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  • #12 News UPDATE: Rich Woodland was picked to drive the #12 truck at Daytona for Impact MotorSports. The official press release is planned for 2pm on Tuesday, Jan 30th(Parrish Promotions)
    UPDATE: Craftsman Truck and ARCA Series regular Rich Woodland will join forces with Impact Motorsports to pilot the #12 Dodge Truck at Daytona on February 16. Daytona is familiar ground for the 30-year-old driver from Templeton, CA finishing 14th in the inaugural Craftsman Truck Series event at Daytona in 2000. Woodland advanced to finish 10 spots from his official starting position that day.(Rich Woodland Site), also the Team is activily seeking a sponsor, see the Impact Motorsports site for info(1-30-2001)
  • Powers to race at Daytona: The Powers Motorsports CraftsmanTruck Team will be entered in the CTS race at Daytona. The official NASCAR designated number will be #55(was #5 in 2000). Although failing to qualify in the final race of the season at California, the team is confident it has found some more horsepower over the winter months. Earl Ramey of High Tech Engines of Mooresville NC is the engine builder. Brian Berry of PERC engines of Denver NC will remain crewchief. Several potential associate sponsors have been signed on and will be announced in Daytona, but the search for a primary sponsor goes on. Several companies have expressed interest, but contracts have not been finalized. Plans for a full season of racing and a run for Rookie of The Year will not be finalized until a full time sponsor has been found(Truck Series Site). Doesn’t say who will drive but Tom Powers drove a few races in 2001 in a Dodge(1-29-2001)
  • Crew Chiefs for Roush: Dan Binks, who has been with Roush Racing for 10 years, will assume the role as crew chief for the #50 and Chuck Hossfeld, while Jeff “Lumpy” Campey takes over as crew chief for the #99 and Nathan Haseleu. Binks was crew chief for Tommy Kendall and the 1997 SCCA Trans-Am Championship team with Campey on his squad, and both were members of the 2000 Craftsman Truck Series Championship crew(Roush PR)(1-24-2001)
  • Compton and the trucks UPDATE: #92 Melling Racing driver, Stacy Compton said that he’s trying to put together a deal to drive in the season-opening truck race at Daytona. Compton would likely drive for Impact Motorsports, the team he drove with before moving to Winston Cup last year(Winston Cup Scene)(1-11-2001)
    UPDATE: Melling Racing and Stacy Compton were hoping to become the first team(with the same driver) to run a Dodge in two of NASCAR’s three premier divisions, the NASCAR Winston Cup Series and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.  That goal will not be reached, yet, as the team has decided not to compete in the truck race at Daytona. “After the truck test last week, we just weren’t confident that were going to be a contender in the race,” said driver Stacy Compton.  “We realized that we had a lot more work to do on the truck, and with all that’s going on with the new Dodge Winston Cup program, we weren’t going to be able to give the truck a 110 percent effort.  We don’t want to run it unless we can do it right and have a sure shot at winning.  We’re going to work hard to get the truck ready to be a contender at Martinsville (April 7).” Melling Racing will field the No. 92 Kodiak Dodge Intrepid in the 43rd annual Daytona 500.(Melling Racing PR)(1-24-2001)
