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  • no updates on travel from Italy



  • Tyler Jet Sponsor: As rumored here, Tyler Jet Motorsports announced that 10-10-345 Lucky Dog Phone Company would sponsor its Pontiacs and driver Rich Bickle(NASCAR Online)(1-30-1999)
  • Trickle/Elliott Sponsor for Daytona: NationsRent, an equipment rental company based in South Florida, will sponsor Dick Trickle in Bill Elliotts #13 Ford for the Cup Daytona events(Bud Shootout Qualifier, Twin 125’s and the 500)(NASCAR Online)(1-30-1999)
  • Junie says he’s safe UPDATE: Junie Donlavey said his Richmond-based Winston Cup team isn’t worried about receiving funding from Big Daddy’s BBQ, the team’s new sponsor. Big Daddy’s reportedly still owes money from sponsorships in the Slim Jim All-Pro Series last season. Donlavey said the company has a deadline of Wednesday to make its first payment to Donlavey Racing(Times-Dispatch)(1-25-1999) — Junie Donlavey and sponsor Big Daddy’s BBQ remain intact. Big Daddy’s made its first payment to Donlavey as scheduled this week(Times-Dispatch)(1-30-1999)



  • Loomis promoted UPDATE: Robbie Loomis has been selected to replace retiring General Manager Dale Inman at Petty Enterprises. Loomis, crew chief for John Andretti, will take on the added responsibility of general manager for the teams of Andretti and Kyle Petty. Inman has been with Petty Enterprises almost since its inception. Inman decided to retire at the end of the 1998 season(Times-Dispatch)(1-25-1999) — hear that Greg Steadman will be the #43 Crew Chief next year(2000) and maybe by the end of this year(Petty Page)(1-29-1999)
  • Carter and Melling to share: Melling Racing and Travis Carter Enterprises have partnered to share technical information and develop performance assistance during the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup season. The two racing operations combined forces to improve research and development for their three teams. Travis Carter Enterprises and crew chief Donnie Wingo field the #23 Ford for Jimmy Spencer and the #66 Ford for three-time NASCAR Winston Cup Champion Darrell Waltrip. Melling Racing fields the #9 Cartoon Network Wacky Racing Ford for Jerry Nadeau(Cotter Group PR)(1-29-1999)
  • Part-Time Driver To Change Tires On #1 Pennzoil Car: Tom Hubert & Steve Park Cooperate To Help Dreams Come True. Steve Park dreams of driving the winning race car at the Daytona 500. Tom Hubert dreams of driving a race car. Both men will work together at Daytona this month to make their dreams come true. When Park pits the Pennzoil Monte Carlo during the race, the first man over the wall will be Hubert, a tire changing specialist who drives part time on the Winston Cup and Craftsman Truck Series. For the first few races of the season as Park’s Dale Earnhardt Inc. team trains a permanent tire changer, Hubert will man an airgun during pitstops as interim tire changer. Hubert, 34, changed tires at Bahari’ Racing for two years even having to ask off one weekend in 1997 so he could drive the #78 Diamond Rio car at Sears Point where he posted the 11th fastest qualifying time and finished 28th after racing on the lead lap most of the race. Hubert drove in two Winston Cup races last year. At Sears Point he drove the Roehrig Motorsports car qualifying 10th and was running 4th with 35 laps to go before breaking a rear gear. In August, the Cottonwood, California native qualified 10th at Watkins Glen in the #13 Elliott-Marino Motorsports car. Hubert was running as high as tenth before he was eliminated in another car’s accident(Pennzoil PR)(1-29-1999)



  • NASCAR Shock Rules: NASCAR has scrapped plans to change rules governing shock absorbers in the Daytona 500. Teams tested under the proposed rules at Daytona International Speedway. During those sessions, several crew chiefs complained the rules would be difficult to police. So NASCAR will instead opt to use the ones in place for races last October at Daytona and Talladega. NASCAR used the January tests to experiment with rules for Winston Cup cars that were similar to ones instituted last year for Grand National cars. The rules are designed to hold cars lower as they make laps around Daytona and Talladega, racing’s two fastest ovals. Complete story at That’s Racin’ and Plans to implement new shock rules for the Daytona 500 have been scraped by NASCAR. It appears the major reason was the difficulty in enforcing the new specifications that would dictate what kind of components could be used in making the shocks. NASCAR was trying to prevent teams from using “one-way” shocks that essentially held the rear of the car down at speed to get the rear spoiler out of the airstream. Besides increasing speed the drivers were subjected to extremely hard jolts and the cars were very unstable. The rules covering shocks for last years events at Daytona will be enforced for the 1999 500.(StockCarRacing Magazine)(1-28-1999)
  • #13 Info UPDATE?: Bill Elliott won’t say what will happen to the No. 13 car beyond Daytona, but he will say it will be entered in that race with Dick Trickle as driver. The No. 13, which Elliott had co-owned with NFL quarterback Dan Marino, ran a full 1998 schedule but lost FirstPlus Financial as primary sponsor at the end of the season.(That’s Racin’)(1-28-1999)
  • Monte Carlo News: On 1/26, Winston Cup officials will announce whether they’ve approved the 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, which is scheduled to debut at Charlotte Motor Speedway in May(Times-Dispatch)(1-18-1999) – haven’t heard an update on this(1-28-1999)



  • Barrett Sponsor: Stanton Barrett will run a schedule of approximately 16 NASCAR Winston Cup races beginning with the Feb. 14 Daytona 500. The announcement of Barrett as the driver and Heritage Consumer Products Company as the sponsor for Petty-Barrett-Huggins Racing was made this week. The team, owned by Barrett, Beau Petty and Wayne Huggins, has secured season-long primary sponsorship from Heritage Consumer Products Company, which delivers high quality healthcare products to consumers which fulfill specific needs. Heritage Consumer Products markets and distributes such well-known products as Acutrim, Allerest, Sinarest, Fiberall, Eucalyptamint, Privine, Ting, Konodremul, Calesene and Americaino. The schedule for the #84 Heritage Consumer Products Chevrolet gets heavier and heavier as the season progresses, giving the brand new team a chance to gel and to be in a strong position for a full-season run in 2000. After Daytona, the team plans to run next at Texas Motor Speedway, followed by the event at California Speedway(The Williams Co)(1-27-1999)


