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  • (2-28-1999)
  • More drivers: Some more Winston West drivers will attempt the Winston Cup Las Vegas 400 – Ron Burns in the #68 or is it 05 Tropicana Ford; The list shows the #’s 15, 78 and 81 teams but not sure they will be there(2-28-1999)


  • Schrader tests: Kenny Schrader tested his #33 Skoal Chevy at Greenville-Pickens(SC) Speedway on Friday(2-27-1999)
  • Barrett News? I hear the #84 PBH Motorsports team of Stan Barrett, Beau Petty, and Wayne Huggins have split and that Petty will run the team at Texas and Talladega with another un-announced driver. I hear Stanton Barrett and his sponsor, Heritage Consumer Products will continue after Vegas for an undetermined time in the #90 Junie Donlavey Ford(2-27-1999)
  • Primestar News: well, not so fast – “Satellite television provider EchoStar Communications Corp. Friday said it made a $600 million offer to buy some of PrimeStar Inc.’s satellite assets, topping an earlier bid by Hughes Electronics Corp.”(Yahoo). Looks like the Primestar sponsorship of the #16 Roush Ford is safe for now as it may take a while for this battle to be won(2-27-1999)


  • Big Daddy’s returns? In a SpeedNet story about Big Daddy’s BBQ signing on with the IRL this was mentioned: According to (David)Lloyd, his company’s return to the Winston Cup series is just a matter of days away, with an announcement possibly coming at Las Vegas. Supposedly a very, very, very familiar Winston Cup team. The crew, the team, a top-10 driver are all very well known(SpeedNet), no idea who..(2-26-1999)
  • Darlington Testing UPDATE: Gibbs Racing teammates, Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart will test at Darlington Thursday and Friday(NASCAR Online)(2-25-1999) — Bobby Hamilton tested at Darlington too(WC Today Radio)(2-26-1999)
  • #91 Test at ATLANTA(not Darlington doh!), Tuesday and Wednesday Steve Grissom had a top speed of ~190.700mph(LJ Racing) — other drivers and speed: Rick Mast had the fastest lap at Atlanta at 190.909 mph, followed by Steve Grissom (190.843), Ricky Craven (189.344), Kenny Wallace (189.150) and Robert Pressley (188.700).(icFlorida)(2-26-1999)
  • Little to Test UPDATE: Chad Little will test the #97 John Deere Ford at Greenville-Pickens Speedway on Thursday(RPM2Nite)(2-24-1999) — Michael Waltrip joined Little in testing at Greenville-Pickens(SC) on Thursday(WC and NASCAR Today Radio)(2-26-1999)


  • Gordon and Paint: As rumored, I hear from a good source that Jeff Gordon is supposed to run the Stars Wars paint on the Busch Car at Charlotte and Superman is still on for the Winston. Not sure what the Superman tie in is. Hear this car will have a splash schem of some sort(2-25-1999)
  • #98 Sponsor UPDATE 2: I am hearing three possible sponsors for the team in 1999: Bell Helmets, Galaxy Phone Card or Sonic Drive In Restaurants(2-4-1999) — Saw the #98 Yarborough-Burdette Motorsports Ford on RPM2Nite, it was red with no decals on it(2-20-1999) — On the TNN pre-race race show: Galaxy Phone Card is on the #98 Ford at Rockingham and the team hopes to make an announcment Tuesday regarding 1999 sponsorship(2-21-1999) — I now hear the Galaxy Phone Card deal is dead, but the team may be close to some other deals(2-25-1999)
  • NASCAR and TV UPDATE: NASCAR announced Wednesday it will retain broadcast rights to all Winston Cup and Grand National events, with the intention of ending the era of tracks negotiating their own rights fees. It is unclear whether Grand National events would be packaged separately or part of the same deal. According to the announcement, NASCAR will not change its current television rights fee distribution formula (65 percent to tracks, 25 percent to drivers and 10 percent to NASCAR). No significant changes to NASCAR programming prior to the 2002 season(That’s Racin’)(2-24-1999) — Also a few story links about the TV $$: NASCAR plan may boost TV money from icFlorida and NASCAR to bypass tracks for future TV pacts from SpeedNet(2-25-1999)
  • Hollywood back…for now: The #58 SBIII Motorsports team is still focusing on securing sponsorship. Hollywood Video, who sponsored the #58 Ford Taurus during Speedweeks 1999 and Rockingham, has signed on again for Las Vegas, but has not signed for the full year. Hollywood Video, owned by parent company Hollywood Entertainment Corp., is the world’s second largest chain of home video superstores and is one of the fastest growing retail chains of any genre. On the average, Hollywood Video opens one store per day and employs approximately 22,000 people across the nation. Check out the Hollywood Video Site and show your support.(www.rickycraven.com)(2-25-1999)
  • oh yeah…More Big Daddy’s UPDATE ?: From the StockCarFans Newsletter: An anonymous source is quoted – “The “hand-shake” agreement is a lie! There was a contract, lawyers from both parties were involved in the drafting of the contract. The first check was supposed to be delivered on Jan. 1st, then it was delayed until Jan. 15th, then it was forward dated Jan. 27th. Dan Lloyd, the C.E.O. of Big Daddy’s … came down (to Daytona) making out to be the big-shot sponsor, while all the while not having made good one cent…. He went so far as to offer to buy some tires for the team, which was declined ….. the team just wanted its sponsorship contract honored. Mike (Harmon) did come along with the deal, set up by Jason Hedlesky, but Jason was never named team manager by Donlavey Racing, he assumed that title on his own. (Harmon) was fired Tuesday prior to the twin 125s at Daytona for getting upset at the notion of letting Morgan (Shepherd) shake the car down and try to get some more speed out of it, which the team needed badly. Since Big Daddy’s had not come through with the money and after checking with Donlavey Racing’s lawyer, it was decided to fire (Harmon) and put Mike Wallace in the car.” As Mike says and I agree: “I don’t want to get in the middle of a great debate here, but I did feel it was necessary to present both sides of the story as given to me.” See Big Daddy’s Press Release here Big Daddy’s BBQ Responds (2-24-1999) — Two Updates: 1) I hear from a very good source that Jason Hedlesky was asked by Donlavey to be the Team Manager in December 1998 and check this out: 2) Galles Racing has signed Big Daddy’s BBQ as a primary sponsor for their 1999 IRL program. Davey Hamilton, the runner up in the 1998 IRL Championship, will pilot the Big Daddy’s Galles Racing G-Force Aurora. hmmm(2-25-1999)
  • Where is Gary? UPDATE 3 on the #78: Gary Bradberry and the #78 team are also missing at Rockingham. The driver reportedly is awaiting payment from sponsor Pilot before running more races(Times-Dispatch), not sure what happened with the Pharb deal(2-20-1999) — I hear Pharb, has pulled a Big Daddy’s and not paid, Pilot needs a co-sponsor or the team doesn’t have enough $$ to run every race. Pharb was also on the #57 Jason Keller IGA Chevy in the BGN as an Assoc(2-21-1999) — I hear that since Pharb pulled out, Pilot decided not to sponsor the team either and that the team is looking to sell it’s cars and equipment(2-22-1999) — I now hear the team is NOT selling equipment, but looking for a sponsor so it can keep running in 1999, but won’t run until it finds a sponsor, and it looks like Pilot is out(2-23-1999) — The #78 Triad Motorsports team, with driver Gary Bradberry, has lost one of its primary co-sponsors and the status of the other is currently in limbo, team owner Jim Wilson said Wednesday. Wilson said Pilot Travel Centers, which had sponsored the #78 Ford last season, has not officially informed him of its sponsorship plans for 1999, but he is still hopeful that Pilot will be on the car this season. Wilson said PHARBCO, a pharmaceutical company, announced its intentions to be the co-primary sponsor of the car at the Winston Cup Preview in Winston-Salem, NC, in January, but did not come through with its financial commitment and has dropped out of the picture. The team will skip Vegas but plans to run Atlanta(NASCAR Online)(2-25-1999)
  • Sadler in for Santerre: Country.com Motorsports has learned that Elliott Sadler will substitute for recuperating BGN racer Andy Santerre in the #47 BGN Chevy, effective immediately. Sadler will pilot the car until Santerre is fully recovered from leg injuries he sustained in a grinding crash in the BGN season opener at Daytona. Santerre, the 1998 Raybestos Rookie of the Year in the BGN, is expecting to return to the series in June. To see a TV interview with Andy Santerre and get an update of his recovery and racing plans, tune into TNN’s RaceDay this Sunday, February 28th, at 11:00am/et(TNN Motorsports)(2-25-1999)


