 mph set in 1987. The 212s will feature special lenses, spring flex hinges and metal frames in the classic Serengeti style.”(SpeedNat)(2-10-98)

  • The CBS Feed for the Twin 125’s is 10am(et). Local stations may choose to show the races at different times, so check your local listings(CBS)(2-10-98)

  • “Members of Gordon’s crew confirmed privately yesterday that Gordon missed the shift from first to second gear on the final restart, and that Gordon’s transmission didn’t break after all. That, rather than Wallace’s jumping the restart, was the key to Wallace’s victory in the sprint race for last season’s pole winners.”(JournalNow), a few readers and myself noticed a little puff of smoke at the restart, I was surprised Ned Jarrett did not catch it(2-10-98)

  • Pepsi-Cola Company and Penske Motorsports today announced a long-term agreement that names Pepsi the official soft drink of Penske Motorsports, Inc.. The alliance, which further strengthens Pepsi’s dominance of U.S. motorsports, gives Pepsi:

    Two new race title sponsorships — The “Pepsi 400” Winston Cup Series and the “Pepsi 200” BGN, both at Michigan Speedway and, new long-term contracts to extend Pepsi’s current pouring, vending and presence rights at Michigan Speedway, California Speedway, North Carolina Speedway and Nazareth Speedway. Under a separate agreement, Pepsi and Penske have also formed a marketing and vending alliance at the more than 750 Penske Auto Centers across the country(Speedworld and Phatman)(2-10-98)

  • Matt Kenseth and team owner Robbie Reiser got bad news off the track last week when an anticipated sponsorship deal fell through.(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I assume the Family Channel deal is dead?(2-10-98)

  • Mike Wallace is attempting to get the #73 Phil Barkdoll Chevy in the Daytona 500. Has an engine from the #33 WC Team(ESPN Qualifying)(2-10-98)


  • UPDATE: Bob Jenkins mentioned during the Bud Shootout Qualifying race that the California 500 will be televised on ESPN(not ABC), NASCAR Online and WC Scene both have ESPN televising the event(2-8-98) – I heard frpm ESPN and ABC today, both report that the California 500 will be televised on ESPN, not ABC(2-9-98)

  • Per TNN’s Raceday: Geoff Bodine is shutting down his truck team and all full-time employees will be released as of 2/13. Whether some these employees come over to the WC side was not mentioned. Bodine is looking for a buyer who can keep his son, Barry in the truck(2-9-98)

  • Sprint announced today that Adam Petty, son of Kyle Petty and grandson of Richard Petty, is set to take his first major step into his professional racing career. Seventeen-year-old Adam is the first fourth-generation professional athlete in the history of sports and will be the youngest driver on the American Speed Association (ASA) track. The Spree Prepaid Foncard from Sprint will be his primary sponsor.
    Sprint has also announced that Richard Petty, Kyle Petty and the newest member of the Petty racing dynasty, Adam, will be united under the umbrella of “Spree Racing” in a new sponsorship package.(PRNewswire-Phatman)(2-9-98)

  • Check out this page on Speedworld: How to Make the Daytona 500 Field. This explains it much better than I could have, for the provisonal breakdowns see Jayski’s Provisonal Page.(2-9-98)

  • NASCAR’S Mike Helton says he anticipates no spoiler rules changes before the Daytona 500. Several Ford teams are pressing for NASCAR to come up with a standard rear-spoiler height, claiming Chevrolet and Pontiac teams have an unfair edge with lower rear spoilers.(JournalNow)(2-9-98)

  • Stevie Reeves and the CAA Performance Group Busch Grand National team have a new number and a new sponsor. Curb Records and rising country artist David Kersh are sponsoring the Ford, while number 43 will run on the side.(Williams Company)(2-9-98)