  • Bud Moore returns: Bud Moore Racing will return for the Daytona 500 with Jeff Green driving the #15 unsponsored Ford. The team is looking for a sponsor at least for the Daytona 500(NASCAR Online)(1-23-1999)
  • Winner of the 1999 Daytona 500 – is guaranteed $1.1 million of the over $8 million purse million(NASCAR Online)(1-23-1999)



  • The Buckshot/UPS Rumor….um, no: I hear a Wilkes-Barre, PA TV station reported a RUMOR that Buckshot Jones had a sponsorship deal all wrapped up with UPS (United Parcel Service), and they sent the contract to him to be signed, and it was shipped back to UPS, using Federal Express, so they pulled the $4 million dollar deal. So I made a few inquiries and – Response from team owner Billy Jones: “We have also heard these rumors. If Buckshot Racing Team had been given a contract from UPS, we would not have UPS’d it or Fedex’ed it – we would have put on our jogging suits and ran it over to UPS personally. As much as we would like to have received a contract offer from UPS, we have not. However with Daytona right around the corner, we would of course love to have one.” Enough said, bad rumor ended(1-22-1999)
  • Gibson Sponsor: Veteran ARCA driver Mark Gibson has announced a deal with Hollywood Video to sponsor his bid to make the Daytona 500 in 1999. He will pilot the #59 Hollywood Video Ford Taurus. Gibson has started two previous Winston Cup races. As well as attempting to make the Daytona 500, Mark Gibson will also launch his 1999 bid to claim the ARCA BONDO-MARHYDE driving title in the #59 JANI- KING FORD beginning with the ARCA 200 at Daytona.(Mark Gibson Site PR)(1-22-1999)
  • No Bull 5: Five NASCAR Winston Cup Series drivers each have a new No. 1 fan, thanks to the million-dollar Winston No Bull 5 “They Win, You Win” sweepstakes. Contest finalists Charles Fodor, Ritchie Gregory, Ray Grimm, Jennifer McCann and Kevin Settle took part in a ceremony on Saturday (1/16) at the 1999 T. Wayne Robertson NASCAR Winston Cup Preview that paired each with one of the five drivers eligible to win the Winston No Bull 5 million-dollar bonus at the season-opening Daytona 500. See complete story at: Winston No Bull 5 Pairings Set for Daytona 500(GoRacing)(1-20-1999) — Who are the No-Bull drivers? What are the tracks? Rules? See Jayski’s Misc Stats Page for info(1-22-1999)
  • 75 Years of Wheaties Champions: Over the past 75 years, Wheaties has honored champion athletes on its cereal packages. The www.wheaties.com web site gives you the opportunity to see 75 of these packages. You can also find out how to vote for your favorite Wheaties Champion of all time(got to buy some Wheaties). Auto Racing Drivers up for the vote are: Wilbur Shaw(Indy); Dale Earnhardt(NASCAR); Richard Petty(NASCAR). Why no Jeff Gordon? He is sponsored by Kelloggs(1-22-1999)
  • #81 Team: Have heard nothing concreate on the Pinnacle Motorsports team or Morgan Shepherd. One rumor has the sponsorship falling thru and the team is not ready to go racing(1-22-1999)



  • Hendrick returns to the track: Rick Hendrick made his first appearance at Daytona in a couple of years as he attended testing Wednesday in a show of support for his three Cup teams(#’s 5,24,25)(WC Today Radio)(1-21-1999)
  • Hoover Motorsports: Hover Motersports is testing at Talladaga on Thursday. Andy Hillenburg will test the #80 Ford and drive both the ARCA and Cup races at Daytona. The addition on the shop is finally under way (bad weather) and will be appox. 13000 sq ft,and sits on 23 acers 1.5 miles south of High Rock Lake, south Salisbury NC(1-21-1999)
  • Roehrig Cup Team: CTS Owner Kurt Roehrig has a four-race NASCAR Winston Cup Series program ready to go backed by water heater manufacturer Bradford White Corp. of Ambler, Pa. Tom Hubert, who was employed by Roehrig as a shop foreman before the California native set out to establish a driving career, is set to drive no less than two of the four races, at Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma, Calif., and Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the #19 Ford(NASCAR Online)(1-21-1999)
  • RaceCar College: Freddie Query is back in school, this time as a chassis instructor, for RaceCar College. And that’s good news for those who want to learn, as Professor Query tells all, this weekend ( January 23, 24 ) during RaceCar College’s second session of the month at the Durham Marriott in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina. Dick Anderson, Florida’s all time winningest driver, joined Query January 9 -10 in Orlando. Teamed with other notable racing professionals this awesome dual shared their speed secrets and wealth of winning experience with an enrollment of enthusiastic racecar mechanics, crew chiefs, drivers, and car owners. ” It’s great being able to share with these racers, they’re hungry to learn.” commented Query during a break in the session. The popularity of motorsports is exploding in this country and around the globe. There is an abundance of driving schools but what avenues exist for the newcomer or the up-and-comer to learn how to avoid costly mistakes, race safe, enjoy the sport, or make their dreams come true. “RaceCar College is here to provide a vehicle for meeting this great need.” Explains Pete Orr, Dean of the College. “Just think about how many professional stock car racing teams will compete full time in 1999. Where is all the talent coming from? It takes experience to work on these teams. And experience takes time and opportunity.” Orr continues, ” RaceCar College brings together some of the best experience in the business at one time to provide opportunity for its students to get an edge through learning. We’re proud to have Freddie on our team.” Query dominated the NASCAR Slim Jim series with 9 wins, 4 poles, and the 1998 Championship Title to land a NASCAR Busch Series ride for ’99. RaceCar College winter courses are scheduled for Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, Chicago, and Orlando. For more information, call the school at 800 882-7231.(RaceCar College PR)(1-21-1999)



  • GM Test Speeds final day: Wednesday speeds are in for the GM testing at Daytona: fastest was #24-Jeff Gordon 192.452mph, 2nd was Kyle Petty(wow!), followed by #25-Wally Dallenbach; #22-Ward Burton and #5-Terry Labonte. See the speeds at That’s Racin’: GM Testing at Daytona – Wednesday Results(1-20-1999)
  • Tim Flock Honored: Tim Flock, won championships in NASCAR’s top division in 1952 and 1955, was remembered Wednesday night as the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame held its annual induction. Flock was actually inducted into the hall in an informal ceremony at his Charlotte home early last year, a few days before he died after being diagnosed with cancer.(That’s Racin’)(1-20-1999)