  • Kodiak Out? UPDATE – Nope: Kodiak, sponsor of the Larry Hedrick owned #41 Chevy, reportedly will not return after its contract is up at the end of the season.(Times-Dispatch)(2-23-1999) — Sources tell me Kodiak is happy with the team and has no plans to leave. Also see the story on the team at NASCAR Online: Hedrick finds way to combat multi-car dominance(2-24-1999)
  • Cup debut: Austin Cameron, the 1998 Winston West Series Rookie of the Year, will attempt to make his Winston Cup debut at the Las Vegas 400. The car is owned by his father, Southern California construction contractor Terry Cameron. Other Cup attempts planned will be at California, Sears Point, and Phoenix.(NASCAR Online) Info on Cameron can be found at the RacingWest – Austin Cameron, he’ll be in a Chevy, unknown number.(2-24-1999)
  • McReynolds Cup Team: Mike Skinners crew chief, Larry McReynolds is steaming full-ahead with his plans to own his own racing operation in the year 2000. McReynolds is keeping Skinner’s owner, Richard Childress abreast of his situation. The new team, Motorsports Performance Headquarters, with his partner in the new venture, marketing and public relations professional John Dangler. The two are still trying to get that major sponsor and have approx 50 proposals out. They hope to get a deal in place by May.(in part from NASCAR Online) – McReynolds has talked with Chevrolet about running a Monte Carlo next year(News and Record)(2-24-1999)
  • Rules UPDATE: The rule change for front air dam clearances, rear spoiler angle and rear spoiler size implemented for Sunday’s DuraLube 400 will be evaluated this week by NASCAR officials(That’s Racin’ Notes)(2-22-1999) — NASCAR is not expected to change the rear spoiler size after last week’s race at Rockingham despite Ford’s dominance. The spoiler sizes were the same as used at the season-ending race at Atlanta last year. The spoiler heights are 6 1/4 inches for Fords, 6 1/2 inches for Chevrolets and 6 7/8 inches for Pontiacs. The higher spoiler sizes are meant to make the rear end of cars more stable and allow for more side-by-side racing(News and Record)(2-24-1999)
  • Benson/Kenseth? Check this out from Sparky Plug at iRACE – “Could Johnny Benson’s part-time Busch Series deal with BACE Motorsports lead Johnny B. away from the Roush empire and into a Bill Baumgardner-owned Winston Cup ride? Would that be the opening for Matt Kenseth, who we hear has a long-term contract with Roush? …”(2-24-1999)
  • Auto Racing Magazines Sold UPDATE: Stock Car Racing, Open Wheel, and other auto related magazines have been sold by General Media (Penthouse) to Petersen Publishing (Motor Trend). SCR sells 220,000 copies per month, more than any other monthly devoted to the sport. Staff and readers are concerned that 33 year-old SCR and OW may not be folded into Petersen’s Circle Track magazine(Peterson Co – News)(2-13-1999) — As reported Petersen Publishing(Motor Trend, Circle Track) has purchased General Media’s Automotive Group(Stock Car Racing, Open Wheel, etc). I hear SCR/OW’s editorial headquarters is moving from Mass. to Fla. One of the staff, Tom Hintz, who maintained the Stock Car Racing Magazine website(until the 14th of Feb), has started his own website: Speedwords – www.speedwords.com in which Tom explains: Speedwords is dedicated to providing accurate technical and feature articles complete with supporting photography for all sectors of the racing community. Check it out(2-24-1999)


  • Junie, driver, Vegas: Junie Donlavey, owner of the #90 Ford has named rookie Stanton Barrett to drive at Las Vegas. In a one race deal that may expand deeper into the season, Barrett brings Heritage Consumer Products aboard for the Las Vegas 400. Some of Heritage’s products include: Acutrim, Allerest, Nice, Sinarest, Fiberall, Eucalyptamint, Privine, Ting, Konodremul, Caldesene and Americaino. Stan Barrett, Stanton’s father, drove for Donlavey for four races in 1989(Williams Company)(2-23-1999)
  • Atlanta Test UPDATE: The #91 Joe Falk-LJ Racing Chevy and the #77 Jasper Engines Ford with Robert Pressley driving is testing today and Wednesday at Atlanta(NASCAR Online and LJ Racing) — Add #55-Kenny Wallace, #58-Ricky Craven and #98-Rick Mast to those testing at Atlanta. Wallace was the fastest at 189.210mph(WC Today Radio)(2-23-1999)
  • Darlington Test: Dan Pardus(#50) and Buckshot Jones(#00) tested Monday at Darlington(WC Today Radio) Jones led testing with a top lap of 163.647mph, followed by Pardus at 163.484 mph(SpeedNet) — Add Mark Martin to those testing at Darlington on Tuesday. Speeds: Martin 169.689mph; Jones 165.743 and Pardus 165.020(RPM2Nite)(2-23-1999)
  • Vegas Testing: Jeff Gordon, Brett Bodine, Mike Skinner, Joe Nemechek, Lyndon Amick and Jeff Finley will test next week at Las Vegas. Dale Jarrett is scheduled to test next Wednesday(News and Record)(2-17-1999) — Joe Nemechek and Richard Childress Racing tested Cup cars at Vegas while Gordon, Lyndon Amick(#35), Eric Jones(#70) tested BGN cars(NASCAR Today Radio), Tom Hubert also tested the #19 Kurt Roehrig Bradford White Ford(WC Today Radio)(2-23-1999)
  • Donlavey/#90 News UPDATE 2 Pepboys and drivers: During the race, TNN broadcasters Mike Joy and Dick Berggren were discussing the #90 and Big Daddys’ mess and mentioned the sponsors on the car today, Accu-turn and Pep Boys and Berggren said Pep Boys was looking hard at sponsoring the team for the full season. Feel free to go to the Pep Boys site and show your support: Customer Relations: Comment Form or send email to: [email protected](2-21-1999). Car owner Junie Donlavey, who had Morgan Shepherd in his #90 Ford at Rockingham says his team can continue without a primary sponsor through Atlanta. He had Morgan Shepherd in the car at the Rock and Stanton Barrett is supposed to be in the car at Las Vegas. Mike Harmon, who came along with the ill-fated Big Daddy’s BBQ sponsorship, has been released and will not drive for the team, Donlavey felt Harmon would not work out for the team and “felt it was better to settle it now.” Donlavey says Harmon might try to drive the #81 Ford of owner Filbert Martocci, who had Shepherd behind the wheel in Daytona 500 qualifying(In part from IcFlordia)(2-22-1999) — At this point, Donlavey is uncertain who will be his driver for the Vegas race. Donlavey is talking to Morgan Shepherd and Stanton Barrett, who could become the second rookie to drive for Donlavey this season, the other was of course Mike Harmon. Rumors ran rampant after he put Pep Boys on the quarterpanel at Rockingham last weekend. Reports that the company is making a deal for a full season are greatly exaggerated — Donlavey didn’t even charge Pep Boys for the quarterpanel logo Sunday. (Times-Dispatch)(2-23-1999)
  • Gordon Notes from the QVC Special CORRECTION: Gordon, when asked about the upcoming paint scheme for the Winston (I hear it’s called ‘Splash’), didn’t want to give too much away because he wants to help keep the unveiling a surprise, but said the scheme would be exciting and a lot of fun and will look wild. Gordon said that different DuPont products would appear on the #24’s decklid during the 1999 season, including Nomex, Agricultural Products, Corian, Stainmaster Carpet. Gordon also said they’ll run a special scheme on the BGN car at the Charlotte BGN race and it will be involved with one of the hottest movies of the summer(actually I haer it’s the new Star Wars movie, not the new Superman movie which looks dead in the water now). Gordon mentioned that Ricky Hendrick would run five races but it WILL NOT be in a Pepsi sponsored car. Unknown sponsor if any at this time.(Tina’s Gordon Newsletter)(2-23-1999)


  • Monte Carlo Tests: The new Monte Carlo will be wind tunnel tested today by Richard Childress Racing, then return to the tunnel with NASCAR officials on hand this Friday. Engineers working on the program say they have no doubts the car will be approved and ready to race in time for the Brickyard 400 on Aug. 7.(Times-Dispatch)(2-22-1999)
  • Yates and Chevy? #28/88 team owner Robert Yates has been a longtime Ford man. Supposedly GM officials are wooing Yates to switch to Chevrolets and may finally have his ear with the promise of the new Monte Carlo(JournalNow/PitNow) – Jayski Note: A few readers have emailed me on this, wondering how I could post it, once again, I am just letting you know what I see and hear out there. This rumor makes no sense to me either, what about Quality Care Service/Ford Credit(on a Chevy??)(2-22-1999)
  • Buckshot and Hendrick? Winston Cup rookie Buckshot Jones, who failed to make the field for last week’s Daytona 500(and the DuraLube/BigKmart 400), is negotiating a consulting deal with Hendrick Motorsports. Jones, the most popular driver in the BGN last season, posted some of the slowest qualifying and testing times last week at Daytona International Speedway. Jones already gets his engines from Hendrick and now his team is seeking help with suspension from NASCAR’s reigning juggernaut(icFlorida)(2-22-1999)
  • Gordon’s Secret? Interesting article – NASCAR Winston Cup phenom Jeff Gordon doesn’t want anyone else to discover Rev-Er-Up. Jeff Waugh is hoping they will. Waugh, a Tulsa native, is a distributor for Rev-Er-Up, a revolutionary microplating engine product. According to company officials, several racers are using it, including Gordon. But for competitive reasons, few are willing to share their secret. There is also a question whether it is legal. See the rest of the article at: The racer’s edge one of the sports best kept secrets by Steve Rogers(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette). I had never heard of this product, for more info check their website – www.reverup.com(2-22-1999)