  • Daytona Testing – Day 3:
    #17-Ricky Hendrick posted the fastest single lap time in the final day of truck testing at 182.615 mph. Trucks in an afternoon drafting session were posting speeds in the high 180’s with Bobby Hamilton running the #8 Dodge at 189.155mph. The speeds:

    1. 8, Bobby Hamilton, Dodge, 189.155 mph
    2. 86, Derrike Cope, Ford, 188.340 mph
    3. 60, Travis Kvapil, Chevrolet, 188.127 mph
    4. 3a, Bryan Reffner, Chevrolet, 187.215 mph
    5. 99, Nathan Haseleu, Ford, 186.328 mph
    6. 14a, Rick Crawford, Ford, 186.227 mph
    7. 16, David Donohue, Chevrolet, 185.912 mph
    8. 75, Billy Bigley, Chevrolet, 185.858 mph
    9. 29, Terry Cook, Ford, 185.613 mph
    10. 46, Dennis Setzer, Chevrolet, 185.491 mph
    11. 18, Joe Ruttman, Dodge, 185.376 mph
    12. 90, Lance Norick, Chevrolet, 185.227 mph
    13. 20, Coy Gibbs, Chevrolet, 184.904 mph
    14. 10, Mark Petty, Dodge, 184.680 mph
    15. 43a, Carlos Contreras, Dodge, 184.559 mph
    16. 88, Matt Crafton, Chevrolet, 184.411 mph
    17. 61, Randy Tolsma, Chevrolet, 184.332 mph
    18. 41, David Starr, Dodge, 184.309 mph
    19. 50, Chuck Hossfeld, Ford, 183.812 mph
    20. 51, Nathan Buttke,Chevrolet, 183.400 mph
    21. 9, Morgan Shepherd, Ford, 182.660 mph
    22. 17, Ricky Hendrick, Chevrolet, 182.615 mph
    23. 73a, Jason Small, Chevrolet, 181.294 mph
    24. 8, Willy T. Ribbs, Dodge, 180.828 mph
    25. 72, Randy MacDonald, Chevrolet, 180.393 mph
    26. 31, Michael Dokken, Ford, 179.946 mph
    27. 08, Bobby Dotter, Chevrolet, 179.594 mph
    28. 24, Jack Sprague, Chevrolet, 179.037 mph
    29. 54, Brian Sockwell, Chevrolet, 178.887 mph
    30. 63, Larry Gunselman, Ford, 177.068 mph
    31. 94, Ron Hornaday III, Chevrolet, 175.404 mph
    32. 0, Tate Bosworth, Chevrolet, 172.997 mph

    (DIS). Who is Tate Bosworth? he races in the ARCA series in 1998/1999(1-22-2001)

  • Daytona Testing – Day 2: #66-Rick Carelli was atop the speed chart after Saturday’s session with a speed of 181.660mph. Rounding out the top five was #60-Travis Kvapil, #9-Morgan Shepherd, #18-Joe Ruttman and #17 Ricky Hendrick Testing will continue on Sunday at the Speedway and is free and open to the public with access through the lobby of DAYTONA USA. The speeds of Day Two:
    1.  #66a-Rick Carelli, Ford, 181.660mph
    2.  #60-Travis Kvapil, Chevy, 181.635
    3.  #9-Morgan Shepherd, Ford, 181.474
    4.  #18-Joe Ruttman, Dodge, 181.459
    5.  #17-Ricky Hendrick, Chevy, 181.444
    6.  #24-Jack Sprague, Chevy, 181.378
    7.  #90-Lance Norick, Chevy, 181.003
    8.  #20-Coy Gibbs, Chevy, 181.003
    9.  #8-Willy T. Ribbs, Dodge, 180.618
    10. #43-Carlos Contreras, Dodge, 180.610
    11. #46-Dennis Setzer, Chevy, 179.971
    12. #29-Terry Cook, Ford, 179.795
    13. #61-Randy Tolsma, Chevy, 179.705
    14. #14a-Rick Crawford, Ford, 179.315
    15. #10-Mark Petty, Dodge, 179.247
    16. #51-Nathan Buttke, Chevy, 179.165
    17. #41-David Starr, Dodge, 179.137
    18. #16-David Donohue, Chevy, 178.827
    19. #54-Brian Stockwell, Chevy, 178.820
    20. #73a-Jason Small, Chevy, 178.759
    21. #12-Stacy Compton, Dodge, 178.653