  • Still-sponsorless Busch driver Matt Kenseth is getting a high-powered hand in his search for a sponsor: Roush Racing, which apparently views Kenseth as a prime “farm-league” prospect. Jack Roush, whose five Winston Cup drivers include Mark Martin and Jeff Burton, put Kenseth in his driver development program last year. He likes Kenseth’s potential, and plans to throw his organization’s marketing support behind any company that decides to sponsor Kenseth’s Chevy.(Times-Dispatch)(2-9-98)

  • Bob Newton, owner of Hoosier Tire, eyes NASCAR tour comeback, see the story at the: JournalNow.(2-9-98)

  • The Trane Company, a worldwide leading supplier of indoor comfort systems, will be prominently featured on the decklid of Kenny Wallace’s #81 Square D Ford for the Daytona 500.(full story at: Filmar Racing/Kenny Wallace Page)(2-9-98)

  • Got a ton of email on this one: Per RPM2Nite: Kenny Wallace said he would be teammates with Bill Elliott. Here is the deal from what I hear from many sources: The #81(Wallace), #94(Elliott) and the #13(Nadeau) will be sharing information and test results, very similar to the Rudd/Trickle and Spencer/M Waltrip deals.(2-9-98)

  • More CBS stuff: Conflicting stories on the Twin 125’s TV coverage. It is taped not live as we all know but CBS reports at: Twin 125’s and TV Guide report that the Twins will be shown on Saturday 2/14 at 10am WHILE on the DaytonaUSA site has the races being shown on the same day, 2/14 at 3:30pm(et) per the schedule at Daytona USA TV. Jayski Note: Because of the Olympics, I would bet it is the 10am time but check your local times as it seems it is up to the local affiliates to decide when to air the races.(2-9-98)

  • Some CBS affiliates are listening and responding to the readers about the Bud Shootout not being show or cutting away form it(see next story) – ONE example: From WMBD Channel 31, Peoria, IL: “We made a big, big mistake and the only thing I can do is apologize for it. I take full responsibility for cutting out of NASCAR because I am ultimately responsible for good communications within this building and that didn’t happen Sunday. Our policy is to NEVER cut out of any NASCAR event, ever. Unfortunately, we had a person working master control who was unaware of that policy. That isn’t her fault…it’s mine. This will not happen again, but I know that’s little consolation when the climatic moment of a race is dropped. Please accept my apology and know that we are taking steps this morning to assure that this problem will never reoccur.” B.L., General Manager(thanks Justin)(2-9-98)

  • GM’S SB2 Engine has shown plenty of horsepower punch, but some teams are now worried about poor gas mileage with the motor.(JournalNow)(2-9-98)

  • UPDATE: I hear some CBS affiliates did not show the Bud Shootout. If you have a complaint on this go to and there is a feedback section at the bottom. For the CBS story see The Bud Shootout, that’s not the title, but I didn’t want to be a spoiler. ALSO get this,
    Charlotte TV station WBTV, a CBS affiliate, that was televising the Bud Shootout locally.With the field rolling out of turn four getting ready to take the green and white flags for the final lap of the event WBTV inexplicably replaced the race with two local commercial spots and then went directly to the pre-game portion of an upcoming basketball game. See the full story from Tom Hintz at BUD SHOOTOUT SHOT OUT IN CHARLOTTE. (2-8-98) – NOTE: WBTV apologized to viewers in today’s Charlotte Observer for cutting out of yesterdays race. WBTV sportscaster Deleno Little apologized on-air to viewers during tonight’s 6:00 news and showed the final lap in it’s entirety during the sportscast.(2-9-98)

  • SpeedNet reports that Robby Gordon was in Daytona looking for a team that would hire him for half a dozen NASCAR races.(2-9-98)


  • Winston Cup regular Lake Speed has started the 1998 season with a bang in 1st round qualifying by turning the second fastest Taurus lap and placing tenth overall. This no doubt grinds on some of the “bigger” teams who on occasion have insinuated Speed’s team didn’t even belong at their races. See the story at: Racing News – Lake Speed, Intimidating the Big Boys.(Tom Hintz Thinkin’ Racing)(2-8-98)