  • Where was Eli? UPDATE No idea what happened with TNN and Eli Gold not doing the Cup race. Mike Joy, Buddy Baker and Dick Berggren were the announcers and as usual, did a good job — Eli Gold was in Nashville doing the play-by-play for the Alabama Men’s Basketball team(2-21-1999)
  • #58 Goes Hollywood again: Ricky Craven’s #58 Ford has sponsorship from Hollywood Video for Rockingham this weekend, no idea if this will extend for the rest of the season(2-20-1999) — but the car was more black and not as done up as in Daytona(2-21-1999)
  • #91 still no Sponsor: On the TNN pre-race race show: #91 LJ Racing owner, Joe Falk says the team can go three more races without sponsorship(2-21-1999)
  • Roush Sponsors? Roush Racing is facing an odd situation with Primestar, the primary sponsor on the #16 Ford driven by Kevin Lepage. Primestar was bought by DirectTV earlier this year, and the company officially changes its name Thursday. DirectTV is a subsidiary of General Motors(Times-Dispatch)(2-21-1999)
  • Rudd and the Pole: Rockingham is Ricky Rudds first pole since Charlotte in October of 1995, 100 races(2-21-1999)
  • Tony Stewart’s IRL team: Larry Curry and Tony Stewarts IRL team will be called Tri Star Motorsports(Raceday-TNN). Stewart plans to race in the Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600 on the same day, May 30th(2-21-1999)
  • Some Notes from Henry: David Green in the #41 Kodiak Ice Chevy, got the final front-stretch pit this week….there are 31 of them. Drivers from Wally Dallenbach on back will pit on the backstretch. Three drivers who made the DuraLube/BigKmart 400 race who missed the Daytona 500….Green, Steve Grissom, and Morgan Shepherd (in the #90 car this week, was in the #81 at Daytona)(Henry of StockCarFans)(2-21-1999)
  • Simpson/DuPont: Bill Simpson, who has developed some of the most innovative safety equipment in racing, has teamed with DuPont to bring Kapton, a safety substance used in the exploration of space, into motorsports. When Kapton is used in a driver’s uniform, protection from heat and fire can be increased by 50 percent, Simpson said. Another Kapton-based product in development for racing is paint for use under the hood of a car to protect the engine. Both products should be available to the public within a year(That’s Racin’ Jim Utter)(2-21-1999)
  • New Awards: NASCAR has two new award programs in place for the 1999 Cup season. The EA Sports Move of the Race Award will be awarded to the driver that displays the most exciting, distinctive on-track move during the race. The winner, selected by a media panel, will receive $4,200. Kenny Irwin won the award last week at Daytona. The Hasbro Pit Stop Award will go to the race team that employs the best pit strategy during each race. The winning tean, also selected by a media panel, will receive $4,200. Jeff Gordon’s team, led by crew chief Ray Evernham, took the honor last week at Daytona(That’s Racin’ Jim Utter)(2-21-1999)


  • Standridge Makes Attempt: Billy Standridge drove the #50 Midwest Transit Chevy during Saturday morning’s practice session, and then attempted to qualify for the car for the Cup race, but could not get the car in the race. Standridge replaced rookie Dan Pardus, who has less experience at North Carolina Speedway(NASCAR Online)(2-20-1999)
  • Qualifying Postponed UPDATE results: Rain has postponed Cup qualifying at the Rock. One round of qualifying will take place at 10:45am/et with 45 minutes of practice at 9am/et. Positions 1-36 will be determined and each driver will get one lap. 2nd round has been canceled(NASCAR Online)(2-19-1999) — One round of qualifying was held this morning: Ricky Rudd in the #10 Tide Ford won the pole with a speed of 157.241mph. Darrell Waltrip took another Champ Prov(he now has six left to use). Rick Mast who won the pole at the Rock a year ago, got the very last regular provisional. Derrike Cope and Rich Bickle miss the race, along with rookies Buckshot Jones and Dan Pardus. See who took the provisonals and why at Jayski’s Provisional Page. Qualifying and the starting lineups at NASCAR Online or Speedworld.(2-20-1999)
  • Happy Hour: Practice is over, Jeff Gordon was the fastest at 150.971mph. See the speeds at NASCAR Online or Speedworld.(2-20-1999)


  • Need to Clear Something Up: The Big Daddy’s announced their sponsorship with the #90 Cup Ford, the #75 BGN Chevy(still negotiating?) and the #14 CTS Ford and didn’t come through is based in Oklahoma and is a company that makes BBQ Cooking products BBQ Sauce, see their website at Big Daddy’s BBQ, not any other Big Daddy’s establishment such as Big Daddy’s restaurant in the Mooresville/Lake Norman, NC(whom I hear is a big NASCAR supporter and was one of the first NASCAR themed restaurants) or any other business of the same name. Just wanted to clear this misconception up(2-19-1999)
  • Butch at Vegas: Winston West driver Butch Gilliland will attempt to make the Las Vegas 400 in the #38 Ralphs / Food 4 Less Ford. Besides the Las Vegas 400, Gilliland team’s Winston Cup schedule includes attempts at California Speedway in Fontana, CA on May 2, Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma, CA on June 27, Indy on Aug. 7 and Phoenix on Nov. 7.(LVMS Site)(2-19-1999)
  • Petty Sponsor: Driving Impressions Inc., the North American importer of OMP racing equipment, will sponsor the Cup and BGN Petty Enterprises teams and drivers with OMP racing safety equipment(SpeedNet) didn’t mention the truck team(2-19-1999)
  • Pressley Out, Yes UPDATE: Hearing that Charley Pressley has been released as the crew chief of the #4 Kodak Morgan-McClure Chevy?? Hearing Gary DeHart may step in as the crew chief. Actually DeHart will probably be the Race Team Coordinator, not sure what they will do crew chief wise or what Pressley’s plan are(2-18-1999) — See the Press Release at the Morgan-McClure site: Gary DeHart assumes new position with Morgan-McClure Motorsports (2-19-1999)
  • Gordon and the ESPY’s: Just one day after winning his second Daytona 500, Hendrick Motorsports driver Jeff Gordon collected his third ESPY award Monday during the annual gala event at Radio City Music Hall. Gordon had previously accepted the “Performer of the Year” award for the auto racing category in 1996 and 1998. In a testimony to NASCAR’s growing acceptance among mainstream America, Gordon was also a nominee for “Male Athlete of the Year.” Michael Jordan and eventual winner Mark McGwire were also among the nominees for that prestigious award. (Hendrick Motorsports PR via StockCarFans Newsletter)(2-19-1999)
  • Double Duty: Ten drivers with full Winston Cup rides will attempt to make the BGN race at the Rock: #9-Jeff Burton; #19-Mike Skinner; #26-Johnny Benson; #29-Ted Musgrave; #41-David Green; #44-Bobby Labonte; #60-Mark Martin; #61-Derrike Cope; #64-Geoff Bodine; and #99-Kevin Lepage (2-19-1999)
  • Donlavey News(#90) UPDATE: Junie Donlavey announced today(Tuesday) that Morgan Shepherd will drive his #90 Ford at the Rockingham event this weekend. Donlavey feels that putting the veteran Shepherd in his Ford is the best plan for getting the still unsponsored machine into the race. Big Daddy’s BBQ has officially backed out of their sponsorship deal for 1999, and Donlavey is continuing to search for a full time backer. The veteran car owner feels he will be able to run 3-4 more races before he may have to consider missing some events, due to finances, something he hasn’t had to do in decades. The well-respected Donlavey says he is working with Rookie of the Year candidate Stanton Barrett for a one race deal for the upcoming Las Vegas event. Willie T. Ribbs has also expressed interest in running some races in the Donlavey Ford(Inside Motorsports/Bill McDonald)(2-18-1999) — Accu-Turn will again be the product sponsoring the hood of Junie Donlavey’s #90 Ford this weekend at the Rock. Donlavey is looking for a sponsor for his car’s quarterpanels(Times-Dispatch)(2-19-1999)


  • #98 Sponsor UPDATE 2: Sonic Drive In Restaurants who sponsored the #98 Yarborough-Burdette Ford at Daytona may extend for the full season. Also there is supposed to be an announcement this week on a major associate sponsor deal for the team(RPM2Nite/Bill Weber)(2-16-1999) — the Yarborough-Burdette #98 Cup team is very close to announcing short and long term plans. It appears that the Sonic Drive-Thru Restaurant deal was a one-time sponsor situation, but with serious thoughts for the 2000 season as far as a much bigger involvement. Sometime this week, a major communications company will announce a very agressive associate sponsor program that will probably carry much of the teams needs throughout the 1999 season(Jayski Note: may be that phone card deal rumored here a few weeks ago). There is also talk of a MAJOR contract on the table that involves a Three-year agreement with no more details available at this time. See the Racin’ with Russ Winston Cup page for more info(2-17-1999) — I hear the team has five letters of intent to sponsor them for this year and beyond. However there have been no checks written so things are still in a holding pattern. I hear the Sonic people were happy with the promotion and are looking into somethinf either this year or next(2-18-1999)