    22. #75-Billy Bigley, Chevy, 178.600
    23. #3a-Bryan Reffner, Chevy, 178.518
    24. #50-Chuck Hossfeld, Ford, 178.462
    25. #43a-Carlos Contreras, Dodge, 178.271
    26. #99-Nathan Haseleu, Ford, 178.214
    27. #14b-Rick Crawford, Ford, 178.193
    28. #3-Bryan Reffner, Chevy, 177.448
    29. #88-Matt Crafton, Chevy, 177.186
    30. #72a-Randy MacDonald, Chevy, 177.064
    31. #08-Bobby Dotter, Chevy, 176.547
    32. #25-Derrike Cope, Ford, 176.346
    33. #81-Donnie Neuenburger, Chevy, 176.187
    34. #63-Larry Gunselman, Ford, 175.840
    35. #86-Derrike Cope, 175.750
    36. #72-Randy MacDonald, Chevy, 175.380
    37. #27-Ricky Sanders, Ford, 174.876
    38. #31-Michael Doken, Ford, 174.595
    39. #0-Tate Bosworth, Chevy, 162.825
    (from a DIS PR). See Day 1 speeds and the drivers who are listed as testing on my Jan 2001 CTS Archive Page. Some notes, Cope in the #86 and #25; no idea who #0-Tate Bosworth is. And see a SpeedVision stoy(and speeds) at: Trucks – Weather Keeps Speeds in Line(1-21-2001)
  • #75 Crew Chief? hearing that the #75 Spears Racing team has hired Mark Blessing as its crew chief for the 2001 season. Billy Bigley is the driver(1-21-2001)
  • CTS Day 1 Test at Daytona over – Lance Norick the fastest: #90-Lance Norick ran the fastest lap at the 1st day of CTS testing at Daytona, a lap of 182.482mph. Here is the full rundown of Day 1:
    1. #90-Lance Norick, 182.482 mph
    2. #17-Ricky Hendrick, 182.260
    3. #60-Travis Kvapil, 181.503
    4. #66a-Rick Carelli, 180.945
    5. #46-Dennis Setzer, 180.716
    6. #9-Morgan Shepherd, 180.668
    7. #88-Matt Crafton, 180.036
    8. #18-Joe Ruttman, 179.799
    9. #24-Jack Sprague, 179.781
    10. #61-Randy Tolsma, 179.677
    11. #8-Willy T. Ribbs, 179.497
    12. #1-Ted Musgrave, 178.862
    13. #20-Coy Gibbs, 178.859
    14. #43-Carlos Contreras, 178.756
    15. #51-Nathan Buttke, 178.331
    16. #3-Bryan Reffner, 178.310
    17. #29-Terry Cook, 178.059
    18. #10-Mark Petty, 177.996
    19. #41-David Starr, 177.813
    20. #12-Stacy Compton, 177.599
    21. #50-Chuck Hossfeld, 177.557
    22. #94-Ron Hornaday III, 177.518
    23. #99-Nathan Haseleu, 177.497
    24. #43a-Carlos Contreras, 177.462
    25. #14a-Rick Crawford, 177.249
    26. #75-Billy Bigley, 177.204
    27. #16-David Donohue, 177.078
    28. #72-Randy MacDonald, 176.263
    29. #81-Donnie Neuenburger, 176.256
    30. #73-Jason Small, 176.060
    31. #08-Bobby Dotter, 175.957
    32. #54-Brian Stockwell, 174.917
    33. #31-Michael Dokken, 174.075
    34. #25-Derrike Cope, 172.821
    35. #27-Ricky Sanders, 172.444
    36. #63-Larry Gunselman, no speed
    Also see the list of speeds at the Daytona Intl Speedway site.(1-19-2001)
  • Midday Speeds at Daytona Testing – Day 1:
    First on the track at 10:30am/et Friday was Bobby Dotter in the #08 People Against Drugs Chevy. #17-Ricky Hendrick was the fastest at 181.792mph, 2nd was #60-Travis Kvapil at 180.607mph. Third fastest was Ford driver #66-Rick Carelli at 179.745mph. The three day test session runs through Sunday at 5:00pm/et. See the top 20 speeds at the MRN Radio Site.
    Drivers not listed below, also at the test:
    #08-Bobby Dotter, Green Light Racing Chevy
    #3-Bryan Reffner, Menard Chevy
    #9-Morgan Shepherd, Ford(Raptor Performance Motorsports?)