  • The Times-Dispatch reports: “Speaking of sponsors, a source said yesterday that AAA may soon be joining the world of NASCAR. AAA is best known as the company that provides your car a free tow if you’re a member. Transportation or insurance-related companies have been hesitant to become auto-racing sponsors, if only for fear of seeing their logo involved in a fiery crash. AAA’s decision might change their minds.”(Skip Wood), like some of the fiery crashes that occurred in the 1950’s when AAA was involved in the sport. Feel free to contact AAA at The AAA Site.(2-8-98)

  • UPDATE: ARCA driver, Bill Baird, who won the pole for Sunday’s ARCA race left the track earlier today when he Mother became ill. If he is unable to return, Randy LaJoie has been approved by ARCA to drive the car. Best wishes and Get Well to the Baird family(ESPN Practice)(2-6-98). Baird’s mother is not expect to recover and Baird will run the ARCA race in her honor, best wishes(2-8-98)


  • Morgan Shepherd will not make an attempt at Daytona with his own team. Right now he has a Pontiac to race but it’s an intermediate track car, but he plans to be at Rockingham.(2-4-98) Shepherd was at qualifying walking the garage area and mentioned that he is still looking for a sponsor(2-7-98)

  • During qualifying, Dr. Jerry Punch mentioned that Loy Allen was rumored to be running a limited number of races late in the 1998 season as part of a two car team with a present unknown single car owner(2-7-98)

  • Dale Earnhardt turned 20 laps in a three-year-old race car under the lights at Daytona on 2-7 approaching speeds of 193mph. There was a crowd of 15,000-20,000. Of course there was a special t-shirt for the event(2-7-98)

  • The #81 Square D/FilMar Racing Ford Taurus will have a special paint scheme for the Daytona 500. The new scheme will be the reverse of the regular scheme. The story is at Reversal Of Fortune.(2-7-98)

  • Mattei Motorsports will be re-signing Whelen as an associate on the #7 Geoff Bodine driven Ford Taurus for 1998 and I hear several of last year’s associates will be re-signing on for 1998.(2-6-98) There will be a news conference on Thursday morning 2/12/98 which will include Lucent as an assoc sponsor.(2-7-98)

  • Toyota General Manager Dave Illingworth confirmed that his company has already spoken to NASCAR about what it would take to race the T150 in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series in the future. See the story at iRACE: Oriental Flavor? Toyota Wants to Go NASCAR Racing.(2-7-98)

  • I hear that during inspection on Friday, that the Yates and Roush teams had to cut loose the rear quarter panels and raise them 1/4″ to 1/2″ , they were too low and had to redo areas around and under the rear spoiler to fit the templates(2-7-98)

  • I hear Craftsman Truck drivers Boris Said and Lance Norick are going to race at the Winston West, Las Vegas as well as many Winston Cup drivers(2-7-98)

  • Dale Jarrett will run the #32 BGN White Rain Ford in 14 races and his son Jason will run 14 races(NASCAR Fans)(2-7-98)

  • Some names we are not used to seeing practiced Friday 2-6 at Daytona for the 500 and qualifying: #07 Dan Pardus-Chevy; #59 Mark Gibson-Ford(was fast); #73 Phil Barkdoll-Chevy; #80 Michael Ciochetti-Ford; #85 Randy Renfrow-Chevy.(2-6-98) Not sure what happened with Norm Benning(2-7-98)

  • Press Release: NU/HART CLINICS INC will join forces with Pittsburgh driver Norm Benning and his #84 Chevy at Daytona for the ARCA race and the Daytona 500. Benning Motorsports driver Norm Benning has been competing in auto racing events since the mid-seventies. Starting with local dirt and asphalt short track racing. He is currently an ARCA competitor and a licensed NASCAR Winston Cup driver. Norm is also a licensed commercial pilot and owner of Level Green Automotive Service in Trafford,PA. NU/HART CLINICS INC. is a world leader in hair restoration with an award winning full service hair care center. They have locations in Greentree and Johnstown,PA and New York City. NU/HART even plans to offer 25% off to their customers just for mentioning the race team!(2-2-98) Benning was not at qualifying for the Daytona 500 or ARCA, no idea why he was not there(2-7-98)