  • Hussey new gig UPDATE: Chris Hussey, the former crew chief of the #22 Pontiac has replaced Dale Inman as the team manager at Petty Enterprises(NASCAR Online)(1-17-1999) — CORRECTION on this story, It was reported incorrectly here that Chris Hussey had been hired to replace Dale Inman. Hussey is working for the STP team and Dale Inman has retired but Hussey has not taken over Dale’s position, he will be taking over Inmans’s job as spotter for the #43(1-19-1999)
  • Vegas Testing: Bobby Labonte(#18), Tony Stewart(#20), Sterling Marlin(#40), Joe Nemechek(#40) and Kenny Wallace(#55) tested at Las Vegas Motor Speedway last week. Nemechek posted the fastest unofficial lap speed of 166.02 mph in his BellSouth Chevrolet while Stewart was second fastest at 165.73 mph in The Home Depot Pontiac. The top qualifying speed for last year’s inaugural Las Vegas 400 was 168.224 mph, set by pole sitter Dale Jarrett(Concord Monitor)(1-19-1999)
  • Gordon Driver of the Year: On Sunday, Jeff Gordon’s dash to the 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup title was rewarded with the Richard Petty Driver of the Year Award. A 13-win, $9 million season earned Gordon the honor, which is given by the National Motorsports Press Association(Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer-Times)(1-19-1999)
  • Ut-oh Trouble with the #90? NOPE UPDATE 2: There appears to be some trouble with the Big Daddy’s BBQ sponsorship announced last month for the No. 90 Fords owned by Junie Donlavey. A NASCAR source said Donlavey gave the sponsor this weekend as a deadline to make the first payment on the deal. Rookie driver Mike Harmon was scheduled to appear at a luncheon at the NMPA convention on Sunday, but he was a no-show.(That’s Racin’) — Contract was signed Friday, final details were worked out; both parties signed Friday, all parties and everything going forward; Mark Harmon’s no show had no bearing on the contract details; also it is noted that other rookies did not show up either. Confirm CONTRACT WAS SIGNED FRIDAY. Source talked to Junie at 11:55 CDT and he said “Contract signed with Big Daddys Friday!” Everything is a go.(1-18-1999)(1-18-1999) — Talk last weekend about possible problems with the sponsorship for Junie Donlavey’s Winston Cup team was apparently unfounded. Big Daddy’s BBQ and Donlavey, the veteran Cup team owner based in Richmond, finalized details of their 1999 deal on Friday and everything appears to be set for the year ahead. Mike Harmon will drive the #90 Fords beginning with the Daytona 500 on Feb. 14.(That’s Racin’)(1-19-1999)
  • GM Test Speeds: The last Daytona 500 testing session will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday and the Tuesday speeds are in – fastest was #24-Jeff Gordon 191.832mph, 2nd was Kyle Petty(wow!), followed by #31-Mike Skinner; #3-Dale Earnhardt and #40-Sterling Marlin. See the speeds at NASCAR Online: GM Testing at Daytona – Tuesday Results. 31 teams with 51 cars were on hand for the first day of testing. Some other drivers we don’t usually see, #54-Glen Morgan and #68-Randal Ritter. Rich Bickle is running the #45 on the TylerJet Motorsports Pontiac as rumored(1-19-1999)
  • Martin wins Spirit UPDATE: The 1998 NMPA/Pocono Spirit Award was presented to Mark Martin by Dr. Joe Mattioli, CEO of Pocono (Pa.) Raceway, during the National Motorsports Press Association (NMPA) banquet Sunday in Winston-Salem, NC(Cotter PR)(1-18-1999) — see an image of Martin getting the award at Racin’ with Russ(1-19-1999)



  • Barkdoll/Bouchard Return: Panther Brewing, makers of Three Stooges Beer, will sponsor the #73 Phil Barkdoll owned chevy witk Ken Bouchard driving the car in the Daytona 500. Engines will be supplied by Andy Petree Racing(Winston Cup Scene)(1-18-1999)
  • Gumout to Gibbs: Pennzoil-Quaker State Company — maker of Gumout® brand automotive chemicals — announced today that Gumout has struck a significant associate sponsorship agreement with Joe Gibbs Racing. In a move that will broaden Gumout’s reach to a variety of motorsports audiences, the brand will adorn all of Gibbs’ NASCAR and NHRA race cars beginning in 1999(Pennzoil PR)(1-18-1999)
  • Falk Crew Chief: During an interview on TNN’s Inside NASCAR, #91 LJ Racing owner Joe Falk said he and Clyde Booth would share the crew chief responsibilites for the team and driver Steve Grissom for Daytona. Falk is continuing his search for a crew chief for the season(1-18-1999)
  • Food City to Spencer: Food City will not be back on Dale Earnhardt’s #3 Chevy or Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s #3 BGN chevy in 1999. However, Food City will be on a car in both the Winston Cup and Busch Series. Food City will be on the rear deck lid, the b-post, and just in front of the rear tires on the quarter panel of the #23 Winston No-Bull Ford driven by Jimmy Spencer. And for the 12 BGN events that Jimmy Spencer will run in 1999, Food City will share space on the #12 Chevy with Zippo Lighters. Also, Spencer has added a 13th race to his season (Moore’s Snacks 250 at Bristol) and in that event he will drive an all-Food City car(1-18-1999)