    #14-Rick Crawford, Circle Bar Racing Ford
    #16-David Donohue, Team Rensi Chevy
    #20-Coy Gibbs, Joe Gibbs Racing Chevy
    #27-Ricky Sanders, Lefturn Motorsports Ford
    #31-Michael Dokken, Brevak Racing Ford
    #41-David Starr, TKO Motorsports Dodge
    #43-Carlos Contreras, Petty Enterprises Dodge
    #51-Nathan Buttke, Ware Racing Chevy
    #54-Brian Sockwell, Chevy
    #61-Randy Tolsma, Team Rensi Chevy
    #63-Larry Gunzelman, Mittler Bros Ford
    #72-Randy MacDonald, MacDonald Motorsports Chevy
    #73-Jason Small, Sontag Chevy
    #75-Billy Bigley, Spears Mfg Chevy
    #81-Donnie Neuenburger, Ware Racing Chevy
    #90-Lance Norick, L&R Motorsports Chevy
    #94-Ron Hornaday III, Hornaday Racing Chevy
  • Testing at Daytona: teams listed as scheduled to test in the CTS test at Daytona:
    #1-Ted Musgrave, Dodge Mopar Motorsports. Dodge
    #8-Willy T. Ribbs, Bobby Hamilton Racing Dodge
    #10-Mark Petty, Tex Racing Dodge
    #12-Stacy Compton, Impact Motorsports Dodge
    #17-Ricky Hendrick, Hendrick Motorsports Chevy
    #18-Joe Ruttman, Bobby Hamilton Racing, Dodge
    #24-Jack Sprague, Hendrick Motorsports Chevy
    #29-Terry Cook, K-Automotive Ford
    #46-Dennis Setzer, Morgan Dollar Motorsports Chevy
    #50-Chuck Hossfeld, Roush Racing Ford
    #60-Travis Kvapil, Addington Motorsports Chevy
    #66-Rick Carelli, Phelon Motorsports Ford
    #86-Derrike Cope, Impact Motorsports Ford(listed now in the #25)
    #99-Nathan Hasseleu, Roush Racing Ford
    (That’s Racin’/MRN Radio). Thought Ribbs was #4 (guess Hamilton will run that in his limited CTS schedule), and thought Petty would run #44, but is listed as #10(1-19-2001)
  • #58 looking for sponsor: The Horn AutoRacing #58 CTS team completed its third season in the series after the 2000 season, running a limited schedule. After some success the first two years, the team was able to show some success during the 2000 season. Running a limited schedule they were able to finish 16th at Pikes Peak and Texas. Then at the inaugural Kentucky race the un-sponsored team reeled off a 6th place qualifying effort. As for 2001 they are working to secure sponsorship for at least a partial schedule. If a partial sponsor is not secured the will run 5-10 races in 2001(PR)(1-18-2001)
  • Stan Boyd info: Stan Boyd hopes to be driving for someone else on a full-time basis in 2001, but that deal has yet-to-be-determined. If Boyd doesn’t get a full-time gig in 2001, he hopes to enter his own truck(#89) in 5-7 races with or without a sponsor. The last couple of years have been interesting. Stan and his volunteer crew, headed by crew chief Ed Huckabee competed in a limited schedule in 1999 and in 2000. “The truck had a 1998 body and a three year old motor. How we managed to get by this year and then have decent results on top of it is an awesome display of determination by our entire team,” Boyd said. This coming season, the truck will have a brand new 2001 body with a brand new engine. In 2001 the team will mainly be concentrating on the truck schedule and testing with maybe a few Late Model races mixed in(PR)(1-18-2001)
  • #73 Driver: hearing that Jason Small will drive the #73 Berryman Products Chevy for Sonntag Racing announces in the 2001 CTS season and will run for rookie of the year(1-15-2001)
  • Impact Motorsports and Ford: After two seasons of running Dodge Rams in the CTS, Impact Motorsports has announced it will field at least one new Ford F-150 team during the 2001 campaign. Members of the Impact team have been working to prepare trucks for preseason testing at Daytona which is scheduled for Jan. 19-21. At Daytona, Impact Motorsports will test one new Ford for chassis set-up, one truck for engine-related data, and a third truck will be a Dodge that was raced last season, according to Cal Lawson, director of team operations. However, Lawson hinted that the team’s relationship with Dodge may not be over(Impact MS Site)(1-14-2001)
  • Derrike Cope News UPDATE: Sources indicate that Derrike Cope may drive the full Craftsman Truck Series schedule for Impact Motorsports this year, while running a limited Winston Cup schedule with the team he’s started in conjunction with drag racer Warren Johnson. Impact Motorsports fielded three full-time teams in 2000, but has yet to announce any sponsors or drivers for 2001(Winston Cup Scene) AND from the Derrike Cope Site(in part): Cope will test at Daytona during the GM testing on Jan 11th-12th. Crew Chief Joey Knuckles and the crew have put in a string of long days and have prepared the team for the testing session. The team recently completed their initial in-house chassis-dyno tests and were pleased with the results of the testing and the data obtained. On the sponsorship front, Cope says they continue to have on-going discussions with potential sponsors and continue to work toward securing sponsorship for the entire season. However, they are also working with several entities to put together associate sponsorship and limited race sponsorship packages. Also see images of the new Quest Motor Racing shop and the testing at the Derrike Cope Site(1-11-2001)