  • Bobby Labonte and Kenny Schrader both ran the old Chevy 18-degree engines in qualifying. Labonte ran the new SB2 at the Bud Shootout(2-7-98)


  • NASCAR decreased the size of the BGN restrictor plates that will be used at the NAPA Auto Parts 300 at Daytona. All cars will be required to use a 15/16th-inch diameter restrictor plate, a decrease of 1/16th-inch from the old plate(NASCAR Online)(2-6-98)

  • From RPM2Nite: The cars are now inspected with the rear spoilers unmounted to allow inspectors to get a better look at the deck lid area. Two teams that had trouble during the inspection were the two Yates Fords(didn’t say exactly what the trouble was)(2-6-98)

  • On Friday, 2/13 at 8pm(et)(Per TV Guide) ESPN shows part 5 of 5 in their excellent series: The 50: NASCAR’s 50 Year Victory. Part 5 is titled: Inherit the Win. It looks at NASCAR families like the Pettys, Earnhardts and Jarretts, which have fielded three and four generations of racers during the history of the sport.(TV Guide). This has been an excellent series.(2-6-98)

  • The #29 Diamond Ridge Chevy that will be driven by Jeff Green is still searching for a sponsor, but the Tasmanian Devil from Warner Brothers’ on the car for the Bud Shootout qualifying race. The image of the car can be seen on NASCAR Online, in the Photo Gallery, at During practice, Bill Weber interviews Green and it was mentioned that it was a limited deal for four races to promote the Monte Carlo(2-6-98)

  • I also hear that the #29 Diamond Ridge Chevy may get sponsorship from Mad Magazine(similar to the NHRA team)(2-6-98)

  • Chad Little will run a Thunderbird in the Daytona 500 that Jeff Burton ran last year. He stated during practice that their team did not have time to get the Taurus ready. He will run a Taurus in the Bud Shootout Qualifying Race(ESPN Practice)(2-6-98)

  • Check this out: NASCAR officials checked out the hard drive directories of some teams’ machines, worried that someone might be transmitting or receiving illicit data.(JournalNow)(2-6-98)

  • From a reader who did some research: The #64 Fans Team has been temporarily suspends and supposedly according to NASCAR, the #64 is unassigned for the ’98 season and no paperwork was ever filled out for this so-called team. If you call the membership number, you get a recording informing you that it has been “temporarily” suspended. You get this at both 1-888-TEAM-064 and the local Atlanta number.(2-6-98)

  • Dave Smith was named Billy Standridge’s crew chief for the #47 FCR/Jayski Ford(2-6-98)

  • Bobby Labonte will have Hot Rod Magazine logo on the hood of the #18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac in the Shootout(2-6-98)

  • Kenny Schrader will qualify the #33 Skoal Chevy with the old 18-degree Chevy engine and owner Andy Petree will decide whether to use the old engine or the new SB2 for the 500(RPM2Nite)(2-6-98)

  • Getting much feedback about the Pilot Corp. sponsoring the #78 team with driver Gary Bradberry. It was reported that this would be Pilot’s first involvement in NASCAR. The #12 Bobby Allison team with Derrike Cope had Pilot as an assoc sponsor in late 1996 when they lost Mane and Tail/Straight Arrow and picked up Badcock Furniture and Pilot, have pictures that prove it(2-6-98)

  • Rusty Wallace’s #2 will have a special paint scheme, will be Blue with Miller Time on the 1/4 panels and The Adventures of Rusty on the hood. This is for the special Miller Commercial to debut during the Daytona 500 where Rusty goes so fast he breaks the speed of light and goes back in time and meets heroes of history.(2-6-98)

  • The #81 Ford driven by Kenny Wallace has a wild lightning Paint Scheme to be used in the Bud Shootout(ESPN Practice)(2-6-98)