  • LaJoie part-time for Irvan UPDATE: I hear a Connecticut newspaper reported that Randy LaJoie will drive the #14 Irvan-Simo Federated Auto Parts Ford in six Cup races – I also hear LaJoie wrecked on or the Cup cars in the recent Texas test(1-17-1999)
  • DW’s Crew Chief: Donnie Disharoon will be Darrell Waltrip’s crew chief in the #66 Big Kmart Ford(NASCAR Online)(1-17-1999)
  • New Associate for the #78? UPDATE: Am hearing that PHARB Hangover Relief will be an associate sponsor for the #78 Pilot Travel Centers Ford and driver Gary Bradberry. They have a pretty cool website at www.pharbworld.com but no mention yet of this.(1-12-1999) — Hut Stricklin comes on board for the time being as crew chief for the #78 Pilot Travel Centers Triad Motorsports Ford and driver Gary Bradberry until he is able to find a ride(Gary Bradberry Site)(1-14-1999) — The #78 Triad Motorsports team and driver Gary Bradberry will have PHARB Hangover Relief as a co-sponsor with Pilot. And as reported a while back, Hut Stricklin will serve as Team Manager and Crew Chief, and the team will use Yates engines(NASCAR Online)(1-17-1999)
  • The 1st four IROC drivers: True Value Press Release – for Immediate Release: “NASCAR Winston Cup Champion Jeff Gordon, Indy Racing League Champion Kenny Brack, IROC Champion/Winston Cup driver Mark Martin, and CART’s Championship Series driver Greg Moore are the first four drivers to accept invitations to compete in the 1999 True Value International Race of Champions.” IROC President Jay Signore said more drivers will be announced within a week(Nancy-StockCarFans Correspondent)(1-15-1999)


  • Hendrick Returns: AP story at the WRAL site – Rick Hendrick Back in Charge of Race Team and Rick Hendrick made his first public appearance today since Dec. 31, 1997 when he was sentenced to house arrest. Hendrick is still fighting leukemia and continues to get chemotherapy treatments. Nice to have ya back Mr Hendrick(1-15-1999)
  • Sad News: Thomas W. Binford, Former USAC President, Dead at 74 (WRAL)(1-15-1999)
  • Pro Motors PR: Pro-Motor Engineering Powers Nadeau to “Lead Draft” At Daytona International Speedway. Wrapping up two days of testing (1/12-13/1999) in preparation for the Feb. 14, NASCAR Winston Cup season-opening Daytona 500, Pro-Motor Engineering (PME) engines powered Jerry Nadeau to post the second and third quickest lap times of the test sessions. The Daytona test sessions helped PME owner Peter Guild get a baseline on his engine’s performances. Beyond powering Melling Racing machines on the NASCAR Winston Cup circuit, PME also builds engines for Travis Carter Racing. Teammates on Carter’s team, three-time NASCAR Winston Cup champion Darrell Waltrip and Jimmy Spencer, posted consistent lap times in the 24-car testing field. PME has been building engines for NASCAR teams since 1986. Extending beyond the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, PME also crafts engines for teams on the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Guild’s engines have had several significant accomplishments on the track, including Ricky Rudd’s 1997 Brickyard 400 win at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He is hoping for even greater achievements this season(1-15-1999)
  • Tyler Jet sponsor signed? Hearing that Tyler Jet Motorsports has signed with Lucky Dog Phone card(AT&T) and will be promoting “10-10-345”. The driver is Rich Bickle and the rumored number is #45(1-15-1999)
  • LJ Racing Stuff for sale: No not the team, but LJ Racing T-shirts and hats. Check it out at the LJ Racing site(1-15-1999)
  • Bessey in Cup: A full-time driver in the BGN, Joe Bessey said that he will run a second team car to the #60 Power Team and Geoffrey Bodine in the first Cup race, at Loudin, NH(NASCAR Online)(1-15-1999)



  • New Associates for Childress: Dale Earnhardt announced two associate sponsors for the #3 Richard Childress Winston Cup car — camouflage maker Realtree and chicken products producer Perdue Farms. Earnhardt is a chicken farmer, raising over 4.5 million chickens a year, exclusively for Perdue Farms(GoRacing)(1-14-1999)
  • Pressley to the CTS UPDATE: Robert Pressley, who drives the #77 Jasper Engines Ford in Cup, will also race 4-6 Truck races in 1999, no team or sponsor mentioned(WC Today Radio)(1-4-1999) — Robert Pressley said he has nothing solid going in terms of a part-time ride in the Truck Series or the Busch Series for 1999(1-14-1999)
  • Ford Daytona Test Session 2, Day 2 Speeds: Much faster today. Rusty Wallace was fastest again at 193.129mph. Dale Jarrett was 2nd at 192.139 and Jerry Nadeau still fast was 3rd at 192.082. See the speeds from the 2nd and final Ford Daytona test at That’s Racin’ – Testing Speeds(1-13-1999) — NASCAR had their chassis dyno there for the teams to use. Jack Roush brought his own dyno(StockCarFans Newsletter)(1-14-1999)
  • Roush Moving UPDATE: Geoff Smith, President of Roush Racing, announced Monday at the Motorsports Business Symposium that all of the Roush Racing operations will be moved to a new 100-acre site 1 1/2 miles north of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The team plans to consolidate all of their WCS/BGN/CTS teams and operations. Plans are for approx 14 buildings, each able to house two teams. No idea about the current motor program which is based in Livonia, Michigan and if it will be moved to Charlotte. No date mentioned for the move(a few sources)(1-12-1999) — Jack Roush has announced (confirmed actually, SCR had a story on this months ago) that he will consolidate his racing operations on a tract of land he purchased in Concord, NC, just up HWY. 29 from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Initially the complex will house at least 15 facilities each capable of housing two Winston Cup teams. An interesting feature of the development is an oval track (they call it slightly banked, like Michigan maybe?) will surround the facility to be used for what is described as “shakedown runs”. Plans are to have at least some of the Roush teams in the new facility at the end of 1999(StockCarRacing Magazine)(1-14-1999)
  • Ut-oh Two Division talk again by Bruton UPDATE 2: TWO DIVISIONS? Charlotte Motor Speedway owner Bruton Smith continues to champion the idea of dividing Winston Cup racing into two divisions as the answer to increasing pressure to expand the circuit’s schedule. Smith would have one circuit in the eastern part of the United States and the other in the west on any given Sunday. Both divisions would have their events televised, one right after the other, similar to an NFL doubleheader. Such a plan would allow 60-70 events per season, Smith said. Sponsors could be found because more teams would have the opportunity for good finishes, and the increased number of teams would create more opportunities for drivers to develop into stars. Smith admits there would be obstacles, most notably the absence of half of the sport’s best drivers at any one event. See the complete story, notes and Smith quotes at That’s Racin’ – Top rookie from ’98 glad it’s ’99(1-12-1999) — Story and notes at the Times-Dispatch on this : Is there split on the horizon for NASCAR? / Smith suggests using two divisions by Rea McLeroy and a story at The Tennessean(1-13-1999) — …France also ruled out the widely rumored notion that NASCAR would split its popular Winston Cup Series into two divisions to hold more races at more tracks. See the complete Las Vegas Sun article at – NASCAR won’t add 2nd race at LVMS(link fixed, thanks Matt)(1-14-1999)