  • John Wayne Scheme: Sterling Marlin will have a Coors Light/John Wayne paint scheme at Texas and Phoenix. See images of the car at the Sterling Marlin Site(an excellent site btw) go to the hot news. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of souvenirs featuring the special design will benefit the John Wayne Cancer Institute(many readers and saw it on RPM2Nite)(2-16-1999) — Also an image at SpeedNet(2-17-1999)
  • Fines: The following crew chiefs were fined for rules violations at Daytona: Newt Moore from the #77 Jasper Engines Ford team fined $5,000 for unapproved brake rotors; Greg Conner from the #90 Acu-Turn Industries Ford fined $3,000 for a non-magnetic driveshaft; Joe Garone, crew chief for the #94 McDonald’s Ford and Wayne Orme, crew chief for #13 NationsRent Ford were fined $2,000 each for use of unapproved exhaust pipes(NASCAR Online)(2-17-1999)
  • #90 Driver for the future UPDATE 2: Junie Donlavey will announce later this week who will drive the #90 Ford at Rockingham next weekend. Mike Wallace, who drove for Donlavey in yesterday’s Daytona 500, definitely will not be in the car(Times-Dispatch)(2-15-1999) — Hearing it will be Morgan Shepherd in the car for the Rock. No word on sponsorship for the race — RPM2Nite reported that Morgan Shepherd will be in the #90 at the Rock in a one race deal, no sponsor mentioned(RPM2Nite)(2-16-1999) Morgan Shepherd will be in the #90 Ford of Junie Donlavey in the Dura Lube/Big K “400” at Rockingham this weekend. They are seeking sponsorship for Rockingham and for the races to follow. Any interested parties should contact either Donlavey Racing @ 804-233-8592 or Shepherd Racing @828-256-2194, I hear Stanton Barrett continues to talk to Donlavey about bringing his teams sponsorship over to the #90(2-17-1999)
  • #75 News: For this weekend’s race at Rockingham, Ted Musgrave’s primary sponsor Remington is teaming up with the National Wild Turkey Federation(NWTF). The #75 Ford Taurus will feature a camo paint scheme with the NWTF logo on the hood. A press conference will be held at the Speedway on Friday, February 19 at 11:00am/et to unveil the special paint scheme. Remington Arms, the NWTF and Polaris ATVs will have tents in Turns 1 and 2 at the North Carolina Speedway this weekend(Ted Musgrave Website)(2-17-1999)
  • Testing: I hear Michael Waltrip tested the #7 Chevy and Elliott Sadler tested the #21 Ford at Greenville-Pickens speedway on Tuesday, no speeds(2-17-1999)
  • Darlington Testing UPDATE: Chad Little tested the #97 John Deere Ford at Darlington on Tuesday, his fastest speed was 164.468 mph(AP/WRAL), Little also tested at Darlington on Wednesday(WC Today Radio)(2-17-1999)
  • Pit Road at Daytona: Since there are only 42 pit stalls at Daytona, Kenny Irwin Jr. and Mike Wallace were forced to share their pit stall at the start of the Daytona 500. When John Andretti dropped out of the race, Irwins Texaco Havoline Ford race team moved all of their equipment to the opp’osite end of pit row in Andretti’s slot so they wouldn’t have to schedule their pit stops around Wallace.(Alabama Online) Jayski Note: I had no idea they only had 42 spots, seems odd(2-17-1999)
  • Santarre Sub UPDATE 2: Ward Burton will fill in for Andy Santerre in the #47 BGN Chevy while Santerre recovers from his injury inccurred in the NAPA 300 BGN Race. Burton is scheduled to drive the car for Rockingham, Vegas and Atlanta(NASCAR Online) — RPM2Nite reports that Mike Swaim, Jr(Dash Series) will drive the car. Santerre hopes to return by May(2-16-1999) — NASCAR Online reports that Burton opted out of the ride and the team hasn’t made a decision on a driver yet(NOL)(2-17-1999)


  • Delays: Bill Weber on RPM2Nite reported that the delay of the new Monte Carlo may affect Dale, Jr’s Cup 1999 schedule. Talladega will probably be dropped from the schedule and the team is building three 1998 Monte Carlos and will run five intermediate tracks(no idea which ones, didn’t say)(RPM2Nite)(2-16-1999)
  • Brewer out? UPDATE, no…well: I hear crew chief Tim Brewer has left the #41 Larry Hedrick owned Kodiak Chevy team. Supposedly team manager Mike Hill will take over for the interm — RPM2Nite reports that Brewer has been reassigned as a consultant and Hill will crew chief the car until a full-time crew chief can be found(2-16-1999)
  • What happened to Elliott? Got this question a dozen times on Monday about Bill Elliott and the #94 McDonalds Ford. The answer can be found at RaceWire – FORD – Daytona 500 Quotes(2-16-1999)


  • GEM News: The new Gordon/Evernham Motorsports Busch Grand National team will have their first test session Tuesday and Wednesday (Feb 23rd and 24th) at Las Vegas. The track and LVMS indicated that the track will be open to the public to watch the test session of the #24 Pepsi/Fritos Chevrolet and that Gordon’s souvenir trailer will be selling merchandise. See the story at the Las Vegas Sun – LVMS to open gates to fans for Gordon testing thanks to Gordonline for the heads up(2-15-1999)
  • No Bull 5 UPDATE 2: The five drivers eligible for the Winston No Bull 5 in the Daytona 500 are: Jeff Gordon(starting 1st), Dale Jarrett(8th), Terry Labonte(19th), Jeremy Mayfield(6th) and Jimmy Spencer(11th). Five fans are paired up with the drivers with a chance to win $1 Million: Gordon with Ray Grimm of Hagerstown, MD; Jarrett with Charles Fodor of Rockaway Park, NY; Labonte with Ritchie Gregory of Dallas, TX; Mayfield with Jennifer McCann of Grand Prairie, TX; Spencer with Kevin Settle of Sebring, OH (NASCAR Online)(2-13-1999) — Jeff Gordon won the race and the No Bull 5 $1 millon and fan Ray Grimm of Hagerstown, MD won a million also. How the No Bull drivers ended up – Gordon-1st; Jarrett-37th; Mayfield-20th; Labonte-38th ; and Spencer-41st. Gordon, Earnhardt, Irwin, Skinner and Michael Waltrip go for the No Bull 5 at Las Vegas on March 7th(2-14-1999) — Ray Grimm won $1 million Sunday as part of a No Bull Bonus program. Each of the five eligible drivers was aligned with a single fan, and Grimm, a 46-year-old correctional officer from Hagerstown, Md., drew Gordon. All five fans who participated in the No Bull Bonus program made a pact to split the money, and Grimm says he will honor it(That’s Racin'(2-15-1999)
  • #22 Crew: Hearing the car chief of the #41 team, Doug Randolph, will be leaving to take over the car chief job at the #22 Vacated by Ricky Viers(2-15-1999)
  • More Barrett: ROTY candidate Stanton Barrett entered the season planning to run only 16 races but may hook up with another team and make the full schedule. Barrett ran well at Daytona, missing the season-opening event by finishing one spot out of the required top 15 in his 125. He has talked with Donlavey and Larry Hedrick about running more racesTimes-Dispatch)(2-15-1999)
  • NASCAR and TV: In part…”Humpy Wheeler indicated yesterday that he and Bruton Smith are now leaning toward accepting Brian France’s proposal to unify NASCAR’s bargaining position over television rights. That comes just a few days after Herb Fishel — one of the sport’s most powerful figures as head of GM’s racing operations — offered his support to Smith and Wheeler in their bid for second Winston Cup dates at Texas and Las Vegas. Wheeler said he has been talking with NASCAR officials over the past few weeks about future TV packages. In January, he had expressed reluctance at the prospect of giving up the right to negotiate his own TV packages. Yesterday he said he was ”more positive” about the issue.” See the rest of the PitNow story at Smith may help NASCAR with TV talks(2-15-1999)
  • Where was Rick? Jeff Gordon’s car owner, Rick Hendrick, became ill and was forced to return home Friday to North Carolina. Thus did Hendrick, who is battling leukemia, miss yet another of Gordon’s wins after being banished from the racetrack last season in a court-ordered absence(Skip Wood/USA Today)(2-15-1999)
  • Goodyear Notes: The unusually high tire wear yesterday, particularly on right fronts, means that Goodyear will almost certainly come back with a different tire for the July 4 race at Daytona and Goodyear’s rollover contract with NASCAR virtually precludes any move by Firestone to get into Winston Cup racing. According to NASCAR sources, the Goodyear-NASCAR contract is similar to R. J. Reynolds’ contract, which is automatically renewed annually(PitNow/JournalNow)(2-15-1999)
  • Daytona 500 TV Ratings: Jeff Gordon’s victory on Sunday had a 7.9 overnight rating and a 20 share, up 3% from last year’s overnight rating of 7.7/19. This year’s mark tied it with the 1992 and 1994 races, which also received a 7.9 overnight rating. The Daytona 500 has outrated the Indy 500 for three straight years. The last three Indy 500s have averaged a 5.7 national mark. Daytona’s national number won’t be available until Thursday(USA Today)(2-15-1999)
  • Dougs Pit: The Team Roush Fans site is proud to announce that Doug Newell, pitcrew member for Mark Martin’s Valvoline Taurus has become part of Team Roush Fans….Doug writes an informal after race report to his friends along with some behind the scenes action and Team Roush Fans has gotten permission to post them on the site in a new section called “Dougs Pit”.(2-15-1999)
  • Monte Carlo in 2000? UPDATE: Apparently the new Monte Carlo will not show up in the 1999 Winston Cup season. Reports say that Chevrolet officials have decided to wait until the 2000 Daytona 500 to debut the new racing version. Several reasons were behind the move but apparently the inability to smoothly get the street version of the car to dealers around the country on NASCAR’s timetable and the fear of further delays by NASCAR in approving the new car causing dilution of the release publicity were key. Chevrolet officials are aware that NASCAR approval should come before the end of 1999, but they will encourage Chevy teams to continue to use the current Monte Carlo body style until the 2000 “500”. Chevrolet officials do want to have one new Monte Carlo in the Brickyard 400 in August. Entering one in this manner would not affect the Manufacturer’s Championship battle.(Inside Motorsports)(2-14-1999) — GM officials reportedly have said that someone will definitely drive the new Monte Carlo at the Brickyard 400 in August. They have not, however, required all Chevrolet drivers to be in the car. If the car is introduced that way, it can be seen on the track without affecting the championship race(Times-Dispatch)(2-15-1999)