  • Hmmm…sources tell me that Robby Gordon may stand by to run the Bud Shootout for a team that runs the qualifying race but fails to win and advance to the Shootout. Seems strange since he has not practiced at all(2-6-98) FALSE did not happen

  • As reported before, Dale Earnhardt will run 20 laps under the lights at Daytona after qualifying on Saturday night Feb 7th. Fans are allowed to attend, no idea if it will be televised(RPM2Nite)(2-6-98)


  • Check out Daytona is truly “The Great American Race”.(SpeedNet)(2-5-98)

  • Gary Bradberry and the #78 Ford team will be sponsored by the Pilot Corporation in 1998 it was announced Thursday in Nashville. Pilot, with headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., owns 153 travel centers and convenience stores in 36 states. It will be Pilot’s first venture into NASCAR as a primary sponsor.(That’s Racin)(2-5-98)

  • Robby Gordon will not run the Bud Shootout and Mike Bliss will not run in the qualifying race and no one will will run in their places(2-5-98)

  • Special Paint schemes for the Bud Shootout included: #40 Chevy will feature a special Coors Light car; #42 BellSouth Chevy Joe Nemechek will drive will be black and neon; Ken Schrader will run Budweiser decals on his #33 Skoal Chevy which is black on the hood and roof and the “Bud Shootout” decal on the deck lid; #35 Todd Bodine Tabasco Pontiac will have a black car with flames; (compiled from many stories on

  • Kenny Irwin will drive the #27 Raybestos Ford TBird in the ARCA race in Daytona on Saturday, 2-7(RPM2Nite), Irwin was 5th fastest in practice at 184.615mph, fastest was Bill Baird, Chevrolet at 186.486mph(2-4-98), Irwin qualified 2nd at 186.047mph(2-5-98)

  • A story about Todd Bodine BGN Success Fuels 1998 Optimism.(2-5-98)

  • The Starting Lineup for the Bud Shootout and the Qualifying race determined by a drawing at Daytona(That’s Racin/Observer)(2-5-98):

    Shootout Qualifying Race
    1Mark Martin(6)1Sterling Marlin(40)
    2Ken Schrader(33)2Greg Sacks(98)
    3Mike Skinner(31)3Dale Earnhardt(3)
    4Ward Burton(22)4Gary Bradberry(78)
    5Jeff Gordon(24)5Rick Mast(75)
    6Todd Bodine(35)6Darrell Waltrip(17)
    7Bill Elliott(94)7Dick Trickle(90)
    8Geoff Bodine(7)8Lake Speed(9)
    9Bobby Labonte(18)9Billy Standridge(47)
    10Joe Nemechek(42)10Brett Bodine(11)
    11Johnny Benson(26)11Jeff Green(29)
    12Kenny Wallace(81)12Chad Little(97)
    13Rusty Wallace(2)13Jimmy Spencer(23)
    14John Andretti(50)14Dave Marcis(71)
    15Ernie Irvan(36)   
    16Dale Jarrett(88)  

  • Auto Value Parts Stores have become the official sponsor for the 1998 Kirk Motorsports NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series team with Tammy Jo Kirk as the owner/driver. They are still searching for associate sponsorship, however this deal will allow them to properly prepare for the upcoming race at Homestead in April.(RACENET/


  • I hear Rich Bickle plans to run 10 BGN races and 10 Truck races out of his own Mooreville, NC shop. If/When Washington-Erving Motorsports gets sponsorship and is ready to race, the team will run out of Bickles shop to start(2-4-98)

  • Smaller-sized restrictor plates for the Busch Series cars have been rumored
    when Speedweeks activities get under way at Daytona, but NASCAR officials
    said no decision has been made yet.(iRace)(2-4-98)

  • Slim Jim All-Pro Series driver Derrick Gilchrist will drive Jimmy Spencer’s #12 BGN Chevy in 5 races in 1998. Races include Nashville, Richmond(June), IRP, Rockingham(Fall) and Homestead(NASCAR Online)(2-4-98)