  • Dale Earnhardt Jr Cup Schedule: Little E will make his Winston Cup debut at the Coca Cola 600 at Charlotte in May. The other FOUR races he will run are Loudon on July 11th; Michigan on Aug 22nd; Talladega on Oct 17th; and Atlanta on Nov 21st(AP story at WRAL site – Earnhardt Jr. to Make Winston Cup Debut in May), ALSO, NASCAR Online has a great image of the #8 Bud car on their front page, the TNN Motorsports site has some great images too(1-13-1999)
  • Matt was close: Another member of the Martin family came close to victory this week, as Matt Martin, the seven-year-old son of Winston Cup star Mark Martin, finished second in a quarter-midget race held near Orlando, FL recently(That’sRacin’)(1-13-1999)
  • #81 and confusion? When the Pinnacle Group bought the FILMAR Racing No. 81 team a few weeks ago, it planned to run driver Morgan Shepherd and an unidentified insurance group sponsor for the full schedule. However, the group reportedly learned that it had only bought 55 percent of the team — Filbert Martocci’s share — and the sponsorship was in question. Yesterday, co-owner Gil Martin said he had never spoken with Martocci or any of the principles involved, but that he had reluctantly agreed to sell his share(Times-Dispatch)(1-13-1999)
  • Bahari Sponsor Announcement UPDATE 3 it’s official: The #30 Bahari Racing Team will make a formal announcement that Sara Lee will sponsor the #30 Pontiac and Derrike Cope on January 12th at a press conference in Charlotte(NSSN)(1-9-1999) — actually it will be at the Adams Mark Hotel in Charlotte(1-10-1999) — see the iRACE story at Bahari to announce Sara Lee sponsorship –Jimmy Dean, Bryan, State Fair and Rudy’s Farm will be the Sara Lee products promoted on the #30 Pontiac in 1999. Jimmy Dean for 19 races(including the Daytona 400); Bryan for 8 races(first at the Rock in Feb); State Fair Corn Dogs for 6 races and the Winston Open(1st at Vegas); and Rudy’s Farm will appear once, in the season-ending NAPA 500. Each paint scheme was revealed and is on the Day Two of the Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Tour section.(NASCAR Online)(1-12-1999) Also check out the images at the Official Derrike Cope site(1-13-1999)
  • Ford Daytona Test Session 2 Day 1 Speeds: The top speed of the day was #2-Rusty Wallace at 191.984mph with Jerry Nadeau in the #9 Melling Ford, right behind him at 191.144mph, see the rest of the speeds at NASCAR Online – Tuesday Testing Speeds(1-13-1999)
  • In case anyone was wondering: Dan Pardus(who will drive the #50 Chevy in 1999) tested Mark Gibson’s #59 Ford at Daytona on Tuesday as Gibson stayed home in bed Tuesday battling a case of kidney stones. Pardus and Gibson are friends.(Speed Magazine), Gibson returned to the track Wednesday and tested the #59 Ford(1-13-1999)
  • Philly Auto Show, Gordon: Holding the rapt attention of more than 1,100 zealots packed into a conference suite, the speaker could have been an ordained minister preaching to his flock or a polished politician reaching out to his constituents. Instead, it was Jeff Gordon, a three-time Winston Cup champion, who mesmerized a crowd of racing fans during an appearance yesterday at the Convention Center for the Philadelphia International Auto Show(he was there despite just having 4 wisdom teeth removed last week). See the story at the Philadelphia Inquirer site – When it’s good to be tireless(StockCarFans Newsletter Heads Up)(1-13-1999)
  • Jones Sponsor: The #00 cars Buckshot Jones will drive will have Crown Fiber Corp. across the hood — the company owned by his father(That’s Racin’/David Poole)(1-13-1999)
  • Forget Gordon, Robbie that is: see the CNN/SI story Robby Gordon forms own CART team and will attempt the Indy 500(1-13-1999)



  • Buckshot New Crewchief: The #00 Buckshot Racing team has promoted former crew chief Ricky Pearson to General Manager of their Cup and BGN teams and named Tony Barclay it’s Cup crew chief. Barclay has been with the team since 1994, serving as a fabricator and spotter(NASCAR Online)(1-12-1999)
  • LJ Racing loses crew chief, again: John Birosh, hired last week to be the crew chief of the #91 LJ Racing Chevy and driver Steve Grissom, has left the team. Birosh want to move back home to New York and be close to his family. Owner, Joe Falk now needs to find a crew chief as well as a primary sponsor(MRN’s Marty’s two cents)(1-12-1999)
  • #98 Update 2: Team owner Cale Yarborough has a new investor for the team which will have Rick Mast as the driver and Michael McSwain as the crew chief. The investor is South Carolina car dealer Wayne Burdett(sp). Also the #98 Ford will carry the Budweiser colors for the Bud Shootout. Why? Because the #25 Budweiser Chevy will not be in the race and Rick Mast won a pole in 1998 and is eligible to run the race(TNN’s Raceday)(1-10-1999) — but sources at Hendrick Motorsports are looking to possible put an eligible driver in the #25 Bud Chevy for the race(WC Today Radio)(1-12-1999)
  • The 1999 ½ Monte Carlo: Some notes from MRN’s page, see link at end of story – Chevrolet teams have been waiting and waiting for their 1999 ½ Monte Carlo to get approved and it finally appears as though it might happen as early as this week. Monday, Chevrolet and NASCAR officials met in Daytona to apparently make the final revisions and approvals for the new Monte Carlo templates. One NASCAR official said that teams may get templates as early as Friday of this week. Teams will then finally be able to start producing their own Monte Carlos. Then they have wind tunnel tests, track testing and changes to the spoliers and air dams once data is secured. One person said the car looks similar to the Licoln Continental Tim Brewer built for John Andretti a few years because there is a hump in the middle of the rear deck lid(MRN’s Marty’s two cents), have heard the car will debut in the Coca-Cola 600 in May(1-12-1999)