  • Petty Blue: The #43 STP Pontiac and John Andretti will sport an all blue car with STP only on the hood as he will be in a backup car since the primary was wrecked in the Twin 125’s(Happy Hour)(2-14-1999)
  • Burton New Engine: Jeff Burton had engine problems during Happy Hour and the team changed engines(ESPN2 Happy Hour Coverage)(2-14-1999)
  • HAPPY HOUR: Chad Little was the fastest in the #97 John Deere Ford with a speed of 192.352mph(2-14-1999)


  • Results of the Daytona 500: At NASCAR OnlineThat’s Racin’ and Speedworld(2-14-1999)
  • Long Time: Today’s 5th place finish by Michael Waltrip was his first top 5 in 86 races, Rick Mast and the #98 team posted a nice 10th place finish, Jerry Nadeau posted his best career finish ever with an 11th and how about Dave Marcis, he pulled off a 16th place finish(2-14-1999)
  • New Team for 2000? UPDATE 2 Pro football Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Willie Lanier are part of a joint venture dubbed Celebrity Motorsports that is pursuing ownership of a Winston Cup team for the 2000 season(USA Today/Skip Wood – had to search for the story)(2-6-1999) — By this time next year, Willie Lanier and fellow Hall of Famer Jim Brown hope to be part of an ownership group of a competing team. Brown and Lanier have joined with Bill Futterer of Berea, Ohio, to form Celebrity Motorsports. The group hopes to become involved with an existing team and help with sponsorship and marketing. They have some teams in mind, but are not saying which ones. Lanier said he and his partners hope to have something lined up soon so they can be ready by Daytona 2000(Times-Dispatch)(2-11-1999) — Jim Brown, a football legend, and Willie Lanier, another NFL star from the past, have been looking at a Winston Cup effort next season, and Felix Sabates appears to be their NASCAR link. Lanier is an executive with First Union, a company that has sponsored a Sabates team. And Sabates says he’s looking at Mario Hernandez, 23, a young Cuban college graduate, as a possible NASCAR driver, probably starting with a Dash series car(PitNow/JournalNow)(2-14-1999)


  • Big Daddy’s Release: Big Daddy’s BBQ Racing Co. reached a mutual release of its sponsorship with Donlavey Racing, announced CEO Dan Lloyd. Big Daddy’s wishes the best for the Donlavey team this season. Meanwhile, Big Daddy’s BBQ Racing Co. continues to go forward with its sponsorship efforts. Big Daddy’s BBQ Sauce and Spices products are now available in the Big Daddy’s Fans’S mart portable convenience shop now on location inside the track for the Daytona 500 race this weekend. The transport will be traveling to many of the major tracks this 1999 season following the Winston Cup, Busch and Craftsman Truck Series races(www.bigdaddysbbq.com(2-13-1999)
  • Auto Racing Magazines Sold: Stock Car Racing, Open Wheel, and other auto related magazines have been sold by General Media (Penthouse) to Petersen Publishing (Motor Trend). SCR sells 220,000 copies per month, more than any other monthly devoted to the sport. Staff and readers are concerned that 33 year-old SCR and OW not be folded into Petersen’s Circle Track magazine(Peterson Co – News)(2-13-1999)
  • Hmmm….UPDATE 2 on #90 and Kodiak: Representatives of Kodiak have approached Richmond, Va.-based owner Junie Donlavey about a possible sponsorship agreement with his car. The group currently funds the Larry Hedrick car driven by David Green(Times-Dispatch). Jayski note: not sure if this means just for Daytona since the #41 failed to make the 500 or for Kodiak to sponsor a 2nd team or move — well John Kernan let us know on RPM2Nite, it’s a one race deal with Kodiak on the #90 Ford with Mike Wallace driving(2-12-1999) — Actually, I hear that the #41 team approached Junie to put the Kodiak decals on the #90 and even lent their firesuits to the team, nice gesture(2-13-1999)
  • Wallace to Backup: Kenny Wallace will drive a backup #55 Square-D Chevy in the Daytona 500(NASCAR Online)(2-13-1999)
  • Friday Practice: There was Cup practice on Friday, but saw nothing about it on NASCAR Online, but Speedworld has the speeds at www.speedworld.net. Sterling Marlin was fastest at 191.099mph. 39 of the 43 cars went out. Teams not on the practice sheet: #’s 3,16,24 and 31.(2-13-1999)


  • Labonte Magic Motor: Bobby Labonte’s team changed an engine just before he won the Twin 125 race(RPM2Nite)(2-12-1999)
  • Rookies: Tough week for the six Cup ROTY candidates, Tony Stewart and Elliott Sadler mad the 500, but Dan Pardus, Stanton Barrett and Buckshot Jones all will miss the race and Mike Harmon was released from his ride before it ever got started(he may end up back in the car depending on what Big Daddy’s does)(2-12-1999)
  • Rules at the Rock: NASCAR senior vice president and chief operating officer Mike Helton said a rule change involving air dam clearances and spoiler sizes for all three car makes will go into affect at the Feb. 21 race at Rockingham. The change was implemented at the season finale in Atlanta last season as a test. NASCAR issued three changes at Atlanta: The height of rear spoilers were increased 1 1/2 inches on all car makes; all cars had to have a minimum rear spoiler angle of 65 degrees; and the front end air dam ground clearance for all cars was mandated to be 3 1/2 inches(That’s Racin’)(2-12-1999)
  • Barrett to the #90? Rookie Stanton Barrett, who is sponsoring and running his own car, also has talked to Donlavey about joining up for the rest of the season. Barrett’s father, Stan, drove for Donlavey in 1989. Mike Wallace will drive Donlavey’s #90 Ford in the Daytona 500(Times-Dispatch) I had heard from a source that Barrett would switch to Ford’s after Daytona, not sure if this was the deal or not(2-12-1999)
  • Martin/Big Brothers: The Valvoline Co. and Winston Cup driver Mark Martin have launched the “Caring Hands” program, which aims to raise $1 million for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Valvoline, Martin’s sponsor for 10 years, will make a cash donation for every lap he leads, and every pole and victory he has this season(SpeedNet)(2-12-1999)
  • Rusty/Miller: Rusty Wallace has signed another contract renewal with Miller, this time through 2003. Wallace has been sponsored by Miller since starting his own team with car owner Roger Penske in 1991(JournalNow)(2-12-1999)
  • ARCA Team: Jeremy Mayfield and his team owner Michael Kranefuss are fielding an ARAC team to run a limited schedule for driver David Keith. The car will be sponsored by Kmart Kids Race Against Drugs (WC Scene)(2-12-1999)
  • Martin Special Paint: Some readers saw Mark Martin on a QVC Special Thursday night and said he mentioned that he thinks Eagle One will be the paint scheme for the Winston again this year(2-12-1999)
  • Monte Carlo Spotted: You can watch a media clip of Dale Earnhardt, Jr bringing the #3 GM Goodwrench Chevy out at the Chicago Auto Show and read info about the event at GM Site – Chicago Auto Show. Also Autoweek has some images of it in a recent issue(2-12-1999)


  • Illegal Parts: by no ways official, but I hear the following teams had the following problems during inspection: #’s 3,5,31 and 55 had to modify their rear deck lids; An aluminum driveshaft was found on the #90 Ford; The #’s 13 and 94 had illegal headers; The #28 had illegal baffles in the airbox; The #77 had alloy front rotors(we saw this on CBS Saturday); #’s 43 and 44 had aluminum alloy brake pedals; and there was a device fitted to the rear end housing of the #1 intended to make the undercarriage more aerodynamic(2-11-1999)
  • IROC/Unser UPDATE 2: Al Unser Jr had to leave Daytona to attend to family matters and Bobby Labonte will take his place in the IROC for the rest of the week. I hear it was reported on ESPN that Unser’s 12 year old daughter has taken seriously ill(2-9-1999) — Update on Cody Unser: Many readers have reported this – New reports in Albuquerque(where Unser lives) reported last night that Al Unser Jr.’s daughter has a rare spinal infection. As of last night, she was unable to move her legs but still has feeling in her arms and hands. Apparently she was playing basketball and started complaining of headaches and numbness in her legs. Best wishes to the Unser Family(2-10-1999) — Article on Cody’s condition at SpeedNet: Little Al’s daughter hit by rare disease(2-11-1999)
  • new Monte Carlo at Charlotte? Nope UPDATE 2: It’s looking more and more like the new Chevy Monte Carlo will not debut at the CMS(to be LMS) as it has not been approved by NASCAR and no further tests or evaluation of the car would take place until after Sunday’s Daytona 500. The 1999 Cup car, along with the street version, are to make their public debut at the Chicago Auto Show on Thursday(2-9-1999) — Chevrolet officials still hope to debut the 1999 Monte Carlo during the Winston Cup season and are altering their plans on its debut date. Sources said Tuesday Chevrolet has targeted a new date — the Aug. 7 Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis — for the car’s debut in Winston Cup(That’s Racin’)(2-10-1999) — See another article on the Monte Carlo at SpeedNet – New Monte Carlo’s debut pushed back(2-11-1999)
  • Helton promoted UPDATE: Mike Helton was named senior vice president and chief operating officer for NASCAR, it was announced today by Bill France, president of NASCAR(NASCAR Online) — Also NASCAR president Bill France announced Wednesday he has given up day-to-day control of NASCAR operations but will remain president of the organization(That’s Racin’)(2-10-1999) — Interesting story at the Fayetteville Observer-Times site by Tom Pope – France hands NASCAR reins over to Helton – Gone Fishin’(2-11-1999)
  • TWIN 125’s: Totally missed them myself but Bobby Labonte won the 1st Twin and Dale Earnhardt won the 2nd twin. Results can be found at NASCAR OnlineSpeedworldThat’s Racin’ and Racin’ with Russ. For a list of who will use provisionals and who missed the race see Jayski’s Provisional Status Page. Of the new teams, #58-Ricky Craven and #60-Geoffrey Bodine made it by racing in per the Twins. Darrell Waltrip took a champs Prov in the #66. Drivers who made it on speed(31-36): #36-Ernie Irvan; #42-Joe Nemechek; #55-Kenny Wallace; #25-Wally Dallenbach; #71-Dave Marcis; and #43-John Andretti(who was 27th fastest in qualifying). Steve Grissom, David Green, Buckshot Jones and Billy Standridge all missed out(2-11-1999)
  • Twin 125 Lineup’s: Twin 125 #1 and Twin 125 #2 (NASCAR Online), the first one starts at 12:30pm/et(not 10:30am sorry)(no live TV)(2-11-1999)
  • Final Practice for the 125’s: Rich Bickle was the fastest of the 58 cars that went out Wednesday afternoon with a speed of 191.550. See the speeds at That’s Racin’ – practice or Billy Standridge was 9th fastest at 190.613. Ricky Rudd did not practice.(2-11-1999)