  • It’s official: Jeremy Mayfield will drive the #12 Mobil One Penske-Kranefuss Ford. This replaces the #37 Kmart Ford. The team will retain owners points from 1997 and the former #37 team. An image for the car can be seen on NASCAR Online at: New sponsor, number for Mayfield.(NASCAR Online)(2-4-98)

  • Don’t think for one minute, that a rough NASCAR Winston Cup season can stop LJ Racing’s car owner, Joe Falk, from completing his sponsor mission. For the rest of the story on the #91 LJ RAcing sponsor hunt and news see LJ Racing Site.(2-4-98)

  • While it’s a while off yet, I hear that Dale Earnhardt’s special paint scheme for The Winston will feature Coke a Cola “The Official Soft Drink of NASCAR”, not Superman as rumored months ago(2-4-98)

  • The Slim Jim 1998 season will open at Volusia Speedway Park om 2/8. For info see the Volusia Speedway Park Site.(2-4-98)

  • I hear the #48 Tbird Andy Belmont was testing at the 2nd Ford Daytona test was with a Jasper R&D engine, Jeff McClure is his crew chief(2-4-98)

  • I hear Greg Sacks was the fastest Taurus testing at Talladega last week, no speeds given, but he was faster than his TBird test(2-4-98)


  • John Andretti will make his BGN debut at the NAPA Auto Parts 300 driving the #96 Big A Auto Parts Pontiac that he owns. BGN rookie and 1997 NASCAR Featherlite Modified Tour and the NASCAR Busch North Series Champion, Mike Stefanik will drive the #96 for the remainder of the season(NASCAR Online)(2-3-98)

  • I hear that there will be an announcement at Daytona with UGA supermarkets of a new BGN deal with an unknown team and a female driver possibly car number will be #1(sorry no more info on this)(2-3-98)

  • Remember the STP/Petty contest for a student to design the #43 STP Pontiac for the 1998 season? Well the design was done by 17 year old Erik Surpless a student at Butler High School in New Jersey(another Jersey boy!) His design was chosen from over 17,000 entrants. He won $5000 for his school, a $5000 scholarship, and gets to be the guest of the King at the Daytona 500. Congrat’s Erik(Stock Car Mag), it can be seen on Jayski’s Paint Scheme page(2-3-98)

  • Toby Porter will make his return to racing in the Feb 8th running of the NASCAR Slim Jim All Pro Series 150 at Volusia County Speedway, after missing almost a year of
    action after a broken first vertebrae which he got in a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series accident(2-3-98)

  • Buckshot Jones and the #00 Aquafresh team will only run 5 Winston Cup races in 1998, not the 8 initially announced. The planned races are: Pocono(6/21), New Hampshire(8/30), Talladega(10/11), Phoenix(10/25) and Atlanta(11/8)(2-3-98)

  • Not sure if I mentioned this but Hanes will not return to NASCAR WC in 1998, either as a race sponsor or the sponsor of the #78 Ford.(2-3-98)

  • I hear crew chief Steve Addington left the #30 BGN Slim Jim team(2-3-98)

  • A story about the Ford Taurus from TNN Motorsports/ and Glen Grissom: Taurus: Time Is The Enemy.(2-3-98)

  • It was announced on RPM2Nite by Dr. Jerry Punch that the Penske-Kranefuss Ford would change numbers from #37 to #12 and a major oil company would be the primary sponsor with Kmart returning as an assoc. Driver Jeremy Mayfiled will appear on the show Wednesday at 7pm(et).(RPM2Nite)(2-3-98)

  • “CHANGING NUMBERS: No, Jeremy Mayfield hasn’t enrolled in the Robby Gordon Driver Protection Program. Mayfield is no longer in car No. 37. Roger Penske, who owns Rusty Wallace’s No. 2 team, bought half-interest in Mayfield’s team and the car is being changed to No. 12″(Charlotte Observer)(2-3-98)