  • Bodine Sponsor? UPDATE No idea what this means, but I thought Geoff Bodine and Power Team were set – “Geoff Bodine — well, he wants to be called Geoffrey now — also returns, this time with the new Joe Bessey team. Also searching for a sponsor, the team makes its first appearance at the Daytona 500.”(Times-Dispatch) — Heard from PowerTeam, as follows: “There is absolutely no basis to the report that the #60 team of Bessey Motorsports and Geoffrey Bodine is looking for a sponsor. There is a three year deal in place, starting with the Daytona race for the FULL 34 Cup race schedule(not limited as reported on Inside NASCAR Sunday), for Geoffrey to drive the #60 Power Team-sponsored car in Winston Cup competition. Power Team also has a contract to sponsor Joe Bessey in a full schedule of Busch Series racing for 1999. Any reports to the contrary are false and totally incorrect.”(PowerTeam PR) – so that solves that!(1-11-1999)
  • Hendrick Sponsor: Advance Auto Parts has signed on as an associate sponsor for 1999 for Jeff Gordon and the #24 DuPont team. In addition, another new paint scheme will likely be unveiled on the #24 car at Charlotte in May (most likely for ‘The Winston’). Hear that it will be called “Splash”(Gordonline), in addition Advance will be on the #5 Kelloggs Chevy and #25 Bud Chevy(1-11-1999)
  • Big Daddy’s BBQ News UPDATE: Echo Resources Inc. Changes Name To Big Daddy’s BBQ Racing Co, Promotes BBQ Sauce Products and Racing Souvenirs Through Sponsorship Of NASCAR Winston Cup Race Team, see the company release at – Yahoo – Big Daddy’s(1-9-1999) — Big Daddy’s BBQ and Enerjetix Motorsports have agreed to merge their resources to form Big Daddy’s BBQ Racing Co (OTC BB: ECOX). It was also announced that Richard J. Balestrieri will become the new President of the Big Daddy’s BBQ Racing program(Big Daddy’s BBQ PR), see my BGN/CTS Page for more news!(1-11-1999)
  • T.R.I.X. Racing news: Plans have been finalized for T.R.I.X. Racing to joint venture with Norm Benning and Benning Racing for Daytona Speedweeks 1999. Driver Norm Benning has joined forces with T.R.I.X. Racing to put the #79 Winston Cup Chevrolet Monte Carlo on the starting grid for this years Daytona 500 on February 14, 1999. The team is looking for sponsorship. Norm and the Benning Racing ARCA Series #84 will return to Daytona for the running of the 36th annual Daytona ARCA FirstPlus Financial 200 on Sunday, February 7, 1999. Norm Benning is coming off a successful 8th place finish in the 1998 ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde Series Championship points standings. Norm hopes to continue the momentum with a solid finish in Daytona and into his 1999 Championship run(T.R.I.X. Racing Site)(1-11-1999)
  • Pardus Tests: ROTY Candidate Dan Pardus tested his #50 Midwest Transit Chevy at Lakeland(FL) recently trying to get his short-track program prepared for the upcoming season(Speed Magazine)(1-11-1999)


  • Hey, Motorsports TV has it’s Silly Season too UPDATE 2: I hear that Dave Despain leaves ESPN for Fox Speedvision, where he will return to his roots, anchoring a weekly show on motorcycle racing, and a show on motorcycle touring. Despain’s slot hosting the ESPN pre-race shows goes to Bill Weber. Weber’s move may make some room on pit road for Matt Yocum, who leaves TNN to become a field reporter for ESPN2’s RPM Tonight, NASCAR2Day and SportsCenter. It’s yet to be seen who will lead NBC’s broadcast team for the Homestead Cup race. NASCAR is pushing for one of their “house” announcers, Alan Bestwick, who may also get the nod for the TBS anchor seat. UPDATE: Tyler Potter from Inside NASCAR has left the show(no idea what his plans are) and I hear Randy Pemberton will return to Inside NASCAR on TNN. Also I hear, get this, that after 20 years at ABC, IROC will be televised by TNN, the Daytona IROC race will be shown on TNN Saturday Feb. 20th at 3:30pm/et after the BGN race at Rockingham(per Country.com in the Motorsports TV programing section, thanks Kyle)(1-8/10-1999) — And Steve Waid of the Winston Cup Scene is now a studio host on TNN’s Inside NASCAR(or he was today, nice job)(1-10-1999)(
  • Barrett Sponsor? Hearing Heritage Consumer Products will sponsor Stanton Barrett in the #84 Cup Chevy. Barrett is scheduled to run 15 races. Heritage Consumer Products also sponsors the BGN #89 Northstar Motorsports Chevy, to be driven by Jeff Fuller in 1999. Sponsor announcement supposedly Jan 16th(1-10-1999)
  • Tyler Jet closer to a sponsor? UPDATE: Continue to hear that Lucky Dog Phone Card(AT&T) will be the sponsor of the yet numbered(was #17/35) Tyler Jet Motorsports Pontiac(not chevy) and Rich Bickle. I hear the deal is similar to the Close Call Phone Card deal Brett Bodine had in 1997(1-7-1999) — I hear the car number will be #45(1-10-1999)



  • The Hardee’s Rumor: It grew into it’s own story, it all started innocently enough – Pop Secret will not be back on the #26 Cheerios Ford in 1999 and will have Hardee’s as an associate as all the Roush cars will, the #16 Primestar Ford of Kevin Lepage will have a different look to make it more identifiable to Lepage(no idea what) UPDATE 1: CORRECTION I now hear Pop Secret WILL return to the #26 Ford (the General Mills products have been rotated, Hamburger Helper is on the trunk, Betty Crocker spoon is on the side, and Pop Secret is lower on the rear fender) and Hardee’s will not come aboard as an associate sponsor on the Roush cars.(1-7-1999) — and now I hear Johnny Benson filming a TV commercial for Hardees yesterday in Charlotte’s Freedom Park and that Hardees is shooting a commercial using all Roush cars at Concord Motorsport Park, Jan 6 thru Jan 10, the shoot is being done by Dektor Films out of Hollywood(1-9-1999) more to come?…..
  • Buckshot popular: Buckshot Jones won the most popular driver at the BGN awards. See images at the Official Buckshot Jones Site(1-9-1999)
  • Rick Hendrick Returns: Rick Hendrick will return to control of his Hendrick Motorsports Empire after returning from vacation with his family. Hendrick plans to be at the Daytona 500 next month(many sources)(1-9-1999)
  • ILD Telecommunications announced its CallNCarry Prepaid Phone Card will increase its associate sponsorship of the MD2 #36 M&M’s Pontiac and Ernie Irvan in 1999(NSSN)(1-9-1999)