  • Harmon out/Shepherd In? UPDATE 5 YEP um…no Wallace: The sponsor’s decals have, for the moment, been removed from the #90 Ford of driver Mike Harmon, pending arrival of the funds. Junie Donlavey said he would give his new sponsor another week. Don’t be surprised to find Morgan Shepherd in Donlavey’s car by Thursday’s Daytona 500 qualifying races(SpeedNet/Monte Dutton)(2-6-1999) — sources tell me the check has cleared and Big Daddy’s will be on the car as the sponsor, hope to have more details on Tuesday(2-8-1999) — Also Harmon was interviewed on a Richmond TV News station and showed no indication he was out of the ride – ANOTHER UPDATE: hope to get some answers on this situation, no later then Wednesday morning(2-9-1999) — After waiting patiently for a $1.5 million installment on a Big Daddy’s BBQ Racing sponsorship, Junie Donlavey has found a different sponsor to fund his car for the Daytona 500. AcuTurn, a brake-and-tire company in Hanover County, Va., will be featured on the car in the season-opener. Big Daddy’s had given Donlavey a partial payment on the yearlong sponsorship in January but the check failed to clear. Therefore, Donlavey did not place the company’s decals on the car for practice and qualifying runs at Daytona. Daniel Lloyd, president of Big Daddy’s, said as late as yesterday morning that the company was waiting on money from the sale of stock to fund the Winston Cup effort(Times-Dispatch). Sources tell me that Mike Harmon is out and Morgan Shepherd will assume driving duties at least for Daytona – add more to this saga, Mike Wallace practiced the car today and I hear he will replace Harmon, not Shepherd, who is still running the #81. — announced on NASCAR Online: Junie Donlavey announced on Wednesday that Mike Wallace has replaced Raybestos Rookie candidate Mike Harmon as his driver for the Daytona 500; and that he has signed a primary sponsor for his blank-sided #90 Ford. Wallace will drive in the Twin 125’s and the 500 if he qualifies, but who will drive the car after that is still uncertain. AcuTurn Industries out of Richmond, VA will sponsor the #90 Ford for the rest of Speedweeks in Daytona. Donlavey did not rule out the possibility of Harmon coming back to the team after Daytona, but said a lot depends on the status of proposed sponsor Big Daddy’s BBQ Sauce & Spices(2-10-1999)
  • Simpson/DuPont: SIMPSON, the leading supplier of motorsports safety products for 41 years, and DuPont, the world’s foremost research and technology company, have formed an exclusive long-term agreement to develop and manufacture performance apparel products for motorsports(Cotter PR)(2-10-1999)
  • Third Round UPDATE: No Cup drivers went out for 3rd round qualifying Tuesday. I see Norm Benning listed in the Twin 125’s but I didn’t think he qualified as he was too slow.(2-9-1999) — my understanding now is that since Benning reached the required speed in practice, NASCAR will allow the team to run in the Twin 125’s(2-10-1999)
  • Wednesday AM Practice: Jerry Nadeau was fastest at 192.102mph, see the results at NASCAR Online or at Speedworld. Interesting, Mike Wallace was listed in the #90 Ford and Morgan Shepherd was practicing the #81, so it looks like Wallace will replace Harmon, not Shepherd as I earlier reported. 57 of the 59 cars practiced, missing? #3-Dale Earnhardt and #10-Ricky Rudd. #47 FCR fans? Billy was 15th at 191.094mph.(2-10-1999)


  • Cup split? No: In part from an Article at That’s Racin’ – Bill France said splitting the Cup series into two divisions isn’t likely to be considered. Brian France, NASCAR’s senior vice president who has worked with the focus groups, said fans became irritated when the idea of splitting the series was raised. Another topic France touched on was Winston Cup expansion. France said Kansas City, KS., likely would be the next addition to the schedule but wouldn’t say whether a race would be dropped in return. Chicago would also be a prime area to move into, France said. France indicated a new track being built in the Baltimore area likely would not receive a date because NASCAR has a presence in the area with events in Pocono, Pa., and Dover, Del., and a Grand National race in Nazareth, Pa. See the complete story and other notes at That’s Racin’ – France dismisses split of top series(2-9-1999)
  • Interesting…. UPDATE: Per the Richmond Times-Dispatch – “Tabasco may not be done as a NASCAR Winston Cup sponsor. The sponsor left the sport after a turbulent ’98 season with ISM Racing. The sponsor and team were involved in a legal dispute after the team was sold and a new driver was hired. Owner Tim Beverley, who got entangled in the dispute by having bought the team, reached a settlement with Tabasco’s parent company. Part of the settlement, which runs through the end of this season, reportedly benefits Beverley and ISM owner Bob Hancher if Tabasco chooses to sponsor any other Winston Cup car. Beverley said he and Hancher must be paid if Tabasco wants to return to Winston Cup racing. Beverley said the company contacted him about bringing a car to Daytona, but it could not afford the one-race sponsorship price.”(Times-Dispatch) wonder what that price was?(2-7-1999) — Source from Tabasco say the company has no interest in returning to NASCAR or Motorsports at this time(2-9-1999)
  • Jayski Speed Chart UPDATE: As I followed qualifying, I made up a speed chart which has both the first and second lap, the difference of those laps, when the driver was scheduled to go out and when they actually did, along with some notes. Just thought it was interesting, see it at Jayski’s 1999 Daytona Qualifying Chart(2-6-1999) — added 2nd round(2-9-1999)
  • Qualifying: Minimum speed in to qualify for the Twin 125’s is 179mph (The min speed is calculated by subtracting 15% from the pole speed, thanks Mark). Only the eight teams that made 2nd round qualifying attempts can make an attempt in the 3rd round. Look for maybe Norm Benning to be the only car to make an attempt as he is at 172mph, too slow to make the Twin 125(2-9-1999)
  • Tuesday AM Practice: Tony Stewart was fastest of the 58 cars practicing today with a speed of 191.734mph. See the results at NASCAR Online. Harmon is listed in the #90, Benning is up to speed in the #79. The only car/driver missing was #81 Morgan Shepherd.(2-9-1999)


  • Rookies: How did the six ROTY candidates do in First Round Qualifying? Let’s see – #20-Tony Stewart 2nd fastest; #50-Dan Pardus 30th; #21-Elliott Sadler 38th; #00-Buckshot Jones 44th; #84-Stanton Barrett 48th; and #90-Mike Harmon 52nd(2-8-1999)
  • Cope’s Engine: Bahari Racing leased an engine from SABCO for Derrike Cope’s 2nd round qualifing attempt, the same one that Sterling Marlin used in 1st round qualifying(ESPN Qualifying Show)(2-8-1999)
  • 2nd Marcis Car: Jim Sauter is attempting to make the Daytona 500 in a 2nd Dave Marics Chevy, #72. Marcis himself has Mike Skinner’s qualifying engine under the hood, and Steve Park has the engine out of Earnhardt’s car. Only eight cars went out to re-qualify in second round. No idea about 3rd round on Tuesday. Dave Marcis was fastest with a lap of 192.794mph or 23rd fastest overall, he should now be safely in the 500(last year the 20th fastest got the last spot)(2-8-1999)
  • Monday AM practice: Steve Park in the #1 Pennzoil Chevy was fastest at 193.456mph. See NASCAR Online and Speedworld for the speed charts(2-8-1999)
  • NASCAR to Answer Questions UPDATE: On ESPN2’s practice show, it was mentioned that starting next week Bill France, Mike Helton, Gary Nelson etc. will hold a weekly press conference with reporters to answer questions on any subject(2-6-1999). From what I hear is that they may hold occasional meetings but not on a weekly basis(2-18-1999)
  • More Monte Carlo News: The new Monte Carlo may not be approved in time for the Coca-Cola 600 in May. Even as Chevrolet makes plans to use the Monte Carlo as the pace car for the Charlotte race on May 30 and plans to debut it in Chicago next week, the racing model is in jeopardy. The car was wind-tunnel tested as recently as last Monday, with another test expected soon(Times-Dispatch)(2-8-1999)
  • IROC Cars: General Motors pulled its funding out of the International Race of Champions, meaning that the four-race all-star series no longer advertises its affiliation with Pontiac. The first IROC event is Friday in Daytona. The similarly prepared IROC cars are the same Firebirds that raced here last year, but there is no mention of the make anywhere on either the cars themselves or on any of the media materials(SpeedNet/Monte Dutton)(2-8-1999)
  • TV and NASCAR: There was an interesting article in Sunday’s Virginian Pilot (sorry, the story was not on their website) about NASCAR considering packaging the Television rights to Winston Cup events sometime in the near future. By combining all the races into one package deal, NASCAR could extract much more money from the lucky network that takes on the highest bid! The way it is currently handled, each track negotiates it’s own deal with whatever network they can work the best price out of. Some of the smaller tracks like Martinsville, which gets about $1 million for each of it’s two seasonal events, could get a much larger piece of the pie. The Craftsman Truck Series is currently operating under this fashion. See the rest of the story at Victory Lane Online(2-8-1999)