  • The 5 and 5 rule: Rules changes for NASCAR Winston Cup starting at Rockingham and will be in effect until further notice at all tracks with the exception of Daytona and Talladega. The Chevy Monte Carlo and Ford Taurus will have a new rear spoiler height of 5.0″(was 6.0″ at Atlanta 97) and the front air dam ground clearance will be raised from 3.875″ to 5.0″. The Ford Thunderbird will have a rear spoiler height of 4.75″(down from 5.75″) and a front air dam clearance of 5.0″(was 3.875″). The Pontiac Grand Prix will now have a 5.375″ spoiler(down from 6.5″) and a 4.625″ front air dam ground clearance(up from 3.875″)(NASCAR Online)(2-2-98)

  • Tim Flock trust fund established: A trust fund has been established to offset some medical expenses incurred by two-time NASCAR champion Tim Flock. The fund was set up by Charlotte Motor Speedway President H.A. Wheeler and Chairman O. Bruton Smith. Flock, who won NASCAR Winston Cup titles in 1952 and ’55, was diagnosed last week with terminal cancer of the lung and liver. He began radiation treatment Friday and will continue chemotherapy treatments. Flock as a retired race car driver, has no medical coverage. “Tim has been a great ambassador for our sport,” Wheeler said. “He is in a battle for his life and I don’t want to see him and his family worry about the financial hardships this horrible disease causes.” In addition to the trust fund, the family plans to sell some of Flock’s extensive racing memorabilia gathered during his racing career. Items include Flock’s two NASCAR championship trophies. Interested buyers may call Don Flock at (704) 593-0690.

    Donations to the trust fund may be sent to: Tim Flock Trust Fund, c/o First Union, PO Box 184, Harrisburg, NC 28705.(SpeedNet)(2-2-98)

  • Ended 2/28: “The Postal Service is currently having a “Celebrate the Century” program where people can vote for things that they feel defined the decade for them. Balloting for the 1950’s is underway and listed in the 6 items under consideration for sports is “Stock Car Racing.” Voting for the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s stamps will be underway shortly. But now is the time for us to be able to have our sport recognized. Either stop by the post office or ask your mailperson to get you an official “Celebrate the Century” ballot and vote for our sport to be immortalized on a stamp.”(From Eric Pribula and his Dad)(1-31-98) You can vote for the stamp online at USPS Site.(2-2-98)

  • Jimmy Spencer will run two different Winston Paint Schemes, the Winston and the No Bull. See the difference at 1998 Paint Schemes.(2-2-98)

  • Ken Schrader moved to the top of the list in all-time victories at Phoenix International Raceway’s Copper World Classic, winning Sunday’s Featherlite Southwest Tour stock car feature for his sixth triumph and 9th overall at PIR. The victory moved him in front of Chuck Gurney on the winners’ list in the 21-year Classic’s history. Gurney, a dirt track veteran who has three midget victories and also won two sprint car features before the Silver Crown Series cars replaced the sprinters, failed to qualify for this year’s competition. However, it was Schrader’s first Copper World stock car victory. His previous five wins came in midgets (1981, ’82, ’84) and Silver Crown Series (1989, ’90) open-wheel cars.(iRACE)(2-2-98)


  • An additional new feature of this year’s Bud Shootout is a mandatory green-flag pit stop (changing of right-side tires), required between laps 10-12, of each 25-lap race(NASCAR Online)(2-1-98)

  • The rest of the IROC field has been named: Randy LaJoie, Tommy Kendall, Dale Earnhardt and Terry Labonte, the rest of the list is below. No real surprises(Raceday)(2-1-98)

  • Testing at Rockingham last week included #’s 1, 4, 16, 17 and 43. No speeds given(Raceday)(2-1-98)

  • Rusty Wallace, driver of the Miller Lite #2 Ford, was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in ceremonies on Feb. 1 in Springfield, Mo.(NASCAR Online)(2-1-98)