  • FirstPlus info? I emailed First Plus and asked them about all the racing images still up on their site and got this answer: “Thank you for contacting FIRSTPLUS Financial. The NASCAR photos and information you see on our web site are based on last year’s NASCAR participation. FIRSTPLUS has not made an announcement regarding the company’s participation in NASCAR for 1999, but hope to do so by the end of the month.” Otherwise then taht I have heard nothing on their plans(1-8-1999)



  • Who is Stanton Barrett? who recently announced he would run in the Cup series in 1999 and compete for ROTY – check out the Speed Magazine article by Buddy Shacklette – Barrett’s new stunt: The Winston Cup(1-7-1999)
  • Daytona Speeds for Thursday: 31A-Dave Marcis 190.488mph; 33A-Ken Schrader 189.950; 3T-Mike Dillon 189.585; 00-Larry Pearson 189.546; 33-Ken Schrader 188.119; 3D-Mike Dillon 187.473; 84-Stanton Barrett 187.457; 31A-Paul Newman 184.653; 31B-Dave Marcis 184.490(DaytonaUSA)(1-7-1999)
  • Daytona News for Thursday: Paul Newman (movie actor) is on site at Daytona International Speedway. Newman, who is friends with Stan Barrett, (Stanton Barrett’s dad) is scheduled to take the #31 Lowes Chevrolet out a little later this afternoon. In order to prepare for the run Newman was taken onto the track in Richard Childress’ Corvette and shown the line. Newman and the Barrett’s just finished shooting a movie Canada — it sounds like a racing based movie. In other news Glen Morgan looped his #45 Chevy out of turn four. The screech of tires lasted quite some time but no big crunch was heard. The #45 didn’t return undamaged, but what little damage there was was limited to the RF and RR of the car. UPDATE: Newman turned about 6 laps with a best lap speed of 184.653mph in race trim(Mike in Daytona)(1-7-1999)
  • #81 Pinnacle MS Info and Articles: NASCAR Online has two articles online about Mark Collins and Pinnacle Motorsports and about former part owner, Gil Martin. Check them out at: Reluctant Martin steps away from 81 and Pinnacle Motorsports sees highs and lows by Shawn A. Akers(1-7-1999)
  • GM Speeds from Daytona day 1: 1) #33A-Kenny Schrader 189.893mph; 2) #31A-Dave Marcis 189.211; 3) #3T-Mike Dillon 188.052; 4) #3D-Mike Dillon 187.813; 5) #33-Kenny Schrader 187.590; 6) #00-Larry Pearson 187.231; 7) #84-Stanton Barrett 186.548; 8) #31B-Dave Marcis 184.456; and 9) #45-Glen Morgan(chevy-ARCA driver) 184.068 (DaytonaUSA)(1-7-1999)



  • Irvan-Simo UPDATE 2: The Cup car will be the #84 Federated Auto Parts Ford, The BGN car will be the #14 Federated Parts Ford and the Truck will stay #44 even when Irvan drives. Ernie will run the Truck at Martinsville(4/17); Richmond(9/9) and California(10/30). Ernie will run the #14 BGN Ford at Richmond(5/14); Dover(6/5) and Michigan(8/21). Said runs the truck races at Portland, Nashville and Heartland(KS) and the Cup car at Sears Point and Watkins Glen. The other driver has not been chosen for the other 6 Cup events(Federated Auto Parts Racing Site)(1-2-1999) — Per NASCAR Online, the new Stanton Barrett Cup team is #84. I have found out the Irvan-Simo will be #14 in Cup and BGN, the #84 was probably from a Winston West race they ran(1-6-1999)
  • RJR News: “It appears there may be some “wiggle room” in the tobacco settlement between the major manufacturers and state governments. Under the settlement, Winston would supposedly be limited to one sports sponsorship when the agreement kicks in. That one series, obviously, would be Winston Cup, but the agreement endangers, at least on the surface, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco’s sponsorship of NASCAR’s national short-track circuit, the Winston Racing Series. Now comes word that RJR’s lawyers are privately advising the company that it could continue to sponsor the short-track program in addition to NASCAR’s headliner series. The contention is that NASCAR involvement is the company’s one sponsorship program, not the more specific major-league series alone. RJR does not quibble with its obligation to pull the plug on its other racing programs, such as the National Hot Rod Association’s national drag-racing series. The possibility of continued support will warm the hearts of short-track promoters, who are far more dependent on Winston’s largesse than the major- league circuit. NASCAR could find a new corporate sponsor for its Cup series with relative ease. Finding a new benefactor to pump money and promotional material into short tracks located all over the country would be more difficult. This issue could end up being resolved in court.”(Monte Dutton in Wednesday’s Gaston Gazette – link gone)(1-6-1999)
  • Sprague to Cup? I hear that CTS driver Jack Sprague may run up to five Cup events in 1999. Probably a #52 Hendrick Chevy and not a Pontiac(as in 1997). Likely tracks include: Charlotte, Indy, Phoenix, Rockingham(1-6-1999)
  • It’s GM’s turn UPDATE: Chevy and Pontiac teams may test at Daytona, Wednesday and Thursday. Those scheduled so far: Mike Dillon, and Dave Marcis testing Childress Chevy’s, uncertain whether or not Earnhardt will test the #3, Kenny Schrader in the #33 and Stanton Barrett in the #84 PBH Motorsports chevy. Buckshot Jones will be testing the #00 Pontiac. Additional teams may join the test session(NASCAR Online)– At Daytona for the Chevy test today are — Stanton Barrett(#84), Dave Marcis(#31), Kenny Schrader(#33), Glen Morgan(#45-ARCA), Mike Dillon(#3) and Larry Pearson in Buckshot’s car(#00). Buckshot and Earnhardt are in CA for the Busch Banquet, Mike Skinner is fine but being better safe than sorry after recent knee surgery(Mike in Daytona)(1-6-1999)