  • Shootout Notes: Rusty Wallace missed drivers intorductions(not the meeting) for the Shootout and had to start from the back of the pack; Schraders #33 was blue; for the qualifying race, Dave Marcis had the Rainbow Warrior crew(#24) do his mandatory pitstop during the qualifying race(2-7-1999)
  • Monte Carlo Story: One of the best kept secrets in the Winston Cup series, a project as shrouded as the F-117 Stealth fighter, is about to be revealed. Both the new Chevrolet Monte Carlo production car and racer will make their debut at the Chicago Automobile Show in the second week of February. The secrecy is markedly different from the fanfare accompanying Ford’s introduction of its Taurus racer in August 1997, six months before its Daytona 500 debut. See the complete article at: Monte Carlo ready for controversy by Lewis Franck(2-7-1999)(SpeedNet)
  • Craven/#58 tryout: Scott Barbour and driver Ricky Craven are sponsored by Hollywood Video for the Speedweeks events. If everything goes well, the sponsor might sign on for the full season(Times Dispatch)(2-7-1999)
  • Hendrick Sponsors: The Hendrick teams all have Kelloggs either as a primary or associate sponsor. Viewers might have noticed the ‘K-SENTIALS’ logo on Jeff Gordon’s car and driving uniform yesterday. Starting in March, Kelloggs will use the ‘K-SENTIALS’ logo to identify cereals that contain nutrients it believes are essential for growth and development. Also, on Dallenbach and Labonte’s cars, the Advance Auto Parts logo is on the rear decklid. However, on Gordon’s car the AAP logo is on the B pillar just behind the side window. In the Daytona 500 event, DuPont Dow Elastomers will be on the rear decklid of the #24.(Jeff Gordon Online)(2-7-1999)
  • Barrett Sched: rookie Stanton Barrett as we know is planning a 16-race Cup schedule in 1999. He recently announced what races he will attempt: of course the Daytona 500, followed by Texas, California, The Winston Open, Charlotte, Michigan, Daytona(July), Pocono(July), Indianapolis, Michigan(Aug), Darlington(Sept), Charlotte(Oct), Talladega(Oct), Rockingham(Oct), Phoenix, Homestead and the season finale at Atlanta(That’s Racin’)(2-7-1999)
  • Roush Appears as a Team: Roush Racing owner Jack Roush and his NASCAR drivers – Mark Martin, Jeff Burton, Johnny Benson, Chad Little, Kevin Lepage, Mike Bliss and Greg Biffle – will make an appearance at 8:15am Monday at South Daytona Beach Elementary School(That’s Racin’ Trackside Report)(2-7-1999)


  • UNBELIEVABLE: 1st round Qualifying for the Daytona 500 almost resulted in a huge upset. Tony Stewart ran 194.599mph, but Jeff Gordon got the pole with a speed of 195.067mph. This sets up a front row of Jeff Gordon and rookie Tony Stewart. Results from 1st round at NASCAR Online or Speedworld. Shame CBS couldn’t finish out qualifying and have an interview with Gordon, but they did go back during golf to talk to Gordon. See my TV/Media page for an email address to CBS, they had the qualfying show slotted until 3pm and did stay with it until 3:15pm/et(2-6-1999)
  • Sat AM Practice: Jeff Gordon was the fastest at 194.208mph. 57 cars practiced. See results at NASCAR Online or Speedworld. 15 of the 29 possible cars practice, Rusty Wallace was fastest at 189.326(2-6-1999)
  • Rules Change? That’s Racin’ is reporting that NASCAR is “days away” for making a decision on whether to implement new air dam and spoiler size rule modifications beginning with the Rockingham race Feb. 21. The rule changes, which give all three car makes the same air dam clearance and change the spoiler size on all three car makes in non-restrictor-plate races, were used in November’s race at Atlanta as a test. Nelson said most teams gave NASCAR positive feedback from the test. NASCAR told teams testing at Rockingham last week to test under both sets of rules. Nelson said NASCAR would evaluate the teams’ test results in making its final decision(That’s Racin’)(2-6-1999)
  • Lobster: I hear the two Richard Petty teams, the #43 STP Pontiac with John Andretti and tyhe #44 Hot Wheels Pontiac with Kyle Petty has picked up sponsorship from Red Lobster Restaurants, which will be on the decklid of each car(2-6-1999)
  • Earnhardt News: NASCAR Online mentions in their notebook that Dale Earnhardt and #3 owner are looking to extent their contract and that Earnhardt does not not plan to ever race his own cars in the future(2-6-1999)
  • Yarborough Sponsor UPDATE 3: It’s not UPS as was rumored here, but I hear the #98 team has signed a sponsor for 1999 and will be announcing it very soon(2-3-1999) — I am hearing three possible sponsors for the team in 1999: Bell Helmets, Galaxy Phone Card or Sonic Drive In Restaurants(2-4-1999) — From NASCAR Online: Sonic restaurants, will sponsor Rick Mast in the #98 Yarborough/Burdette Motorsports Ford in the Twin 125’s and the Daytona 500. Sonic will also be an associate sponsor of driver Ricky Craven’s SBIII Ford in the Bud Shootout as well as the Twin 125s and Daytona 500. Mast’s team had previously picked up sponsorship from Budweiser for the Bud Shootout.(2-5-1999) — Yarborough has sold the majority of the #98 team to Wayne Burdette, a deal which allows Burdett to buy the team outright by the end of 1999(Times-Dispatch)(2-6-1999)
  • Ut-oh again: As many readers pointed out, Big Daddy’s BBQ was not on the #90 Junie Donlavey Ford during Friday’s practice, why? As the Times-Dispatch reports – “The car ran with a solid red hood after the payment from sponsor Big Daddy’s BBQ failed to clear the bank. Donlavey had received the partial payment late last week after giving the company a Jan. 26 deadline. Donlavey plans to remain in Daytona and run the Daytona 500 on Feb. 14 whether he receives payment or not. Yesterday, he said that Dan Lloyd, chief executive officer of Big Daddy’s, was meeting with bank officials in New York. Big Daddy’s logos have never been placed on Donlavey’s car, and the transporter is not painted in the team’s colors. Donlavey wasn’t the only team waiting for payment from Lloyd(Times-Dispatch)(2-6-1999)
  • Kimmel Hurt UPDATE 2: Defending ARCA Champ Frank Kimmel, who also drove the #23 Winston Ford in a 1998 Cup race, was injured during qualifying for the ARCA race at Daytona. Kimmel was knocked unconscious by the impact, but was awake and alert when he was taken from the car, according to reports. He was transported to Halifax Regional Medical Center.(iRACE) Donna Kimmel said the hospital medical staff has confirmed that Frank has no broken bones. He has some short-term memory loss which is normal for someone who has been unconscious. He will be kept overnight for observation. It appears that Frank is OK. Donna did not know if he would be cleared to race or not. We will post any information we have on the web-site! www.frankkimmel.com(2-4-1999) — Kimmel was released from Halifax Medical Center Friday morning after spending a night under observation. Bob Hill(mechanic on the Team Sabco #40) has been tapped to attempt to qualify the car today if Kimmel can’t drive. Per the Kimmel site, he is currently planning to start the race on Sunday but may seek the help of a relief driver(2-6-1999)
  • New Team for 2000? Pro football Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Willie Lanier are part of a joint venture dubbed Celebrity Motorsports that is pursuing ownership of a Winston Cup team for the 2000 season(USA Today/Skip Wood – had to search for the story)(2-6-1999)
  • Technical Committee? NASCAR officials are considering a proposal from some car owners for a technical advisory committee composed of key Winston Cup mechanics, who would offer some direction in potential rules changes(JournalNow/Mike Mulhern)(2-6-1999)