    UPDATE: Derrike Cope has been signed to drive the new #86 Impact Motorsports Ford in the opening race of this year’s CTS on Feb. 16 at Daytona. The race will mark the third time Cope has driven for Impact Motorsports. He piloted Impact’s #86 RC Cola Dodge in the final two races of the 2000 season, in Texas and California(Impact MS Site)(1-14-2001)
  • CTS Broadcast Team UPDATE: Perfectparanoia.com is reporting that the new CTS announcing team for ESPN will be:
    Jerry Punch — Host
    Phil Parsons — Analyst
    Amy East — Pits
    Ray Dunlap — Pits(12-11-2000)
    UPDATE: Phil Parsons will cut back on his racing schedule in 2001 in order to concentrate on his new job as ESPN’s color commentator for the CTS. He isn’t retiring from driving, and has talked to a few team owners about making spot BGB starts when possible(Winston Cup Scene)(1-12-2001)
  • Hot Wheels and Carlos to Petty? UPDATE 2: hearing Petty Enterprises has signed both Hot Wheels South America and Carlos Contreras to drive the #43 CTS Dodge(9-13-2000)
    UPDATE: Kyle Petty says the future of the Truck team is more up in the air. Petty has talked to Contreras and other people, too. Contreras, 30, a native of Mexico, currently drives the #12 Dodge for Impact Motorsports. He has expressed his desire to join Petty Enterprises but still has a year remaining on a contract with his current team(That’s Racin’)(9-24-2000)
    UPDATE 2 official: Petty Enterprises and Mattel de Mexico officially announced Carlos Contreras as the driver of the #43 Hot Wheels Dodge Ram in the CTS for the 2001 season. Richard and Kyle Petty were on hand at the World Trade Center in Mexico City for the Mattel de Mexico press conference introducing Contreras, a native of Mexico and Crew Chief Howard Comstock with the Hot Wheels sponsorship for the truck series. Contreras started 23 races in the 2000 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series season with Impact Motorsports. He collected seven top-20’s and two top-ten’s, including a 10th place finish at Dover Downs in September. The 30 year-old driver passed the $200,000 mark in earnings and managed a third place finish in the final Rookie-of-the-year standings. Contreras left the Impact Motorsports team shortly after the season-ending race at California Speedway in October. He has tested twice with the Petty team, including the team’s test at Darlington Raceway in November.(GMR Marketing)(1-12-2001)
  • #29 to Ford? UPDATE Cook signs – stay with Dodge? UPDATE NO to Ford: hearing that the #29 Kesloski CTS team, which had run Dodge’s, will switch to Ford. Terry Cook is the driver. Team is still looking for a sponsor(12-18-2000)
    UPDATE: Driver Terry Cook and the K-Automotive racing team have reached agreement to run the full NASCAR Truck series schedule in 2001 for Bob Keselowski, who owns the #29 K-Automotive entries with his wife, Kay, and brother, Ron. The team hasn’t locked in a primary sponsor, but Keselowski doesn’t expect it to be a problem long(That’s Racin’) AND Keselowski, whose team has been searching for sponsorship since being told in August by DaimlerChrysler that the manufacturer’s Dodge factory backing would not continue on the primary sponsor level in 2001, said previously that due to his plethora of Dodge equipment he would continue with those trucks in 2001(NOL)(12-22-2000)
    UPDATE 2: In addition to having new driver Terry Cook behind the wheel, K-Automotive will field Ford F-150 hardware for the upcoming season. That’s big news considering that K-Automotive – Bob, Kay and Ron Keselowski – had campaigned the Dodge brand for nearly three decades. “Ford offered us support and you need the factory behind you if you expect to do well in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series,” said Bob Keselowski. “They will be there to help us with any problems and answer any questions we might have. It’s a great opportunity for our race team. Cook, meanwhile, debuted with the K-Automotive team last October steering his black #29 entry from 25th starting position to a seventh-place finish in the 2000 NCTS season finale at California Speedway. During the off-season, talks between Cook and the team continued until an agreement for the 2001 schedule was completed last December. With the new driver and manufacturer in place, the challenge now will be to retool and get ready for the upcoming season according to Keselowski(StockCarFans CTS Newsletter)(1-9-2001)