  • Trickle Fastest Again: For the second consecutive day, Dick Trickle posted the fastest time as Ford concluded its first Cup test of 1999 at Daytona. Trickle, 57, was clocked at 47.391 seconds, for an average speed of 189.909 mph in the #13 Bill Elliott owned Ford. Rest of the speeds: 1) 13A-Dick Trickle, 189.909 mph; 2) 13-Dick Trickle, 189.845; 3)77A-Robert Pressley, 187.563; 4) 90B-Mike Harmon, 187.274; 5) 58-Ricky Craven, 186.579; 6) 77B-Robert Pressley, 186.204; and 7) 90A-Mike Harmon, 185.716. General Motors teams will open their NASCAR Winston Cup testing schedule on Wednesday for two-days of action(DaytonaUSA)(1-5-1999)
  • #12 has top FOOD: Winslow Goodier, who has quickly become known as the top chef in NASCAR Winston Cup racing, has been voted Chef Of The Year by the Virginia Chefs’ Association. Goodier served as chef for Penske-Kranefuss Racing and the Mobil 1 Taurus team approximately 15 times in 1998. His menus included everything from grilled marinated ostrich to creme brulee, the latter receiving its sugar-caked glaze from a blowtorch. Goodier draws crowds each time he cooks behind the Penske-Kranefuss Racing hauler. Goodier is Executive Chef of the Hermitage Country Club in Manatkin, VA, located just outside of Richmond.(Williams Company of America, Inc) Goodier also served as a crewman when needed during the races.(1-5-1999)
  • Barrett to run Cup: Stanton Barrett will make a run for Winston Cup Rookie of the Year in 1999 while driving a limited schedule for Petty-Barrett-Huggins(PBH) Motorsports, which plans to run at least 15 of the 34 races in 1999. The team will run Chevy’s and plans to announce its sponsor at the North Carolina Motorsports Expo in Raleigh on Saturday, Jan. 16. Terry Allen will be the crew chief, no idea on car# yet. Barrett also plans to run 3-5 BGN races in 1999 and the team will also attempt to field two trucks in the three NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series road course races — at Heartland Park, Watkins Glen and Sears Point — for Barrett’s father, Stan, and actor Paul Newman. (NASCAR Online) Jayski Note: Actually they won’t run Sears Point in the CTS this year, Portland becomes a road course race in 1999.(1-5-1999)


  • Sad News: Gerald Martin, a sports writer for The News & Observer whose storytelling style brought readers the fortunes and foibles of stock car racing for three decades, has died. He was 55. See the complete story at WRAL – Veteran Motorsports Writer Dead at 55 — another story and picture at The News-Observer and a nice story by Monte Dutton at The Gaston Gazette – Fraternity of racing writers loses one of its stars(1-4-1999)
  • Falk Shocker: Joe Falk has hired Steve Grissom to drive his still unsponsored #91 Chevy’s for 1999. John Birosh has been hired as the team’s crew chief, Birosh last worked as co-crew chief for BGN driver Mike McLaughlin(NASCAR Online)(1-4-1999)
  • Bodine in full control: Brett Bodine as repurchased his #11 Paychex team in which he was a partner with Andy Evans and now wholly owns the team(WC Today Radio)(1-4-1999)
  • Talladega Testing: Kyle Petty and Derrike Cope tested their Cup cars at Talladega over the weekend, no speeds reported(WC Today Radio)(1-4-1999)
  • Pressley to the CTS: Robert Pressley, who drives the #77 Jasper Engines Ford in Cup, will also race 4-6 Truck races in 1999, no team or sponsor mentioned(WC Today Radio)(1-4-1999)
  • Daytona Ford Testing: Dick Trickle, taking turns in two Bill Elliott Fords, ran a quick lap of 189.032 mph to pace the first of two days of Winston Cup testing for Ford teams at Daytona International Speedway Sunday. Speeds: #13-Trickle 189.032; #77-Robert Pressley 187.367; #90-Mike Harmon 185.762; #58-Ricky Craven 185.464; and #59- Mark Gibson 184.064. Testing Results at iRACE- Testing Results and see complete story at iRACE – Ford turnout small; Trickle is quickest(1-4-1999)



  • Testing is back: Dick Trickle(#13), Ricky Craven(#58), Robert Pressley(#77), Mark Gibson(#59) and Mike Harmon(#90) are scheduled to test their Fords on the 2.5-mile oval Sunday and Monday(1-3/4-99). Trickle will be driving Bill Elliott’s second car at Daytona in February, but he has no definite Cup plans beyond that. Also see the Speed Magazine story about DIS testing – Fords to test for two days at DIS(1-3-1999)


  • Buckshot Sponsor? The #00 Pontiac is owned by Billy Jones, Buckshot’s father, and will be getting its engines from Hendrick Motorsports. Associate sponsors AquaFresh and Brunswick have made the biggest financial commitments thus far. The car’s primary sponsor early in the season could be Billy Jones’ company, Crown Fiber Communications(From the Philadelphia Inquirer)(1-2-1999)
  • Trickle News: Am hearing that the number of the Trickle-Spencer Chevy will be #5 with Schneider National as the sponsor. There will be a photo shoot with Dick and the car on January 11, sporting the new colors and graphics. I hear that car will look similar to last year’s, but with a few changes. The Schneider orange will stay, but the striping will be different and the new Schneider “swoosh” logo will be on the side. I hear no contracts have been signed yet by Trickle or the sponsor, but that it’s just a formality at this point. Trickle still wants to return to Cup and will run the #13 Elliott Ford at Daytona and has talked to the #91 team if they get a sponsor. Also see the story at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online(1-2-1999)
  • Michael Holigan Franchise Systems a sponsor? A reader saw this story and I looked it up: “Michael Holigan Franchise Systems will begin selling Michael Holigan Home franchise’s in January of 1999. Michael Holigan is also entering NASCAR Winston Cup racing as a team sponsor in 2000.” not sure what team or anything, yet. See the complete story at PRNnews – Holigan Names New Senior Vice-President(1-2-1999)



  • Dan Pardus Update: Dan Pardus and Midwest Transit Racing has been assigned the #50 for the 1999 Cup season, they had been #07. Dan Pardus has just interviewed with Winston Cup Illustrated Magazine which should appear in the February 1999 issue for Speed Weeks. Pardus will be nominated for Rookie of the Year during Speed Weeks. The team also(as reported here a month ago or so) has a two year deal with Hendrick Motorsports for engine and techinical advice program(1-1-1999)