  • Grand Marshall: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will give the starting command for the Daytona 500(AP) Brett Favre will throw the green flag(2-5-1999)
  • Practice #2 and Bud Shootout Practice: Second Practice is over, Sterling Marlin was fastest at 193.994mph. 54 cars practiced. See results at NASCAR Online or Speedworld. Rusty Wallace was fastest in the Shootout practice at 190.126mph(2-5-1999)
  • Practice #1: First Practice is over, Rusty Wallace was fastest at 193.877mph followed by Ernie Irvan in the #36 at 192.736mph. 55 cars practiced. See results at NASCAR Online or Speedworld(2-5-1999)
  • Mattei Sponsor: Michael Waltrip had Klaussner Furniture signage on the quarter panels of his #7 Mattei/Philips Chevrolet(NASCAR Online) Something I noticed in some images I have but forgot to mention(2-5-1999)
  • Craven Snowmobile Ride: Ricky Craven’s last weekend before the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup season kicks off was a busy one. On January 30, 1999, Craven sat on the pole for the 2nd Annual Charity Ride and led a field of 350 snowmobiles around the scenic Moosehead Lake snow course. The single digit temperature did not effect horsepower or enthusiasm and the event raised in excess of $63,000. See the Press Release at Craven rides to success in 2nd Annual Charity Snowmobile Ride(2-5-1999)


  • Wallace on the pole for the shootout UPDATE: Rusty Wallace drew the pole this morning in Daytona, see the lineup for the Bud Shootout at NASCAR Online — Geoffrey Bodine drew the pole for the qualifier, see the starting lineup of 15 drivers at NASCAR Online, missing from the qualifier lineup are Todd Bodine and Dennis Setzer, so I guess the rumored rides for them didn’t pan out, Bodine in the #11 and Setzer in the #89.(2-4-1999)
  • LJ Racing Crew Chief: Skip Eyler has been hired as the crew chief for the #91 LJ Racing Chevy and driver Steve Grissom(NASCAR Online). I had heard that Eyler would crew chief the #81 and Morgan Shepherd, but that deal is shakey right now(2-4-1999)
  • Hughes buys Primestar: As many readers have informed me, Hughes Electronics has bought Primestar. How this will affect the sponsorship of the #16 Roush Racing team, I have not heard. GM owns Hughes and readers point out that the #16 is a Ford. Like I said, have not heard a thing and not looking to speculate(2-4-1999)
  • The Hardee’s Rumor – LAST UPDATE: It grew into it’s own story, it all started innocently enough – Pop Secret will not be back on the #26 Cheerios Ford in 1999 and will have Hardee’s as an associate as all the Roush cars will, the #16 Primestar Ford of Kevin Lepage will have a different look to make it more identifiable to Lepage(no idea what) UPDATE 1: CORRECTION I now hear Pop Secret WILL return to the #26 Ford (the General Mills products have been rotated, Hamburger Helper is on the trunk, Betty Crocker spoon is on the side, and Pop Secret is lower on the rear fender) and Hardee’s will not come aboard as an associate sponsor on the Roush cars.(1-7-1999) — and now I hear Johnny Benson filming a TV commercial for Hardees yesterday in Charlotte’s Freedom Park and that Hardees is shooting a commercial using all Roush cars at Concord Motorsport Park, Jan 6 thru Jan 10, the shoot is being done by Dektor Films out of Hollywood(1-9-1999) more to come?…..Have got many reports that readers have seen the Roush drivers in Hardee’s commercial’s, so this leads me to believe me the Hardee’s rumor of them not coming aboard as an assoc sponsor is not true, so we can put this rumor to rest(2-3-1999) — Closing the book on this rumor – many reader have seen commercials featuring the Roush driver, so it looks like Hardee’s will be an associate sponsor on the Roush cars, no need to email anymore info on this(2-4-1999)


  • Craven’s new sponsor? UPDATE The Bangor, ME newspaper site, The Bangor News, has a story up – NASCAR: Craven’s team gains main sponsor. All it mentions is that the team is close to signing but cannot announce the sponsor name yet — just heard, Craven’s sponsor will be Hollywood Video. Right now just for Speedweeks in Daytona, but the deal may get extended. NOTE: I had heard that Hollywood Video was sponsoring Mark Gibson’s #59 for Daytona, no idea if the sponsorship stays. Also check out info and an image of the #59 car at the Hollywood Video Site – NASCAR(2-3-1999)
  • Talladega Testing:Elliott Sadler tested the #21 CITGO Ford at Talladega. Three BGN teams, #’s 6, 23 and 78 tested also(WC Today Radio)(2-3-1999)
  • #22 Additions: Besides Caterpillar and Tommy Baldwin other additions to the #22 Bill Davis Racing include – Trip Bruce – shop job-suspension/raceday-tire carrier; Tracey Christiansen – Tire Specialist; Jimmy Rollins – Suspension/pit support); Trooper Turner – shop only fabricator; and Steve Donelson added to the engine shop(2-3-1999)
  • Monte Carlo: According to the latest Winston Cup Scene, The 1999 Monteo Carlo Cup car will be debuted at the Chicago Auto Show, black tie charity event on Thursday. The Show opens on Friday(2-3-1999)
  • McDonald’s PR: The McDonald’s NASCAR Racing Team and owner/driver Bill Elliott will pack a new item when filling their suitcases for the 1999 season-opening Daytona 500, Feb. 14, at Daytona. As a result of an off-season facelift, the McDonald’s team brings a very important intangible teammate as it packs for Daytona – a new attitude. Not only did the McDonald’s #94 Ford Taurus obtain a stylish new appearance, the team roster also underwent major changes during the winter months. Heading the list of personnel changes is Eddie D’Hondt, who was promoted to general manager after just two months as team manager of Elliott’s #13 team. He oversees the daily business operations of the Bill Elliott Racing organization and will also serve as tire specialist on race weekends. In addition to administrative restructuring, the Drive-Thru Crew sports a new foundation. Of the seven over-the-wall crew members, four are new to the McDonald’s Drive-Thru Crew since last season. Of the seven members who began the 1998 Winston Cup season, only crew chief/front tire changer Joe Garone remains on the 1999 Drive-Thru Crew(2-3-1999)
  • Favre to throw green flag: Green Bay Packers QB, Brett Favre will serve as the honorary starter for the Daytona 500 on Sunday, Feb. 14(NASCAR Online)(2-3-1999)
  • Planters and Moon Pie: Been up for a few days, Planters, a division of RJR Nabisco, has signed on as the “Official Snack of NASCAR” for the next three seasons. They will also be an associate sponsor of the #88 Quality Care Ford, #10 Tide Ford and #18 Interstates Battery Pontiac. Also MoonPie, the Official Snack Cake of NASCAR, will kick off its second year with NASCAR with the “MoonPie Rookie Dash for Cash”, where both rookie drivers and consumers can be awarded $5,000 if a Cup, BGN or CTS rookie driver wins a race(SpeedNet)(2-3-1999)


  • Part time team: Mark Thompson’s Phoenix Air ARCA looks like they will do as many as five Cup races in 1999. Two road courses with David Murray and Talladega(both), Pepsi 400 with Bob Stait and at Indy with an unknown driver(Midway Phoenix Race Car(2-2-1999)
  • NASCAR Getting Tough! The United States District Court for the middle district of Florida has granted NASCAR a preliminary injunction against an individual who had registered the domain names “nascarfanclub.com” and “nascarpitcrew.com.” This is the third time in the last two years that NASCAR has successfully protected its trademarks through court action.(iRACE) This is why I do not post NASCAR Images or copy their stories(or other sites, without permission) word for word(2-2-1999)
  • Morgan Shepherd news: I hear that Shepherd will be in Daytona driving the #81 Ford and the #07 High Tech Motorsports Chevy for the BGN race in a car owned by Bruce Hanusosy is the owner and creww chiefed by Dale Francis(Morgan Shepherd Site)(2-2-1999)
  • Lake Speed News: Lake Speed will be in Daytona helping Bobby Hillin in his Busch effort. Speed has not giving up on the idea of driving. Some reports of Speed retiring last year after he was hurt at Sonoma are not truewww.lakespeed.net(2-2-1999)


  • Bodine’s together? Hear that on Benny Parsons Fasttalk radio show that Brett Bodine mentioned that he might put Todd Bodine in the #11 Paychex Ford for the Bud Shootout Qualifying race if Todd’s deal for the race with another team does not happen(2-1-1999)
  • UPS rumor again UPDATE 3: Hearing that UPS may surface with the #98 Cale Yarborough team(1-26-1999) — a reader emailed UPS and was told that UPS will sponsor a team in 1999 and have signed but they didn’t say with whom(1-29-1999) — but….a reader of the Stock Car Fans Newsletter reports – that the rumors flying that UPS is going to sponsor a Winston Cup car, is a little far fetched, I work for UPS in the Rocky Mountain Region, and I know quite a few of the Marketing people. To their knowledge there is no plan anywhere in the continental US to sponsor any type of racing…..hmmmm(1-30-1999) — and today I get an email from some possible UPS employee demanding I remove this post, that UPS has no intentions to sponsor racing and then I get email from UPS employees saying an announcement is soon, so I guess we’ll wait a few days and see what happens(2-1-1999)
  • Mayfield Testing: Jeremy Mayfield tested Goodyear tires with the #12 Mobil One Ford at Darlington last Tuesday(TNN’s Raceday)(2-1-1999)
  • Testing at the Rock: Tony Stewart(#20), John Andretti(#43) and Buckshot Jones(#00) tested at the North Carolina Speedway early last week. No speeds given(TNN’s Raceday)(2-1-1999)