  • Team ASE: CARQUEST Auto Parts will support The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) in its goal of furthering the promotion of the professional automotive technician by teaming with the #2 Team ASE CTS Program for 2001. The #2 Team ASE / Ultra Motorsports Dodge Craftsman Truck is owned by Marlene and Jim Smith of Ultra Motorsports. Jim Smith is an established off-road champion, who most recently drove to finish first in his division and second overall in the 2000 Baja 2000. The #2 Team ASE Truck will have a new driver for the 2001 season – Scott Riggs(CARQUEST PR)(1-9-2001)
  • Rose to test for Ware: Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Brian Rose will join CTSteam Ware Racing for Chevrolet testing at Talladega on January 8 and 9. Rose, voted “Most Popular Driver” by fans at his home track, Nashville Speedway USA, will join other CTS teams and drivers as they prepare for the season opening race at Daytona on Feb. 16. Ware Racing owner Rick Ware, who ended the 2000 season 22nd in CTS owner points, handled some of the driving duties of the #51 Chevrolet last year, but this year hopes he’s found the right combination to let him remain on the side lines. “The Craftsman Truck Series is ready for a young, talented driver to step into the spotlight. I’m convinced that Brian Rose has the driving ability, aggressiveness, and the personality to run a good, strong season,” said Ware. “We’ll be working hard with him in Talladega, and we’re planning to be back together with him for testing at Daytona on January 20.” Rose also tested at Las Vegas at the Chevrolet testing recently. Rose has spent the last two years driving in NASCAR’s Late Model Stock Car Division at Nashville Speedway USA, while also driving in races in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.(Brian Rose Site)(1-8-2001)
  • MB Motorsports – New sponsor, new driver and new # in honor of Roper: Waterloo Tool Storage, manufactured by Waterloo Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of tool storage products for consumer and professional markets, has joined MB Motorsports as a marketing partner for 2001. Larry Gunselman, a veteran Winston West and Winston Cup driver, has also signed to drive the Waterloo Tool Storage/MB Motorsports #63 Ford Truck for the 2001 race season. “I’m excited to be driving for Mike Mittler and the MB Motorsports team”, Larry said. “It’s great to be able to carry the Waterloo Tool Storage name and colors and promote their tool boxes and health storage products. Waterloo Tool Storage and the race team are both established, quality operations.” Waterloo Tool Storage, manufactured by Waterloo Industries in Waterloo, Iowa, has three facilities, employing over 1200 people. They manufacture and distribute over 2500 storage products for the tool storage and health care industries, worldwide. Information about the entire line of Waterloo Tool Storage products can be obtained at www.waterlooindustries.com or by phone at 319/235-7131. “We are very pleased to have Waterloo Tool Storage as a marketing partner and Larry Gunselman driving our #63 Ford Truck,” Mike Mittler, owner and crew chief commented. “Our truck number has changed for the 2001 race season to #63,” Mike also clarified. “In honor of Tony Roper, who tragically lost his life at Texas Motor Speedway last year, the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series has granted our request to rest the #26, our previous number, for the 2001 race season. This is a fitting tribute to Tony Roper and his dedicated efforts for the betterment of automobile/truck racing.” The red and white Waterloo Tool Storage colors and name will be on the #63 NCTS Ford Truck for a selected 10 races. The 10 races are: Feb. 16- Daytona, March 17 – Bakersfield, May 6 – Gateway, May 12 – Darlington, June 30 – Milwaukee, August 3 – Indianapolis, August 18 – Chicago, September 15 – Texas, October 14 – Las Vegas, and November 3 – California.(MB Motorsports PR)(1-8-2001)
  • Allison and Kitchens: NASCAR legend Bobby Allison is the Director of Racing Operations for a new NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series team to be based in the Washington, DC, area. Allison, the most famous of NASCAR’s “Alabama Gang” and third on NASCAR’s all-time Winston Cup win list with 85 victories, will work with veteran driver Jimmy Kitchens for Myers and Long Motorsports, based in Ashburn, VA.(Myers and Long Motorsports PR)(1-4-2001)

Born On Date: Jan 21, 2001

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